We Reviewed LocalMilfSelfies.com & Found Fake Profiles

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Website Details:

LocalMilfSelfies.com home page


  • $8.91 to buy a 3 day trial to the service.
  • $34.95 to buy a 1 month subscription to the service.
  • $83.97 to buy a 3 subscription to the service.
  • $119.94 to buy a 6 subscription to the service.


  • Home: Get access to anything from member tweets, featured members,newest hotties and live web cams.
  • Search: You can search for people according to a persons age, gender and location.
  • Messages: You can read emails.
  • Quickie:
  • SMS/Text: See who sent you text messages.
  • Newest: See the newest members to the site here.
  • Friends network: See who is on your friends list.
  • Favorites:


LocalMilfSelfies.com is a site owned by the same people behind AffairAlert.com, Milfaholic.com and numerous other dating sites. Unfortunately every dating service that we have reviewed from these people has turned out to be a scam. Is this site any different? Read The review and find out.

Fake Chat Messages Within 20 Seconds Of Signing Up On The Site

One thing we realized right off the bat is that this website is exactly the same layout as Milfaholic.com. This is no coincidence, both sides are owned by the same dating network. Unfortunately Milfaholic was a scam and we unfortunately don't think this site will be any different. We did create our profile yesterday and today we are on the site. 

Another thing that sticks out is the fact that all these women over 40 are posing nude. We understand that this is an adult dating site and nudity is going to be common. The problem is that 99% of the dating profiles on this site show women with their breasts exposed, we find that very odd. It almost seems like it's a marketing strategy strategy in order to get men to join the site. If you put yourself in a woman's shoes, do you really think that they are going to upload nude photos of themselves? Yes we are sure some will but not every single person on the site will have basically the same pose?


Reverse Image Search Detected Fake Dating Profiles

After using an app called TinyEye (a reverse image search tool)  we were able to identify that many of the dating profile pictures on this site are also located on various amateur adult sites. One example is below in which the female circled in yellow is also located on an amateur adult site called Xxxonxxx.com.

A large majority of the pictures that we did a reverse image search on actually were on amateur sites and forums. This is a very strong indicator that these women are not real whatsoever and their images have being copied from the amateur sites and then use on dating profiles on this site.  You then we need to ask yourself who would benefit from the use of so many fake profiles on this dating site? Yes there could be online romance scammers on the site, but it seems like a large majority of the time it's the dating site itself that's involved in the creation of fake dating profiles to make it appear as if the site is full of hot milfs looking to hook up with guys for fun.

You see in order for you to communicate back to any of these milfs in the photos you do need to upgrade to a paid monthly subscription and this is where the site definitely benefits from having fake profiles on the site.


FAKE female

(profile found on LocalMilfSelfies.com is also located on an adult image site)


(the exact same photo was found on  XXXonXXX.com, right here)

The Terms & Conditions

In the terms and conditions the site admits that they do have fictitious persons called "Ambassadors", which is basically a fake person that the web site creates and uses in order to send you fake emails, phony instant messages and fake text messages. From their own words this is what they say on the terms and conditions page:

"You understand and agree that some profiles and members information may not be accurate and You will not hold site liable for such inaccuracies. You also understand and agree there are profiles posted on the Site that reflect fictional persons or automated characters through our dating "Ambassadors" program. The Ambassadors simulate communications with users to enhance messaging, inspire interaction, bring enjoyment and help participation with users, along with familiarize users with features of the Service. You acknowledge and agree that an Ambassador may contact You via email, SMS text and instant messaging, and that a message You transmit to an Ambassador may be replied to with one or more personal or standardized responses. You acknowledge that communications with Ambassadors are not private."

Hosting Server Info:


  • Address Of Host: 550 W. Baseline Rd Ste 102-302 Mesa AZ 85210 USA
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information :

  • Phone:
  • Addresses: Heywood House, South Hill Anguilla
  • Email:

Final Decision:

Be careful if you plan on using this site. We suggest you read section 11 of the terms and conditions so you know how site operates. Remember if it seems to good to be true it probably is.

Search For Females

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating sites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 103 comments

  • Donald E King says:


    Is the woman pictured as iceyhOtmom or iceyhOtmom available as a date?

    Donald King



    • foolish says:

      sorry meant to say that this website is a complete scam and they raid your account without you permission as well

    • Gregg says:


      • John says:

        I agree with you 100% these women on there profile says that they are from one place and then they say they are from somewhere else. Like the women near me these women if they are women that you talk to are not from where they say they are from and one more thing when you ask to meet them they come up with some excuse such as lets talk on here before we meet its just a scam to get the man to purchase tokens. To me its a bunch of bullshit. I even give this one girl my phone number and asked her to call or text me and she came up with the same excuse lets get to know one another on here first. Like you just said it’s a fucking scam

    • Doctor Austin says:

      Its a complete scam I sent out 87 messages to ladies supposably online and got exactly zero replies not even a sorry not interested. So I even message much older fat ladies the same thing. Then I got a bunch of unsolicted "gifts" from ladies …………I'd reply and they'd never answer. Then I started seeing pic's with multiple profiles. I also read several hundred and notice the same phrases being used by the ghost writers. Also, not being a local company ALL the profiles were from about 8 cities in the detroit area …………..which was weird but then it became apparent after looking around NOT a single profile from some smaller towns. Just a completely sloppy job. 


      But I learned. 

      • Ian says:

        How did you cancel your subscription?

      • Kodiak says:

        How do I delete my free account?

      • Walton150 says:

        Totally agree with the above comments. Most women in my area came from small villages which would have been a hotbed od sex had the profiles been true as number of women in those villages outnumbered the houses there. Challenged the website providers and they said nothing. I did talk to 2 women in America and has some sexy talk with them but was still suspicious of them as being genuine. I think they cover themselves by putting a yellow star with a FC in the middle which says that many of the women are Fictitious Cuties,so maybe this covers their lie and deception.    Are there ANY genuine sites out there,I doubt it.

        • Hank says:

          Ya i got caught up with this site also i kind of figured it out when thease beautiful women are constantly on line i think they will have more then one girl acting as thisgeorgious woman you thimk your talking to so i started asking the one who clame they live close to me out for breakfast public place safe every one played the same stall tacts just be patient with me lalala bullshit so i switched it up if your posting thru mail where you can buy gifts for this woman well you can also attach a pic so i told evey one that if they wanted me to be patient that i wanted a fresh pic one that nobodys seen just for me everyone froze up for awhile then they respond 20 later with some off the wall shit im not comfertable doing that or its not safe im like you fuckinh fake bitch and start talking shit to who evers monitoring this shit next thing you know all my irls are gone new ones from my area just apear saying things that i was saying yo other girls trying to pull mein i say we all get together drive to arizona take pics of the girls coming and going and beat the asses of the basterds who stole our money

      • Tom says:

        All " bullshit ". Computer generated messages to lure you in. Ask a question, get a reply not even about what you asked. See the same profile on different sites with different names and where they are from. Keep wanting your money for tokens, you really think you're talking to her? Nope. Just a ripoff. All these so called sex sites are scams.

    • GeoGeode1 says:

      Here's what has happened for me on this site. When I first started getting emails from them it was very exciting to me because many of the women looked real. Personally I could care less about these sizzling hot babes because they think everything should be handed to them on a silver platter and I don't work that way. You want yours served to you then it works the same way for me. I did figure out very quickly that many of the women on here are just bait to get you to go for paid video chat. No thanks.Anyway, lol, after at least a week of being tortured by these very down to earth, real looking women I finally broke down and bought a membership. Well, guess what?  I went from getting a minimum of four or five messages/day from this site to none at all today! Will I ever learn? I'm lonely but I'm rather handsome and very confident in bed… and believe me, it has more to do with it that size altough it doesn't hurt. I believe at this point that this site is primarily built to sell video chats. That's were the money's at after all. longdongsilv370

      • valkere says:

        trully scam and bull shit 90% of z profiles are fake you can see the yellow star with FC on it all this profiles are computer generated .dont pay any penny and also they have many other sites like affair alert ,milfaholic,etc….. they ran the same way .


    • Rob says:

      HA HA HA — Yes – she is available as a date … with your right hand !

      • James says:

        Agreed! All I got out of this BS site was another date with the Palm sisters!! Take my word- avoid these sites like the plague!!

    • Noobe says:

      Yeah a busted a girl who asked me what iwas doing today who said she was near by at 11:30pm. Asked her what ttime itt was she said 8:00 am. she fessed up not in Bull Creek but Texas USA!


  • unwisecarlos says:

    Was I ever unwise! This is a complete scam, the pictures are from all sorts of web sites usually "what boys want"

    The quickie matches are a joke. I'm in London Uk the majority of the matches are in the USA! Hardley up for a quickie!!

  • JR says:

    Yep it's a rip off!!There are too many girls from this one little town,more women from that town than the entire population of men,women and children.

  • Peter says:

    Thanks for the info. I researched this site and found your site in the process. This is great information since I had suspicions. I'm going to cancel my free account right now. I was thinking of paying but found that "it was too good to be true". Thanks again, your info on your site seems legit and saved me some money. Thanks again, Peter.

  • nufsaid says:

    there isno possible way there are that many women in these little towns looking for sex

  • GG says:

    Wondered why I couldn't change my profile location, so setup another free account  hundreds of miles away and guess what?

    Your right, all the those good looking ladies suddenly upped sticks and moved in nearby, Im so lucky to have such lovely neighbours, I'm so lucky I think I'll upgrade to a full member, NOT

    • GG says:

      Had a little fun with their Support, it went like this:

      Please wait for a site operator to respond.

      You are now chatting with 'Joy'

      Joy: Hello, how may I help you today?

      how do i change location?

      Joy: I apologize for this inconvenience. but for now we currently don't allow members to change their location once their account is created. I suggest that you indicate in your profile title your current area or post it in the about me section as well, so members who will view your profile will be inform with your current location.


      while I'm here, how do I search for real local profiles and filter out the fakes?

      Joy: The results from your search are based on the location provided by members upon sign up. Try expanding your search and including member profile without photos to get more results. You can also toggle the distance of your search to include other near postcodes.

      sorry, you missed the point, there are "fake" profiles as detailed in the T&C's, how do I filter them out in searches?

      Joy: You mean the Online Cuties?

      no, I mean the "fake" profiles as detailed in the terms and conditions in which these fakes are termed fictional.

      Joy: That feature will roll out in the next update you will get an email once its available.

      T&C's quote "you also understand and agree there are profiles posted on the Site that reflect fictional persons or automated characters through our dating "Ambassadors" program. unquote

      how do I filter out these ambassadors in searches?

      hello, anyone there?

      Joy: we do not have that option yet

      don't think that will ever be an option, do you?

      Joy: as i've mention awhile ago, That feature will roll out in the next update you will get an email once its available.

      ok, in the meantime, looks ike I'll have to put up with a substandard, misleading search results

      Joy: I will escalate our conversation to our manager so they will speed up the update.

      in the meantime, I setup another profile some hundred miles away, guess what? nearly all my favorite ladies moved in to villages nearby at the same time. when I login on my other profile, they move again. It's funny how so many lonlely MILF have two homes

      hello, anyone there?

      hello, anyone there?

      Joy: The site uses IP address whenever someone sign up it will be registered as Join IP address. We do not have control with that. Most Internet provider uses either Dynamic or Static IP in your case they use Dynamic IP it means that you are sharing an IP Address with several other customers.

      yes, I do know about IP assignment, that has nothing to do with their geographic/town location at signup

      hello, anyone there?

      hello, anyone there?

      hello, anyone there?

      Thank you for your time, I'll post the transcription on datingbusters.com

      • LaughingatU says:

        you don't write "unquote." that is something you say verbally to be clear about when a quote ends. That is unessesary when writing because you can see the quotation marks. writing "unquote" is like saying "laugh out loud"

      • Nick says:

        Hello mate, just been reading your  Conversation with the help support team. Total bullshit mate I fell for it as well I'm not sure if to stop the credit card payment.  Has it you are better insurance  

      • Chet says:

        Gotta like for blue stars. They with have real conversation

  • Edward says:

    Its all fake !!!!!   The responses are computer generated and generic . No real people have responded at all . I was fooled .


  • ed says:

    Total scam replies all bout same and no reply when ask for hook up or pic lol

  • Tom says:

    Just a total ripoff. One town comes to mind out in the middle of nowhere. Not 10 people live there. But remarkably @ least a dozen attractive women on this site live there. Its really just a site run by criminals to steal your money through your credit card…

    • Colleen says:

       That's what you get and unfortunately if you have a wife I hope she's smart enough to catch onto your fucking piece of shit ass !!!!!!!

      • Francine says:

        I am a 5 year girlfriend and I deal with this constantly.  My one reward is that he is so stupid that he really thinks these women would be interested!!!  He is 62 although he claims to be 42 on these sites, fat and has stage 4 prostate cancer…maybe he is losing his manhood but does he really think he is going to get a one night stand HA HA HA!!!  The joke is on him not me!

        p.s. I am a 60 year old women that looks like I'm 50…would love to post my picture for him to see that he is missing out on who he is with!

        • Admin says:

          Sounds like he is missing out, too bad for him to fall for the stupid scams on LocalMilfSelfies.com

    • Paul says:

      Bapshule on the Pima Rez, it's in the middle of the drug smuggling hiway from Mexico 

      It's a bitch but she was down to earth looking don't need the headache of some gold digging and then there's Sacaton another Pima Rez shit hole 

      Their web server is a Mesa address let go fix it for them 

  • Dan says:

    This is definately a scam online cuties all fake profiles . Most of the profiles are oc this is a bs site there cant be as many woman from a small town near me all on the same site.

  • fedup says:

    Its a fake all the newzealand woman are fake online cuties!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thomas says:

      This site is a scam! I joined think it was real but what a surprise I got no message back. I messages a lot of the message and ask to be message me back that the site was a scam and not one message me back to say I was wrong not even one came back so im smarter now after my research on your site

  • Hobojoe777 says:

    Glad I ran into this site before I became a paying member……. Thanks

  • Terry says:

    This is a total scam to obtain your credit card or bank details.  Here in Australia we have a payment method called POLIpayments a service provided by Australia Post…… When i followed this method of payment i realised the web page URLs were different from the ligimate pages……  If you have entered a credit card or similar bank details I would suggest changing them straight away.




  • richardx says:

    If you don’t upgrade(pay..which i didnt),you can’t see any messages or text

  • waf says:

    Folks, when you hit any site that seems too good to be true, guess what? It is. I have been watching these sites for years and they are all the same. That does not mean that every woman on there is fake. I do know a couple of guys in the last 25 years who have actually met women from these sites. But, to say the least, they are rare occasions.

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  • gggg says:

    Any sites that actually work??

  • […] people to LocalMilfSelfies.com. If you haven't read our review of LocalMilfSelfies.com you can check it out right here. FuckAsap.com is used as a promotional tool to promote a variety of different dating sites in this […]

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  • Thank fuk I didni upgrade says:

    I have spent 2weeeks as normal profile than thank fk I didn’t upgrade! ! I added email to my profile information n had replies so no need to pay. Dunno bout fake pics probably tho im just glad they cannot plunder my bank wen thy choose wooop

  • Mark Jeffords says:

    I agree with all of y’all all these
    Dam site’s are out to get our money an they need to be stop!!!

  • Tom says:

    If you read the T&C closely, it talks about the use of "Online Cuties" which are the fake profiles used to supposedly increase amusement on the site.  When you pull these profiles up, they have a status of "OC" inside a yellow star.  I found almost all the "members" on the site had that status.  Stay away from this site and any of its sister sites.

  • vince niedzielski says:

    If all the things you say are true I can't stop thanking you,    but if your saying this for another reason shame.

  • Jeff says:

    Total scam, do not pay for anything……when I typed in my postcode I noticed over 50 woman from a town close to me, unfortunately they hadn't done there research as the town they chose is infact a tiny village with a population of about 80!    No way do these women exist or reside there….good job the alarm bells rang before I paid anything

  • marcos herrera says:

    i would like to remove myself from this localmilfselfies website. How do i do this? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • AL BUNDY says:

    Thank god for this page. I stumbled across the site today and joined as i split with my missus this week thought it was perfect for me.


    Within the first 10 clicks i noticed one that said she was froma nearby town and then when went it to view it te town came upas another local town. Thought little of it until i just read this article. So thanks wouldnt have paid anyway because in the end their is things caled bars etc if you want to spend money on finding women, but at least i wont waste any more time on it now…

  • ralph banach says:

    u provide a great service t/y  keep it up

  • Cliff Fitton says:

    I signed up for this shit website I know I'm a fool how do I get off it quick and will I get any money back only signed on on Wednesday will I need to notify card company to stop any more payments going out 

  • Admin says:

    yeah it will work.

    how to cancel localmilfselfies.com:


    • Idakis says:

      Even after the hoops to cancel they still charged card. Had to kill card and get new one. And didn't get one blow job

  • Edelrid says:

    I just canceled my membership and deleted my profile. Complete scam. I doubt that any of the women's profiles on there are legit; I would not be surprised if they're all fakes.

    • Admin says:

      over 90% are probably fake. “Fantasy Cuties” is what LocalMilfSelfies.com calls their fake member profiles…

    • Idakis says:

      all fake. I live in small town and not one girl that was from my town was familiar and on top of that  #girls on site from my town > population of the town. Just undeniably a scam, ran by thugs and crooks with no accountability. 

  • Zed Andrew says:

    Yep, its a scam.

    started a convo with one OC and after a few hours it became obvious I was chatting to at least three different people pretending to be one…

    when I called them out, guess what? All communication stopped after a really lame excuse.

    also, as others have pointed out, there were far too many women from a tiny town close to me..


  • Fishn4bichicks says:

    I was checking out the site to see if it was legit and someone from Russia tried to scan my computer but my Malware captured it and stopped it.  I checked my history log and there were several attempts to scan my computer and all were stopped so this is probably a Russian scam site.

  • ramsteedo says:

    they got me for 30 bucks… didn't take long to figure scam…

    best thing was, when i found pics of my sister inlaw… she's a catholic school teacher and all around holy roller…

    she sez,, Devil is at work on this site..!

    • Idakis says:

      Operators of this site have the morals of a doorknob. Really any "One night hook up sites" are more than likely run by human garbage. these people that run this site have a appointment with a shipload of bad karma. 

  • Jason says:

    Found it strange wen i did pay that a lot of the messages were can we stay chatn through the site, i say total scam all the way, thnx for the heads up before they took to much money. I got out by emailing them

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  • Susie says:

    Someone is using my photos on a dating site profile. Local Milf Selfies is using my photo for someones profile. When i have never signed up or never heard of them til a friend saw my pic. How do I get it off?

    • Idakis says:

      This is why you trust absolutely no one with a "adult photo" of yourself. I seriously doubt you will ever find anyone connected to this site to even talk too. Much less I doubt they even care since they are basically thieves anyway and deserve a short drop and a quick stop. 

  • Ken says:

    TOTAL SCAM !! You sign up to a free account that gives very limited access so you don't see what's going on. You then start getting several messages to tice you in. You can't read the messages without upgrading to paid membership. You then find they're ALL from "Fantacy Cuties" – fake profiles from the site (watch out for the yellow triangle 'FC' status). You then find that virtually ALL the ones LOCAL to you are these FAKES, and if even IF there is any real ones you can't find then among all the fakes anyway. AVOID!!!

  • […] is operated by the same individuals who run LocalMilfSelfies.com, Milfaholic.com, FlirtBuddies.com, AffairAlert.com and LocalBlackMilfs.com, amongst other dating […]

  • Idakis says:

    scam….avoid….I’m from a small town and this site claims there are more women from my tiny little town signed up than the actual population of the town. But me and my horny GF forked over for full upgrade and text a few and got strange replys (sometimes as much as 8 hours later) we then tried to jump thru the hundreds of hoops they have to unsubscribe, only to surrender in frustration and close a debit card down just to get these crooks out of my account. They steal money from your account beyond what you sign up for. These people are greedy human garbage that exploit young 18 year girls with drugs in order to steal from horn dogs like us. They deserve a jail cell for the way they conduct “business” if you call stealing a business.

  • Alex says:

    I noticed that a lot of the women were coming from a town not to far from the NC city I was in. I did a quick map spot on google and then I saw that the population was 300ish in 2010. WTF!

  • Alex says:

    Also, when using the websites, it is best to get a prepaid card with just enough loaded on it to cover the minimum sign-up. Once that period is over, there won't be enough to cover the follow on period and the membership will lapse.

  • mark riggio says:

    I got roped in and paid for a full VIP membership….after a couple days realizing it was BS…I contacted epoch wich handled the payment and they refunded my money immediately back to my PayPal account.

  • […] sites. Some of the sites of we have uncovered that they redirect to include BoneAMilf.com and LocalMilfSelfies.com. Both of these sites are well-known dating scams that we have dealt with in the […]

  • spujo says:

    Not only is the site total crap…they don't even monitor it well enough to not use the same photo for two different profiles from different locations.  Saw that one today and laughed my butt off!

  • rag says:

    I would suggest. the site should provide atleast 3 day trial with all the facilities of VIP membership. I would v paid for VIP if that’s possible.I cannot trust simply saying as we provide good service bla bla bla…

  • mark says:

    What about standard members…they seem to start a chat as soo as I log on and I know they can't be that quick to see me as I am mostly invisible on legit sites. Also I have to use tokens to chat with them…and that costs more money…are they really chats from real people or computer ?

  • Bonfire says:

    Total scam. Did not see a single real profile!

  • kirstie says:

    So I just discovered this localmilfselfies in my husband's email messages. My wuestion, do you have to go in and make an account? He claims he never made it. I've never seen the profile picture, it is for sure him. Even sounds just like him in the interests part that you write because he can't use proper grammar. So is he lying or is he being honest? Help me!

    • kirstie says:

      He says it must be a spam mail thing, but I can't tell.

      • James says:

        Well don't buy tokens or video chat

      • Disgusted says:

        Wondering if you ever got to the bottom of this?? I found the charges on our cc. I called and they had his email, phone number and cc. He denied it all. I got on and found his pictures, the description is right on, and the wording sounds like him too. Are there others with same problems or are our men just slimy cheating male whores!!

  • James says:

    Everyone is right about this site.I've already been scammed by two of the women on this site before from another site.This site needs to do a better job of checking there backgrounds and find out if they are scammers they can check the scammers list anytime but they don't I would like to know how I can get myself off of this worthless site..All the women on here are all talk and NO ACTION

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  • Marcus says:

    And another thing is your cc is being billed out of Europe…….. And the worst thing… Having to by coins to chat on the phone…… Fake shit I've been burned hard 

  • Paul says:

    Well there's always a bar you can get then drunk and listen to them snivel about their ex

    or watch your friends on Facebook it goes from there the greatest couple since sliced bread and a month later restraining orders

  • Paul says:

    Since I live in AZ the ones that live on Indian Reservations got me

  • […] LocalMilfSelfies.com -We did a review LocalMilfSelfies 3 years ago a website supposedly a MILF dating hookup site. Unfortunately right on their homepage they state that they use artifical profiles called "Fantasy Cuties". […]

  • Anonomous says:

    Every time there is a new dating site, or any dating site, check them out. Dating busters do all the footwork for us so we don't get ripped off. Take their advice and recommendations by not signing up with these fraudulent dating sites and sign up with the ones they recommend. 

  • Jimmy says:

    Hey what does it say on your bank statements when they charge you so I know what to block ?

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