LocalSexToday.com Review – LocalSexToday.com Being Used To Scam People On LocalMilfSelfies.com

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We first became aware of LocalSexToday.com a few years ago. They have been running their site since that time and we figured it was about time that we expose them for what they were up to. Something to note is that LocalSexToday.com is not a dating site, they are working on behalf of dating sites (scams). Unfortunately the dating sites they are working for are not legitimate places to interact with real women. Please take the time to read the full review below.

LocalSexToday.com Sends People To LocalMilfSelfies.com And BoneAMilf.com

The sole purpose of LocalSexToday.com is to send people over to a variety of different dating sites. Some of the sites of we have uncovered that they redirect to include BoneAMilf.com and LocalMilfSelfies.com. Both of these sites are well-known dating scams that we have dealt with in the past.

LocalMilfSelfies.com Uses Fake Profiles There Are No Real Girls

Below we have provided proof showcasing that LocalMilfSelfies.com is a scam that utilizes fake profiles. This was found on the homepage of their site. You can read it and see that they state that "Fantasy Cuties" are independent contractors that operate member profiles. Let's break it down for a minute. They are stating that LocalMilfSelfies.com hires people to operate fake dating profiles on their site. Is that insane? They call these fake profiles "Fantasy Cuties".

(By proceeding, I acknowledge that Fantasy Cuties are member profiles operated by independent contractors hired by the site and are provided for your entertainment pleasure and to enhance online companionship but which may interact with users to encourage broader participation but will not result in a date or meeting. Fantasy Cuties status is denoted with a yellow star:)

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 5000 Walzem Rd, San Antonio, TX, 78218, USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: dns1.stabletransit.com, dns2.stabletransit.com

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

The friends you hang around with are a reflection of yourself. LocalSexToday.com likes to hang out with LocalMilfSelfies.com and BoneAMilf.com both of which are known scams that we have known about for years. Based on our evidence we strongly suggest you stop using Local Sex Today.

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  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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    • Tina says:

      My husband seems to love the find a fk.sights .as well as porn hub.i hope they put an end to it . probably won't stop my husband from fk whores ..I won't have sex with him because of this B's.

  • gary says:

    how the fuck do you get off this site ????????????


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