Is A Scam And We Explain Why

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  • $8.90 for a 3 day trial subscription to the site.
  • $29.95 for a 1 month subscription to the site.
  • $49.95 for a 2 month subscription to the site.
  • $69.90 for a 3 month subscription to the site


  • Messages: You can read messages from members in this area.
  • Quickie 10: This section shows you matches according to the web site's scientific match making suggestions.
  • SMS/Text: Get female members phone numbers so you can text them.
  • Newest: See the newest registered members.
  • Friends Network: Interact with people on your friends list here.
  • Favorites: You can add women to your favorites list.

Overview is responsible for scamming thousands of men across the world, primarily In English-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Unfortunately there seems to be no end in sight to the amount of people that continue to get ripped off from this site on a daily basis. This review below uncovers the truth and explains how they operate their scam.

Girls That You Can Never Meet

First off you need to be aware that almost every single girl on the site is fake. When we say fake, we mean that the girls are not actual members of the dating service. The fake dating profiles are create by the dating site. All the information in the profiles has been created by the staff of Milfaholic. The photos in the profiles are not of any actual member but are used specifically to create fictitious dating profiles. These profiles lure unknowing men into purchasing monthly subscriptions so they can communicate to the women that catch their interest. The fraud is of course that these ladies are not actual members, so you can never actually meet any of the women in a real life encounter. Essentially if you purchase a membership you are paying for absolutely nothing. Take a look at the girls on the site, do they look as if they need to be on a sex dating site? Attractive women such these would have no reason to post nude photos of themselves to get a date.

We urge you to look closely at the women on the site to understand how many fake profiles are used through out the site. And the majority of the women are slim and attractive posing in nude photos. If you go out in the real world it is the exact opposite. Common sense should tell that this site is not operating in an honest manner, but many times men think with their penis and that is what gets them into trouble.

fake female profiles

Email Messages From Robots

Another part of the scam is the use of phony emails that are sent to free members (members who do not have a paid monthly subscription). What happens is as a free member you register on the site and shortly thereafter you will start receiving email messages from local women interested in conversing with you, wanting to see photos of you etc. These are all fake and are used to trick you into trying to communicate back to the phony women who are supposedly sending you emails. Once you try to reply back you get sent to the "upgrade to VIP" page to buy an upgraded membership so you can communicate with the fake girls.

Also something to be aware of is the emails are all automated using software. So that means you aren't corresponding with real women on the site, it's all canned automated responses that you receive.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 550 W. Baseline Rd Ste 102-302 Mesa AZ
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

Unfortunately this site is not the place to meet real milf women. The majority of the females are fake, phony email messages and overall the site has a very bad reputation for scams and fraudulent behavior. If you do a Google search for Milfaholic it will bring up many complaints stating that the site is con. And of course they want you to pay a monthly fee for access to their VIP membership. Our recommendation is to look elsewhere to meet real women.


You can use to do a reverse image search to see if the women in the profile is located on any other sites. This can help you identify if the girl is a real local female or in many cases we have discovered that they are amateur porn stars with their photos being stolen and used on the site for the fake profiles.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off by this dating site.

Search For Females

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating sites.

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    • Roppongi says:

      Yes it's a scam. Another tool is the Text feature. You can send flirts, messages, both for free or Text on your cell phone for 20 cents /SMS. I tested it and sent Text to two different women with very different profiles, at a ten minutes interval. This is the reply I received from both, which had nothing to do to my message: Hi whats up? what are u doing? hope your up to chat now honey .." If you fell in the scheme, your chat would be very expensive. 

      Stay away from that site

    • Go ripped off says:

      This site is a total scam.  I figured it out pretty quick.   I would receive dozens of flirts a day as asked to buy tokens to purchase gifts.  I askedfor names and where they lived.  All I got was plan talk with no straight answer.  Funny thing,  a lot of women from very small towns in my area.   NOT.  I started calling bullshit on them and all of a sudden i was getting no flirts or friend requests.   DON'T waste your money.  

    • Steve says:

      There is another site exactly like this site called localmilfselfies .com same exact layout and run by the same peeps. Save ur cheese and just go spank one out!

    • Craig Vandertie says:

      Like the damn horny fool I am, I signed up with one adult dating website and before you know it it was 10 because every time I signed up with one, that one referred me to another one, and that one to another one, that 1 another one, so forth and so on, do not expect me to respect you the list of all the adult dating websites I signed up with because I could not save my life suffice to say that they all affiliated with milfaholics.

      Other than the Better Business Bureau who would I contact to get a refund that was billed directly to my checking account through my routing number, my Check card transaction was declined, but straight out of my Checking account worked just fine.

      Not only are the women fake and the instant messages automated their customer care service is automated as well they just keep on repeating the same message over and over and over.

    • Pkmaven says:

      I have had the company of 4 women on Milfaholics and each one was very real and we enjoyed each other.

      • turnt90 says:

        are you being legit?, only one ive seen comment there are real women on there? like i know some will be fake but you get that with everything

  • Damion says:

    Is milfaholic really fake 

    • Admin says:

      Yes from our experience we found it to be over 95% fake girl profiles.

      • Joe says:

        If you read the user agreement, section 4, it states that this site is for entertainment only. They identify which girls are fake by looking at the Status.

      • Rusty says:

        Spring 2017 experience on Mifaholic- and I can confirm from over 30 profiles – not one "real" woman yet. Big Scam

    • Craig Vandertie says:

      Here's an example Milfaholic member ex-teacher 41 years of age from Pasadena California her profile says she has no children so after work she goes home and figures out new and exciting innovative ways to engage in sex.

      She is no teacher, I have ADD, so obviously ADHD as a child and young adult, if I had a teacher that looked that hot, I would have went catatonic,  not being able to function at all.

    • DAYO says:


  • joe says:

    Yes site 100%fake phone numbers u text pictures are all recreated images off similar websites made to look real, and couple other things goto look at some posting google search, finally make u pay to look at girls, get v.i.p. membership get phony text numbers, pictures once again u will never meet any these women real life and there is no actual phone number listed for this company waste of time and money do not give these people penny ripoff, scam alert finally if u do get messages on your screen do not respond bogus virususes attatched and will shut off your phone u dont believe me buyer beware!!!.

    • joe says:

      Waste of time and money scam want u signup v.i.p membership phony pictures log on screen names which is bogus use your head these girls in real life arenot gonna be online dating sites regardless if there single, married, duvorcred,etc… Bottom line is this make money off fake websites this truly fake 100% website.

  • Jerry says:

     I did not buy nor will I until this site confirms the ladies on site are legit.

    I live in a small area within Yakima Washington some 93000 people live but intersting this site has lots of ladies in small towns close by with population less than 500 with 10 _ 15 ladies and each town is more than 95 percent spanish  SO lets say and you figure the math all the white ladies are horny

    CUM on and be honest and Guys the only way we can rid this site is pay attention and give them no MONEY

  • Todd McKinney says:

    Got a one month subscription. That was one month too long!  Just a bunch of one line  flirts and general responses!

    • Larry says:

      Same here. And, they want you to keep texting them, which costs extra. Felt like an idiot, as I figured out that I had been had. They string the texts out, don't really want to meet you, and try to talk you into spending more. When I refused, they kept texting for me to spend money. Learned a lesson the hard way. One month, but like you said, one month too much.

      • John says:

        Yep, got sucked in for a 3 day trial…..realized quickly it was a scam site.  They auto-bill  you after.  So I cancelled, then lost my 3 day trial……like a sucker coming back for more, I clicked on renew my subscription…..and bam…. immediate 1 month charge….support was useless.  Finally, they said they woud indeed return the month charge..  I did not beleive them, called my credit card company and had them wipe out my card & send me a new one.  It's a bit of a hassle getting a new card, have to re-set up some things that get charged automaticlally every month, but lesson learned for the future, lol….

    • Tracy says:

      I subscribed to how do i go about unsubscribing?

  • Uncle Lee says:

    Do NOT waste your time or money on this site.

    Once you join, you will never receive an email.

  • col cross says:

    what a rip off. how do i get my money back?

  • John Bryan says:

    TOTAL SCAM.  These girls DO NOT EXIST.  After pulling out EVERY trick in the book, I've NEVER FOUND A REAL PERSON.

    The communications do NOT match the profiles, the photo surroundings do NOT match the locations, the conversations do NOT coincide with the messages.

    TOTAL bullshit designed to solicit the purchase of "tokens" for imaginary gifts and texts.

    100% SCAM by THIEVES!!!

  • RMC says:

    GENTLEMEN BEWARE = MILFAHOLICS & FUCKBOOK are total scam sites !! I tried a few to see what they had to offer. The scam is the same on both sites. Some giveaways:

    1. Same picture of the same woman located in different cities !!

    2. I first asked most of these women where they were located – NOT ONE RESPONDED with any details !! 

    3. Every response is one or 2 lines at best and generally it's a flirt to keep you e-mailing ;

    4. I actually had one woman send me these long boring e-mails about "how happy she was" to have found someone like me !!

        She actually sent me a letter with another person's name in the body of the letter !! When I pointed out her slip-up, she

        lamely asked why I didn't like being called the other guy's name !! Obviously, I never heard from her again after that !!

    5. You'll never meet any of these women. If you get any dialogue going & ask for a hook-up, the standard response is "let's

        chat for awhile until we get to know each other better". 

    Good luck trying to get your money back. Just don't join these sites !!!!


    • nufsaid says:

      RMC hit it right on the head… everything he said is true. i know cuz i got the same responses

      • aussieboy says:

        All that has been said is totally true.

        I pointed out that one member who was supposed to be local to me in UK had in her profile that she did not like out of town men or men who said they were 'passing through Memphis'. Memphis is not in UK. I got the following response: –

        Members can make many profiles as many as they want. Those profiles can be set to different locations. Population is not the basis to know how many members there are in the site.

        What I can do for you is cancel the billing to stop the future charges but please be informed that cancellation will not reverse any charges made.

        Neddless to say, I have cancelled my membership.

    • John says:

      Ya, I quidkly figured out it was a scam site because they had DOZENS of ladies posting naked pics of themselves living in very small communities around my city, lol.  … common sense told me there  just cannot be that many sleazy women in a town of a couple thousand people….lol

    • Craig Vandertie says:

      Do not place any hope in the people with the BBB, they might be experts in helping the consumer organize a boycott, but as far as getting your money back for you they suck the big Kahuna.

      Yes, I contacted that worthless tin can, twice repeated that they had cancelled my membership and within 24 hrs. I should receive notice that my account will not be billed in the future, I asked about the refund for recent transaction, dead silence.



    • Will says:

      I found over 100 fake profiles on here. And I kept turning them into the company. To their "crack staff who would check them out"  All you have to do is copy the photo and go to Google Images.  Almost everyone of them is fake.  And I got them to send me back all the money I spent.  They didn't think I'd write to the BBB.  I did and the next day, money back in my account. 



  • anon says:

    Yeah it is fake, i did give it a go but then i basically realised this, I not sure how the site is non-commercial but check the section on the OC online cuties, but with the redirects they are

    This is the first time i tried a site like this and feel like a prize plum … but i was clever enough to work it out, pity it was after i parted with money !!..

    So boys and girls check out the terms and conditions before going on dating site. !!

    Lesson learnt … wallet lighter

  • got suckered says:

    TOTAL SCAM. the girls are not real. not a single one. DO NOT JOIN. you have been warned.

  • ggh359 says:

    This website is for scammers, i had one girl add me as a friend on her skype acct she wanted to due some online sex, she was stripping and playing with her self, and wanted me to play with myself, and i feel for it, about 30 seconds in to it she started playning back me playing with myself she was recording me.  and she some how hacked my facebook acct and said if i did not pay her $350 she was going to upload the video and share it with all my friends.  so beware,

    • Craig Vandertie says:

      The D in DARPA should stand for Dipshits, another perfect example of the federal government getting involved with something that they let get away from them.


      You can't rely on the federal government for anything unless it's to screw things up.

  • Matt says:

    All the women but one started with a U.S. address then end up in Africa.all but one end up asking for $….50 for food 200 for doctor (malaria) 600 for plane ride to ME !!!
    Only the one SEAMS to be ligit
    She lives near by and responds with sentences that make sense in english not am here /im here and different things like that ,we say city -state when saying where we live , the girls say state ,city and the date
    We say. day / month /year. they say. month/day/yearlittle things like that

  • Chris says:

    Ok so I got suckered but I also came to the same conclusion possibly when I spotted the same woman on the same page with two different names and profiles. Oh well, just cancelled my membership.

  • mikeaddison says:

    Yeah, I got suckered into buying 6 months however I realized that something was wrong when I emailed about 20 women that were supposedly online and none of them responded.  I decided to open up another account on a different browser and I said that I was in a different state over 2,000 miles away.  Well guess what I discovered?  Some of the same women with the exact same names and pictures were there on the site in this city too.  At that point I knew I had been scammed!  No problem, I called my bank and told them that I had a fraudulent charge on my credit card and I asked them to remove the charge and send me a new card.

  • Paul Sparks says:

    yeah this really disgust me i signed up to the site about a week ago you get one response from a lady and you send in your answer and then you never get a response back, its really sad, it was money I didn’t have

  • ryan says:

    It all makes sense now 🙁

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  • Mark says:

    I stumbled across this site, seemed way good to be true. First one I read said was in the same city as myself. But the paragraph about her said she was bored and tired of living in west Virginia. They should pay attention to details if they are going to try and scam money. Plus 50 hot women all Catholic and self employed

  • Patrick says:

    I was actually conned by a Russian Lady who calls herself Anna Permyakova to sending her money via moneyGram overseas $1384 aust dollars so she could get here if these ladies make out they need money to get here and claim that they live on the street and to send money to a bank address, for the love of christ DONT!!!!!!!

    No matter how the convincing the story was, I replied after sending the money that I would contact the Russian Embassy here in australia, i never heard from her again!!!!!!Do background checks on these girls and you will find holes in their stories

    • ComeBreakMe says:

      Wow dude…you are the biggest fucking dumbass I have ever seen in my life.  Why the hell would you send that much money to someone you know absolutely nothing about.  You are the fucking reason there are websites like this.  Seriously bro, if you haven't thought about jumping off of large bridge into a massive, fast-flowing body of water, it is definitely not too late for you to really hash out a plan to do so.  Hey you might as well send me the rest of your money.  I'll put it to good use I swear.  I'll fuck some hotass pornstar escorts in your name.

      • Admin says:

        ComeBreakMe you don’t need to be a jerk! The guy already lost alot of $$$. Tone it down have some compassion please!


      • Brett says:

        That's some funny shit man, I have to agree with you, this guy is fuckin moron, I'll have some of his money too, hand it over dumbass, and then jump

  • Kozy Mel says:

    What's your first hint this site is fake? When you see multiple NUDE posts from women that live in a local town with a population of 6500!! The town is so small almost everyone knows everyone. If a gal posted a nude of herself it would be all over town soooo fast your head would spin!!

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  • William Johnson says:


  • Chris says:

    What a scam. Just saw a profile with a pic of Kate Upton. Who knew she lived in Vienna, VA ( NOT ) a nice fat civil lawsuit against these jack holes would be nice to see.

  • victor says:

    damn how will i get my money bck?  I was thinking with my pecker instread of my brain…

  • Fun lover says:

    I inserted my email addy in my description including a remark that I was a basic member and therefore unable to read any messages.  Not one email.  So then I brazenly added my full email across my picture, also.  Again at the end of another 3 weeks not one email.  BTW. It shows during that time over 800 views of my profile.  Gee I wonder how many are real. LOL

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  • Art says:

    I am ashamed to say I got suckered in too just over a week ago. One thing that tipped me off was how many bizarre, disjointed, semi-literate (or worse) profiles there are, & same for many of the messages I received. But seeing some women living in more than one location ?  It should have been obvious right from the start. Occasionally I ‘challenged’ some of them to authenticate that their message was real, and of course I heard nothing back. I won’t make a mistake like this again. You’re better off to go out & find the real thing, guys.

  • Art says:

    I will say, to their credit, that upon contacting them via 'Live Chat' and explaining my dissatisfaction, my membership was cancelled and I was guaranteed that no further payments would be made automatically – and I also confirmed that with Epoch, the billing support company. Oh, well … Live & learn – but don't fall for it, guys !

  • Art says:

    By the way: the website for reverse image searches is, not … and it works really well !

  • […] is a site that we have reviewed in the past and have come across many times. We have exposed it for fraudulent behavior and the use a fictitious dating profiles that they create and use to sucker men into buying a paid monthly membership. This is not a legitimate dating site and your chances of actually meeting real milf women are unfortunately slim to none. The real problem is that is very popular and has been heavily advertised all over the internet. Unscrupulous marketing marketing companies such as the people behind get paid a comission when you as a consumer register on Milfaholic and purchase a paid monthly subscription. This is the reason why has partnered with them to promote their dating service. […]

  • Lon Caselton says:

    hope they hang them by their genitals…assholes..

  • Lon Caselton says:

    Ok..which apps are good ??

    • Warren G Wonka says:

      I'm a fat old fool in his 70's in a sexless marriage who actually got laid three times so far by a sweet enthusiastic horny woman in her 50's I met on Adult Friend Finder.  I am a gold member there.  I also have some good friends at a distance on there I met through blogs. 

  • Hugh Hefner says:

    Oh, how right you are. This is a total Ponzi scheme flim flam bait and switch conman website. The girls is some of the large cities are real, those who are good looking in small towns, are fake. There are about 3% real women on the site for the rural areas, and you can tell which ones they are… the women are clothed, live far away from you, and are fat or ugly or both. There are some good looking girls in large cities that are SM stamped… standard members or real… but even some of these can be found on TinEye reverse image searches as being taken from porn sites… usually the pics will be on multiple porn sites. Call the State Attorney's office in the state of Washington and complain. You are NOT allowed to scream FIRE in a crowded movie theater, and then make it okay because you then whisper to the guy next to you… " JUST KIDDING!"  Get my drift?  The feds will close this down.  All the money they take in should be returned. 

    • David K. says:

      How do i do TinEye on an image? Please, explain steps.

      • Admin says:

        Hi David,
        Go to and then enter image url in the search box. It will then pull up any images located across the web that match the image url you provided.

        • Randy Erickson says:

          This is a fuckin scam site I'm getting all guys in 5-states to put you out of business the biggest scam person is young widowed who will cheat you scam you and take all your money 

          I'm contacting the better business bearue they will shut you down you God damm crooks 

          StiffPecker justifies 

    • Timothy says:

      How do i cancel milf and make sure there are no further charges.they got me…gobbled up a gold membership i feel dumb

  • Matt says:

    Whats there postal code so I can report them to the BBB?

  • Jayson says:

    I think it's really funny that I was talking to three different women but was really funnier than that was when I texted them all in one night they all came back the same thing within seconds from each other I think the site is a total scamI really didn't give it any thought the first time it happened but sure shit it happened again this site sucks big time

    • robert simonsen says:

      i believe local milf selfies is a scam the girls and text messages are fake when i texted 1 girl that i was leaving the site my phone started lighting up with messages from"girls" who asked what was on my mind.

  • Chris says:

    This is a scam for sure.

  • Bb says:

    I decided to look for something like this I have a free account and I keep getting emails saying so and so has virews me or messaged me. When I look 90% live in Arthur which is a small town I do a lot of work in if these girls were real every girl in Arthur must be on it which is a lie.

  • Curvy Claire says:

    Yes it's fake. I found a picture of me ripped from one of my web sites and appartently I lived in "Boston Massachusetts" in the US and then "South Wootton, Essex" in England?  Filling in a support ticket for copyright infringement and chatting online with them got me no where.  The text for my [fake] profile reads;

    About Me

    I am married, been relatively satisfied with how my marriage life is going. But, I would really like to perk it up when my husband is not around .I am pretty much open to anything that is pleasing, new to me and involves two sweaty body moving to ecstasy and then some.


    I'm Looking For

    i am looking for a man who can give me a fun time even just for a while. He must be someone who is handsome, open to kinky things such as role playing, spanking and even group sex. If you are up for these then drop me a line Im just here waiting.

    Come on guys! How on earth does that sound genuine!  What utter drivel!

    After looking around, I found other fake profiles of other girls I've worked with and are good friends, apparently living all over the USA (we're all English, German & Dutch.)

    I created a 'proper' profile of myself and over night I've received in excess of 50 emails all from guys.  I feel so bad they're all getting ripped off by this site.



    • Charles Cortwright says:

      Do women have to buy tokens also. If so they must be millionaires because they are always online. Just curious

  • David says:

    I bought a 6 month membership. After a while it seemed like I would see the same women in different cities,but I was never sure. There was a woman in The Colony, TX I'd sent a couple of emails to with no replies. Last week I was going through "Quickies" and there was the same woman in Washington DC.

  • Donal says:

    How do I get off the site. I can’t find u/s anyplace

  • Louis A says:

    FYI…  employs the same strategy.  They call them "FC's" (Fantasy Cupids), that are generated for "entertaiment" purposes.  I searched about 100 profiles on this site, and only found 2 that were real. They are tagged as "SM" (Standard Member) .  BEWARE!!!

  • Alph Michaels says:

    Yes, 100% scam and the owners play a great game of hiding.   I've scoured the site since signing up and figuring it out.   I've evn found member profiles who claim to be in the US where the pictures have Eastern European electrical outlets which is a dead giveaway.  Watch for ALL sites that are from Plymouth Associates including another I almost signed up to before deciding on this one called LonelyWifeHookup.

    Also note that EPOCH is the transaction provider and they've replied to none of my requests regarding site down events, an initial comment that I felt it was a scam site (no request for refund…, just telling them), etc.  So I now write Epoch off on getting any of my future business as well.    

  • CBGB says:

    OK, it is a scam.  But both of the "legit" sites they recommend are run by the same company, calling into question whether their review was really objective.

  • B wall says:

    After a week of false hope I took notice to a pic of this gorgeous woman with a sleeve tattoo on her left arm who sent me a friend request.This morning I noticed in another pic of the same sleeve tattoo was on her right arm after scrolling down her second pic.After I called customer service and cancelled out they had the nerve to send me an email stating 60% off of lonely subscription.Talk about adding insult to injury.

  • James says:

    Hi, I joined three of their sites; MilfaHolic, LocalMilfSelfies and AfairAlert just to see which one worked the best. NONE OF THEM DO. At sign up they promise hundreds to …. within 10 minutes the closest suburb is 70 minutes non peak period and they say you are to far away they want local guys.  There are a few genuine people on there but the one in the hundred is not a good ratio. Staff are sending and answering the majority of messages, very easy to pick up, people have one writing style not ten. Girl's that look like super models also do not need to be on web sites to meet men and they certainly do not contact men twice their age. At a guess the profiles were once real but the tweets that get sent do not match the profile. Another one, three different girls working as nurses in Africa have told me almost identical stories, how is it their lives are so much alike, job, failed relationships, taste in music, social life etc etc and the fact that all three say I am the sexiest man and the most caring man they have ever met. Do yourself a favour stay off all their sites. AffairAlert, BangarooBabes, BBWDesire, BlackCrush, CurvyBBW, FlirtBuddies, iHeartBreaker, JadeParks, LocalBlackMilfs, LocalMilfSelfies, LonelyWifeHookup, MILFaHolic, MrandMissBlack, SelfieBBWs, SmashYourFriends,ULust


  • Cory Pristie says:

    Yep the dam things turning out as you’ve stated! But they sure know how lure a guy in! Some of the girls are really hot! No wonder it sucks a guy into beleiving he’s going to meet one of them! Thanks for worming us vulnerable gentlmen!!!

  • Tommy Haines says:

    You all are right should have seen this before especilly since i am dead from the waist down was hoping to restart not possible!!

  • The Big Lebowsky says:

    Even the fat ugly girls are fake profiles?  Who would fall for that?

  • Bryan says:

    I fell for the b.s on bought a month and found how fake it really is wish I knew alot sooner…..mistakes were made that's for sure….the Epoch business who takes your payment will cancel your billing then offer a 60% off for your trouble to keep you there with no money back…..totally lame I could try to file a BBB complaint but probably won't help ….don't be fooled I was and won't do that again 

  • Francois says:

    Thank you guys for saving me more money. is usless website 10000000% fake 

    l'm from Australia and oh boy is completely out of order 


    • Admin says:

      Thank yourself for having the common sense to Google this info, many people never did but wished they had. Good luck!

  • 816er says:

    If you get around to look in the Terms & Conditions it says that profiles listed as "Fantasy Cuties" are just that. Ninety percent of all the profiles are "FC". The others are marked SM for "Standard Member"

    When I responded to the FC's all I got were generic flirtatious replies…..never answers to my direct questions. And when I tried to contact the "SM's" – I never got a reply. The Terms & Conditions also say this website is for "entertainment purposes only". Entertainment for who????

    Milfaholic IS 100% FAKE!!!!

  • AJ says:

    Thanksw for the reviews guys. I've sent a threatening email to the help desk at Milfaholic.

    We have received your inquiry. A team member will address your request as soon as possible.
    Question/Issue: I've investigated and found the Milfaholic site to be fraudulent and demand a refund of my subscription. I've investigated the women's profiles and found the images are stock images, mainly from If my subscription is not refunded, I will contact BBB for Mesa, AZ, and begin a negative publicity campaign against your website.
    You'll be notified promptly by email as soon as your inquiry is addressed. Simply reply to this email to add a comment or edit your ticket online.

  • E. F. Hutton says:

    You guys rock!!! Should've known that "those guys" are a hi-tech version of a Bangkok street hustler! (Wished you all were around a few years back to warn me from this Laredo stripper's scam… But you saved me from this one – pints all around.) After reading your comments regarding the "FC" Profiles using "industry stock," I took the liberty to complete my profile's pictures using their same tactic! Man, I hope I don't break the hearts of the legitimate ladies on the site, if they believe that I'm RON JEREMY!

  • Stephen Finner says:

    I wish I had read this before paying my $29.95  I am thinking of asking for a refund and filing a ocmplaint with the attorney general in my state.  I have seen the same scam on other sites.  When I start to ask for evidence that they lived in wherever, of course, there was no response.  And the absurdity of the situation is that they will shows four or five women in "East Thetford" a Vermont village of 300 people!! Esxcuse me. 

    • Admin says:


      We suggest you call your bank and explain to them what happened if you wnat to get your money back. This is not a legit datign service so gettign your  $29.95 back should be failt easy to do. You can call theMilfaholic support staff or email through these  means: 

      1. [email protected]
      2. CALL CUSTOMER SUPPORT AT 800-564-9432 ( +1-727-755-7249 OUTSIDE USA).
  • Binary Harbinger says:

    *****SCAM ALERT*****

    I got suckered into a "year subscription special" for the sum of around $39.95. This after getting a ton of messages as a free user. Keep in mind that the website in its user agreement and all over go out of their way to tell you that the site is "FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY". As vague as this seems, this excuse holds up. Basically, you're signing up knowing full and well that there is NO HOOKUP going to happen. They go even further to explain that any profiles with a yellow star and FC in the corner of the profile are there simply to act like they're engaging with you. As stated, in the user agreement, these profiles can either be bots or actually people that are being paid to frivolusly engage or fantasy chat online with you and have NO INTENTION to connect in real life. 

    Again… you're paying for (actual words) fantasy of hooking up with these ladies. 

    Make no mistake, this site is good at fooling you. There are plenty of Standard Members or SM profiles, represented with a blue star, that appear to be more "real" or actually real people behind those profile. Don't be fooled. Many are still hired hands meant to create the illusion of the fantasy. Case in point was one profile that I thought was legitimately on the site for a hookup. Her profile picture was sexy but wasn't in "model form". She looked like an actual MILF or average middle aged lady looking to break loose and have fun. So I messaged her. After a light exchange of information, she answered a few questions about her neighborhood (Google ready responses) and about herself (but nothing too deep). I finally asked if she was interested in meeting up for a simple date to see if there's chemistry there… no response. Instead just more canned lines. I would continue to ask a few more times and get more canned responses: "Do you like me baby? I'm bored, let's hookup!" The final straw came after about a week long silence… I messaged her once again to say that if she was real, then we should meet for coffee. Her response: "Okay baby. But not yet. I want to move slow." Slow? Slow? You got your goods all up posted on the site but you want to move "slow". Total BS. 

    Avoid this site. Don't pay a dime. If you want a "fantasy" date… go to any of the various cam sites. At least there, you'll be supporting someone financially and you'll actually get to have a real conversation with them.


  • Kmm says:

    Man, what a giant con this sh** is. And the whole buying tokens to communicate, glad I didn't get that suckered. Few if any chicks are real. Even the average to ugly ones won't connect (as an experiment of course) because there's nobody there. I am so pissed but not the only one to get scammed. It's a good tactic by them but they are lucky to be concealed little pu****s. Don't fall for this sites b.s.!

    • Admin says: has made millions conning people with “Fantasy Cuties” (bogus girls). They have been doing this for years,, it is bullshit!

  • Just Me says:

    Yes!! Very much so a SCAM. I contacted as many as 30 female and have yet to hook up with any!!! What a TOTAL scam!! I only signed up for a month and called to cancel after I saw that I was getting absolutely no where. What a tease!!!

  • RIC says:

    I got suspicious when they had more profiles of women in my little town, than there are living here.

  • Phil says:


    The Service offered for Your personal, non-commercial use.

    You comprehend, acknowledge, and accept that our Service, presented in the style of an online dating service, is an entertainment service. All content is provided for the entertainment and amusement of You. Our Site does not guarantee that You will find a date, partner, or participant, or that you will meet any member in person.

    THIS SITE UTILIZES FANTASY PROFILES IDENTIFIED AS FANTASY CUTIES. You comprehend, acknowledge, and accept that some of the profiles listed on the Site may be operated by our Site or third party contractors and are fictitious. These profiles and interactions generated from them are clearly labelled with the Fantasy Cuties logo:

    . Fantasy Cuties functionality is offered to help the Service 1) enforce Service rules and policies, 2) monitor use of Site, 3) illustrate to users the features and communication tools of the Site, 4) enhance online companionship and entertainment experience, 5) and to promote increased use of the Site such posting of profile information and/or additional content to users' profile pages.

    Interactions originating from Fantasy Cuties functionality could be computer generated or could be created by the Site or third party contractors hired by the Site.

    You comprehend, acknowledge, and agree that the interactions, profile information, and content utilized 

    You comprehend, acknowledge, and agree that the interactions, profile information, and content utilized by Fantasy Cuties profiles do not originate from any actual Site member, but are present for educational, entertainment and Site monitoring purposes only. Any similarity between Fantasy Cuties profile information or interactions to any real person is purely coincidental and fictitious.

    Staff of Site or third party contractors hired by the Site could operate multiple Fantasy Cutie profiles and associated communications features.

    You further comprehend, acknowledge, and agree that, Fantasy Cutie profiles may contact both free users and paid users with computer or human generated interactions for the purposes listed above. These interactions may be initiated to several users simultaneously or in a small time frame. Should a user respond to an interaction from an Fantasy Cuties profile, said user may receive one or more human or computer generated replies from the Fantasy Cuties profile.

    You comprehend, acknowledge, and agree that no in-person meeting will ever happen between You and the people providing Fantasy Cuties functionality, and that the interactions You have via Fantasy Cuties functionality is for entertainment purposes in addition to encouraging participation in our Service and to help monitor use of the Service.

    You are not guaranteed a response to any interaction You initiate with an Fantasy Cutie profile or any other profile.

    We reserve the right to offer the Fantasy Cuties functionality with additional features of the Site including current and/or features that may be added in the future.

    Nothing contained in this Section creates any expectation of or right to interactions between You and and Fantasy Cuties profiles or the individuals operating or creatings said profiles.


  • Yala Hub says:

    milfaholic is scan, yes your explanation is knowledgable, keep posting. Good Luck, visit milfaholic to know more. Thank you.

  • Disapointed says:

    I Knew There Was Something Wrong When They Had Sent Me MORE Milfs to Look At Than The Actually Cities Populations ( inclding males n children…some towns near me only have a total poulation of 150 and they had sent me 300

  • D.SAVINO says:

    Bullshit scam aholes site! Stear clear of them!! They will have girls sweet talk u to beliave your getting some. U will pay for credits to talk to girls and credits will go fast!! When u deside to cancel they will have your phone number used by scumbags to call u and phone threats about u and your family!! My opinion this site must be closed!!

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