We Prove That MySecretFling.com Is Dishonest & A Myriad Of Lies

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Website Details:


  • £23,99 for 10 credits enable you to send out 10 messages.
  • £54,99 for 25 credits enable you to send out 25 messages.
  • £98,99 for 50 credits enable you to send out 50 messages.
  • £179,99 for 100 credits enable you to send out 100 messages.
  • £349,99 for 200 credits enable you to send out 200 messages.


  • My Profile: You can edit your profile, add info about yourself, change your personal info (birth date, country etc).
  • Messages: Read messages from other members (you need to buy credits to read or reply to emails).
  • Flirts: See who has sent you a flirt.
  • Members: Search for members according to their age, gender, location if they have photo and if they are online.
  • Favorites: Add your favorite members here for ease access later on.
  • Settings: Edit your email settings here.


MySecretFling.com we have uncovered through our research is connected to 2 dating sites that we've exposed in the past for be fraudulent. These sites include LocalFling.co.uk as well as CheekyDevil.com. Both sites use an array of manipulations on there dating members. Some of these include using phony profiles, sending faked emails, and sending bogus flirts to lure you into buying credits.

In an effort to provide you with a very comprehensive review we've joined MySecretFling.com and registered as free members on the site. Everything that we have encountered on the website has been documented along with evidence of any wrongdoing all available in our investigation. You can read the full report below.

250 Fabricated Emails Sent By Computer Bots Not Real Women

From the get go it appears that MySecretFling.com is operating on the exact same deceptive trickery that its predecessors have. It didn't take us long to start getting a slew of email messages pouring into our email inbox. The emails have now reached a ridiculous amount of 250 and still rising! We've only been a member of My Secret Fling for roughly 4 days and in that time frame we've accumulated 250 emails. If that doesn't scream fraud nothing does!

It should be obvious to you that these 250 emails are not real. Something else is going on behind the scenes that you're not aware of and we're going to break it down for you. MySecretFling.com is utilizing the resources of computer software programmers to build computer bots that are fabricated to deploy computer generated email messages to people who register on the site. This is how why we received so many email messages in such a short time frame. It's not because we're popular, it's not because there's thousands of horny women looking to get laid. No, it's computer bots sending every registered member on MySecretFling bogus email messages that require you to upgrade and purchase credits to read them and to reply to them. Purchasing credits will cost you anywhere from 24 £ to read 10 messages or you can buy a larger package of 349 £ to read 200 email messages. All of it is a massive trick built to get into your pocket book and make money off of the gullibility and ignorance of people who have no idea of the high level of sophistication of these fake dating networks.

(A screenshot of the 250 fake emails we received.)

7 Fabricated "Flirts" Sent By Computer Bots Not Real Women

We took a screenshot as evidence that you can see below. Circled in red you will notice that we have received 7 flirts while being a registered member on the site. A flirt is when someone clicks a button and you are notified that the person is interested in you. You need to understand all of this just like the email messages that we discussed are all untrue. This is a dishonest trick used to manipulate you into believing that women on this website are sending you real flirts and want to meet you or get to know you further. In order to reply to a flirt you need to purchase credits. This is the reason why they send fake flirts to registered members of the site, they want all the free members to upgrade and buy credits so the owners of this fake dating service can make as much money as possible.

(Screenshot of the 7 phony flirts that we received.)

Screenshot of Our Blank Profile  (No Photos, No Info)

Below is evidence we have provided, a screenshot of our profile page. As you can see circled in red we haven't uploaded any photographs in our profile. This is important to point out because we shouldn't be receiving 250 emails when our profile doesn't even have a single picture in it. It makes absolutely zero sense to be bombarded with hundreds of emails when your profile is empty. Why would any women want to contact a man who doesn't even have one photo on their profile? It doesn't make any sense because 250 women didn't email us! But you can bet that computer bots are responsible for sending us the 250 fake email messages to trick us so we will want to purchase credits to email people.

(Screenshot of our profile page with no photos in it.)

Fictive (Fictitious) Profiles Pawned Off As Real Members

Something that you need to be aware of on top of the phony emails is that the website is responsible for creating countless female profiles. They create fictitious profiles that are then uploaded to their website and then pawned off as real members when the truth is these profiles of attractive looking women have been created by the site.

It's impossible to determine which profiles are real and which ones are fake unless you start doing some serious digging around. The website outlines that they are in fact behind creating pretend profiles. They admit to this on their terms and conditions page where they state that they use fictive profiles. When you register on the site you are walking into a bee's nest where you can get stung in a variety of different methods because the dating site is one big hoax. It's a scam that dupes thousands of gullible man into purchasing useless credits.

Fake Profiles Using Stolen Photos Found On other Sites

MySecretFling.com is using pretend profiles an indisputable fact that's in the terms and conditions page. But where were these photographs are being taken from? If the profiles are not real then the pictures in the profiles must be fake as well. These are obviously real people but they haven't registered or joined My Secret Fling. We used a couple of different software tools that has helped us to identify at least two profiles on the site that were fake. There are possibly thousands of profiles that are bogus. This is just more proof showing that this site is run by crooks and it shouldn't be trusted at all.

Below you can take a look at the screenshots we took of two profiles circled in red. You can see the profile pics and also the links where these photos were probably taken from.nThese aren't legit women who registered out of her own free will. These profiles have been created by the staff of MySecretFling.com to trick you.

  • https://www.firerank.com/upload/dli/1965/55391b803d83d_250.jpg
  • http://www.firerank.com/embed/liste/1965

  • http://static.popularfreeporn.com/busty-ebony-milf/0j50g/busty-milf-video.jpg

The Terms & Conditions Proves It's All A Con

Here is the final piece of evidence we liked to provide you with. We've already told you that the website has admitted that they're behind the creation of fictitious profile pages on their own website. This is undisputable and is 100% verified if you read the terms and conditions page. We have included below the most important parts of the terms and conditions which prove to everyone that this website is behind the fake profiles. You can read the paragraph for yourself below or you can click on this link to be taken directly to the website and visit Section 8.4 to read it there.

  • 8.4 This Website or Service is for adult entertainment purposes; it is not our aim to bring physical appointments/contact between members. You are aware and agree that we may use moderated and fictive profiles for online adult entertainment purposes. We expressly reserve the right to send messages to this site by self-created profiles. Physical contact with these fictive profiles is not possible. We deny ourselves of all liability to the extent that is allowed by the law and we assume no warranty for any kind of damage or inconvenience caused by our Service.

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: +31 85 4000597 (you can call them between 09:00 – 17:00)
  • Addresses: Connective Development B.V. Overschiestraat 184 1062 XK Amsterdam The Netherlands
  • Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Final Decision:

Online dating sites are a billion dollar business. It was inevitable that unscrupulous individuals would get in on the action to dupe, mislead and con people. They have no qualms about scamming and ripping you off. Our review of MySecretFling.com proves without any shadow of a doubt that this is not a real dating service where you can interact with real people. If you've been conned by these individuals you can contact your bank to get your money back and also contact the FTC and possibly the FBI (if you like in America) and file complaints with both of those organizations. Fight back!

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  • Rusty Mann says:

    Yup, I agree 100%, I get 100 messages a day for last month, say no credits will not respond, yewt, fake messages with predictable crap stories. About a dozen orso women leave an email for fun times, nearend of member lists, about page 26 ish, all want porn cam scam verification using credit card, other members look the same, & often photo is scanned from a magazine. I ask interested ones to send me an email via my clear email online, not one in 4 weeks,yet 3,000 messages. Site regularly removes my profile too.

    DO NOT PAY FOR CREDITS as I did, wasted heaps on constant messages or dumb short question, whilst pretending to be close, other say am close, yet profile say 5,000km away. SCAMMER SITE

  • small_dick says:

    Hi there I’m trying to join your website but I can’t work out how to do it because I have been on there before but I’m trying to get back there and I just can’t find a link so can you help me out please

  • Fred Hopeful says:

    I found straight away that processes used by others who have been deemed scammed are being used here; MOST are showing RURAL locations rather than suburban as would normally be expected. Also, if you really read the info given, you can bet most are ‘written’ by men, definitely NOT the women supposedly being depicted……

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  • G says:

    I'm from Colorado,  USA.  I sent 10 to 12 messages, they promise phone number from ladies. None want to meet, a huge scam.


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