We Can Prove To You That Looking4Hotties.com Is 100% Bogus & A Fraud

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Website Details:


  • 10 credits will let you send 10 messages costing you $23.99.
  • 25 credits will let you send 25 messages costing you $54.99.
  • 50 credits will let you send 50 messages costing you $ 98,99.
  • 100 credits will let you send 100 messages costing you $ 179,99.
  • 200 credits will let you send 200 messages costing you $ 349,99.


  • Members: The member link takes you to the search page where you can find local members all over Australia bsed on age, location etc.
  • My Profile: The profile link is where you can edit your profile, upload photos of yourself, change your personal information and your interests.
  • Messages: Send and receive emails from this section.
  • Flirts: Flirts link shows you who has sent you a flirt and from there you can reply back to those members.
  • Favorites: See women who you have added to your favorites list.
  • Settings: The settings section enables you to stop receiving unwanted emails, change your password and even delete your account.


If you're wondering if Looking4Hotties.com is a real hook up site we have all the information you need. We have provided ample proof and evidence showing why this website shouldn't be trusted. Looking4Hotties through our research we have learned is connected to other fake dating services including HottestFling.com, MySecretFling.com, UKSexMatch.comUKFornication.com, UKSexFlirts.com and ShagCity.co.uk etc. If you want to know the gist of what's going on behind the curtain please read this review.

One thing you need to understand is that just because a dating site has all the functionality of a dating service, such as search options, member profile pages and an online chat system it still doesn't make it real. What makes a dating site real is if it has legitimate people joining this site. Another thing that makes a website real is If you're receiving legitimate emails and not getting bombarded by phony messages from computer bots. All of what's going on in the background of Lokking4Hotties.com will be revealed in our review.

No Photo But Women Women Love Our Profile, Why?

One of the fastest ways to know if a dating site is legit or phony is to use a profile page that doesn't have any pictures in it (exactly what we did in this investigation). If you join a dating site and create a profile that doesn't have pictures and you still get inundated with a boat load of messages you can bet your top dollar that the site isn't legit.

You can take a look at the screenshot we've provided below that proves that our profile is empty. We didn't put any pictures in the profile or any information but somehow we still received a whopping 939 email messages from "local women"!  If that doesn't tell you that Looking4Hotties.com is a huge con job then nothing will.


Here's Why Something Isn't Right

The number one reason it's fake when you get messages and you have an empty blank profile page is because the reality should be that you would get very limited amounts of emails. Who would bother wasting their time emailing someone who doesn't have any pictures in their profile and on top of that doesn't any information about themselves on their dating profile. In our profile that we used for this report we didn't put any information. The only thing we put is there was gender, age and location. No other information was in it so it really doesn't make too much sense if we're getting over 900 emails. All it proves is that something fishy is going on and that this site is untrustworthy

(Screenshot of our blank profile without any photos in it.)

939 Email Show How Ridiculous Their Scam is

939 emails is massive proof of how blatant their fraud is. This is beyond ridiculous, receiving almost 1,000 email messages when your profile doesn't even have a single photo in it. If that doesn't tell you just how phony Looking4Hotties.com is then nothing will.

Let us explain how this all works. When you receive messages on Looking 4 Hotties trying to read them isn't possible unless you buy credits to the site. Each credit is about $2.39 and 1 credit enables you to read one email. To read the 939 email we got it would cost us about $5,363.66!

Take into account the fact that these emails aren't being sent from real women then you have a massive scam. These email messages like hundreds of other fake dating sites are using high-tech software called bots built by crooked computer programmers. These computer programmers have been hired to fabricate computer software programs that are designed to email people who register on Looking4Hotties. Unfortunately there will be a percentage of people who will get tricked by this scam (thinking the girls are real) and end up buying credits to send email to computer bots. Remember the emails aren't coming from real local girls, it's a trick!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this website's fake but we still think it's important to pinpoint every piece of evidence proving the illegitimacy of this dating service.

(A screenshot of the 939 emails used to con us into purchasing credits.)

37 "Flirts" All Concocted To Fool You

How about "Flirts"? Did you receive any "Flirts" on the site? We got 31 "Flirts" from 31 different women. Once again exactly the same as the emails none of this is real or truthful. The software programming used to build the fake software bots that send people fictitious email messages are also used to send you fake "Flirt" messages. They are used to get you to upgrade and buy credits so you can interact with people on the site. The only problem being of course is that the "Flirts" were sent from bots and not from real girls. Just another lie to get into your wallet and steal from you.

(A screenshot of the 31 fake "Flirts" used by the site to deceive you.)

Faux Dating Profiles Are Made By The Site All Admitted To In The Agreement

The number one thing that makes Looking4Hotties.com bogus is because they are admittedly creating and using made up pseudo, pretend fake profiles. When you do a search on the website and see a whole page of attractive looking women in your community we're sorry to tell you this but none of it's real. The majority of the profiles are a sham. This is done for many reasons, the number one reason being that Looking4Hotties.com doesn't have many real female members on it.

Since Looking4Hotties.com doesn't have many real girls joining the website they need to do something to draw in men. What they do is built a tidal wave of phony profiles. They use pictures of pornstars, regular people and any other image they can either buy or snag from other websites. With those pictures they create a fake persona. These profile pages are 100% lies, nothing in them is truthful. The pictures have been lifted from other websites and all the information you see including the age, location and any other information is all concocted.

When you do a search on the website you will see hundreds of local girls, all of it's fake but most people have absolutely no idea that this is going on.

A certain percentage of men will want to upgrade and buy credits so they can chat with local girls in their community unknown to them is the reality of the make-believe females on every page waitign to dupe them into buying credits.

One thing we forgot to mention is that the use of fake profiles has been verified by reading the terms and conditions page where the website clearly states that they are the ones responsible for creating fictive profiles that are "self-created". All you need to do is go visit Section 8.4 of the terms to read it.

Imitation Profiles Using Photos Of Amateur Porn Stars To Deceive You

The website admits to creating virtual profiles that case is solved, but another question we had was where were these pictures coming from. We already knew that the website is creating phony profiles but the pictures are of real people. The only problem being is that the women in these fake profiles haven't registered as members on the site and have no idea their photos are being used. Below we've included some evidence showing you where a few of the pictures have been taken from. Many of the women are amateur porn stars and their photos have been copied from adult image sites and then use to make fictitious profiles.

Take a look at the evidence below, we've included the links where you can find the exact same picture used in the fake profile page and other damning evidence.

(This is Phoenix Marie from Riverside California. She's a porn star and not from South Australia like her fake profile states on Looking4Hotties.com.)

  • https://farm7.staticflickr.com/6201/6104893488_b29b3c70e2_z.jpg
  • https://68.media.tumblr.com/b63cbbb9333e0be6d4ff7853e0df2038/tumblr_nfnn2awWXe1u4w4oho1_500.jpg
  • http://dl.hostingfailov.com/preview/847225fd33.jpg
  • http://images2.naughtycdn.com/datana/upload/source/nam/phoenixdanny/phoenixdannyhor_235x168.jpg

(Screenshot of another profile using stolen photos taken from the sites listed below.)

  • http://i63.fastpic.ru/thumb/2014/1217/e5/_cc5aeccef6efd73f7d14a29b8e927fe5.jpeg
  • https://vipergirls.to/threads/800692-Castings-and-Audition-Future-Porn-Models-Photo-Girls/page17
  • http://www.intporn.org/threads/castings-and-audition-future-porn-models-photo-girls.458769/page-25

The Terms And Conditions Is The Final Straw Proving This Site Isn't Legitimate

The best evidence you have is when a criminal admits to their crimes. Here we have the terms and conditions page written by the owners, or people representing the owners of Looking4Hotties.com. In the terms page they tell us all of their dirty tricks, one by one, step by step. They first tell us that they use fictive profiles on their website. Fictive is another word for fictitious or fake. The even tell us that physically meetings with these fictive profiles isn't possible. On top of that they also tell us that they send messages to members by the profile that they have created. This only goes to prove how rigged and phony either website really is.

  1. 8.4 This Website or Service is for adult entertainment purposes; it is not our aim to bring physical appointments/contact between members. You are aware and agree that we may use moderated and fictive profiles for online adult entertainment purposes. We expressly reserve the right to send messages to this site by self-created profiles. Physical contact with these fictive profiles is not possible. We deny ourselves of all liability to the extent that is allowed by the law and we assume no warranty for any kind of damage or inconvenience caused by our Service.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA, 94043, USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: NS02.IS.NL, NS03.IS.NL

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

This is not a legitimate place where you have a really good chance of finding real women to hook up with for casual sex. It's not going to happen because this website is not built for that reason. Looking4Hotties is built to make money off of gullible people.

Search For Females

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating sites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • […] With this quick article we're just trying to shine a light on the site and we're begging you you guys to share it on social media and help us get the word out about this fake dating service. There are thousands of sites just like this one making literally millions of dollars conning people all across the world. We need your help to get the word out about every single review that we publish so we can stop these fake dating services from infiltrating the online dating scene. It's wreaking havoc and Looking 4 Hotties is another dating site that everyone should stay as far away from as they possibly can. If you want to read our full analysis on this phony hookup click here to read the review now. […]

  • Junzap says:

    Hi, I became the victim of Looking4hotties, I put my prifile and a photo and I started recieving messages from different beautiful woman, introducing them self and the things they want to do to you sexually, like naughty stuff. to reply to the messages the girls who wrote you, you have to buy credit, cost about $ 2:00 per mail to reply to the messages. On there messages or profiles, you can read that there only after sex and they want it soon. when you reply, they'll make you run around the bush, like when you ask them questions they don't answer it and they change the topic. so, you got to chat to them again. If you want to meet them out, they have all the excuse and make you wait, they only want to chat, asking you short question so you have to reply, which means you have to pay again to gain credit. Looking4hotties will always make you pay. I also notice that there members are always on line 24hours a day, they don't sleep. I have seen naked photo they use here from another friendship site in Russia, they cpoy the photo and paste it on there site and use horny words to attract men. I learn my lesson from this site, will spread it around so no one falls victim. They shoul shut this site for good. 

  • Alan Scott says:

    I also noticed they were there 24/7 and if you ask if there's some other way you can chat instead of  staying there and paying for credits thay make excuses why they can't(Forgot my email pssword,have no chat programs,don't trust you yet etc..They tro everything they can to mak you stay there as long as possib;le ("I was going to meet you in 2 or 3 weeks " when i said i ws leaving.)

  • […] this website wasn't going to be legit was the fact that it's connected to these websites: Looking4Hotties.com,  FindMyFling.com, MysteryFlirt.com and ShagPlace.com. In the past week we've been […]

  • Mark Stevens says:

    I’ve spent a few hundred dollars trying to find a woman, admittedly,I was gullable.
    Same when I gave my email address and explained that these sites cost $2+ for each message.
    “I don’t have an email address” was her reply!
    Now being gullable doesn’t mean I’m stupid. U tried the same tactic with several women. Same run around excuses.
    Isn’t an email address required to register an account on these sites?
    So with some research after alarm sounded,my conclusion became as you guys. Save your money…You have better luck in a bar.

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