Uses Fake Emails To Lure Men Into Buying A Monthly Membership

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Website Details: home page


  • £570 to purchase a 3 day trial membership.
  • £4399 to purchase a 1 month membership to the site.
  • £9897 to purchase a 3 month membership to the site.
  • £13194 to purchase a 6 month membership to the site.


  • Home: Gain access to your profile and all other parts of the site through this section.
  • Search: Search for people by age, location, distance, responsiveness and the last time they have visited the site.
  • Messages: You read and send emails through this section, only if you upgrade.
  • Chat: Chat with people through this section but you need to upgrade to do so.
  • Activity: From the activity page you can see your admirers, received flirts, and payment history.
  • Visits: See who has visited your profile page.


This investigation is of a UK dating site called For this investigation as with all our investigations we created a profile on the site in order to examine the features of the site, how the site operates and if the site is operating in a legitimate matter. Our full review / investigation is available below for you to read in complete detail.

Fictitious Emails

All these fake dating sites operate in the same fraudulent manner. For instance why is it that once we register on a dating site such as within minutes we start receiving email messages from local women who are interested in viewing our profile or want to meet us and so on? But if we try to read the emails it's always the same story, we need to upgrade to a paid monthly subscription in order to read any messages from other members. This is the first red flag that the site is going to be a possible scam. In this particular case we have already received seven email messages within a span of two hours. And of course we cannot read any of the email messages because we need to upgrade which we refuse to do.

fake automated emails 

Fictitious Chat Messages

Phony chat messages like every other dating scam that we have exposed is used on this dating site as well. The chat messages make it seem as if local girls are sending you real instant messages (see evidence below). The truth is though that no one is actually sending you those messages. Using computer software programs called bots this site and countless others are able to send fictitious instant messages to members and make it appear as if those messages are in fact the real. The scam is when you try to reply back to the instant messages you are always asked to upgrade. The bottom line of course is no one is sending you messages, it's all a trick to get you to pay for a monthly subscription to a dating site that is in our opinion just trying to rip you off.


Fictitious Girls

Unlike other dating sites that we have exposed for the use of fictitious dating profile, Cheeky Devil does not actually admit to this practice in their terms and conditions. Almost all the dating sites that we have exposed clearly admit and describe the use and nature of their fake dating profiles however this site does not. That does not mean that this dating service is not engage in the creation of a fictitious female profiles however reading the terms and condition of the site they do not admit this at all. We cannot prove that this site is creating fake dating profiles but we are under the impression that the profiles are indeed fictitious, but once again this is only our assumption since the site is not admitting to this practice on their terms page.

Using something called TinyEye, a reverse image searching software program, we were able to identify at least one profile that was fake. However this profile could have been created by an online scammers and is not necessarily created by the dating site. We have included evidence of this below as well as the link to the adult image site where it has the same exact photo.

(this same photo is also found on an amateur porn site on this link:×150.jpg)

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 1200 12Th Avenue South, Seattle, WA, 98144, US
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:,,

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

There are a few red flags (emails and instant messages) happening right after you sign up. We don't suggest using this dating service but the choice is yours.

Search For Women

If you want to search for real females, then look at these legitimate dating sites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 28 comments

  • Paul Collins says:

    Wish I had read this before joining! It’s a garbage site. Finding very hard to cancel subscription. Thanks Paul

    • George roche says:

      did you find out how to cancel subscription? I can't seem to do it

      • james lennon says:

        Could you tell me how to unsubsidised from the cheeky devils site and how to deactivate my account please thanks james

        • spambuster says:

          Set them on the mail blacklist and forget it 🙂

        • robert says:

          Any joy in cancelling account from James?
          I am having a nightmare as 11 cancellation codes they have emailed me and none have worked.

          • Terry ogden says:

            I know its a ball ache..but the only way to stop them taking your money when they want to cancel your credit/debit card…and get a new one….they cant take your money because all the dates and numbers are different…..sorry…i know its the only way..when they have your current card…

      • robert says:

        Did you find out how to unsubscribe to site?
        I stupidly have done 3 day trial but wish to cancel before they take monthly payment but cannot do it.

    • John Hart says:

      Precisely the same issue – even if a cancellation code is requested, you never receive the promised email with the code! Also emails to [email protected] and [email protected] are just ignored! Wish I had never joined!

    • Matth says:

      Hi guys what a bunch of suckers we are,I luckerly did not sign up with cheeky devils but with local naughties & three is a vert on that site 4 cheeky etc but the local etc froze up on me & right when I thought I made a connection with a local lady,non smutty talk,made nice a change (if she was real?) I reloaded the site & my chat history was gone & the chat input box when clicking "Chat With Her" was not there anymore after mailing the site with my problem a few times no reply,I managed to emal the company direct & got a reply saying they wuold invetigate & give me free extended subsciction? Any how I had look at Cheeky etc & the same woman was on that site? So are you/we just talking to & getting our hopes up with a bot? I have my suspicions I have not yet heard anymore from them,even after I gave them an updated a very detailed account of the problem,so any way sorry for going on< I feel sorry for any one who fell for this scam & I hope oters will see these comments & will be able to make an informned choice,the old adage applies I am affraid "if its to good to be true then it probally is" Thanx Matth

    • Mark says:

      Hi. I emailed them direct saying I wanted my account deleted because I believed that the site was false and demanded a refund. I tried to log  on the next day and it was cancelled !!!  go figure ???

  • dave says:

    im also having trouble unsubscribing i did the 3 day thing now i cant get out of it and gunna be charged every month now HELP please

  • Paul. says:

    The site is. A joke.   How I. Hopefully cancel ed.  my account go to your bank and tell them you are being scared they will. Cancel . The payments  from your accounts.   Cheeky. Shite   Devils.  The cheeky bastards.   Honest.  They are a. Joke.  Terrible  pony fired  crap    There as to be away to get back at them anyone know where.  Abouts. They operate from.     Please let me get my hands on them.  Cos they need there heads chopped OFF 

  • jimmy says:

    U think girls you chat with are also fake??

  • jimmy says:

    Who do u complain to….

  • Philip says:

    Right the site is not a scam as such obviously all legal in Holland but the profiles are in my opinion most of the time fake ! Check photos a lot come from porn sites and if they don't it's hard to judge if they are legit ! Don't dorget folks that they use a computer generated chat program it will use what you say to prompt the next message or chat like if you suddenly go from talking about a sexual act to asking about the weather or what they can see from their window messaging STOPS ! So make up your own mind now something else is you have to go through a long process to stop rebilling man oh man it would take ages to explain and at the end I think once you've done all that if you log in once you've deactivated your subscription or account not too sure which as its so confusing you'll automatically go back on to the billing program it's all in the terms and conditions if we're bothered to read them trust me on this ok. So anyway is it a scam not really just a cleaver way to get money if your not careful however they do say not to give personal details like phone number or email why well that's obvious they would loose out your not using them anymore right but that is probably the only way to know for sure if someone is genuine ask the to give you a call and block their caller ID ! Simples ! Any questions I'll give my best advice [email protected]

  • Simon says:

    Chats and messages are so obviously computer generated. Can't even speak in proper sentences. Ask them about where they live, they don't answer and just ask about you. Absolute disgrace of a site. How they don't get done with fraud is beyond me. 

  • Antony says:

    Found this site by chance thank duck I did I've been using the site for 4 days and I feel a right nob head for not spotting the reply message errors I was using my neighbours broadband via wifi and was having signal probs so put it down to that. I spoke to my bank because the payments are taken as a card payment not a direct debit the only way to stop it fast is cancel your card, for credit cards I don't know but would it's the same I've only lost just under £20. But thank God I stumbled on this site the annoying thing I went on another dating review site and they rated 3 Rd best with a 9.2 score WTF!!!

  • Harry says:

    I had no problems with my cancellation, I even got a refund. You should mail to [email protected] and tell them what's wrong, i got a reply the same day. Also they canceled mmy profile for me. My advise would be to just mail the support instead of complaining at your bank, they helped e very well.

  • Neil says:

    Reckon it's pretty obvious from the photos who's fake and who's real. If she looks like a beautiful porn star – guess what? She probably is and the therefore it's a fake! As for cancellation, Harry (above) seems to be the only bloke who has had no problems… I wonder if "Harry" is real? As for the various reviews that come up, most of them are fake also. These rival sites set up and post positive reviews of their own sites and accuse all the others of being scams – my answer would be don't trust any reviews.

    If you're determined to use one of these sites to meet someone, set up an email address, post it (you can do this on some sites) on your description, then hope that genuine women/men who read your profile will spot it. That way, they can contact you without you having to give out personal info…

    Good luck!

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  • Barry says:

    I signed up for this site and it was a really fun experience. I chatted with some ladies which i know were real for sure. Defenitely no bots of whatsoever. I wanted te cancel my subscription and they have a very good customer support. Just go to and there go can call the helpdesk, lookup your charges and request a refund or a cancellation. I have absolutely no negative experiences with this site.

    FYI if you want to cancel or something, just dial the number from the helpdesk : 08006409098

  • Matthew says:

    I subscribed to this just like many of you did but what I did notice which was interesting to see was that when you recieve messages from people in your emails it gets sent to spam and not to your inbox which should have triggered alarm bells straight away but anyway having signed up to the 3 day trial like a bellend I wrote this to them 1 hours after learning how the site works and then doing a google search on Cheekydevil possible fraud.  My advice is write to them like I have and see what happens.  Make threats and demands so they have no choice because your not a person to hold back.  Some of you may choose other alternative routes to go down or won't take matters any further so being a push over the company will just ignore your polite email.  My advice is be ruthless…


    Dear Sir/ Madam

    Having bought a 3 day membership and having seen how your site works I am demanding that you refund me the full total amount paid plus unsubscribing me from your website as soon as possible.  I have done the research and am entitled to be given my money back with imediate affect.  The profiles are fake and the chat messages sent to me are automated.  If you refuse to reimburse me my money I will have no choice but to take this matter further knowing my rights on what I can and can not do.  I am not a happy customer having signed up to receive automated messages.  Please refund me the full total amount I am owed.

    Many thanks

    • Admin says:


      please contact support staff directly we are a dating review site and we don’t own or operate

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