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Website Details:


  • $1.99 a month for 15 credits.
  • $19.99 a month for 50 credits.
  • $44.99 a month for 125 credits plus 50 credits free.
  • $99.00 a month for 350 credits plus 125 credits free.
  • $199.00 a month for 750 credits.


  • Search: Search for Ukraine women according to age of woman you are looking for.
  • Faces: Use this section to choose which women you like or don't like on the site.
  • Messages: Read messages from Ukraine female members as well as send them messages, virtual gifts, and winks.
  • Correspondence: Read messages from Ukraine female members as well as send them messages.
  • Credits: Purchase credits to be able to use the site and communicate with other members.

Overview is a Ukraine mail order bride web site that is supposedly designed so you can interact with Ukrainian women. Bride web sites have always had a bad reputation. The question here is if is a scam or a legitimate web site to interact and eventually meet and marry women from the Ukraine. Our investigation left no stone unturned in our quest to find out the truth. Read our findings here.

Our Empty Profile Gets Views From Female Members, Why?

The first piece of evidence we would like to include in this investigation is a screen shot showing our member profile on As you can see we haven't uploaded a single profile pic to this investigation. We left as much personal info as possible blank but still we are getting bombarded with messages from Ukraine women, why?  

How logical is it to contact a person who doesn't have any type of information in his dating profile? But for some magical reason the women on are drawn to our profile? If you put the shoe on the other foot, would you go out of your way to contact a blank female profile, with no photos and no information in the profile? We would move onto the next girl who had photographs in their member profile. But on that isn't the case. This is something you should really think about. And we welcome other people to perform the same experiment and create a blank profile on this site. If you do, leave a comment below with your results. Chance are very likely you will see the same exact results as we did, views from lots of Ukraine women.

(Screen shot of our empty member profile on

Are Automated Bots Sending Emails To People?

According to their own terms and conditions page uses an automatic algorithm using some type of computer software to send members of the dating site email messages. We took a screen shot of just a few of the messages we have received. Are we to assume the messages we're receiving are "automatic messages generated by their algorithm"? We would strong suggest that is exactly what's going on in this investigation. Automated messages sent from computer software bots makes perfect sense especially since we have already pointed out that our profile is blank. The only women interested in emailing us would have to automated messages that are NOT sent by female members but instead by bots.
(Email sent to us saying that "Daria" liked our profile. But our dating profile is blank why would she "like it", maybe she's an automated bot and not a real person.)

Why Would They Send Out Automatic Messages?

The first thing you need to wake up to is the fact that this is really happening, and since they admit to it on their terms page you better pay attention. The automatic messages are being used to get male members to purchase credits. If you have no clue that you are receiving automated emails from a computer bot you would most likely think it's a Ukraine girl contacting you. But you need to buy credits to contact her so you must pay to converse with women on the site. Unfortunately the messages according to their terms page are "automatic messages generated by their algorithm".

So the girl didn't email you but you have to buy credits to contact her, what? Isn't that a red flag that something isn't right? From our investigation the main reason sites like use automated messages is to entice and lure free members to upgrade and purchase credits. But do you want to purchase a membership to communicate with bots that send "automatic messages generated by algorithm"?

(Automated messages sent to us by their algorithm.)

Automated Bots Used To "Visit Your Profile" And "Like You"?

Another question to ask is if automated bots are being used to "visit your profile" and make it appear as if certain Ukraine women "like you"? You can look at the evidence we have provided below. The screen shot shows various Ukraine women sending us messages and "visiting our profile" and "liking us". Is this all the work of automated bots, the same type of bots that send "automatic messages generated by algorithm"?  The chance that bots are used to "like you" and "visit your profile" is very likely since this site already admits they send automated messages, why would they stop there? Don't you think that they would continue using that same type of software to send automated "likes" and automated "profile views"? It makes perfect sense to us. After investigating and reviewing hundreds of dating sites there is huge likely hood that the bots are used in all aspects of this web site to make appear as if Ukraine women are "viewing your profile", and "liking you" and they already admit they send their members "automatic messages". Since they already state the use automatic messages then everything being automated is just common sense, in our opinion.

(Screen shot showing automated "profile views" and "likes".)

The Site Admits To Creating Female Profiles

 Sometimes when performing an investigation the evidence can be circumstantial and sometimes it's backed up hard evidence. In this particular case the use of fictitious profiles that have been fabricated by the staff of is without a doubt real. This website admits that they fabricate profiles that the staff of their website operate and maintain. And they state and we quote;"We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained and managed by our employees". You need to ask yourself why would a dating site create profiles? From our experience with dealing with online dating sites we have come across hundreds of dating sites that creates so-called "staff profiles" that are used to fill up the dating site and make it appear as if there are countless numbers of women looking to meet you. In the end it was always a scam and the profiles were always fake.

One of the main reasons that dating sites create profiles is to make it appear as if there are thousands of attractive looking women seeking to hook up with you when the truth is all the profiles have been created and maintained by the staff of that particular dating site. If history is any example of what's going on with then that's the situation here as well.

The Terms And Conditions The Best Place To Find The Truth

You should make it a regular routine to read the terms and conditions of every dating site they used. 99% of the dating sites that we have exposed for fraudulent behavior always seem to admit the frauds they perpetrate on their terms and conditions page. So, if you want to see exactly how a website is really operating you need to look at the terms and conditions. In this particular case Victoria Brides admits to using automated messages and also to creating "staff profiles". We have copied and pasted those parts of the terms and conditions, read them below.

  • Section #7 The Service operates an algorithm for the automatic allocation of attention and activity. The algorithm automatically determines users with insufficient incoming and outgoing activity, and then sends from the user a welcome message to the most appropriate contact (another user of the Service, defined as the most appropriate contact for the user by the algorithm). The task of the algorithm is to allocate the attention and activity among users of the Service. Automatic messages generated by algorithm differ from the standard messages in style and are easy to sprawl.
  • Section #11: We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained and managed by our employees (“Staff Profiles”).

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 9480 Innovation Dr, Manassas, VA, 20109, USA
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information:

  • Phone: 1 (877) 410-3952
  • Addresses: 33 Porter Road, P.O. Box 3169 PMB103, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. 1110
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision: admits they use "staff profiles", as well as automatic messages. Those are 2 huge red flags to us, however the final decision to use this site is yours.

Search For Females

If you want to search for real women, then look at these legitimate dating sites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 74 comments

  • Kato Hussein says:

    Thanks guys for enlightening us about this scam dating sites.

    • Tony G says:

      I agree with every part of your assesment regarding These beautiful young women won't stop harrasing me although my profile has no photo and I am very old.  I haven't spent a dime.

    • Terry says:

      I am one of the biggest fools out there. Most guys leave after a few months but I've been there 2 years and spend a ton of money and asking it all and everything that is written above is true I have tons of screenshots of conversations. And nobody has ever been married from here that I can find and they don't have any success stories like all the other dating sites to do I was thinking some of the girls had to be real but now I don't know be nice to get a class-action so some of us can get our money back and make these guys go belly-up that would make my day. They say the right things though it's amazing you think you're for real and the computer-generated messages all you have to do is ask a question and they don't hear you because they're robots and they continue on with what they're talking about if you ask any questions you go along with it you think you're talking to somebody pretty what a horrible way to make money Karma will get these guys if I don't

      • Malvin says:

        what you are saying is perfectly true and they are not real men on there too, i joined the site for alomt a years, use a bunch of funds hoping to meet the real person to be in my life and will be my soul mate forever, I met serveral dates and all were just waste of time. I dont even know if I was talking to bots or real men as I never knew there were bots on that site as some of the men tried talking about credit card stuffs but I never pay attention to that.

  • chuck lowe says:

    i have beentalking to a girl for a while mabe 1 month , i have every thing ready to go and see her, altho they wood not let ant infomation thru of her or me, i got the info on the date when i was flying ouy , may 13 16 she said she wood try to meet me i told her i had only 20 days till my plane leaves , then i got shut down, why i'm going out their if she don't show i loose, because the flite tickets is not refuntable 

    • james nelson says:

      Your account of your experience is important.  If possible, I encourage you to make appropriate corrections and renew your post.  You experience shows depth of details that most comments lack.  I empathize with the apparent fact that English may not be your native tongue, or maybe not one of your strongest skills.  Please do not be discouraged.  There are many people who will gladly and freely give you any necessary assistance to edit your message in order to minimze errors and render it more readable.  But even without corrections, your contribution is valued and appreciated.  Thank you, sir.
      On a presumption that you may welcome my suggestions, here is a possible re-write.  There is some uncertainty of your intended meaning when you say that ["… I got shut down."], and some uncertainty of the exact meaning in the remainder of the text.  Anyone reading your comment will sympathize with your dilemma.  I wish you success in resolving this or other similar issues, and of course in your search for a compatible partner.  It seems like you could find benefit from talking over your plans beforehand with at least two people, or more, whom you can trust to give you honest and wise appraisal.  After listening to their suggestions, I encourage you to make up your own mind once you have reflected on everything.  My personal experiences have always taught me that it is unwise to rush into intimacy, but I still have the tendency to want to do so, if the possibility ever presents itself.  Maybe it is better to have a less than perfect experience which may end quickly or badly, than to never have any experience.  I am not qualified to decide for myself, and even less qualified to decide for someone else.  You seem like a nice gentleman who is pleasant to be around.  If I can't find an immediate reason for feeling discouraged, I can always invent some.  Obviously, that attitude is self-defeating, so I try to not remain stuck in it perpetually, but to give at least occasional opportunities for hope.  Just a little hope.  Not too much which might leave me completely devastated when it is not realized.  Persistence is the best rule for any worthwhile endeavor or goal.  It seems to automatically ensure renewed hope, which in turn creates the will to persist.  Failure is guaranteed sooner or later, but even worse is to not take any risks and then not have the benefit of what failure can teach us.  The trick is to never be defeated permanently or totally by any temporary failures, and to not use failure as an excuse to be reckless, or as excuse to never try.  When one path is closed, it is a good time to explore other paths.  for example, even though romance is not an available path at the moment, there are other pathways which involve friendships and which may lead to the ultimate desired path to future romance.  Life is weird like that.  I am still trying to learn how to get out of my own way.

          chuck lowe says:    
      April 23, 2016 at 10:21 pm    

      I had been talking to a girl for a while, maybe 1 month.  I had everything ready to go and see her, although they would not let any infomation through of either her or me.  I got the information on the date when I was flying out,  May 13, 2016, and she said that she would try to meet me.  I told her that I had only 20 days till my plane leaves , then I got shut down.  Why am I going over there?  If she doesn't show, I lose, because the flight tickets are not refundable.

      You made a good effort even without any changes.  Thanks again for sharing your experience.  (For whatever purpose, I feel that it is appropriate for me to openly acknowledge that I am not a contributing associate of this wonderful website, but I am a visitor like yourself.)

    • Perry says:

      Are you for real ? Your spelling is horrible any woman with half  a brain wouldn't  give you the time of day !    

      • Tahoedirt says:

        Maybe you shouldn't interrupt and belittle the guy- How is any of your business ??  He probably doesn't speak English- How many languages do you speak ??  PLAY NICE.

    • Mike Ruddy says:

      Did it ever work out going to get here? If it did how did you get her contact information?

    • Michael says:

      I to have been talking to a lady from Ukraine off of supposed to fly out this spring to meet up with her but no mention of getting a room. She supposedly lives with her mother and going to put me up at their house. But not sure still have no more information now than I did before.i am probably 6 or 7 hundred into this ordeal. You really can’t trust any site any more ,cause you never who your talking or mite I say texting to if you got enough credits . They are all free Butttttt

  • Barry B. says:

    Charm is another site owned by the same organization as Victoria Brides and a few other sites Aian woman and more. To speak to someone you have to pay a minimum of $21 for 3 credits which gives you about 5 minutes before you have to buy more credits, the next step up is a few more $ the third step is $59. and the fourth step is $97 another step for $179. I was taken by them for close to $3,000 in 5 weeks and you can not give out your email address or text numbers to the girls. There was this one girl who promised to come here but here is the catch you have to fly to the Ukraine first and get your own room. Take the lady out to dinner and then if they approve then they will let you come back and take her with you. That site has the same collections qpiu or qpui that screans all these over seas sites for the money the girls get paid on a commission basis on each call. the company is out of Hong Kong. The Admins, name is Mr Hong Ko. The collection company claimes they are part of other various site like Cupid and many more. Please beware of every site you have to pay on. I went to my bank reported them to the Fraud Department.

  • grant says:

    you have only listed two real sites?  Surely there are more than this???

  • Tom S. says:

    Why everyone is so bothered about the site being paid? Where will you find a dating site with real people that is free? I would agree maybe Victoria Brides in not the cheapest one but then you shouldn’t complain just don’t use it. In my experience everything was good and I am 100% satisfied with the result. The stuff is very helpful and that’s why they charge money.You need to read policy of the site before you register there. Victoria Brides explain that they use automated messages because this way women have a higher chance to meet men. However, if you started chatting with a woman, it is a real person, otherwise who would answer direct questions instead of her? I have been using Victoria Brides for about 4 months and had no problems.I know that they send automated messages, so what? If you receive a message from a girl, whose photo you like it is even better. You save your time by not using the search. This is exactly how I started chats with many girls. It is simple, if you like a woman on a photo, send a message back and after you know that you chat with the girl directly. I think it definitely help men to meet women faster this way.I understand why some men have their profiles blank. Maybe some married men want to find women for chats or private meetings. Plus the site allows keeping a profile blank while other dating sites don’t, so I don’t see anything suspicious. Girls send messages even to men with empty profile because it doesn’t exclude the chance that they may like each other after sharing photos.

  • james nelson says:

    Your analysis is very cogent and insightful.  Please don't take the next part as being critical or disrespectful.  I noted some trivial and very minor errors on this page which are not of any importance, and which do not detract in any significant way from the great value inherent in your sharing of your knowledge and insight.  Even if corrections are not made, it will not be relevant to the sincere appreciation I feel for your efforts.  So, for your consideration only:

    Are Automated Bots Sending Emails To People?
    The only women interested in emailing us would have to automated messages that are NOT sent by female members but instead by bots.   [where the intended text was perhaps " would have to be automated "]

    Automated Bots Used To "Visit Your Profile" And "Like You"?
    After investigating and reviewing hundreds of dating sites there is huge likely hood that the bots are used in all aspects of this web site to make appear as if Ukraine women are "viewing your profile", and ….  
    [where the intention is presumed to be "likelihood"]

    In that same section:  
    Since they already state the use automatic messages then everything being automated is just common sense, in our opinion.
    [where it is presumed to intend something akin to " Since they already state that they use automatic messages, then everything being automated is just common sense, in our opinion."  or perhaps " Since they already state they use automatic messages, then everything being automated is just common sense, in our opinion."]

    The Terms And Conditions, The Best Place To Find The Truth
    You should make it a regular routine to read the terms and conditions of every dating site they used.
    {where the intended text is not immediately obvious, but easily improved with a minor edit at the end of the sentence, or perhaps a version such as, "One should make it a regular routine to read the terms and conditions of every dating site one wishes to use, [before, after, and regularly thereafter, since many of these sites claim the right to make unexpected changes in their Terms without notice.]" }
     which may be a correct perception on my part, or not.  From my own experiences, it is easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment, enthralled by the wonderful entreating visions of undying love served up with a tasty sauce of (one-sided?) passion, and as it is usually late at night after long hours pursuing other serious matters, the wisdom of reading a lengthy legal document is cast aside by a reluctance to delve too deeply into the details, which can be changed anyway, and which detract from the comforting illusions of the moment, practically requiring that the reader not attach too much realistic comprehension to the details lest the pleasant thoughts be pricked like a hot air balloon, leaving the empty feeling of being deceived and misled.  There seems to have existed, and maybe there is a growing existence of a tendency to accept business models which are dependent upon deceptions for the sole purpose of easy profiteering, as if it is socially acceptable to be made a fool, despite any legal issues prohibiting fraud.  I politely insist that it is not acceptable for various reasons, including the undermining of public trust and the likelihood that such lapses of business ethics will spread across nations and the globe, giving business entrepreneurs, small and large, the added confidence that use of fraud to slake their greed is permissible since everyone else seems to be getting away with it.  I am thinking that these websites could approach their activities in an even more honest and open manner
    which would allow them to still make obscene profits with little expense or effort, and still avoid the worse taint of impropriety by merely lowering their fees and making trial memberships automatically terminate unless intentionally renewed by the client.  Their profits might decline substantially, but still be very lucrative in contrast to sweeping floors.  (I have no knowledge of such business details on which to support what is merely conjecture.)  They could also inject some greater degree of honesty by actually delivering on their promise of providing real opportunities for connections between members, with no inflated or unrealistic expectations other than a chance for friendly, honest, open communication between clients and Online Cupids.  Some websites show hints of moving in that direction, although I don't trust my ability to make a reliable assessment.  What is refreshing and encouraging is the existence of your website which gives renewed assurance that altruism is alive and well, even on the internet, and even as we wish it were the only acceptable standard by which all human interactions occurred, whether in business or
    friendship or romance.  When and if I find an option to make a small monetary showing of appreciation to this website, I intend to do so without reservation and with full confidence that any offerings will be utilized in a spirit of altruism and "noblesse oblige" which has the aura of pricelessness floating over it.  Many thanks.

  • Frances K says:

    You should just look at the employment adds in the Ukraine to see that the site is a scam—the woman are paid by an agency to just sit and chat-VictoriaBrides is just being used by the agencies. Lord knows how many different agencies there are. 

    • Anthony says:

      These sites are a huge employment scam, and money makers, its a job. All of the messages are computer generated or written back by translators who could even be men. If you had no photograph no woman would reply, save your money, most girls english would not even think up some of these replies, as a lot of women only have a limited command of the language. I know that a new legitimate site will be coming out in December 2016, where all girls are actually interviewed!!!!  not Boris writing the letters!!!  I think the site is called, but its not out yet, I think they will be doing dining parties where people meet in Kiev, with nice people sitting around a table with dinner!!! about time!! fed up with scams

    • Tom K. says:

      hello, your comment caught my attention.. this i can believe.. i have been on the site for over a year..and i have often asked a couple of ladies how they can afford the expense of the site..they cannot possibly pay what we do to chat and send photos,etc

  • Rick D says:

    And Lord knows if a real "person" on the other end actually engages in a two way conversation, who is it actually on the other end? I mean, lm not ugly but Im also not overly handsome and these smoking hot girls are engaging in personal conversation with someone that could be their father. come on. It took me 2 hours of this to question who really was typing on the other end. Female, male, 59 year old on supplimental income? 

    Where are all the homely girls on this site? Just one.

  • Rick D says:

    I went on the site again basically to burn up the credits I have there before disabling the account. I noticed a couple models had their picture taken in front of a similar backdrop that advertised I reserched this site and found it to be a job placement site. My guess is the picture was taken at a Job Fair of sort.

    There are MANY postings to from different agencies across the Ukraine that are the same leading me to believe all Ukraine sites are scams and the person in the picture is not the person typing if you actually get something other than a BOT.

    Check out this job posting..One of Many

    Vacancy on 08/05/2016  

    Fashion model in the international marriage agency

    5000 UAH


    Beautiful people 



    Employment Type:

    underemployment, distant work, ready to take the student


    The successful company of Access the casting position on the international fashion model on site communication and dating!

    Requirements: requires girl good looks to cooperation with our agency and get a stable income.

    attractive appearance

    providing a model 10 professional photos for publication on the international site.

    Conditions: The model provides your photos, and 2 times in a month doing "amateur selfie" not intimate. Picture yourself working on the site, according to the contract payment get 20 of every month.

    Responsibilities: the ability and the desire to show off a photo, a pleasant mood.

  • Edmund Biggs says:

    victoria bride: adds time delays to increase calls and monitors and censor mails they alter letters both ways or ad garble. you can not meet on this site they stop all communication and keep themselfs as a captive site. they are actually operating out of Scotland and not the Uk.much of what they do is simply to get money and fraud at the base.they ulter monitor and censor all communicaions and its possible many so called ladies are made up and not a real person.



  • Pete MacDonald says:

    Figured the scam rather Quickly like a slot machine, You'll never get a Bride out of this maybe a 300 lb mama

  • Alex L says:

    М Apart from helping me to find a girl who would match my criteria, Victoria Brides custom support helped me with the visa to Ukraine. The date with the girl went fantastic and we are planning to get married this fall. Thanks a lot again!

    • Jason says:


    • Frank says:

      Interesting remark Alex. Not sure where you are from but if its the UK for example you should be aware that you don't need a Visa to travel to the Ukraina 😉

  • Mark D. says:

    The site does maintain a large amount of real people, but is high risk.  I have met and dated a real person from the site and she told me that she collected a percentage of revenue generated by her profile.  She told me that I was exceptionally lucky to find a girl with actual "geniune" intentions.  She does not know how many profiles are "fake" girls but she presumes alot of them are.  The best guess is maybe that 1 out of 3 is an actual single person looking to meet people.  None of this is backed up with actual verifible facts but is the just the opionion of one couple.  Do you feel lucky?

    • terry says:

      I have been there over a year and I guess I'm one of the bigger suckers here.  I  have seen it all and I'd imagine  One in 10 might be real if any are real.  The ones  i thought for sure real were not. I've taken pictures of conversations And I have tons pf proofe I've taken pictures of conversation  sometimes is a computer talking to me and If you ask a question , they don't hear you , they just keep on with what you're saying and if you go along with it you will never know.   Be nice to get you some of my money backthe evidence I have do you some of my money back which is probably thousands .  Like I said I'm a sucker , a big one . I was telling Robert and James and the rest of them about  my evidence and They got scared and giving me credit for free  and now saying they will give me contact information for several ladies  without the 1000 credits normally needed.isnt the FBI  supposed to protect us from scammers like this?

    • david thomas says:

      hi , you have been very luck. i was talking online to a lady for 6 months . i went to Sumy and yes we did meet , but she could not have been colder . it was all a rip off. i have seen the term " walking ATM" , used before , and that ios what they thought i was . in some ways i was lucky. i arranged my own apartment , it cost me $400 for 25 days , great price . the agency that this woman is with wanted $1200, scam , same with the transfer from Kiev to Sumy , they wanted $220, i got it for $100, sounds a lot but it is about 330 kl , so a bargain realy.

      we had  dates but she would just sit , nit ask any questions about me , nothing , then the "agency taxi" would be called and we would take her to her apartment , dropher off and they would then take me back to my apartment . this was all with an interpreter costing $20 per hour , even when the "lady" was not present .

      the highlight was when we went out one evening , had a meal and the "agency taxi " was  called to take us back . it came alright , but the bonus was that the drivers wife was in the car, she needed a lift into town , ha ha , what a joke . i was asked did i mind ?? did i mind , i was mad as hell , but knew it was unwise to say to much as the driver looked like some kind of bouncer , nasty piece of work .

      i have talked with another woman from this site and she said she wants her interpreter if we meet , and yues she is with the same agency , surpise suprise . when i described the way the driver was she asked if he looked like an ex boxer and that got me thinking. when in the car he would do the classic thing that boxers do , constantly flexing his shoulders and neck, so yes , she knows him alright .

      the agency is called "tur rabota" . i have tried doing a search of this agency, low and behold , no luck

      the one i went to visit made several mistakes online . i sent her an email through the site asking to talk via gmail as i had hers so that it would cut down the cost on the site . she refused . i then sent another saying that i suspected why sh would not do this . i did noit say that i suspected it was because she was profiting from the chat on the site . she sent a message back saying i had offended her ,HOW , i had not said what i suspected , so she must have known about the profit sharing shceme they use , and been a part of it .

      another time she told me by mistake that she could see what i spent talking to her online , so this means she has a way of keeping tally of what is owed to her .

      now and then they do trip themselves up with little  mistakes .

      this organization has other parts to it . one is victoriahearts, and the other is victoria dates , both scam sites run on the same basis , bots sending messaghes .

      ask yourself this , what is a woman in ukraine doing awake at 3am sending messages , or talking to you??. they have a tough time out there trying to makle a living, she would be asleep so that she is ready for another hard day .

      get wise people , this site and any linked to it are a total fraud and should be shut down , it is just a huge scam from end to end .

      oh yes , i just remembered another thing from my experience with them. they had me do an imbra check(more credits) , ??  i do not need one , i am from the u.k ??

      if anyone wants any info, please contact me. i will be happy to help

      [email protected]


  • Frank 57 says:

    I was on charm and was talking with a girl and after 2 months she told me the site contacted her and asked her to talk with other guys and they would pay her she got mad said no and told me then we decided to meet and they would not let us she tried to send me her email and the site blocked her and now we are being watched this site is a total scam you go on chat and its 4 am Ukraine time but 100 girls come on in 1 second and 1 girl i knew and when i said you know who this is she had no idea who i was i knew it wasn't her and i asked her about chat in a letter and she didn't know what i was talking about all the site cares about is more money don't care how they get it or who they really sucks because i found the 1 real girl on the site and can never be with her 

  • Nilson says:

    I wouldn’t agree that VictoriaBrides use fake or staff profiles. They have automated messages that they send to men to see if men like certain women or not. There are so many women and men registered at the site, so I think the agency does their best to let people see photos of each other and get in touch. I have been a user of the site for the last year and I had a few nice dates with girls.

  • Scott says:

    ^^^ Nilson = Victoria Brides Staff member

    I was suspicious of Victoria Brides from the start:
    Why is every single woman on the site young, beautiful and with professional photos on them?
    Why was the profile information basically the same on every profile, extolling the same virtues and asking for the same things?
    Why would you be charged for every single action available, Including chat, rather than a one-off fee or subsciption?

    I tested the waters by keeping my profile VERY basic, as was done by the Admins here.
    Lo and behold, I was almost inundated with mails and messages from stunning young women who were seemingly desperate to meet me and fall in love with me.
    I threw a few spoilers into the chats with my 'free' credits to see what would happen. The responses didn't seem like bots but I didn't have enough free credits to determine this for certain.
    Decided to have a look at the cost for credits, but the price was so prohibitive it was obvious to me this was a scam setup.
    I'm willing to bet the profile pictures come from a less-then-reputable modeling agency,where the girls have probably had to PAY to have those portfolios created.
    Win-Win for the scammers.

  • Andualem mamo says:

    How I get my own profile and my friends get direct chat and to credit what I do ?so give me in my email full information and comferm code

  • Andualem mamo says:

    Ok give me again

  • Dominic says:

    I do not understand what is wrong with profiles without photos? If I was married and wanted to find a girl for fun I would not put my picture also. Maybe some men want to be private. I really do not think it should be a reason to call this site scam. I used quite a few dating sites and I saw a lot of profiles without photos. I even had a date with a woman who did not have a photo. But we chatted and she was an interesting person.

  • Alex says:

    Nice site

  • Wilfrid says:

    Maybe there is some truth in this review but I have been using VictoriaBrides for half of a year and I never noticed anything weird. I send messages to girls, they reply, we chat, and make video calls. I am sure every dating site is the same, they have their own tricks to attract customers but this is okay. The most important is that women’s profiles here are real. I spoke with different girls and no one was hiding their faces. This site works otherwise I wouldn’t be here for 6 months.

  • Paul says:

    I actually put my email in wrong by mistake at first and still got over 200 hits before they rven confirmed

  • Boris the butcher says:

    Thanks for all the comments above. Having said that, it does not appear possible to know 100% the truth about this site either way. Most comments on review sites re VB are strongly negative with just a few 'happy customers'. There seems only one way to find out for sure and that is to spend money (unless anyone else has any ideas) and that is expensive, depending upon how wealthy you are. Good luck everybody and if anyone knows a way to find out the truth for sure, please let me know!

    • terry says:

       It's a scam I've been there a year I'm telling you right now t.  We should try to get an FBI agent in there to see if he can actually get a woman home because there's not one record of anybody ever getting a woman home out of there that I can find anywhere 

    • david thomas says:

      Boris my friend , i know the ugly thruth about this site and the others connected to it . it is all fake . maybe 10 out of 100 women are real, the rest is all made up. they employ translators to send the messages . then you arrange to go to Ukraine and the womans agency wants to arrange your apartment and transfers , all at massivly hiked prices . the gifts on the site will cost you about 4 times the normal retail price . o.k , i would expect a delivery charge , but that is out of this world when you know that the average wage in Ukraine is about $120 per month , anf car fuels are very cheap.

      get real people , stay away

  • Richard says:

    I believe the site is a scam.  I have yet to read or hear about anyone making contact with any real girls on the web site.  Something happens I read so that contact is never made is what I read elsewhere.

    I created an almost entirely blank profile and have been getting lots of likes and favorites.  At one time I listed my location as Antartica but none of these girls seemed to care.  I also noticed I see no option to remove my account.  I can only stop email.  Those bots really like me.  I click on the web site while viewing emails and suddenly start getting messages from lots of hot girls or bots.  I never put in my credit card information and have no plans to pay for anything.  It is obviously a scam site in my opinion.

  • Richard says:

    I meant to say I have yet to hear about anyone meeting any of the girls on this web site.  Of course online chat etc happens but as far as people meeting, I haven't heard about it happening from independent sources so far.  Maybe it happens,maybe it's a big con game.  I don't know.  I get suspicious when I get lots of messages with almost no profile.  I'm even more suspicious when everything costs a lot and you can't remove your account.  There are free dating sites out there and many legitimate sites offer more for a lot less.  On legitimate sites, I get virtually no messages with a blank profile.  That makes sense.

    • terry says:

      I think there is meetings and the woman gets probably half of the money then after that it goes belly up

      • david thomas says:

        Tery , you have it so right. that is what happened to me , eccept she still wants to talk on the site , costing me credits . but any romance is dead , made her big profit , then calls it quits , nice !!!!!

    • terry says:

      I think there is meetings and the woman gets probably half of the money,  then after that it goes belly up

  • Upen stha says:

    I fucking dont know how to use this app… i am feeling like a shit ..can any1 taught me how to use ???  Many girls r messaging me but i cant reply even i got a mail from a lady who is 31 i cnt reply here mail back ….. i am feeling too sad for myself … so is here any1 who would like tohelp me ??? Reply me bck …and leave me ur mail id so that i can msg u 

  • Thomas M. Para says:

     I tried the site for three months now!  Connect with a lady 29 years old that said it was normal for younger women to marry older men, I'm 67. Although I resisted at first she sounded wonderful and we were talking daily numerous times. After about two months I created another profile. Different name. It was three days before she sent him an email and three days before she was professing her love for him and wanting to meet.  Saying the same things she had to me. I sent her  numerous messages from both profiles for a couple days saying things I had told her in the original connection.  I then sent her a poem I had written and she recognized it saying , Thomas ??so there are real women there or people anyway.  I cut off communication even though she messages on my second profile and she uses my real name from my first. Again I tried with another woman.  Doing the same thing. Basically the same thing happened. As of today she has started messaging  my new profile.   I'll give it a couple days so there is no mistake that she is the same as the first working for the company.  It is my believe also that something should be done with companies like this. Especially if they are in other countries milking Americans. I am a veteran and I think it's disgusting that a company based in the United States could do this to their own people  and to think that's why we fight to get them freedom to do things like this.  I suggest that everyone goes on there and like every profile to tie up The computers so they don't do it to other people.  Even without credit you can like profiles and push the smile button. 


    • Wayne says:

      tom the company is an internasional company  thay just rent servers from the usa or other places the com,pany is well recotred in being a compasnmy opertated by a fu crimanal organiseasions who scam pepole sanmd use  ligitamet dateing sites for money lorndering  the only way to get site that scam pepoile  to shut downm is to make a protision to the un   with atlesat 3000 or 90000 signitures or maby notofi thew cia/fbi of your cuntry to look into the company ativatys  

  • Theodosios Pantelakis says:


  • Tony says:

    The only problem I have with this site is I can't seem to block their spam e-mails. I joined the site and reached the same conclusiuion (about how they must be using automated software or bots to contact my almost blank profile); long before I discovered and read your review here… So I haven't been tempted, nor am I stupid enough to even consider buying their (EXPENSIVE) credits that allow me to communicate with their robot.

    Whatever you do, don't even click the link in the e-mail they probably sent you – which was the mistake I made. I can't get rid of them. They also have many 'affiliated' sites that also constantly flood my mailbox with their spam.

  • Michael says:

    There needs to be a media , 60 minutes story … that’s it !!!!!!!! It’s fraud I lost thousands of good clean revenue …..don’t give this site a nickel it’s 100% deceptive and soon will be completely exposed and shut down . 

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  • […] is connected to , as well as We investigated last year in May of 2016. After reviewing and investigating VictoriaBrides we concluded that the […]

  • Igor says:

    Hi guys, I want to tell you about the scales of fraud site Victoria Brides. I worked as an interpreter on this website at Perfect Match. Most of all I was shocked by what you stupid dear men from different countries. You communicate on the site for money not with women, you communicate with their photos. There are no women who want to get acquainted with foreigners on this site. Translators work there and the most successful of them are men. You explain yourself in love and give presents to virtually empty pictures and spend your money on them. I just worked for a month and it made me sick. Only Ukrainians could invent such a swagger. They deceive everyone and customers and workers and translators and each other. We were explained at the gliding meetings how to draw gifts and money from foreigners, how to hang up a conversation for a long time, so that the client ran every day to communicate with the photograph and gave a minimum of 20-30 dollars a day. There are more than 2000 profiles with women on the site and each questionnaire earns from $ 5 to $ 200 per day, because Americans like to chat with men who have beautiful avatars with the image of a woman. This review I promised to write to the site's management for the fact that they paid me not the entire salary. I'm dropping you a working document for your reference. On it you can see the schedule of the company's translators. In the first column of the list is number with a girl on Victoria Brides with whom you may have had to communicate. In the second column – the name of the girl on the site, and in the third column – the name of the translator who works on behalf of this girl and then the schedule of her work. I draw your attention to the fact that in this group 8 men and they earned the most, because only a man knows what another man needs. So the leader of the group explained to us. Many translators draw money from you communicating with several profiles. And they have a lot of tricks to convince you that they are real women who want to marry a foreigner. The most profiles can work not only on Victoria Brides, but on the all the other services as Natasha Dates, Victoria Dates and so on. Pleasant communication gentlemen. And to be continued this is not the last my review, i have a lot of interesting information for you.

  • […] we've already exposed as being ficticious. Some of the sites include, and,, and VictoriaDates.comm. These are just some of the sites that we uncovered that […]

  • muk says:

    Anyone saying good things about victoriabrides is either retarded or work for them. Beside fake profiles made with stolen pictures mostly from vk there are other parts to the scam. If a legit girl joins the site and stop going there the site take over her profile if shes hot and getting many messages. Then a translator runs it. Another part of the scam is pro chatters. These are not translators but very hot girl hired to created a profile. Then the bots send out thousands of messages from these profiles. The girls then wait for men to reply and she will try her best to keep him hooked. I found 2 girls from my gym on the site after they message me. i thought someone had stolen their pictures so i told both of them. They both admitted they get a cut of all credits people spend and had no idea their profiles had sent messages to me since I not replied. Its a way for these fitness sluts to work from home. Why do you think they are online 10+ hours a day and in the night time during US evening time? so even the real profiles are used for making money not to find husbands. They also have a pre written message to send to guys in case the guy finds her off site. Then the girl will pretend to be scared to communicate on vk or facebook because its not safe blah blah blah.

    look at areal site like bridesandlovers and you see normal women with normal pictures and they not sit on the site 10+ hoursa day.



  • Juni says:

    Hey guys, 

    I have had the full experience from chatting on these sites to meeting the girl. Call me stupid but i met 4 ladies in total. I would suggest you stay away from sites like these and they are:

    1. VictoriaBrides

    2. LoveSwans

    3. VictoriaHearts

    So this is how it goes, you signup put on a profile etc. Its all bots.

    You chat with the girl thinking they are the girls in the profiles (they are not: usually staff profiles)

    The money you pay to view videos, emails, pictures, gifts are given to the girls only to have pictures and then basically they get money instead of the gifts. 

    Right after lots of chatting and wasting money etc. You book a date and fly out to meet the lady

    She comes with her interpreter charging $20 / hour – ha!! the meter keeps running so at the end of day you pay $160 for interpreter.

    The lady will take you to her so called favourite restaurant  as i went to Odessa so we went to Caesar, Habibi, Selfie, Grand Prix – these are all scamming restaurants that have two types of menus. One for the so called visitors and tourists. So she will have lots of food and your slammed with a bill of 9000uah which is approximately $400!!!

    Next day will be going to Salon i.e. haircut, massage etc. you then recieve a whopping 16,500 uah – which is like $700!!!

    They will bring their own taxi by the way which is like $80 per day sometimes even more for simple routes!! Uber charges like only $5!!

    So its not only a scam but also they will eat into your money like it's theirs and would like to rip you off. So what happens once we leave the woman – the woman will go back and collect her 40% kickback from the restaurant and the salons etc. 

    Oh by the way the girl i met in mykolaiv she told me she never spoke with me and i was speaking with a man on the chat (so yeah staff profiles!!)

    Oh if anyone wants to have an experience of women in Odesa happy to plan a trip and go there let me know and we can plan something.


  • Joe says:

    Victoria Brides/Victoria Hearts/Charmerly are little more than money making scams. I also joined with no profile pic and a few breadcrumbs in the blerb purely for a laugh and out of boredom with no intention of ever trying to meet anyone off the site. Never spent a single penny on the site and never will. Most of the profiles are blatantly modelling profiles, possibly used without the models permission. There are a few genuine profiles on the site, but I seriously doubt they account for 10% of the total profiles on the sites. I have been bombarded with standard generic messages from girls of all ages declaring their undying love and desire to marry me etc on all 3 sites. Messages like "Hi handsome, love your profile and pics etc" are the norm, even though I haven't posted any pictures. If you log out after clearing your inbox, return 10 minutes later to find another 100+ messages and 10 mails. This is an almost daily occurance.

    You have to be crazy to even contemplste spending money of credits for these scam sites!

  • Victoria says:

    Hello everyone!

    I want to introduce myself. My name is Victoria from Kiev and I'm a girl who is on the site of Victoria Brides, Victoria Hearts.

    You know, guys, I watched for a long time and was silent, as men constantly complain about the girls on the site and tell funny stories about the scam and all the deception. At some point, I was simply terribly funny and my angelic patience was exhausted. And now I want to express my opinion.

    Dear men, remember once and for all! Before you complain about someone, look at your actions first of all, how you act. And do not be surprised that the attitude to you is appropriate.

    Do you think that you are real men, whom was deceived? I do not think so!

    I'm on the site for more than a year and what experience I got so much, enough to write a book. And believe me, the title of this book will be the most colorful.

    So, where to start? Oh, yes, I'll start with the main thing. Absolutely all the men on the site are fucking liars and hypocrites. Telling the stories of each girl that they love her, that she is the only one, etc., and at the same time they are communicating with at least a dozen other girls)))

    And what fun excuses you have when you start to ignore, ahahah, well, you just can get wet yourself, from this … I work, I just have a phone or a computer turned on, I have problems with the site, I'm sick, I'm busy, etc., while being on the site all the time. Do you really think that girls are so naive and stupid and do not know the real reason?

    And how do you like to ignore questions and messages in general, a girl can ask a dozen questions, and in response will read … Hello, how are you?… Are you morons?

    Or even better, write any vulgar muck, from which you just want to puke.

    At least have an elementary respect, and not a ton of vanity and selfishness.

    And how do you like to think up reasons to not send photos, so as not to see the video or photos in the letters. What a fuck, can you just be honest and honestly admit that you do not have the money to do it! How is it done only by units, and not by writing these idiotic excuses ?!


    Go ahead!

    Intimate part. Most of you, I'm sure, knows very well that discussion of such topics is prohibited. But no, you like stupid rams, write to the girl every vulgarity and really think that you will impress her with this? Do you have a good head? If the girl gave some hint, it does not mean that she wants to receive an offer from endless vulgar!

    About what you are writing is generally a separate topic! You are so banal and limited that except for laughter your text no longer causes any emotion. Do you really think that you will make an impression and tell something incredibly new when you say how you will lick her pussy and suck her nipples? Are you fucked? Really? Fucking cunt licked, there who you are! Have at least a little imagination. I certainly understand, maybe in life you did not have a decent woman with whom you could be as open to experiments as possible. But, not to the such extent!

    Also, most of you should look closely at yourself in the mirror and see who you write it to before writing such. Such texts cause simply disgust and nausea.


    Particular attention should be noted about how you think every penny, God forbid, to spend something extra for a girl. At the same time, you spend thousands of your credits, on communication with others, instead of developing an attitude with one girl and giving her all the attention, as it is in the real relationship. But while demanding from her sometimes just ridiculous demands.

    I'll give you the biggest advice that you could get in life before you make any claims and generally have the right, something to show …, win her attention and most importantly her heart, show her that you really want to be with her, not only in words, but also in actions. Prove that you are a real man and know how to keep your word!

    90% of men on the site, do not know how to do this !!

    Moreover, these ridiculous demands and tricks, like trying to get know or send contact information, you know perfectly well that it is forbidden on the site and that this leads to a blocking on the site and the one normal way that proves your seriousness is to make a request. When you signed up, you agreed to these rules. But no, you begin to behave like little baby who make hysterics and go down even to insults, because they did not give you what you want. Thus, exposing the girl to danger. And when a girl refuses you, and by the way does the right thing, then you just stop writing to her. WTF? Do you consider this a normal and a man's act ?!

    Or even better, the very first message, not even a greeting, but just a phone number and an inscription call me! What is that? Are you out of your mind? Who the fuck are you to call you? Who does not even have the mind to say hello!


    And of course a unique topic about a real meeting.

    It's just a klondike of idiocy, selfishness and frailty.

    Most of you who still decided to come to Ukraine and meet the girl. They just make brilliant mistakes and then with a naive bewilderment they complain that the girl did not meet with you.

    The most unique mistakes

    1. Do not write and do not communicate with the girl, but simply at best a week before the arrival, to report that he will be in Ukraine and wants to meet. Are you normal? The girl does not even know you, you did not communicate, with what reason, she will meet with you? Or ignore her for a couple of weeks, or even months, and then report it. What do you expect that after such an act? That she with wet panties will jump with happiness? Seriously?

    2. Just a masterpiece! Make appointments with several girls at once and hide it or even say it. Are you on the market and choose the product? Are you out of your mind? If you think that a girl will normally react to this, that you will meet with others, then you are simply morons!

    3. Behave on the first date as a miser, who constantly believes every penny. So you think that you will impress the woman? Really? And this is usually after 1000 beautiful words on the site, that you will treat her like a queen! The queen of what? Shit and misery?

    I had two real meetings from the site, which I do not even want to talk about, because it was quiet horror!

    I could continue for a very, very long time, but I'm afraid that my post will be incredibly long, and maybe it will not even fit into the limit.


    In the end, I will add, one unique feature.

    Require a girl to come to you. At the same time, you also want her to pay for the visa and tickets for the plane. It's just incredible! Do you even understand with your dull head, where do you live and where does the girl live? What level of income do you and she have? Or is your lean brain not capable of such a logical question? Not to mention that you are a man and these actions must come from you. After all, you're looking for a woman with the right values ​​or are you just a lazy gigol who does not want to do anything? What kind of relationship are you talking about and what can you give the girl if you are not even able to organize her arrival to you?

    So, before you write about the scam and deception, before you complain about any actions of girls, I will repeat once more, first look at your actions! Most of you deserve this attitude.

    On the site, no more than 10% of men who really want real relationships and are ready to do for this by everyone who came there with serious intentions, and not for endless games, lies and hypocrisy.

    So be first relevant, and then complain. Be honest and sincere! That's the real guarantee of success!

    I apologize, with frankness and rudeness, but most of you deserve these words!

    Thank you for attention!

    • Admin says:

      wow, thanks for all the information. It is very useful!

    • Charles Giffard says:

      Hello Victoria, 

      My name is Charles, I’m currently in Odessa and have been here for a month, from which I’m very much enjoying this wonderful City and generally having a great time. Im from Uk and joined VB Circa a year ago. 

      In short i think there is a Lot of validity in your comments, and can clearly see that the whole Bride dating scene has moved on a long long way since Circa 10-15 years ago when it all began, when perhaps Ukarainian Ladies were more susceptible to the idea of meeting Men from over seas and getting involved far more quickly than was perhaps prudent, clearly this has changed dramatically, from which, and rightly so, Ukrainian ladies want and need a lot more than some on line chat, and a few dinners before running off into the sunset with some Man they hardly know !! Hence, Men, looking on line for a real relationship need to be seriously prepared to invest time and money here in the Ukraine – IE, I’ve been here a month and am only now just beginning to understand the commitment that’s needed to meet someone!!

      Re VB or any other sites, of course there is Scamming, name me a dating site there isn’t any Guys ????

      The stories of scams on VB are true and ive been hit as well, but what you say in respect of there being genuine Ladies on the site is very true whom I have spoken with, and am still speaking with some very genuine Ladies whom Ive met,  from which i have enjoyed all the meetings barring one from which it might have been a better idea if the lady concerned had been truthful about not being able to speak any English at all, but again its online dating and clearly thease things happen !

      I agree entirely with your viewpoint re remaing focussed on one Lady possibly two, which enables one to at least begin to have some understanding and knowledge of whom your potentially meeting, however, VB does its best to not enable this to happen by way flooding the Guys message box with computer generated ice breakers which often freezes the system and can also be a distraction which can certainly lead to speaking with multiple Ladies which is a fast and expensive dead end road, it’s also true about profile swaps ive been told by two Ladies I've met that this happens ..

      Well Guys, this is my humble view point, but at least its from the perspective of having been on line with VB and coming to Odessa and spending serious time here, and i think Victorias comments are fair comment, but would  also say in defence of all the derogatory view points of VB on here, it certainly needs to clean its act up before it gets way out of hand, as there are other sites that dont have the same level issues as yet !!!

      Thanks Victoria))))



  • Tore says:

    I agree, this site and many more from ukraine or Russia is the same. And I have tried in many years, some sites pay ladies too write with you. And yes they bomb you with e mails so you using much money on nothing, if you try and get them to write to you private. It's not coming from private e mail but from the site, I have almost not used money on this site's because everything is suspect. Have you been on other site's before you understand here is something very wrong


  • Robert says:

    My experience so far with two websites called victoria hearts and loving feel have given me the distinct impression that women posted on the site are paid a % of the credits purchased by men to message them, review photos, send emails. Victoria hearts charges $10/20 credits = 5 text messages or 1 view of a video or 2 emails. 

    In one week, I have received 200 site text messages , 100 site email messages and you can only imagine if you responded to these what the cost would be. And they still keep coming everyday. 

    The experience they create certainly boosts your ego , to have gorgeous 22-45 yr old russian/Ukrainian women and same age Chinese women telling you how much they like you all from 300 character summary you wrote and some pictures. 

    But let's get real. I'm 60 yrs old and the majority of these likes, messages, mail messages I get are from women between 20-32 yrs of age. Why?  Why would any of these beautiful young women passionately seek a 60 yr old man? 

    Or, is it more likely their job is to get men to buy credits to write them back? Let's not forget these are businesses that are out to make money. Not a good will charity hoping to pair couples out of the goodness of their heart. 

    No, I'm very convinced the women are paid to generate responses which generate sales revenue 

    Have you ever wondered how do all the women afford to write all these messages? If this was a true dating site, both male and female would have to pay for the credits to write. Obviously, the women are extremely well funded or they are not charged. If they don't pay, what is their motivation and commitment?  Now if you ask, if the girl is gorgeous and told if you can solicit responses from men you get paid 'x' per 100 credits spent by men on your profile . Do you think that sounds more realistic? 


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