Our Review Concludes That SlutSwipe.com Is Connected To FuckSwipe A Proven Scam

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SlutSwipe.com is the focus of today’s investigation. We first came across this site when we received spam emails being used to promote this site. A look shows that SlutSwipe.com has connections to many sites like FuckSwipe.com, SwipeFuck.com, FreeLifeTimeEasySex.com, SwipeBang.com, BBWCheaters.com and many other fictitious dating sites. The people behind these dating scams have a proven system but they used to defraud people. But, once their dating site is exposed for being a fraud and all they do is create a new dating site and repeat the fraud over again. It’s very easy all they need to do is purchase a new domain name and use the same database of members, same graphics and a new website name. We have been following these fraudsters for a few years now and there seems no end in sight to their illegal practices. Read the full investigation of SlutSwipe.com below

SlutSwipe.com’s Connection To FuckSwipe.com

This is how the whole thing works. The owners of SlutSwipe.com have an email list of thousands of people which they send spam to. We were on that email list and we received email spam from SlutSwipe’s owners. When we saw the email message we clicked on the link and from there we were sent to a fake questionnaire on SlutSwipe.com where were we were supposedly required to answer the questions so we could gain access to their dating site. We did enough of these investigations to understand this is all a marketing gimmick. You can answer the questions anyway you like and you will still gain full access to the dating site. The site’s owners want as many people as possible to join their dating site so hopefully you will purchase a paid membership to their site. Understand that in no way are they trying to stop people from joining their site. It’s all a trick to get you excited when you receive entry to their fake dating service. At the end of the questionnaire what happens is you get sent to a secondary website called Fuckswipe.com. We did a review of FuckSwipe.com last year concluding it was a fraud using a variety of different deceptive tactics to entice you into purchasing full subscription package to their faux dating service.

The first tactic they use after you register on their site is to get you to buy a membership even before you gain access to their members area. What they do in this part of their con is to get you to pay for a membership that they add on other charges without your consent. These charges accumulate up to $120 per month. These charges are with all your knowledge and you get billed not to some kind of dating services but to portal sites. Try explaining that one to your credit card company.

You don’t actually need to purchase a membership to gain access to their members area but they do make a little difficult to find the link to go into the members area without paying. If you do make it into the members area without purchasing a paid subscription there are still a lot of minefields to avoid. The biggest minefield is the fake profiles that are everywhere. Every profile it’s funny, every photograph is fake. It’s all conjured up to give you the perception that site is the best place on the web to meet girls who want to hook up with you. Then, the instant messages start coming in and the emails start pouring in. All of these are fake as well. All forms of communications on this website are sent using software bots. These are not real women sending you legitimate email messages. It’s all a massive deception designed to get you to communicate back to the fake women sending you computer-generated emails. Once you try to reply back you will be asked to upgrade and pay for a membership to talk to other people on the site. If you pay for a membership on the site remember you’re going to be automatically charged with monthly subscriptions to porno sites without your consent!  It may be hard to understand how deceiving this website is but unfortunately this is the truth although this website looks real it’s all one massive lie!

** 2019 Update:

If you want to read if FuckSwipe is still a scam, if they’re still ripping people off and if they’re still creating fake profiles you can read our updated synopsis available on this page: https://www.datingbusters.com/is-fuckswipe-com-still-scamming-people-read-our-updated-review-that-investigates-the-site-again

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  • Address Of Host: 75 Broad Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY, 10004, US
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Final Decision:

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what SlutSwipe.com is up to you. This is the same scenario playing it itself out over and over again on all these phony dating sites. Using computer-generated emails that look real and fake profiles all over their website this is a fraud anyway you look at it. Nothing is real about Slut Swipe, there’s no opportunity to interact and find real women to meet in a real life situations since everything is completely scripted and bogus.

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  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • carla says:

    How can I get them to stop sending the ads to my email ? I have done the unsubscribe thing at bottom of ad it doesn't work . if I delete ads it pops right back up on my email .

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