Is Still Scamming People? Read Our Updated Review That Investigates The Site Again

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We initially did a review on 4 years ago. In the review we outlined why the site was illegitimate, why it was a scam and should never be trusted. Today we look back at the same site 4 years later. We wanted to do an updated review and see if anything has changed about how this website operates. Is the website still fake? Is it is a scam?

This website has been a disaster from day one. We’ve known about it for four years and what has any type of law enforcement done? This fake dating service has been able to scam tens of thousands of people in the past four years and they’ve made literally millions of dollars in the process. A fraud hiding in plain view that we’ve been screaming about from the rooftops for 4 years.

Β After reading through the terms and conditions page, it seems that nothing has changed. The website still openly confesses that they are using “Love Stars” which is the term that they have coined for the fake profiles that they create and use on their own website.

They also admit to using automated computer bots to send people fake computer bot created emails.Β  And on top of that they even admit that they have employees and paid contractors that pretend to be the women in the fake Love Stars profiles.

Everything has been detailed and outlined in the orginal review of which you can read right here. Please don’t get scammed by these shysters, there’s no reason for that to happen, we’ve got all the proof and evidence that will give you honest information to make the right decision.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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