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This investigation is on a website called The first thing we need to point out is that Insigit isn't a dating service. This website merely is being used to funnel traffic and promote various phony adult dating sites. This list of fake dating sites being promoted by them includes,,,, and

Please continue as we will explain exactly how this con works. We explain how they get you to the fake dating sites, and why the dating websites are fictitious to begin with. Please read the full review below. Advertises on Adult Websites purchases banner ad space on adult video and adult image websites. When you go to these sites and you click on their banner advertisement you are sent to their website, from there a fictitious questionnaire pops up that you need to answer before you are granted access to their bogus dating service they are promoting . Purchasing banner ad space is not free so the owners of Insigit expect to make a return on the money that they're spending to advertise their scammy website. They get a referral fee for every person that purchases a membership on the fake dating sites (see fake dating site list above) that they'e promoting.

The Questionnaire Is All Fake

When you first land on the website you are met with questions that you need to answer yes or no to before you get access to the dating service. You need to understand that these questions are not used to determine if you are eligible to gain access to the dating site. It's all just a marketing tactic created to make you believe that you must answer the questions the right way or you will not be allowed to gain access to the dating service. It's all a trick! They use this because regardless of how you answer the questions you are always congratulated at the end and then redirected to whatever dating fraud that they're promoting at that present moment. It's all a deception, kind of like the Nigerian scam emails that congratulate you but at the same time request that you send them money. It's all mine game in the end. At the end of the deception you're redirected to any number of dating sites that we described above (,,,, and In our particular case we were redirected to a dating site called

Why Is & Other Dating Sites They Promote Phony?

We know for 100% certainty that XSocial is a scam. You can take a look at the screenshot that we provided below circled in red it states that you "need to agree to receive communications such as emails from computer-generated profiles that are called "Virtual Hotties". This screenshot was taken from the homepage of

What exactly is a "Virtual Hottie"? A "Virtual Hottie" is the name given by the owners of  X Social for the fictitious profiles that they're responsible for creating on their own dating platform. They're admitting that they use phony profiles on their own website! If this doesn't raise some concerns for you then you're not paying attention. No legitimate dating service creates dating profiles on their own website. The only dating sites that create member profiles are dating sites that are scams.

There is a number of reasons why XSocial is building an army of bogus profiles, but the number one reason is that there aren't enough real women joining their website. To make up for the low amount of women joining their bogus site they take it upon themselves to build hundreds and possibly thousands of counterfeit profiles. So, when you join XSocial you think there are lots and lots of females when the truth is that they're all fake and the profile pages have been built by the staff of In the terms page it states that "some of the message you receive will be sent by computer generated profiles, not by a real person". This was taken directly from the terms page in section C 12.

Automated Emails Sent From The "Virtual Hotties" (Phony Females)

On top of the fake profiles that they confessed to creating they also admit that they send people emails from these pretend profiles. What they failed to tell us on the front page of their website is that all the emails coming from these virtual hotties are automated. These are not legitimate women sending us emails who want to really hook up with us. It's all a deception used to trick you into believing that women in your community want to hook up with you but all you need to do is upgrade and purchase a monthly membership so you can email the woman back and forth.

Read Our Full Review Of XSocial

You can read our full review of where we get into detail with proof why this is a fake hookup site. Click this link to be taken to our extensive review of this pretend dating site.

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  • Addresses: PO Box 440, Envoy House, La Vrangue, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3ZN
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision:

The owners of X Social are hell-bent on partnering up with fake dating services. For this reason we strongly recommend that you stay away from this website. All they're trying to do is trick you into joining fake dating site so they can make a referral fee. Do not fall for their lies and deceptions!

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    is uksexfling fake

  • EM says:

    Use Adguard to block these sites. Your card will be declined and the charges will eventually not go through thankfully.

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