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  • $0.99 for a 2 day trial membership to this site.
  • $9.95 for a 7 day trial subscription.
  • $34.95 for a 1 month subscription.
  • $69.95 for a 6 month subscription.
  • $80.84 for an 18 month subscription.


  • Video Chat: Video chat link lets you share webcams and watch women on their cam.
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  • Galleries:You can see nude images of other members on in the gallery section.
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  • Search: Search for other members using this link.
  • Advanced Search: Use the advanced search to find people based on a number of criteria.
  1. Sexual Preference: Look for other members according to sexual preferences.
  2. Gender: Look for other members according to gender.
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  4. Location: Look for other members according to location.
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Overview is a dating site operated by the same people that operate,,,, and a host of other dating sites that have been around for many years. We joined Snap Bang to do a thorough investigation and review of their dating service. Is a site a scam? Is it legitimate? All of these questions will be answered, please read our review below. Says They "Don't Create Fake Accounts"

After we finished creating our account on we were sent to a page talking about authenticity. On that page the site said they are "committed to authenticity". They stated that "we don't create fake accounts". And they also mentioned that they have a "24-7 team to prevent fake sign ups" (see screenshot below).

Unfortunately their 24-7 fake sign up team that has been created to prevent fake signups is failing miserably. We found many bogus profiles on the site that we have exposed and taken screenshots of. You can take a look at the evidence further below in this investigation where we show you many fictitious profiles that are actually amateur porn stars. This took us only a few minutes to find these profiles and there are many more. The reason we don't have more screenshots is that it would be very time-consuming to add all of them into this investigation. We provide proof just to show you what's going on. Even though the site says that they don't create sham accounts and they have a a team that prevents fake signups we show you that's absolutely not the case. We're not stating that the website is behind creating these pretend profiles (we don't know if they're creating artificial profiles or not). The fact remains that there are tons of phoney profile pages on this site that are using photos of amateur porn stars, they're not legit female members.

( A screenshot of the site telling us they're committed to authenticity, they don't create fake accounts etc..)

Phony Profiles Using Stolen Images From Adult Sites

We mentioned above that the website tells us that they don't create fake accounts but within minutes of logging into the website we found numerous pretend profiles using stolen profile photos of amateur porn stars. You can take a look at the 4 screenshots below that proves we're not lying. We also give you the links where the fake profile photographs are found on other sites. Most of the web sites are adult image websites.

Why would any amateur porn star create a profile page on SnapBang? It makes absolutely no sense because none of this is really happening.

We don't know who's creating the fake profiles. The website tells us that they are not creating fake accounts but someone is! It could be romance scammers joining the site pretending to be women in an attempt to scam male members. Or is it actually the dating site themselves creating these fake profiles to lure male members into upgrading to a paid membership? We don't know who's behind the fake pseudo profiles but it honestly doesn't even matter. The fact that there are faux member profiles on the site and the website tells us that they have a team dedicated to stopping the creation of phony profiles tells us they are not doing their job.

( A screenshot of a sham profile using a photo of a porn star called Casey Thomas)

  • http://www.perfectnaked. com/casey-thomas-strips-off-her-lingerie/

( A screenshot of a phony profile using a photo stolen from an adult image website.)

  • http://cdn.shesfreaky. com/galleries/riZsKVaLZ13/754ac4d89f8dc39ad8028a556af6ea94.jpg

( A screenshot of a bogus profile using a picture of an amateur adult star.)


( A screenshot of a sham profile using a photo of an amateur porn star.)


An Empty Profile But Women Still Email Us?

We took a screenshot of our profile page. As you can see circled in red we have not finished our profile. 0 out of the 13 steps to complete a profile have not been done. Our profile is blank. It has no photographs and not much personal information. As you will see when you finish reading the rest of the review that it still didn't matter. Women are still sending us messages. Why would women send messages to an empty profile page? Read on and learn what you might not be aware of.

(Screenshot of the blank profile we used for this investigation.)

They Uses Automated Messages

According to their own terms and conditions page (look under "While You Where Away") the site uses automated messages and a response program they call "While You Where Away". They send automated messages on behalf of profiles on their website.

Some of the messages that we think are automated include what you see in the screen shot below circled in red. Random female members sending us emails shortly after joining a hookup site is always a red flag that the messages are automated. We've seen this tactic time and time again, dating sites using computer bots to send automated messages to people who register on their dating site. What this does is misleads real members into believing they're getting authentic messages from other members. What you need to understand is that these messages have not been typed out by a member of this site but are automatically generated. There isn't a girl typing to you. That's not what's happening! A computer software program is sending you messages on behalf of members on the site. When you try to contact these women back who sent you automatically-generated messages guess what? You need to have an upgraded membership that will cost you, it's not free!

Your Profile Will Be Used On Other Hookup Sites

Something to be aware of is that when you create a profile on Snap Bang your profile will be shared on other hookup sites that are old by the corporation that operates many sex dating sites including,,,, and The reason we're pointing this out is if you don't want your profile plastered on over 40 other hookup sites then take precautions in watching what you upload to your member profile page on

What Do The Terms & Conditions Say?

A good place to find the truth of any dating say that you plan on joining is the terms and conditions page. This is where all their dirty little secrets are hidden. And our investigation of the only thing that we found was that the site uses automated messages that they send to their members.

We've included where they discuss the use of automated messages on their website. You can click on this link to be taken directly to the terms and conditions page so you can read through it yourself.

  • The Site may, from time to time, offer an automated message and response program called “While You Were Away”. You may change your settings for “While You Were Away” at any time by updating your account settings.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 709 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL, 33139, US
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1-949-250-7340
  • Addresses: 705 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
  • Email: [email protected] or use the online form
  • If your membership was paid through 1-(800)-893-8871 if in the USA, (310)-664-5810 outside the USA and 1-(800)-893-8871 (Skype)
  • [email protected] (Email)
  • (Live Chat)
  • Checking Account Billing Support: 1-(800)-975-3502

Final Decision:

From our experience and with what we found in our investigation we won't be using this website again.We're not stating that the website is a scam or a fraud. However they tell us that they have a support team created to stop fake accounts 24 hours 7 days a week. This is laughable! In under 5 minutes we found 4 contrived profiles using stolen photographs from porn sites. What kind of fraud detection team do they really have? And… The automated messages that look like they're coming from real members is misleading but it's not a scam.

Search For Females

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating sites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • HockeyDude says:

    Yes I believe it is a scam for sure and want more money just to do something simple on site!!!!!

  • Mark Acevedo says:

    Is this site free or no

  • Kevin lynch says:

    I signed for three months two weeks ago how do I get I get it bavk

  • laura says:

    how did bangsnap get my cell phone number to send me messages and pics of girls

  • LJM says:

    Any site that promises you that you will get laid, is full of shit!

    if you are stuipid enough to give your money to them, well go for it!

  • david brown says:

    I did a 9 hour research on ths site set up extensive profile and within minutes was asked to send more I joined for 2 days and requested chat and phone conversations with 48 different profiles and never did interacte wiyh a live human.

  • Joseph Holleman says:

    If you are guy stay far away from these sites that is affiliated with SNAP bang because they are so crooked they will steal your money and keep on stealing and lying about it. I’m going to get a lawyer and take legal actions on these sites because they have done me this way.

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