What’s The Deal With SendNudez.com, Is It Real Or A Scam? We Have The Scoop

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Website Details:


  • Gold

  • $0.99 for a 2 day trial subscription to the website.
  • $9.95 for a 7 day trial subscription to the website.
  • $34.95 for a 1 month subscription to the website.
  • $69.95 for a 6 month subscription to the website.
  • $80.84 for an 18 month subscription to the website.


  • Video Chat: See women nude on their video chat.
  • Live Girls: Watch live girls who get naked for a per minute fee.
  • Galleries:See photos of nude women.
  • Online: See who's online the same time you are logged into the site
  • Search: Use the search options to find exactly what you're looking for
  • Advanced Search: : Using the advanced search to refine your search options.
  1. Sexual Preference: If your into bisexual women or what ever preference you like use this option.
  2. Gender: Search for men or women with the gender search option.
  3. Age: Search for men or women with the age search option.
  4. Location: Search for men or women according to location.
  5. Appearance: Search for men or women based on their appearance.
  6. Profession: Search for men or women based on their profession.
  7. Income: Search for men or women based on their income.
  8. Compatibility: Search for men or women according to compatibility.
  9. Interested in: Look for people according to shared interests.


SendNudez.com is the site that we are reviewing today. This site is owned by Global Personals Media.and is connected to many sites that we have reviewed here. This list includes, LetsBeSexy.com, SnapBang.com and InstaBang.com to name a few of the site associated with SendNudez.com.


The first thing we noticed after we registered and logged into the members area of SendNudez was that it didn't take long for all types of messages to start popping up on our screen.

You can take a look at the screen shot that we've provided below that shows various women have shared explicit photos, and want to see our photos and are looking to hook up with guys. If you're not paying attention and have no previous experience with dating sites you might think that these messages are being sent to you on a personal level. This is absolutely not the case and these messages are automatically generated and sent to members of Send Nudez.

What they're trying to do with these automated messages is to get you to use the site more and eventually upgrade. As you can see circled in red it says the words "start chatting". There's only one problem once you get to start chatting button you cannot actually start chatting with anybody unless you've bought either a trial or a monthly membership to the website.

This is in itself is not a scam and it's just a marketing technique used to entice you into upgrading to a paid membership. But we wanted explain this to you so you understand that there aren't girls sending you these messages, it's completely automated and used as a mechanism to get you to the payment page. After you pay then you can start chatting with people on the website.

(Screenshot of the automated message we are receiving.)

(Screenshot of automated emails we got.)

The "While Your Were Away"Automated Messaging System

SendNudez.com uses messages called Ice Breakers aka "While You Were Away". An icebreaker is an automated message sent on behalf of members who have requested to use this service.The Icebreaker messages are part of an automated response program used to send auto messages but they are deceiving because the messages make it seem like other members are contacting you directly. When we were reading through the terms and conditions page they talked about this automated program that enables you to receive messages from members who have opted in to this service. We're just giving you a heads-up that all of this is also automated and there aren't real women sending you email messages when in reality it's all done using computer software programming.

(Screenshot discussing "While You Were Away".)

We Haven't Added Photos To Our Profile So Why Are Girls Messaging Us?

Below we've included a screenshot of our profile page that we created for this investigation of Send Nudez. As you can see circled in red it's telling us that we "currently have no photos on our profile" and telling us to "add a photo to get ten times more view" The reason we're adding this to our investigation and showing you this is because it makes absolutely no sense that women would be sending us emails and instant messages when we don't even have any photos on our profile page. This just illustrates even more so that the website is using automated software systems to send us various forms of messaging and communications. It goes to show even further that there aren't real women viewing our profile or sending us messaging. All of its completely automated and it's something that you should be aware of if you plan on upgrading on this site. You need to understand that messages you receive are 100% automated. If you want to upgrade after knowing that then it's entirely up to you, but it's important you know all the facts before you make a decision.

(Screen shot of our profile page.)

SendNudez.com Profiles Using Photos Found On Other Websites

Below we've taken screenshots of some of the profile pages from Send Nudez that we know are using pictures that have been either copied or stolen from other websites. To be clear we're not blaming the website for creating fake profiles it could be romance scammers or someone else but these are definitely not legitimate profile pages created by real women looking to hook up with people. Below we've included the links where you can find these exact photos on other sites. In the terms and conditions page of SendNudez.com they tell us that they are not creating fake profiles

On the terms and conditions page of SendNudez.com under the heading "No Service Created Profiles" they tell us they don't use profiles created by their site unlike their competitors that do create fake profiles. They also state that they don't use profiles to increase member numbers or to entertain people. I guess we have to take them on their word because we don't know if it's the truth or not.

  1. http://img40.imagevenue.com/loc1154/th_35788_5872251006Picture_153d_123_1154lo.jpg

(Phony profile using a stolen photo taken from adult image sites.)

  1. https://i.imgur.com/Vxf1Q1Cb.jpg
  2. https://40.media.tumblr.com/57ae8e5e490027b6621cba1e675f67a2/tumblr_ntq9cskNsG1rda3bfo4_r1_1280.jpg

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1-949-250-7340
  • Addresses: 705 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
  • Email: [email protected] or use the online form
  • If your membership was paid through Epoch.com: 1-(800)-893-8871 if in the USA, (310)-664-5810 outside the USA and 1-(800)-893-8871 (Skype)
  • [email protected] (Email)
  • www.epoch.com (Live Chat)
  • Checking Account Billing Support: 1-(800)-975-3502

Final Decision:

Is Send Nudez a scam? We don't think so, but we're not 100% sure. We understand that the site tells us that they're not responsible for creating fake profiles but we still have questions. On top of that is a fact that automated messages are everywhere on the site. Anytime you want to read a message you need to upgrade. Is this a scam, no! But it's misleading and many people will be under the false impression that they're getting messages from girls who are writing them. In any case the choice is yours we just provided you evidence and information we found while researching this website.

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  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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