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Overview is part of the same dating network that owns,,,,,,, and All of the sites use misleading tactics as a method to bait people into upgrading to paid memberships. as the name suggests should have profiles that have been verified through some sort of vetting process. But, as you will see in our investigation a good portion of the profiles on the site are using profile pictures that have either been copied or taken from amateur porn sites. We have all the proof, with screenshots and links. Their verification process is not nearly as stringent as it seems because our investigation found a multitude of fake profiles on the site. Read the full review below.

Misleading Pop Up Notifications Used As A Marketing Tool To Entice Free Members Into Upgrading

One thing that we noticed after logging into the members area right off the bat was that we started getting all sorts of different notifications. Various women wanted us to have more photos, some woman wanted us to contact them etc. All of this is a marketing tactic. These women aren't sending us messages or asking us to add photos to our profile. These women aren't asking us to contact them and so forth. It's all a marketing gimmick using computer software bot systems. A computer software bot is a computer program that has been built by computer software programmers specifically to use on dating sites. Verified Profiles is using a computer bot to send people communications as a means of enticing them to use the site more. 

All of these automated messages are used to steer you in one direction and that's to the payment page to purchase an upgraded monthly membership. The website's marketing staff understands if they use an automated computer bot system to send you activity alerts you will be much more inclined to purchase a membership. If you think a hot girl "wants you to add more photos", or if you think a local female "wants you to contact her" but you can't communicate with these women without upgrading obviously a certain percentage of men will pull out their credit card and pay for a monthly subscription.

What you need to get from this part of our investigation is that everything is automated and you aren't receiving legitimate personal messages from these women. It's all done through computer systems sending you automated  computer-generated messages.

(Computer generated notifications and messages.)

Phony Profiles Using Stolen Images From Adult Sites

How is it possible that a dating service calling itself actually has lots of profiles that are fictitious? We've come across many, many female profiles that are in fact using pictures taken from other websites. If the website is truly verifying their profiles why is it possible to find so many profiles that are fake? Obviously something is wrong here. Is there vetting process of verifying people a failure, or something else happening that we're not aware of?

As you can see below we've included four different profiles that are on VerifiedProfiles that we have found on amateur porn sites, escort sites and adult image websites. The chances of these women being legitimate members of is slim to none.

Who is exactly creating these bogus profiles that's the big question. In our extensive experience of doing over 400 reviews 99% of the time it's the actual dating site creating the phony profile pages. Is that what's happening on We have no clue if the dating site is behind the profiles or not. But they are definitely the ones who would benefit from having a large amount of fictitious profiles on the site because it gives the appearance of a dating site that has thousands of horny local women looking to get laid. It could also be romance scammers creating fake profiles that they will then use to scam lonely man out of money. Either way something is going on here. And the loser and all of this is the person who pays for a membership on this site because there are a large amount of the profiles that aren't even verified at all.

Please take a look at the corresponding evidence we have provided, screenshots of dating profiles with links showing where these exact same fake profile pictures are found on other websites most of them are porn websites.

( A screenshot of a phony profile using a photo stolen from an adult image website.)


( A screenshot of a dating profile found on numerous other adult image sites.)


( A screenshot of a dating profile found on BackPage who is actually a transexual escort.)

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( A screenshot of a dating profile found on porn websites.)


( A screenshot of a bogus profile found on adult image sites.)


How To Identify A "Verified Profile"

The site claims to have verified profiles but how do they verify a person's profile? Well according to their help page they have support agents that verify people's dating profiles by viewing you on your webcam. After this is done you will receive a blue checkmark such as this one that is then shown on your dating profile. Unfortunately if you're a free member like we are there's no way for us to determine which profiles have been were "verified" and which ones haven't unless we upgrade and buy a membership.

The problem here is that how about if there's only 10 verified profiles on the whole website and the rest of the profiles haven't been verified? What's the point of having a dating service calling itself when a free member can't tell which profiles are verified and which ones aren't.

What Do The Terms & Conditions Say?

For every dating site that we investigate we always read the terms and conditions page. On the terms and conditions page of they tell us that they do use an automated message and response system called "While You Were Away".

  • The Site may, from time to time, offer an automated message and response program called “While You Were Away”. You may change your settings for “While You Were Away” at any time by updating your account settings.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 709 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL, 33139, US
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1-949-250-7340
  • Addresses: 705 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
  • Email: [email protected] or use the online form
  • If your membership was paid through 1-(800)-893-8871 if in the USA, (310)-664-5810 outside the USA and 1-(800)-893-8871 (Skype)
  • [email protected] (Email)
  • (Live Chat)
  • Checking Account Billing Support: 1-(800)-975-3502
  • The charge will appear on your cardholder statement as ' 855-208-2296'..

Final Decision:

The big question is VerifiedProfiles a scam or a real dating service. In all honesty it's hard to tell but we did find numerous profiles that are actually amateur porn models and that leaves us questioning the validity and authenticity of this dating service. We're not saying this dating site is a scam but there are definitely profiles that are fabricated. Who's responsible for creating the fake accounts is anyone's guess but it doesn't really matter. What truly matters is if you can actually hook up with the girls on this website. Personally we don't think you can but that's only our opinion.

You can do your own investigation all you need to do is create a free account on the site and monitor if you have the same results as us. It will leave you scratching your head wondering if this is a real place to meet real girls or just another con.

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