The Truth About Explained In Our Review

 Aug, 21 - 2017   1 comment   ReviewsScams

Back in April 2017 we did a deep investigation of In our investigation we outlined everything you need to know to make the right decision regarding joining the site or staying away from it. Today we're just shining the light back on SnapBang so people looking for this information can get right to our review.

If you want to read our investigation with all the evidence we have on Snap Bang please click on this link.

Part of our review involved creating a free account on and from there we started researching, reading the terms and conditions, doing reverse image searches and also checking to see the amount of emails, instant messages and flirts we received from members of the site. All of this combined enabled us to write a very detailed and honest analysis of what we saw when we were members of Snap Bang.

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  • Jamie330 says:

    I have been booted off twice on no account of my on. Snapbang nothing but a money sex site. They promote sex for mone, as doesn't the guy who pays for the site. Every guy I have talked to expected sex for money or something in return. I wouldn't tell any of my friend about this site

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