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  • $4.24 to buy a 3 day trial to this site.
  • $27.99 to buy a one month membership to this site.
  • $81.39 to buy a three month membership to this site.
  • $137.06 to buy a six month membership to this site.


  • Search: Search for people based on location, age, "with photos", and "online now".
  • Online: See what members are online the same time you are.
  • Mail: The email section lets you read and send emails to other members.
  • Chatrooms: Interact with people in the chatrooms.
  • Activity: Why browsed your profile or winked at you? Find out by visiting the activity center.
  • My Account: Edit your account, upload photos, change your password etc.
  • Like Gallery: This section enables you to chose who's "hot or not".

Overview is a site focused on bringing black people together, but is that what it's really doing? The first thing we noticed while doing our investigation was the amount of connections to other dating that we have reviewed in the past. This long list of sites includes,,, and Something you need to understand is that companies such as (the company that runs have the ability to create new sites very quickly. These websites continue to pop up like weeds. Even if you find and stop one website a new one appears right after you expose the first one. This is an ongoing problem because of the ease at which it is for dating sites like this one to pump out new sites, day after day. You can read the full investigation of what we uncovered when we joined

6 Computer Generated Automatic Email Pop Up Notifications

When we do these type of Investigations we provide as much proof as possible. The first piece of evidence we would like to provide is a screenshot we took showing that we have received 6 email messages within a very short time frame (5 minutes of joining the site). We have reviewed hundreds of dating sites and they follow the same operating manual, using automated bots to send email messages and using fictitious profiles. In this particular case this website confesses that they use automatic pop-up notifications to send activity alerts to you.

We have trouble understanding and believing this for one main reason and that is our member profile for this investigation was left empty. There should be absolutely no reason why would we we would receive 6 email messages (with more to come). Why exactly are women emailing us? Our profile was left completely blank with no photographs and very little personal data in our profile. When you combine this with the fact that this website confesses that they use an automatic pop-up notification system you start to see a pattern here. This website is using bots that are created and built specifically to send computer-generated emails to people. And the icing on the cake here is you cannot read or reply to any email messages unless you have upgraded your free membership to a paid membership. In the end it's all about money and this website uses computer software bots to manipulate and deceive people and bait them into upgrading to paid membership so they can communicate with other users on the site. Unfortunately the users viewing your profile (from what we understand) don't seem to be authentic real life people. We will explain more as you read further in this investigation.

(Screenshot of 6 computer generated email messages.)

15 Instant Messages Used To Bait Male Members Into Upgrading

Computer software programs can also be used and deployed to send computer-generated automatic instant messages. Using the same tactics you cannot read or reply to any instant messages unless you have a full paid membership. As evidence you can see the screen shot below circled in red showing the 15 instant messages that we received in a five minute time frame of being a member of Ebony Flirt. Once again we would like to point out that this is not the first time we've seen this type of behavior with dating sites owned by this dating network. We know we're talking about, we're not pushing conspiracy theories, this is the real truth.

(Screen shot showing the 15 computer generated instant messages.)

19 Phony Notifications Used To Bait Male Members

Another popular trick that the staff of use to get you to upgrade your membership is with their notifications tab. The notifications tell you when people have "browsed your profile" or "winked" at you or "added you as a friend". In general it's a great tool if it's legitimate. The problem we have is that on this website everything is computer generated. The chances of real women browsing your profile, are slim to none. They have no reason to browse our profile since it's empty. What are they looking at? We don't have any photographs and we don't have any personal information at all. This leads us to believe that the notifications are used strictly as a gimmick to get people to see who's checking out your profile, who winking at you and who added you as a friend. From there you may want to communicate to the women browsing your profile and winking at you. But you can't communicate with anyone on Ebony Flirt unless you have an upgraded paid subscription. That's why they use automated bots, to make it appear as if various women are browsing your profile and winking at you. The notification tab is nothing but a deceptive marketing tool designed to get you interested in trying to communicate with members on the site. As evidence we have taken a screenshot (see below) showing the 19 different notifications that we have received.

(Screenshot showing 19 computer generated "winks" and bots "browsing our profile.")

Dating Profiles Disguised To Look Like Real Female Members

We use a nifty little software tool called Tin Eye. Tin Eye is a fantastic reverse image software program designed to help you spot photographs found online. For instance in our investigation we are able to use Tin Eye to do a reverse image search to identify the exact links online where the profile pictures on Ebony Flirt were copied from. You can take a look at the evidence below and see the screen shot we took of one of the profiles on Ebony Flirt using a photograph that we found on other web sites. This helps us to determine if a dating profile is legitimate or faked.
(Fake Ebony Flirt profile picture found on other websites.)


This Site Confesses They Use Automatic Pop Up Notifications

We already discussed the use of automatic pop-up notifications. According to their own terms and conditions page they confess that automatic pop-up notifications are used to "boost interaction between their members". Automatic pop-up notifications include telling you when someone has registered on the site, when someone has uploaded a photograph, winked at you etc.

The Terms And Conditions Reveal It All

From now on whenever you want to join a dating site we strongly suggest you read the terms and conditions page. In this particular investigation they reveal numerous items like the fact that they create profiles that are "managed by their own employees". They also admit that they use activity alerts which are automatically generated and required to become a paid member to see the content (used to deceive people into upgrading). You can read the most important parts of the terms and conditions below or you can click on this link to read the terms on their own website.

  1. We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained and managed by our employees ("Staff Profiles"). The purpose of these Staff Profiles is to enable us to ensure our Services are operating properly by testing the Services, features and functionalities, and to research our products and Services.

  2. To boost interaction between our members and in order to notify them of newly registered matches and any activity of that new user (i.e. registration, photo upload etc.) we may, from time to time, use an automatic pop up notification system and other communication channels e.g. inbox or instant messages to send Activity Alerts to you.

  3. Activity Alerts will be marked in your inbox with a specific icon, and some auto generated Activity Alerts may require an upgraded Paid Membership in order to see the content of message and reply to it.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 75 Broad Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY, 10004, US
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:,

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1 800-489-6091 and 1-877-593-1027
  • Addresses: Northlock Holdings Ltd (EbonyFlirt), Office P.O. Box 146 Trident Chambers, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands;
  • Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Final Decision:

This website utilizes the same deceptive marketing tactics that we have come across hundreds of times. It's our duty to pinpoint every single discrepancy, every single trick that dating sites use so we can keep you safe. Hopefully you found our investigation useful. Now you have all the tools to make an informed decision whether to join or not to join

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  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 22 comments

  • Randy Douglas says:

    I was scammed and charged for a month and didn't sign up for it. Tried the trial and was charged for a month I didn't want. I tried several times to get a refund but never got a response. Fake profile and auto generate response.

  • Randy Douglas says:

    Pure Scam 

  • Tay says:

    It's definitely fake don't do it


  • Doug says:

    Same deal as Randy. If you give this site your credit card information you will undoubtedly regret it.

  • Ahron says:

    I Thank you all so much, I figured something was fishy because of how the messages and profiles looked

  • Eddie says:

    If you look at the sentance fragments you can tell they aare made by asians. Nobody who speaks english speaks like that

  • tim says:

    i agree its a scam

    • fredbites says:

      Yes its a fake I battle to open up and thye say we will come back to you or we transfer your query to the relevant department

  • Tommy says:

    Thank Gawd for your website!  I was going to sign up, but your reviews saved me a lot of trouble & $$$$.

    But, are there any GENUINE DATING WEBSITES where white guys can meet and date black women?  If so, please give me some LINKS!  Thanx!

  • Tony Whispers says:

    It is definitely a scam. I was charged for something i did not agree to. They even tried to offer me a free month for that trash.

  • Crazylegs says:

    Definitely happy I came across this info before I tried it out and wasted money

  • Onksta says:

    I have been scammed by this site. I paid for a three day trail and now yesterday i got a bank notification saying I have just made purchase of R241.00 when did no such. again this morning i recieved another notification for debit order for R129. Needless to say the refference in these notifications is incripted. I need a way out. 

    Please help.

  • Billy says:

    They they scamed me and took $38. And as soon  respond to a female ( females don't text first and that's all I've been getting) I get a fast response. So I'm already caught on. Every profile was stolen because people don't read the privacy policy when they upload pictures on the internet. So please just go outside and find someone real because these internet dating site are faker than Tom from Myspace

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