Is A Scam That Lures Lonely Men Into Buying A Monthly Membership

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Website Details:

Overview is the focus of todays review. This site has connections to,,,, and And guess what every single one of those sites is a fraud. Is that what is? We get into all of it in this review. We joined the site to do a full investigation all of which is available below for you to read.

This Site Uses Fictitious Profiles & It's A Verified Fact is using phony profiles of women. This is an indisputable fact, it's 100% true. When you're on the website looking around and searching for local girls you need to understand that 99% of the female profiles are completely fake. These profiles have been systematically created by people paid by FreeSnapHookup to do so. These people use images of attractive looking women and from there they build bogus dating profiles. Everything you see in the profile is completely phony. The name is fictitious, the profile age is made up, the location is fake and everything else you see is fictitious as well.

When you join this dating service you're walking into a minefield of lies and deceptions. And the number one deception being the women on the site are all fake, almost every single girl is a scam on this site. All of this is an indisputable fact found in the terms and conditions section #10 of and you can find it right here.

If you ended up paying for a membership on the site we strongly advise to call your bank or financial institution to get financial retribution as a result of the ongoing fraud on this website. You deserve to get your money back because this website is a complete and utter rip off, it's not real at all!

In the terms and conditions page they confessed that "some of the profiles on this site maybe fictitious or models or bots" related to their marketing program that they call "Love Stars". And they also confess that you can never meet these phony profiles in person which is obviously common sense but the fact that they write about this in the terms and conditions only proves even further how much of a blatant rip-off FreeSnapHookup is. This site isn't designed to bring people together it's designed to bring money into the hands of these thieves.

Emails Are All Computer Generated Lies

Besides the profiles being completely rigged and phony another thing that's totally fake is any communications you receive on the site (emails and instant messages). The emails are all fabricated using computer software bots. The emails that we received were not being sent by hot looking girls looking to get laid. The messages are sent from a computer software program that's been designed to send realistic-looking messages even though they are not real, they're totally phony.

Chat Messages All Fake Just Like The Emails

On top of that any chat messages you get are being used along the same lines to send you phony bogus chat messages. It doesn't matter what is said in the chat messages it's all generated by a computer program and not sent by a real female. And the reason they send chat messages and emails is because the chances are you're going to want to reply back to the female sending you an email or an instant message but you can't unless you buy a membership. They want you to pay a monthly membership so you can interact with non-existent fake women!

Who Is Nautell Capital ltd & Why You Need To Be Aware Of Them

The corporation that owns it's called Nautell Capital Limited. We've been chasing this corporation for many years now. This company is continuously pumping out new fake dating sites all the time! It's honestly very hard to keep on top of these crooks because it's so easy for them to drop one scam and create a new one just by purchasing a new domain name for 8 bucks. We've done reviews on at least 20 to 30 of their websites. But they always come back with a new one and another way to trick people into buying memberships. Not only are they involved in online hookup sites, but also they are found in dating apps on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. And of course this shady corporation is located in Cyprus a tax-free Haven and having very difficult laws to enforce these criminals.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 30077 Agoura Court, First Floor, Agoura, CA, 91301, US
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information:

  • Phone: 866-756-1849
  • Addresses: Nautell Capital ltd, 12-14 Kennedy Avenue, 1st Floor, office 107, P.C. 1087, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Support Page:
  • *** Any charges made to your credit card will appear under 'USERWEBPAY.COM'.

Final Decision: has gone down the path of lying, cheating and deceiving their members. We are here to put a stop to it. Through our investigations we shine the light on what doesn't want to be found. This website is involved in a huge fraud that is making them possibly millions of dollars per year.

Do your duty and fight back don't let these con artist get away with this crime. You can contact the Federal Trade Commission and also the FBI. If enough people do contact them they will open an investigation. It's up to you to take things into your own hands. It's your money you have the right to get it back. Report these crimes to the law enforcement agencies we've stated.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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