A Compilation Of Reviews Of The Worst & Best Casual Sex Dating Sites That We’ve Investigated

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Casual sex dating sites are some of the most popular dating sites on the internet. But unfortunately as you will see a large majority of these sites are fake. Many of the owners of these adult dating websites have no problem ripping you off if you give them the opportunity. Luckily for you we’ve investigated hundreds of these services and a large majority of our time is spent focusing on fake casual encounters dating services.

The various ways that these phony dating sites rip you off include using and making fake profile pages with images of attractive looking females. From there once they get you in the door they start sending you computer-generated fictitious email messages. The email messages as well as instant messages are all part of their overall goal of getting you to the payment page where they want you to purchase a membership in order for you to interact with other members of the site. But from a male perspective all or almost all of the female profiles on these sex dating services are phony.

We have a compilation of some of the worst offenders in the casual sex niche below. There are others and new ones pop up all the time but for the moment these are the ones that you should be most aware of. But as a rule of thumb anything you learn on this page can be used to identify any fake dating service.

You also might want to read our tutorial and how to spot and identify fake dating profiles. Also we suggest you read the terms and conditions page of every single dating site you plan on joining, this will alleviate a lot of the problems and save you lots of time, money and grief. Most fake dating services always seem to outline what they’re up to. Even if it’s fraudulent behavior you can best bet that 99% of the dating services will admit to their fraud in their terms and conditions page.

Below is our fake dating list you can read through every review we’ve done or you can just do a search using the search box on the top right of this website to see if we have reviewed the dating site you’re interested in joining, chances are we’ve reviewed it.

A List Of The Worst Casual Sex Hookup Sites:

  1. XNaughty.com – XNaughty.com is a new dating service but unfortunately an illegitimate one. This website uses all kinds of dirty techniques ranging from fictitious profiles to phony automated email messages designed to dupe you into buying a paid membership to their website.
  2. SexyBlackPeople.com – SexyBlackPeople targets the black community and is another fictitious dating service. This website utilizes phony profiles called staff profiles and they use automated software scripts that send people bogus instant messages, phony profile views and fake notifications.
  3. UKFornication.com – If you’re in the United Kingdom you need to watch out for UKFornication. This website admits to creating fictive profiles and they also admit to sending email messages on behalf of those fake profiles that they are responsible for creating.
  4. BangLocals.com – You can never bang a local on BangLocals because this website is completely fake. You actually can’t even get into the members area of the website unless you give them your credit card information at which time they will charge your credit card to various porn services.
  5. InstantHookups.comIf you thought you could instantly hook up on InstantHookups.com you’re sorely mistaken. Instanthookups is 100% phony and it’s all admitted to in the terms and conditions page of their own website.
  6. XMeets.com – Directly on the homepage of XMeets.com they specifically state that they use fake fantasy profiles.
  7. NaughtyAppetite.com – Another new dating site called Naughty Appetite is as fake as they come. Nothing is real about this site, the women are fake and the emails are even more fictitious.
  8. FlirtWith.com – FlirtWith.com has the shell of a legitimate dating service but the inner workings are all phony. No real women, no real emails and they want you to pay for all of it with a price tag of about $30 per month.
  9. SteamyLocals.com – This is another fake site called SteamyLocals.com and you will never meet any local women here because it’s all a facade. The site looks real until you try to actually meet people in person which you can never do.
  10. ShagCity.co.uk – Another popular but phony dating service from the United Kingdom is called ShagCity.co.uk. Shag City boasts that they use fictive profiles and send messages through their fictitious profiles. All outlined on their terms and conditions page.
  11. LocalMilfSelfies.com – If you’re interested in meeting real local milfs don’t use LocalMilfSelfies.com .Directly on the front page of this site they confess that they use fantasy cuties that are operated by independent paid contractors as well as their employees.
  12. LocalMilf.com – LocalMilf is operated by the same fake dating network that operates LocalMilfSelfies.com. Using the same phony fantasy cuties this website is created to scam people and nothing else.
  13. XDating.com – XDating.com is operated by the same people behind XNaughty.com. This is not a real casual sex Hookup Service.
  14. BeNaughty.com – One of the longest-running adult hookup sites but unfortunately from our investigating this is not a legitimate casual hookup site. If you’re looking to meet local women for casual sex BeNaughty is not a recommended source as it is illegitimate.

Legitimate Sex Dating Dating Sites:

We need to point out the not every single hookup site is a fraud. There are real sites where you can find real women for casual encounters. Any new casual dating service created in the last 5 years is most likely fake. This is because in order for a dating service to grab a piece of the pie they need to pay marketing companies to send web traffic to their new dating services. But how do you build a dating site when there are no people on the site to begin with? Their answer is to fill their fake dating sites with phony profiles. That’s why their are so many bogus sites, they are new and have a tough time attracting legit females.

The sites below are legitimate for one major reason and that’s been because they’ve standed the test of time, they have been around since the late 1990s if you can believe it. These websites have been around for 20 years! Since these are the pioneers in the online adult dating world they never had to resort to creating fake profiles and this is the reason why they’re legitimate. They never had to resort to creating fake profiles because there was no competition back then and everyone would join these few dating services and now they have the largest majority of people (and have always had the biggest majority). In fact they have millions of legitimate users worldwide.

Real Sites To Find Casual Sex

Below are what we consider the two most trusted casual sex dating sites. These are the go-to sites for swingers and singles looking for one night stands and, no strings attached fun. Without a doubt these are the most legitimate places to get laid using web dating services.

  • PassionA fuck buddy site stated in 1996!  A legit hookup site with million sof real users.
  • AFF – No staff created pretend profiles and no fake emails to lure you into upgrading.

File A Report

If you’ve already ended up purchasing any sort of membership on some of the fake dating sites that we’ve listed or if you know you’ve been scammed from another dating site we really recommend that you contact your bank or your financial institution. You can recoup losses as a result of being scammed. If you let them get away with it they will just continue defrauding more and more people. If enough people file complaints with their bank and file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission it’s much more likely that these services will end up closing. That’s not to say that they won’t create a new fake dating service but if you put enough heat on them eventually they will have to stop.

 Comments 83 comments

  • Paul Dutcher says:

    Can you  tell me about  Adults with Benefits  is legit. When I get  the message  from  someone  the time is an hour ahead.

  • fernando alfaro says:

    what about clickconnect

  • Steve says:

    Can you tell me if the following are legitimate site – OnlineCrush, Wantmatures, Ilikeyou, OneNightFriend, CheekyLovers, LocalsGoWild, QuickFlirt and FlirtyDesires. All these sites seem to be affiliated, and I'm guess, a big scam. I'm particularly curious about OnlineCrush and Ilikeyou!  Could you please let me know. Thank you.

  • Praveen says:

    As you  listed fake sites,  what are the real sites & where we have to move. 

  • Johnny says:

    Tell me about my black partner.com

  • devil says:

    how can create account in dating buster

  • Alan says:

    Hi there I just want to know is clickncontact a fake website cheers.


    • Admin says:

      Yes clickncontact.com is fake. On ethe front page of their site it says the following "The purpose of this website is to enable (erotic) chat conversations between fictitious profiles and users and therefore partly contains fictitious profiles. Physical meetings are not possible with these fictitious profiles."

  • PAUL says:

    Does anyone know anything about secretmilfclub is it fake or not thanks .skiman 4,

  • Joseph Bradley says:

    Passion.com is now charging fees to interact with other users.

  • Jim says:

    Is there any real websites ?

  • William kanahele says:

    What do I  about these scam sites?

  • sung7edge says:

    Anyone know anything about AdultSexContacts? 


  • Bill says:

    Does anybody know if casualmilf date is legit

  • William Young says:

    Is Maturesforfuck.com real?

  • Joe says:

    is quicksexnow a fake site? Im beginning tom think it is

  • 8Baller says:

    Are there any meet for sex sites that are free? I’m tired of being conned into bogus websites to meet and fuck

  • Cell says:

    Im on milfsexnow and it seems legit so far even though i havent meet in person yet im bout to this week

    • Admin says:

      🚨 MilfSexNow.com is fake, not a real hookup site. They have fake female profiles all over the site and they admit to it in their terms page (in section i6 of the terms).

    • Ahdoonchunsa says:

      Cell, did you actually meet the person yet? I’m on the site and it does seem legit, however, I see them stringing me along to stay on the site, which means you pay more money.

  • Ziyan says:

    Say is snapsext.com a fake ?

  • John says:

    Is Maturedating.com a fake or wantmatures .com

  • Rick says:

    I learned the hard way that MaturesForFuck.com is a scam. I joined and immediately started getting messages from beautiful young women. Some just came right out and asked for my phone number so we could have “hot, sexy conversations.” On other occasions, the fake girl would ask questions like, “What’s your sexiest fantasy? Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine.” When I’d type one in, the response didn’t bear any connection to what I typed, but would describe some sexual act the girl wanted to do with me. Sooner or later, they all asked for my phone number. So, just to see what would happen, I gave my phone number to a “girl” from Atlanta named Melanie (I live in Pennsylvania) About 15 minutes later I got a call from “Chrissie”, who told me she was a friend of Melanie’s who just happened to live 5 minutes from me. She asked if I wanted to come over for an evening of hot fun. She texted me a nude pic that she said was her. So, I replied that I’d be right over and asked for her address. She said she’d give it to me and be waiting to do everything with me that I ever desired. If! All I had to do for her in order to get her address was to go to a different website and “vote” for her as the World’s Sexiest Woman. It was free, she assured me. So, off I went to that site. Like the other scam sites, it is indeed free to browse profiles, but to do anything else like vote, one must join at $30/month. I got back on the phone with Chrissie and told her I was not paying money to earn her address, but that I’d pay her if she gave me her address. She said that wasn’t allowed! Allowed by whom, I asked. My manager, she replied. At that point, I just hung up. What bullshit! I looked at who owned both the site I had joined and the site Chrissie sent me to. Same company, registered in the British Virgin Islands, one of the world’s top locales for fake shell companies. Scam all the way.

  • Thomo says:

    I'm pretty sure that Casual sexcontacts…is a total scam…They do everything they can to keep you chatting without agreeing to meet…saying "Lets get to know each other on here first"…and it costs a pound a message…..And so many profiles just have one picture….And you find most of the pictures on other sites….Its a total rip off.

  • Bob says:

    QuickSexNow is so fake that my bank declined E every attempt of mine to give them a payment – even after I tried to call them and tell them I was the one making the purchases. 

  • Colinmcleay says:

    Is fullbloomflirt.com a fake site

  • Mike says:

    How real is casualsexonly.com  . Trying to find out before I pay

  • Frisky says:

    Have discovered that an outfit called whitelabeldating.com is in two business:

    – They supply turnkey dating sites that they will manage for you. They provide 24/7 help, payment mechanism, domain registration… They even pre-populate them with members. They can get you online with your own dating site in less than a day. They apparently do not charge you, rather they take  big cut of your revenue. They claim to have generated $400 million for people. They claim to run over 3,000 dating sites.

    – They also sell their software for people with what it takes to run a website ($, talent…) They claim an astounding 24,000 customers.

    Through painful, lengthy and expensive experimentation with two of their so called turnkey sites, I have found that most (99.9% it seems) of their members are fake accounts or scams. Even found prostitutes  and a porn star, who, of course, wanted big bucks to even talk to them.

    The sites I played with are: dateover70.com and naughtyoverfifty.com

    You can spot their websites, and the websites that are running their software by the look and feel of them. They all look the same (page layout, menu bars, menu selections, same terms…)

    Pure fakes and scams. Really blatant. On one site, I found a match. Nice picture, close to me, nice profile. Then, on the other site, I found the same picture for 2 different profiles, 2 different ages and two different distances from me.

    Somebody ought to bust these pricks and expose all of their fraudulent websites.


  • Frisky says:

    Have discovered that meetnfuck.com is a pure scam. Has paid staff that barrage you with a ton of chat windows trying to chat you up. These are obviously fake members, if for no other reason because they all look like older porn stars, let alone the fact that even before you get a profile up, the barrage of chat windows starts popping up. And, of course, most of these chat windows show babes wiggling their boobs… at you. And, the attempts that they are making to chat with you are inane. Clearly out of work high school dropouts…

  • Frisky says:

    Also, on this whitelabeldating.com turnkry dating site scam thing with their "pre population" of their literally tens of thousands of scam dating sites:

    Both of the sites that I looked at extensively (dateover70.com and naughtyover50.com) are clearly full of fakes and scams that the dating sites, and probably whitelabeldating.com, are overtly supporting. 

    This became clear when I spent the time to let some of the scams play out to the point where they were asking for money. Then, I gathered all of the info (usernames, email accounts, bank accounts, and examples of how the scam was played out) and sent it to all the relevant parties' fraud and abuse teams. All email providers have accounts such as [email protected] that you can use to report stuff like this and all banks have fraud reporting web sites.

    After all of that effort and many, many repeated attempts at telling the various dating sites about the problem (they all have "report this profile" links), the scam members were never deleted and are still active. This is a sure clue that the sites don't really care about scams and are probably in the business of supporting them.

    Some of this discussion with the dating site’s so called fraud and abuse teams went on for a very long time. I literally kept telling them over and over and over: Here is a scam. Here is the evidence. Here is what you should do about it…  And, nothing happened.

    Finally, kudos to the scammers. All of these scams were very carefully designed and very well played, right down to the plausible details of the tales that they wove and the additional pictures that they sent during the course of the scams.

    Of course, to the discerning eye, they all were dead giveaways nearly from the get go. Same pattern, same flow, same (though slightly different each time) stories and, above all, blatant misuse of the language (they don’t know the difference between your and you’re, for instance), misspellings, oddly worded sentences, sentences and paragraphs that clearly had nothing to do with the thread of discussion, and of course, wholly inappropriate and out of place use of things like greetings and salutations (such as calling you dear…)

    In all, quite a mess. Someone ought to write a book and/or file a class action suit against all of them. Especially outfits like whitelabeldating.com





  • Frisky says:

    These two sites seem to be in cahoots with other sites where I am a member:






    They created accounts for me based on my email at other sites, and then sent me login informaton with a temporary password – even though I have never been to their sites.

    While the other sites may be operating withing their terms and conditions in giving up my email, this is shitty behavior.

    Sorry to say, I can't find the sites that I used that email address for.

    Anyway, the above sites ought to be marked off of your list of sites to visit.



  • Frisky says:

    Geesh. When you click on the link on the bottom of these comments that says: learn how your complaint is processed, you end up at a site called akismet.com which is trying to sell you some sort of privacy software or services. This leads me to believe that this datingbusters.com site is, itself, a scam. Beware and don't invest any energy in complaining about scam dating sites.

    • Admin says:

      What are you talking about, if Dating Busters was a scam why the hell would we even write this article? You don’t make any sense. Aksiment is a WordPress plugin to stop spam, it not a scam! Geez! YOU don’t have to pay to use it..

  • mr martin limberger says:

    is .plentymorenaughtyfish.com scam?

  • Bruce says:

    Is MILFsexNow legit

  • Storm says:

    What about the US site

    CasualFucksContacts is this one is fake also…..

  • roy says:

    how about ourcasualcontact.com

  • roy says:

    How about Big Boob Date link fake or real

  • roy says:

    Is Married Wanting sex fake?

  • roy says:

    Flirt another fake?

  • Keith says:

    Is Granny sex contacts a scam ?

  • O.J. Pascale says:

    Thanks, Admin…you are doing a great job!
    Please keep it up. People need to know! Knowledge is power!

  • O.J. Pascale says:

    Hi, Admin,
    I just signed up with Passion.com.
    I need to pay in order to view members’ profiles, send messages, etc.
    Payment is either with credit card or checking account, etc.
    I wish to go ahead and make a payment, but just wanted to confirm the site is legit, and it’s safe to make payments.

    • O.J. Pascale says:

      Hi, Admin,
      I just signed up with Passion.com.
      I need to pay in order to view members’ profiles, send messages, etc.
      Payment is either with credit card or checking account, etc.
      I wish to go ahead and make a payment, but just wanted to confirm the site is legit, and it’s safe to make payments.

      Admin, please comment.

  • Justin says:

    Is cougarlife.com a scam

  • Michael says:

    Passion.com wants money as soon as you hit the site. You say it’s real but it sure is acting like a fake site. What about gaze4fuck.com

  • Gareth says:

    is Senior Sex Date, site all fake? And “Team Snapfuckco.uk fake?

  • Martin says:

    Hello Admin,

    Thanks for all the above. Can you advise if nextdoorflings is a scam too please.


  • Martin says:

    Hello Admin,

    Thanks for all the above. Can you advise if nextdoorflings.co.uk is a scam too please.


  • Martin says:

    Hello Admin again,

    How about Localfirt.co.uk? Scam too or legit?


  • Sal Horten says:

    Is the site Dateyou legitimate or fraud. Are the woman on it real or ones working for the site to keep men buying coins.

  • Keith says:

    Is Lucky Date a scam?

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