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Website Details:


  • 20 credits will cost you $2.99.
  • 160 credits will cost you $96.00.
  • 1000 credits will cost you $399.00.
  • You are also enrolled in a $9.99 monthly membership on top of credits you need to  purchase.


  • My Profile: Adjust your profile on this page, add photos, change your personal info etc.
  • Lets Mingle: You type the message and let Flirt With share it with those people best suited for you.
  • Upgrade Account: Self explanatory.
  • Settings: Change your password, add your phone number, add a credit card to pay for credits.
  • Help Center: Self explanatory.
  • Promotional Code:Self explanatory.

Overview coins itself as a Latin dating service. They state that you can meet over 13,000 Latin women located in countries including Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil and more. Is this actually the truth? Or is this yet another phony dating service such as the Russian mail-order bride type of scams that we've seen over the decades. We joined this site as part of our undercover investigation to see what we could dig up. All the evidence, any proof of wrongdoing and our opinion as well as facts will all be included in this review. Please read the full investigation below.

Bombshell Latina Women Everywhere But Are They Real Girls Looking To Me You?

One of the things that really hit us when we logged into the members area was the amount of beautiful Latina women at every turn. There were literally thousands of attractive-looking Latin women. But is that a good thing or is it a bad thing? In the case of online dating services it's usually a bad thing when every single girl looks like a supermodel. All you need to do is take a walk down the street and and compare those women to the ones you're seeing on The reason we state that is because in everyday life not every single girl you come across is a supermodel but for some reason on FlirtWith every girl looks like she was part of the Miss U.S. Latina pageant.

This is not realistic and it's not realistic for reason. The reason being is that these women aren't in our opinion legitimate members of Flirt With looking to meet real men for a date or more. Although we can't prove this with our experience and years of investigative research on dating sites we would have to strongly assume that the website is either paying these women for their photographs or the photographs have been copied or purchase from other websites and then use to create fictitious profile pages then used on

If you really thought you had a shot at meeting one of these women in a real life encounter you should strongly think again because this site is most likely playing all of us for fools.

You can take a look at the screenshot we've provided below showing just some of the girls we've come across on the site, and we're sure you've probably come across the same type of bombshell women. This is not real, all you're looking at is a website that's trying to build a fantasy for you so you will be much more inclined to purchase and buy credits to interact and chat with these phony profile pages.

Common sense should tell you that your chances of interacting and meeting up for a date or some kind of casual hookup with the girl in the above photo is ZERO. It doesn't go for just this profile, there are thousands of other profiles of model looking women who are supposedly registered on to meet men. This is not the case, this website is being used to fool you into buying credits to chit chat with non-existent members and that is the honest truth!

(Screenshot of a phony profile who is probably a model.)

(Screenshot of a phony profile on Flirt With.)

Bombshell  Latina Everywhere But Are They Real Girls Looking To Me You?

A very popular tactic used by fake dating sites is chat requests. The chat requests are automated sending you phony requests that you believe to be real women wanting to get to know you better.

Using software systems called robots aka bots unscrupulous dating services can send you as many chat request as they want that look real. If you try to reply to any chat messages then you will be asked to upgrade and purchase credits to continue. That's what it's all about, the owners of Flirt With are hell-bent on making money off your gullibility by duping and tricking as many men as possible into purchasing completely worthless credits to chat with non-existent bombshell Latina models who aren't even members of this website. Their photos are being used to make you think that you're chatting with them but at the end or other end of the computer is most likely a paid employee or a contractor hired to string you along and make you burn through and purchase as many credits as possible. It's methodical con that many websites use and we've exposed hundreds of them here on Dating Busters.

(Screenshot of chat requests that are almost certain to be phony and used to get you to buy credits.)

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host:  150 Broadway, Cambridge, MA, 02142,USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: NS1-105.AKAM.NET, NS4-65.AKAM.NET, NS5-64.AKAM.NET, NS7-65.AKAM.NET

Contact Information :

Final Decision: is nothing but a money grab. Of course there is going to be a lot of people who fall for this rip off because on the attractive women on this site sending them chat requests. But you need to get some street smarts and start thinking with your big head not your little one. Buying credits to interact with nonexistent females is the end result of joining this faux dating service.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 6 comments

  • David says:

    Can't believe that nobody has posted about this site. Beautiful girls (model type)  with expensive photography and clothes. Totally unrealistic.
    I signed up with VERY LITTLE info. No pic, no 'abouts' and no other inputs.  Flooded with
    emails. I cannot get excluded from this site. I ask and nothing happens. I can't block them either. I may have to get rid of my email and move on. DON'T sign up!!

  • David says:

    So I revisit to tell everyone that  still get emails from after I changed my profile. I am now a 85 y/o Iraq manwith a profile pisture that say "Please reomove my Ff???ng profile' w/ the case number reflecting my request. It appears they do not monitor their site. They seem to use automated or even AI software that doesn't require hands on. They are located in the British Camen islands.  GOOD LUCK. Run away.

  • BD says:

    Yep, I could not agre more with the above comments. The stunning  high quality pics just don't match the descriptions and the messages are obviously fake. They have inundated my e-mail, but fortunately I have good blocking software. There is a very similar site,, very similar in operation but the same old, same old scam. There may be real people on both these sites, but many of them are fakes using almost the same profile language or worse, they are shills to hook the suckers.

  • David says:

    Returning after some time, I have had a duluge of sex oriented spam. I can only attribute this to my time spent with Flirtwith. They probably sold my info to unscrupulous others. Really stay away. You will live with spam.  So far, forever.

  • Machek says:

    On this site for over 3 months now . I had one out of Columbia South America under the name of Andrea get more personal with me . She got my email and then made up a temporary Whats app account . She flirted with me for about 10 days . Even went as far as stripping for me on my cell on Valentine’s Day . Then she started about money where she was financially in trouble and was losing a student loan from the government . I knew where that was heading ,,,,straight for my bank account . When I didn’t offer to help , I was immediately dropped from Whats App . Now a month later she acts like a stripper on her cam and wonders why she attracts weird comments …lol . On another cam today I was chatting with one and another female came on and was basically attacking me . Called me gay and what ever else . I found that very strange . I was pretty pissed off to say the least . Site is a waste of time ! Don’t fall for the buy me gift and I will stand up or be your friens bullshit , be smart !

  • Anon says:

    Posting as Anon because I still have credits I need to use up and I wish to avoid retaliation. There are similar sites, but a different company, Qpid, that runs CharmDate, LatamDate, etc. I kind of figured these sites were fake, but having been single for 3 years (and getting older) what's the harm with flirty chat and even some dirty chat, right? So, after a couple of months, I get hit up on social media by a woman from the Ukraine. She opens up with saying she talked to me on one of the sites I'm a member of and wanted to chat with me for real. She quit the job at the site she was on and told me some interesting things. All the profile pics are real because these companies recruit through modelling agencies in the respective countries. She also told me the girls get small bonuses for keeping men engaged in chat, they are not allowed to share if they have other ways of contacting them, they get docked pay for not answering chats quickly enough, and they can't share photos from the site modelling shoots anywhere else. So even with reverse image search, the girls are impossible to find outside the site. Another reason she quit was because she wasn't comfortable being told to talk dirty or with innuendo, and she was told flat out she was never allowed to meet any men in person. She had started working there because she thought it was a real opportunity to maybe meet a nice guy. She's actually a very nice woman, hopes we can be great friends, and has not asked me for ANYTHING other than to keep talking to her because she really enjoys our chats.

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