Our Review Of FullBloomFlirt.com List The Many Reasons It’s A Scam

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Website Details:


  • 10 credits will cost you £15.00 enabling you to send out 10 email messages (£1.50 per message).
  • 25 credits will cost you £35.00 enabling you to send out 25 emails (£1.40 per message).
  • 50 credits will cost you £65.00 enabling you to send out 50 emails (£1.30 per message).
  • 100 credits will cost you £120.00  enabling you to send out 100 emails (£1.20 per message).
  • 300 credits will cost you £200.00 enabling you to send out 200 emails (£1.10 per message).


FullBloomFlirt.com is owned and operated by MidSummer-Online.com. This is a corporation that we know very well, we’ve investigated other sites owned by this company. The problem being that every one of the sites that we’ve investigated owned by MidSummer-Online.com turned out to be a con. Sites like ClickNContact.com, FlirtingMilfs.com, FlirtyMoms.com, and SecretMilfClub.com. The big question is Full Bloom Flirt a scam or a real place to meet real females?  We have all the answers for you in this review.

Site Confesses To Using Fictitious Profiles

The very first thing that we saw on the front page of the site was an alert box with a notice stating that the whole “purpose of their website is to enable chat conversations between fictitious profiles and real users. And therefore their website partly contains fake profiles.” Then they go on to state that physically meeting with these fake profiles isn’t possible because they are fictitious.

 If the whole purpose of the website is to enable you to chat with fake profiles then you would have to assume that the website is a total fraud. Why would any one create a dating site that has fake profiles that are used to send email conversations with you back and forth. It really doesn’t make too much sense until you understand that that ultimate goal of all of this is to make a profit. They’re using their fake dating service to make millions of pounds per year stealing your hard-earned money. And, they admit to it right on the front of their website!

(Screenshot of the the site admitting to creating and using bogus profiles.) Below is another screenshot where the website admits that dating profile  pages are fictional and physically meeting  the women in these profiles is impossible (since they’re not real). (Screenshot where the website admits they’re responsible for creating fake profiles and you can’t physically meet them.)

Site Admits To Using Fictitious Profiles

Even while we were creating our account for this investigation before we could finish creating our account we needed to agree to the use of fictitious profiles as you can see circled in red in the evidence shown below. (Screenshot where the site confesses they use fictitious profiles.)

75 Emails From Computer Bots

How would you feel if you received 75 email messages from 75 different horny women? You’d probably be ecstatic right? How about if you found out that all of it was a swindle! It’s very unfortunate but that’s exactly what’s happening on this website. They’re involved in sending people automated email messages using AI (artificial intelligence) chat bots that the users thinks are real messages sent from real females looking for hookups. These email messages are used as part of their deceptive marketing strategy to ensnare you into purchasing credits on there phony dating site. And, they even admit to sending chat conversations through the fictitious profiles that they are responsible for creating. None of this is a conspiracy theory, this is all provable facts that can be found directly on the front page of their website, and also in their terms and conditions (section 5.3). (A screenshot of the 75 emails that we received all of which are 100% phony.)

We Have No Photos In Our Profile, Why Are Women Emailing Us?

Another fact that makes us understand and realize that this website’s sending us 40 messages is that we haven’t uploaded any photos to our dating profile, not a single one! But as we’ve already stated we received 75 email messages and more continue to pour in. Why would 75 different women want to email a guy who has no photos in his profile page? It’s ridiculous, it’s ludicrous and it doesn’t make any sense until you realize these aren’t real women sending us emails. This whole process is 100% fully automated using software chat bots. The software bots are able to send email messages that look legitimate. And all of this (like we’ve already explained) is done to get you to purchase credits. You can’t email or reply to any emails until you have purchased a credit package on the website. Purchasing a credit packet makes the company behind FullBloomFlirt.com money and that’s their goal. To make money off of your gullibility. (A screenshot of the profile we used for this review.)

We Have No Photos In Our Profile, So Why Are Women Emailing Us?

We’ve already concluded and proven that the website does use pretend profile pages throughout their website. Even if the profiles are faux (which they are), we wanted to know exactly where  these fake profiles were being taken from? Which websites were these photos being snagged from, we found the answer. We didn’t list all of the fake profiles on this website (that would take us forever), what we did do was show you various examples of fictitious profiles using images stolen from other websites. We’ve also included the links so you can see exactly where those pictures were taken from. This was included to support our provable claims that this website is creating profiles that are completely bogus. (Screenshot of a phony profile page copied from other websites listed below.)

  • https://momtrustedchoice.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/15-makeup-tips-for-women-over-50-6.jpg
  • https://econet.ru/media/15106/covers/117037/thumb.jpg?1464101915
  • https://i.pinimg.com/originals/30/12/a4/3012a4bf86f76d777d0c57d131f36f90.jpg
  • https://images01.olx-st.com/ui/57/53/77/74/o_1532884289_f6113c7494300b21a578504048fd97ee.jpg

( Another fake profile using a stolen photo from another website listed below.)

  • https://thumb-p5.xhcdn.com/000/193/038/095_1000.jpg

(Fake profiles come in all shapes and sizes including senior citizens such as this one.)

  • https://th-eu2.vporn.com/t/96/2705296/d123.jpg

The Terms And Conditions Has All The Evidence

In section 5.3 of the terms and conditions page is even more evidence that proves that this website is a scam. They tell us that they reserve the right to “send calls” on Full Bloom Flirt “through self-created profiles”. What this means is that the tell us that they send fake emails on their website through profiles that they themselves are creating. They go on to state that these are phony dating profiles with which you cannot physically meet in person. You can see the evidence below or click on this link and visit section 5.3 of the terms page to see it for yourself.

  • 5.3. Midsummer Online B.V. explicitly reserves the right to send calls on FullBloomFlirt.com through self-created profiles. These are fictitious profiles with which no physical agreements are possible.

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone:
  • Addresses: Midsummer Online B.V. Zutphenseweg 51, 7418 AH Deventer, The Netherlands
  • Email: [email protected], [email protected]
  • Billing Issues:
  • Web Page: Contact Page
  • FYI,* Charges made to your credit are “Pay.nl * Midsummer +31854000597 NLD”.

Final Decision:

It wasn’t rocket science to figure out this website was the scam, they told us multiple times all over the place starting with the front of their website, before we created our account and in the terms and conditions page. If you’ve been scammed by these people contact your credit card company and fight to get your money back don’t let these people win! This site isn’t legimate at all!

Search For Females:

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

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  • johnniedeep says:

    waste of time ,you pay to chat, you pay and pay. After some much money, it seems that the people you think you are talking to are fake .
    I asked for a full refund, no answer

  • mojorisin says:

    I think Festivus Media BV and Midsummer Online B.V are part of the same criminal fraudster set up. Both are based in the Netherlands. They both run hundreds of crooked dating websites that use the same techniques, and they use stolen photos of women to make up fake profiles to screw gullible men out of cash e.t.c.

    They spew out porn spam from the same hacked IP addresses, that are involved in brute force, hacking, and dictionary attacks to send unsolicited porn spam mail. They have numerous violations of the CAN-SPAM Act 2003

    • Jack Tuynman says:

      ALL you have said is correct .The name of the person using MIDSUMMER NL on many date sites is EVA NOTTY of ARIZONA U.S.A : I have much more data on this millionairess : All sites use fake ID and Pictures just like the NIGERIAN SCAMMERS : EVA GETS AWAY WITH IT ON ALL HER SITES .I all so think she is not paying TAX to IRS .That is why use the NETHERLANDS to get your money :

  • Randy says:

    I am getting girl ?? To contact me through Google hangout for free. They contacted me. and gave me what I think is there real name and email address. I never pay at those dating sites. I even had one girl order me pizza and wings. So if they don’t try to shake me down I think they may be for real. Time will tell. What’s the opinion of the people here??

  • Bernie (Smiler) says:

    After purchasing 50 x Credits for £67.00p, and spending 2 x weeks trying to get several females to either set a place/date/time for a meeting – or to Email me at my P.C. Address: – all they ever wanted to do was “Chat My Credits Away” – with absolutely no chance of any actual meeting whatsoever!

  • vince mosson says:

    Keep Clear 

    The replies you get are from Eastern European’s Scammmmed

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