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Overview is connected to as well as a whole slew of other dating sites such as,,, and All these sites are operated by the same company. The big question of course we all want to know is if is a legit hook-up site to meet real women. Or, is it a website disguised to look legitimate to drain money out of your bank account. Read the full review below.


After we created an account on LetsBeSexy we logged into the members area. It didn't take very long to start getting notifications and a constant flurry of messages from women on this site. The messages didn't look like they were being sent from women. We need to be honest, we don't really think that all these different women are typing messages and hitting the send button. We don't believe that for a minute! What we know is happening is that ( like hundreds of other sites that we reviewed) is utilizing high-tech software programming that is being deployed and used to send automated email messages written by a computer bot not real women. Let us repeat that. These messages are sent from automated computer bot programs, not from real female members typing messages and sending them to us.

You can take a look at the messages in the screenshot below. Women sending us flirts, women poking us and "Icebreaker" messages. Does anyone really think that we're getting messages from women sending us pokes and flirts? Personally we don't think that's really going on and we're going to explain why in the next section of this investigation.

From our research and many years of investigative reporting on phony dating services we just can't see how has that many horny women sending us messages in a very short time frame. How's that possible? The only way it's possible is if computer bots are sending us winks, Ice Breakers and poking us. That's the only logical conclusion that we can come up with.

(Screenshot of the automated message we are receiving.)

Why Is Anyone Messaging Us, When Our Profile Page Is 100% Empty?

In the previous section of this investigation we're talking about the messages we were receiving and why we realistically shouldn't be getting any messages. The reason we shouldn't be getting any messages as you can see from the screenshot below is that our profile page is 100% empty. We don't have any photographs in our profile and all the personal information was left blank. Then, why is it that we're getting so many messages, winks and Icebreaker messages when there's nothing to look at on your profile. What exactly is the magnetic draw to women sending us messages? They don't know what we look like, or anything else for that matter but miraculously we are getting non-stop messaging while using an empty profile page. Once again the only conclusion is to believe all of these messages and flirts are from software bots, not real people.

And in fact even on their own website on their terms page they do admit that they use automated messages that are sent on behalf of their members. The automated message system is called "While You Were Away".The "While You Were Away" automated messaging system is designed to send messages that make you believe that females are directly corresponding with you. This isn't a scam but it is misleading and makes you think girls are messaging you.

(Proof of our blank profile page.)

Why Is Anyone Messaging Us, When Our Profile Page Is 100% Empty?

LetsBeSexy talks about the fact that they have a 24-hour seven-day-a-week fraud detection team that prevents fake sign ups and fake profiles from being created. It didn't take us too long to identify at least three profiles (out of about 20 that we checked) that were using photographs of attractive looking women that were copied from other sites (some of the sites were adult image sites). These copied photos were used to create bogus profile pages on Who is behind the creation of these phony profiles? Is it the website? Or is it romance scammers? It really doesn't matter who's behind the creation of the fake profiles but the fact remains that these are pretend profiles that the website should have known about if they have a team created exclusively to stop the creation of phony profiles. Maybe they don't care if bogus profiles are created or maybe they are behind the profiles? We have no evidence to prove if they are behind them but they're definitely not doing their job in stopping them!

You can take a look at the evidence below showing the three contrived profile pages, and we've also included the links showing where those profile pictures are found on other websites. This just serves as more evidence to prove that there are phony profiles on LetsBeSexy.

(Phony profile using a stolen photo taken from adult image sites.)


Fake profile pic
|(Phony profile using a stolen photo taken from adult image sites.)

(Phony profile using a stolen photo taken from other websites.)

Automated Activity Notifications

Below we've provided you with another screenshot showing you different notifications that we received such as when someone visits our profile or can't communicate with us. Once again we tbelieve this to be all automated messaging. And the fact remains as why would anyone want to visit our profile when it's empty, ii doesn't make too much sense to us. If anyone has an idea why all these different women would like to view a profile of blank information and no photographs please leave a comment below. We would really like to understand the reasoning behind so many female members checking out our profile when there's absolutely nothing to look at!

Automated notifications|
(Screen shot of automated notifications.)

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 709 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL, 33139, US
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1-949-250-7340
  • Addresses: 705 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
  • Email: [email protected] or use the online form
  • If your membership was paid through 1-(800)-893-8871 if in the USA, (310)-664-5810 outside the USA and 1-(800)-893-8871 (Skype)
  • [email protected] (Email)
  • (Live Chat)
  • Checking Account Billing Support: 1-(800)-975-3502

Final Decision:

Our opinion of is as follows. Unfortunately we don't trust the site. We don't have any clear-cut proof phony profile creation  but we do have proof that they use automated messages. This is only our opinion you can take our opinion anyway you want. If you want to you can start your own quick investigation by creating an account on, but don't upload any photographs or filling out any information in your profile page. We can promise you that you'll see the exact same things that we have seen, auto messages even if your profile is empty. All of this leads us to believe that something fishy is going on.

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  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • William says:

    Ya?  There's a lot of bs dating sites, or sex sites out there, have yet?  Found a free one.  Free to join?  But to talk?  Pay, pay pay. Not cool. 

  • me says:

    The email address I used to get a .99 two day trial was hijacked right after my trial started. I went back to the page to check my email and found I was logged out. I thought no big deal, but when I tried to log bag in, my password no longer works.i can't remember my backup email address for that account, so I'm screwed. Yes I think this site is a scam. Guys dont get screwed like I did.

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