Shining The Light Back On

 Oct, 27 - 2017   no comments   ReviewsScams

Back in May of 2017 we did a full investigation on In that investigation we joined the site as a free member and documented everything that we encountered. You can take a look at everything we found out by clicking on this link.

To break it down very simply we found the site to be misleading and untrustworthy. If you need to know exactly what's going on you can read our review which explains everything detail by detail.

LetsBeSexy has a lot of hot women on it but here's the big, big problem. From our investigation it looks like there is a certain amount of profiles on the site that are bouncing back as being illegitimate. These profiles are using pictures of women that are found on porn sites as well as social networks. We have all the proof for you in our investigation. We give you the links that show you the direct location where all these profile pictures are being snags from and then use to build a profile page.

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