JadaParks.com Confesses to Using Fake Profiles & Bots To Deceive People

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JadaParks.com from our investigative research is connected to numerous sites that we've already exposed for fraudulent behavior using fictitious profiles and other deceptive means. Some of the sites connected to Jada Parks includes SelfieBbws.com, LocalMilfSelfies.com, and LocalBlackMilfs.com. But to give this site the benefit of the doubt we created a free membership and logged in to the members area to detail what we saw in our investigation. You can read everything that we uncovered in the review below.

You Agree To The Use Of Fantasy Cuties (Fake Girls)

Sometimes when something is staring at you straight in the face you fail to see it. You can take a look at the screen shot we took below. In that screenshot JadaParks.com is telling you that they use "Fantasy Cuties" which are fictitious profiles created by the site. Unfortunately most people aren't paying attention and they jump right into joining the dating site. This was your first mistake and could very well be a big part of the reason you got ripped off (if you purchased a membership). Obviously this website should not be creating fraudulent profiles and trying to rip people off. When they're telling you what theyr'e doing on the homepage of this site you have to shake your head and wonder what people are thinking. Paying for a membership when the site's administrators are telling you exactly what they're doing on the front page of their own site !

(Screen shot of the admission of the "Fantasy Cuties" profiles.)

Fake "Fantasy Cutie" Profiles

Now we'd like to jump head-first into the fake profiles that are 100% verifiable and confirmed in their terms. This website without a shadow of a doubt is making phony profiles of black female members. We took screenshots of just three of hundreds of fake profiles on this site. As you can see circled in red there is a yellow star with the letters "FC" in the middle of it. This signifies that this is not a legitimate profile. In their own writings the administrators of this website confess that all the fictitious profiles that they create have the yellow star on them.

fake profiles Jadaparks.com
(Screen shot of the "Fantasy Cuties" phony profiles operated by third party contractors.)

These profiles are everywhere, every profile we viewed was a "Fantasy Cutie" which is the terminology for the fake profiles that the staff of JadaParks.com are involved in fabricating.

We can talk about the reasons they create these profiles, some of them being because there aren't nearly enough real black women joining the site. So, the dating site takes it upon themselves to make hundreds of fake profiles and blanket the whole site with these bogus female members. But at the end of the day it's really all about money. Anytime you need to reply to an email or send an email or instant message to anyone on the site including the fake "Fantasy Cutie" profiles you have to upgrade and have a paid membership to do so. And that is the main reason that fake profiles are everywhere on this site. They need to use fake profiles to lure and trick male members into upgrading from free subscriptions to paid monthly memberships. This is obviously a crime, fraudulent and completely illegal but as of this day they are still continuing to run their criminal operation.


(Screen shot of a fake "Fantasy Cutie" profile.)

(Screen shot of a fake "Fantasy Cutie" profile.)

(Screen shot of a fake "Fantasy Cutie" profile.)

Proof Of Phony Female Profile Photos Stolen From Other Sources

When doing this investigation we asked ourselves, the profiles are fake but the pictures are of real people. Where are these photographs coming from? Well, we have an awesome little tool that is a software program that can identify links across the internet and where those photographs reside. We have evidence proving that many of the fake profiles on this website are being copied or possibly stolen from amateur porno websites. This is the perfect front because the women are already in nude photos and from there they create fake profile pages attached to the photos they either have copied or stolen. No one is the wiser, UNTIL TODAY. This investigation blows the whole con wide open. We have the smoking gun proving that the profiles are of amateur porn stars and not real black women looking to hook up with you. It's all a massive trick that now has been exposed to everyone. Take a look at the evidence we have listed below with the links to the exact same photos found fake profiles also found on porn sites.

(Screen shot of stolen fictitious profile photo.)

  • http://t1.lustfulpics.com/pictures180x240/b2/2d/0d/f8/39309205fd3f5092e441e521292f64ab.cache.021.jpg

(Screen shot of stolen fictitious profile photo.)

  • http://thumbnails105.imagebam.com/25957/1b2e26259564248.jpg
  • http://cdn1.goodpornhost.com/thumbs/2010-08-17/7119_04.jpg
  • http://img.seekandsee.com/T/a/f3pIMLYCosI5vZXRXz3w.jpg
  • http://amateurblogs.eroprofile.com/free_galleries/2013/45399/tn_6UbIHUaXMG.jpg
  • http://babi.su/img/2011/12/147_chernaja_suchka_3.jpg
  • http://www.chastnoe.net/img/2014/6/19/1588_ljubitelskoe_negritjanki_3.jpg
  • pics.share-image.com/pictures/thumb/2009/76/12374128571344143994.jpg
  • http://www.timekiller-erotic.com/Share-Image/15576/black-amateur-girl-with-big-boobs-pics.html
  • http://t2.lustfulpics.com/pictures180x240/6e/5b/cc/e5/f507f07cca9c19a382461fe942a80424.cache.012.jpg

(Screen shot of stolen fictitious profile photo.)

  • http://cdn.shesfreaky.com/galleries/wsTgN6TrxIL/2bd09f1e0bb6b6b6419ad9067f124dbc.jpg
  • http://40.media.tumblr.com/007bf85624c37a9444115a28f6433b68/tumblr_nsvthubqI81tj7yr4o1_500.jpg

Computer Generated Emails

Just like the fake profiles that JadaParks confesses to making they also admit that they are behind sending thousands of email messages to all of their free members. This is a master conspiracy against their own members. Why they do this is very simple to understand. If you want to email anyone of the site you need to have a paid membership. If you have a free membership and you are receiving email messages from other members you cannot read them or reply to them unless you upgrade.That's the reason why they use very sophisticated computer software programs to send people emails all day long. The emails look legitimate but they are being sent from a computer not from a real member of their site. It's a massive fraud but it's all verified and documented in their own writings on their terms and conditions page that you can read about below.

(Screen shot of stolen fictitious profile photo.)

The Final Piece Of Evidence Is The Terms & Conditions

This investigation took us a fair bit of time and we were delighted to find the most incriminating evidence possible in their own words. The staff of Jada parks.com have written about everything we discussed. They talk about the automated computer generated emails, the paid contractors who are paid to interact with members of the site and they also admit to creating bogus member profiles that they call "Fantasy Cuties". All of this is corroborated if you read the terms and conditions page. We have copied the most important parts of the terms page and listed them below or you can click on this link (section #3)  to be taken directly to the terms page.

  • You comprehend, acknowledge, and accept that some of the profiles listed on the Site may be operated by our Site or third party contractors and are fictitious. These profiles and interactions generated from them are clearly labelled with the Fantasy Cuties logo: Fantasy Cuties functionality is offered to help the Service 1) enforce Service rules and policies, 2) monitor use of Site, 3) illustrate to users the features and communication tools of the Site, 4) enhance your online communication, companionship and entertainment experience, 5) and to promote increased use of the Site such posting of profile information and/or additional content to users' profile pages.
  • Interactions originating from Fantasy Cuties functionality could be computer generated or could be created by the Site or third party contractors hired by the Site.
  • You comprehend, acknowledge, and agree that the interactions, profile information, and content utilized by Fantasy Cuties profiles do not originate from any actual Site member, but are present for entertainment, informational and Site monitoring purposes only. Any similarity between Fantasy Cuties profile information or interactions to any real person is purely coincidental and fictitious.
  • Staff of Site or third party contractors hired by the Site could operate multiple Fantasy Cutie profiles and associated communications features.
  • You further comprehend, acknowledge, and agree that, Fantasy Cutie profiles may contact both free users and paid users with computer or human generated interactions for the purposes listed above. These interactions may be initiated to several users simultaneously or in a small time frame. Should a user respond to an interaction from an Fantasy Cuties profile, said user may receive one or more human or computer generated replies from the Fantasy Cuties profile.
  • You comprehend, acknowledge, and agree that no in-person meeting will ever happen between You and the people providing Fantasy Cuties functionality, and that the interactions You have via Fantasy Cuties functionality is for entertainment purposes in addition to encouraging participation in our Service and to help monitor use of the Service.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 410 Terry Ave N., Seattle, WA, 98109 US
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 800-564-9432 ( +1-727-755-7249 OUTSIDE USA
  • Addresses: Heywood House, South Hill Anguilla
  • Email:  [email protected]

Final Decision:

This site is rigged against their members. As soon as you signed up to JadaParks.com the scam began. Embellished profiles, automated messages, it's all a fraud. Nothing is truthful on the site (if you are a man looking for a woman). There are thousands of real men on the site but all the women are a sham. It's a facade that can't people like us exposing the fraud and writing reviews detailing exactly what's going on. It's time for you to fight back, if you have been deceived and ripped off by Jada Parks we suggest you call your credit card company and try to get your money back. They can help you reverse the charges from the fraudulent business tactics from this company.

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