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Every mail-order bride website that we've investigated never turned out to be legitimate. Here we are investigating yet another mail order bride side this one is called LatinFeels.com. This site seems like it's is connected to UkrainianCharm.com, Charmerly.com as well as other mail order dating service. The reason we say it seems like it's connected to those two sites is because they share the exact same layout design. The website layout is exactly the same, only the name of the website is different. This leads us to believe that all three sites are connected and most likely owned by the same corporation.

If you want to know the truth about LatinFeels, the good, the bad and the ugly please take the time to read our investigative report below. This report has taken us hours to compile and write. Part of our investigation includes registering as a free member on the dating service, reading through the terms and conditions page, going through dating profiles etc. Any evidence that we have gathered that concludes the website is misleading and deceptive will be included below in the investigative report. Please read it now.

Real Women Or Fake Profiles? You Be The Judge

Below we've included just a small example of some of the Latina women who are members of LatinFeels.com. You can see circled in red below all the Latina women in this small sample are very attractive. This always raises a red flag in our opinion because compared to regular dating sites like Plenty of Fish where you have a variety of different women in all shapes and sizes the women on LatinFeels only seem to be very attractive. Does this make the site a scam? No, of course not but based on our previous experience with other dating sites that we think are associated with Latin Feels we think that these profiles most likely are not legitimate women looking to find a husband halfway across the world!

As part of our review we took the time to read through the terms and conditions page and we found some interesting evidence in section 11.a of the terms page. In section 11.a the website states that they "may from time to time create profiles which are created and operated by their own employees". They call these dating profile "Staff Profiles". We've heard of the term "Staff Profiles" many times before and all the dating sites that admit to using "Staff Profiles" are admitting to using and creating fictitious profiles. Although we don't have any concrete evidence to prove that the specific profiles below are phony we have our suspicions.

(A screenshot of female members on LatinFeels.)

LatinFeels.com Pays Female Members To Chat With Other Members

In the terms and conditions page the administrators of Latin Feels admit that they "share revenue with female users". You can take a look at the screenshot below where it says that exact phrase! That screenshot was taken directly from the terms and conditions page of the website (found at the very top of that page). You need to ask yourself one question why would any dating site actually be sharing their profits with female users of their site? If they're paying female users to use their website that means the website is not legitimate, in any way, shape or form!

(A screenshot taken from the terms and conditions page where the website admits to sharing revenue with their female users.)

The Female Users Behind Dating Profiles Are Paid To Chat With You

In the terms and conditions page they talk about something called "risks notice". This is where they admit that they're actually purchasing dating profiles that they call "Validated Members". They admit that they pay the women behind these phony profiles to use their website. Anyway you look at it, if someone is being paid to use a dating site they're going to have an agenda. If they email you, send you an instant instant message or any other form of communication then they are doing it for the money! If these female members are paid to chat with other members they have a much larger incentive to send out as many emails and instant messages as possible. This is nothing more than a job for these women. And the website openly admits that they share revenue with these female users! They call these female users "Validated Members" and in the "Risk Notice" section of the terms and conditions page they tell us that they are paid a fee that is linked to the amount spent by a male member while you are communicating and sending gifts to these women. If that's not fraud we don't know what it is. No legitimate dating site would pay certain members to communicate with other members. Obviously there's a massive conflict of interest and the women sending out the emails are most likely not even interested in the men that they're sending emails and instant messages to (obviously).

"IceBreaker Messages" (Fake Email & Instant Messages) Are Sent By "Validated Members"

Another piece of evidence we found in the terms and conditions page was found in section 7.f. In this particular piece of evidence the website admits that "Validated Members" which once again are women who are paid to chat with you send the same message to a number of other members (which is all automated). They call these automatically generated messages "Icebreakers". Think about it for a minute they're paying women to chat with you and these women are then sending out the same message automatically to a large amount of men at the exact same time! How is this even legal? This proves even more so that this website is illegitimate. Where have you ever heard of female members sending automated messages to more than one person at the same time and then if you reply to those messages they are paid? These are nothing more than paid employees perpetrating a scam on male members. The great thing is all of this is documented right in their own terms and conditions page so this case is closed shut! angry

The Terms & Conditions Page

Below we've included the most important parts of the terms and conditions page so you can read it for yourself. We include the sections where they talk about the automated messages they send out. And we've included the section where they discuss that they create profiles, and also where they admit that they share revenue with female users of their website. Click on this link to be taken directly to the terms and conditions page  and to the risk notice section to read everything for yourself or you can read it below.

  • Section #7F We may allow our Validated Members (as defined in Section 12 (Suppliers. Validated Members) below) to choose to send the same message (an "Icebreaker") to a number of other Members, who are selected by an automatic algorithm in order to allocate the attention and activity among Members of our Service. You may receive Icebreakers from the same Validated Member more than once. Icebreakers may be sent through the same channels as ordinary messages, including as a chat message and as a letter.
  • Section #11A: We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained and managed by our employees (“Staff Profiles”).

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1 (844) 815-4549
  • Addresses: Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue, 57, Koursaros Court, Flat 201, PC 3076, Limassol, Republic of Cyprus
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Online Support:

Final Decision:

We think we proved our case with this investigation. Obviously this website has not been created for your best interest. The site has been built exclusively so the website owners can make as much money as possible. While they deceive and mislead you by paying female users of the website to interact and send you emails back and forth which cost you money!

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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 Comments 47 comments

  • Shawn says:

     Yes I think so .. fake profiles .. some women say the same thing .. that’s too close for comfort for me . No one knows what we are emailing and texting Ray. . So how are other member saying replaying the same way .. thanks for the info 

    • Antonio says:

      I knew it was a scam when I replied to a Mexican woman in Spanish and she replied in English!?! Lol definitely a scam!

    • David. says:

      The site is nothing but a big money grab . The women are trained to ask and give one and two word responses to keep the credits rolling. It's a sham. 

  • Reed Murrell says:

    Yes indeed! Way to many beautiful ladies and repetitive comments and remarks. Thank you for the information.

    • Richard says:

      I agree with the above gentleman. Many of the women apparently do not have even the basics of the English language. I would be interested to know if anybody has bit the bait and has travelled to meet one or more of these cute chicks and what was their experience. I have a tentative plan to go to Playa del Carmen. Anybody had an experience at that site where they met one of the gals on this web site?

      PS Just report it on this site and I will see it.

    • Richard says:

      I agree with the above gentleman. Many of the women apparently do not have even the basics of the English language. I would be interested to know if anybody has bit the bait and has travelled to meet one or more of these cute chicks and what was their experience. I have a tentative plan to go to Playa del Carmen. Anybody had an experience at that site where they met one of the gals on this web site?

      • jim says:

        seems like all models there talk with many from there all lonely & seem very interested in much older men. answer questions with same I think to get more money here I thought I was mack daddy .yes many beautiful ladies in Playa went thru 800 credits in one wk $ 200. most probably have boyfriends im sure they need lots of money to live there so much 4 honesty & truth

      • jim says:

        talkd with 3 don’t watch videos 50 credits if u buy in bulk $10 per video if not $20 per 4 10 secs. video. getting paid on site ofcource they r going 2 tell u what u want 2 hear damn though I was cool sorry just there job

  • Walter says:

    Latinfeels is definitely a scam. Different women will use the same phrase, make the same comments, use the same sentence, word for word. Then sending you videos which cost 50 credits or $20 US to view? Talking about marriage and having children after exchanging a few messages?

  • Gary says:

    Oh yes I agree..and may the curse of GOD be upon them .I used the sight chatting..the same messages appear over and over.When u try to SEND your email address or cell number-It just appear coming back blank…So Latinfeels is a scam

  • Mike says:

    Girls that look like that do not need a dating site! Of course it’s a scam!

  • Chris says:

    The lay out seems fake. But, I have actually met some of these women in person and they are looking to chat and have fun. So what they often do is join several sites just to chat and have fun. The ones that I have spoken to are real. They might be getting paid, but they are very real ladies.

  • Frank says:

    I wonder why it is so. I spent 50$ everyday on messaging this girls all to no avail. You know the funniest thing is that, when they messaged. You will definitely see it. If you try to send something sensitive like email or sharing your personal contact with that person. I swear, they will blocked it. What a scam. I spent 819$ on Valentine charmarly alongside latinfeels. Thank you for the information.

    • Cliff says:

      Hi Frank, i think you took the wrong approach. I spent 50 bucks to join. I found a woman i wanted to meet. Then i asked the support staff that if I pay them the 3000 credits for the personal information of that women then they would send me her personal information. I asked customer service to confirm the woman was interested in me. One woman kept sending me messages. When i asked customer service to ask “HER” if she was truly interested they said she was not. Do your research first!! Before you spend hundreds of dollars.

      • mike martello says:

        bs the place is a joke over 100 women message me i asked everyone to send a face picture holding a sign saying hello mike not one did it and than the moron answers why they would not do it  here one that half used oh because of my job i cant post picture well moron your picture is already posted here also on this there are more that are lawyers and doctors then in new york city

  • Jay says:

    I’ve lived in Bogota and Quito for awhile. There are really not as beautiful as the website displays Available single women down there rarely go out It’s too dangerous! The putas in red light zones are the best you’ll ever see

  • Dave says:

    I noticed that also several women say the same thing. That’s a red light!!! And when your talking to them they will say what are you doing now!!! Really? WTF
    I’m glad I read all your comments.
    I got out easy couple hundred when I said that’s enough. And then when I tell them I was cancelling they wanted to give me 50 credits to stay!!!
    Live and learn and thank you for investigating this site it is a JOKE!!!

  • Walter Sattler says:

    Agree with the previous comments, and to add, the women purposely answer questions in short one or two word answers, so you have to ask many questions to get a small amount of information. They do this because Latinfeels charges men for each message so the more than can drag out a conversation the better for them.

  • mike says:

    It’s entertainment..at best. No way Paula..the acrcobat or Gia (Gil) who owns a shoe store are really looking..they just talk a good game and want extra income. Can’t blame them..they are hot…just take it for what it is…

  • Gwendolyn says:

    I can`t get in!Stupid!

  • Tucker says:

    Latin women? Many do not even speak Spanish! Total sham.

  • Joe Esparza says:

    I bit , paid the price for contact sharing ,filled out required background form, submitted form , said to take 3 to 5 days . Through a chat room inquired if my app was received ? , yes received but missing passport or drivers lic photo wasn’t attached ! ( in all of outline , never a mention of this being required ! ) . Who wouldn’t require something of this importance if needed ?
    Now they send supposed outline of this from application outline I’ve never ( after reading over multiple times ) run across !

  • Will says:

    What threw me off was the money – to contact a lady you need to have used up 3k credits. I did the math that comes up to about $1,400. Plus sending my ID to some agency that is not tried and tested. No way! Remember if it is too good to be true – it is. Don’t fall for this BS site. Delete your profile and head for the hills.

  • sean barr says:

    I have been on thesite for about 9 days and I am asking ALL who read this to contact me ASAP ([email protected] ) so I can be the organizer , we are going to class action these scumbags and trust me they already suspended my first account and it was because I was abusive to the staff and threatening them with FBI internet fraud action and a class action , the next day my account was refunded the 500 Canadian I had spent. Well I have spent that much again with a different account on one female for theentie time and tonight is the night I use the last of my credts to get herto admit that she has beenlying to me and is being paid ..I am going to video the entire chat as evidence in real time , ALSO I have documented morfe then enough evidence to shut these fucker down for good, which is what needs to happen! I DO NOT TAKE KINDLY TO HAVING MY FUCKING FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS TOYED WITH IN SUCH A WAY !! This world is quickly turning into DOG SHIT SANDWHICH which we are ALL being forcedto take a giant bite of in one way or another! LATIN FEELS . COM is just another example of this ugly SOULESS phenomenon! 

    • Scott says:

      Absolutely these women are  a scam. Ask them for there info and they all want to communicate on that site only. I’m in! Let’s take these fuckers down 

    • Randy says:

      Yeah, sign me up, I lost $19.99. Some of them are really smart. I was telling one about the oil field work I did near my home in Ventura Calif. and she talked about Rockefeller and Standard Oil's strategy in monopolizing production and sales over 100 years ago. My mind was blown because I really hadn't seen a woman that beautiful before while also being so smart (her name was Brillid)

  • Mike says:

    what got my attention is the young ladies who are very rich and are willing to buy me a car and a villa.  right..

  • E.G. says:

    Unfortunate that lonely men end up going there hoping to meet someone to chat with and they don't chat as mentioned they just send you the same stupid questions over and over, nothing of value here, save your money.

  • Tony says:

    A flag came up when one girl who had professional type pictures in her profile said she never had kids and yet there were stretch marks around her tummy which shows that was even phony. I called them and asked about just getting a month subscription and they do not want to sign you up that way. I see more and more it was a scam but almost fell for it, they were that good.

    Question… what site is who they say they are that would be recommended to use when talking with latino girls?


    • Rusty P says:

      I tried Foreign Affair (loveme.com). But I found several of the same girls on their website that were also on Latin Feels. 


      In one case, The primary girl I was interested in had the same name, pictures and profile information. They were both the same age, name, # of children and job types. But another girl that I also had  interests in was a Columbian fashion designer with 1 kid on Latin Feels. However, on Foreign affairs, she was a mother of 2 from Kharkov, Ukraine. But both websites posted identical pictures!  On one website she was Monica from Columbia. On the other, she was Nataliya from The Ukraine.  Hmmmm


      It is possible that Foreign Affair is legitimate and that Latin Feels is just stealing their photographs? Then again, how do you know that they’re not part of the same corporation defrauding people? I don’t know. 


      One bit of advice that i received was that Foreign Affairs is “mostly” legit, but they don’t exercise any control over any of the girls. Once you meet them (online or face to face) they are fee to represent or misrepresent their intentions. So if the girl you meet is asking you for money while chatting, or you fly to Russia to meet her and she tells you that it is customary in Russia for the man to buy the woman a dress on their first date – then run away. You are likely being scammed. Some of those girls might date for free meals, fun and gifts. Just like anywhere else you have to determine what the woman is after (American women are disgustingly, the worst). 


      Another red flag -> young girls hitting on older men.  If a 23yo girl is hitting on a 50 year old man, then it’s time to put the little head away and start thinking with the big one.  All she is after is your resources. That relationship will go nowhere.  Don’t let it happen. 


      The recommendation that that I received is that more success occurs from dating tours (such as those organized by Foreign Affairs). Don’t just fly out to Playa del carmen and think the girl you’ve been chatting with will meet you somewhere. I’ve heard a lot of stories from guys where they did just that and the girl never showed up. They were just playing the guy online. 


      Dating tours are essentially, nothing more than mixers. A company, such as Foreign Affair will setup a mixer at a local hotel or bar. Lots of beautiful and even average women will show up just to meet men. From there, it’s all up to you. 


      Foreign Affairs will even sit the men down and brief them on the customs and cultures of the local area so that they can be better equipped on their trip. As part of the presentation, they will share a few scams that women have pulled in the past so that the men can better avoid them. This approach seems more legit than shopping for a hot girlfriend online. It also seems more legit that average women are showing up as well and it’s just not packed with super hot models. 😉


      I think that this approach gives you a more legitimate opportunity to meet women from the foreign country of your choice. No guarantees are provided that you will find the perfect girl. But in the end, nothing replaces the actual face to face meeting and interaction with that potential love interest. At the same time, it allows you to gauge her reciprocal interests and observe her reactions to you first hand. This is a much better approach than when simply chatting online. 


      Good Luck!

  • Will says:

    I spent 10 days on site. Put my email addy where you put occupation. Worked for a few weeks. Several women contacted me thru email. One girl stuck out immediately and she came up here for two weeks and had a blast. Visiting her next month. 

    Ps. She’s loaded and wanted to buy me new car when she was here. Cheers

  • Richsrd says:

    Shame assholes run scams like this nerd to be sued for fraud along with fake bitches u can't trust any one damn shame 

  • Jeff says:

    So funny. I suppose there’s no reason to feel foolish, until you find out just how fooled you’ve been, huh! Damn, what a rip off. I guess I can take some consolation in that I only spent $2.50 to engaged in enough bull shit chats to realize just how thick the bull shot was, LOL — like having 50 twenty-something year olds messaging me to rub my feet wasn’t hint enough. Hey, that’s the world gentlemen. Sad! Thank you for your due diligence, it was somewhat satisfying to have my immediate suspicions validated about this grift hole. 

  • John says:

    Immediately innundated with very attractive ladies wishing to talk. I never even filled out my profile yet they send messages saying they loved my profile and images. ?? Lol

    3 women with different names wrote identical introductions and 2 others used the same pictures but claimed to be different people.

    If you challenge them they immediatly stop communicating.

    My opinion, maybe some genuine ladies here but too risky and too expensive to spend time hunting for them

  • Larry says:

    Do not spend one penny with these scam bags. I posted no picture or info but sgned up free. Hunders of emails pretty ladys all fake. I wrote there custmer help told them so thinking they dont like to hear it. There sites need to be shut down

  • Jonathan says:

    Thanks for the information which helped me to realize how much of an emotional and monetary scam this website is.  All that has been said in this forum is absolutely correct! With my last credits I am going to have a lot of fun. Knowing what I do now.  Thank you all!

  • Larry says:

    Latin feels total scam should be shut down . 

  • james crawford says:

    I asked several women to write my name on a piece of paper, hold it in front of them, take a photo and send it to me. Not one would do that

  • Wil says:

    One was taken down in China 2 days ago. They were arrested computers etc confiscated. On this, there are next!

  • ROB says:

    this site is total scam – I just joined (to view only) and found many of the same "Profiles" that I wasted money on from the scamming site AMOLATINA (SOME EVEN UNDER DIFFERENT NAME BUT SAME PICTURES ) Now I understand when amolatina said all the ladies are real (yes real ladies pictures and verified to send out messages by someone yet you will never communicate offsite with "Profiles" let alone ever meet them

  • mike martello says:

    i travel all over the world for work i would look up a place to meet in there town tell them when i got there not one showed up and thet contacted me  i did contact them

  • EVil says:

    the website latinfeels.com i investigate….there is just 1 user randomized……..USER0. All the girls are just 1 user.

  • Terry says:

    Been on the sight don't mind spending not to be bored but I've noticed the fake ones will tell you good letter but they never read it I talked major shit in one to her she told me it was a very beautiful letter .still writes now but I did meet one that I did enjoy talking with we did both on sight and off but when I said I was leaving the sight I hot my last email stating she is under contract and can't talk to me off sight we have been communicating for some time off sight they must of contacted her or she works for them not sure but I would have went to go get her 

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