Sneaky Tactics Exposed: Learn The Blunt Truth About Being A Con

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Website Details:


  • $4.23 will cost you 3 day trial monthly membership will renew at $39.99 a month.
  • It will cost you $19.50 to buy a monthly subscription.
  • It will cost you $32.40 to purchase a 3 month subscription.
  • It will cost you $52.50 to purchase a 6 month subscription.


Together Networks (a large dating network) is responsible for over 120 different dating sites! Today's focus is on Some of the sites owned by Together Networks includes,,,, and Every single site that we've ever reviewed from the Together Networks has always turned out to be misleading and untrustworthy.

We're giving Flirty Mature the benefit of the doubt as we always do when investigating online dating services. To give you the most detailed review possible we have registered on the dating service as a free member so we could conduct a thorough and proper investigation. All of our findings including any evidence and proof of wrongdoing is available below in our report.

This Site Uses An "Automated Pop Up Notification System" To Dupe People

What usually happens with dating sites owned by Together Networks (in the past) is that shortly after joining their dating sites we were always inundated with email messages and flirts on the website. These flirts and emails are always phony and aren't being emailed from real female members. In the past automated bots we're used to send phony emails to people joining their over 100 different dating sites. On we haven't received any computer-generated instant messages (so far). But we do have evidence that the website is still involved and is still using automated emails and instant chat messages.

On the terms and conditions page in secton #1 surprisingly they discuss the use of an automatic pop-up notification system that is used to send emails to people. The even admit that these automatically generated emails require you to have an upgraded paid monthly membership so you can actually read the emails. You cannot read messages unless you have a paid monthly subscription. Trying to read emails with a free membership is impossible you have to upgrade to be able to read them.

The reason we're pointing all of this out is because it's very misleading for people who register on and subsequently start receiving messages and flirts from women on the site. Many people are ignorant to the fact that misleading dating services such as FlirtyMature are involved in the use of computer software programs to send people computer-generated messages. Unsavvy web users believe they are corresponding with real local women who want to meet them. So, they have no problem pulling out their credit card and purchasing a paid membership because they think they're going to get laid. What ends up happening is absolutely nothing. They receive the email messages and they pay the monthly membership to read the emails. Then they try to email these women back but what happens is of course they never end up meeting these women in person because all of this is an illusion. It's an imaginary dating service that tries to make you believe that real females want to have sex with you all you need to do is purchase a paid membership, it's all a farce!

Are Fake Profiles Being Created By The Staff Of

With dating sites owned by Together Networks such as (which has been around for almost a decade) they would admit to creating profiles. In the terms and conditions page of BeNaughty they would openly admit that they were responsible for creating profiles. With newer dating sites such as this one they have updated terms and conditions page and taken out the paragraph where they discuss that they're fabricating profiles. Does that mean they have stopped creating profiles or are they just hiding the fact that they're building phony profile pages? We don't know the answer to that but if history is any lesson then they're still involved in the mass creation of fictitious profiles of females.

We Found Fake Dating Profiles Being Used On Flirt Mature

Below we've included at least two female profiles that we can prove are most likely fake. We cannot prove if the website is responsible for creating these bogus profiles or if romance scammers are behind them. But both of the profiles shown below are using images of beautiful females that we found hosted on other websites. Why this is important to point out is because many times fictitious dating services will grab images of attractive looking females from other websites and then build a fake profile page with that photograph. This is not the only dating site to do this, almost all dating sites that we've exposed for fraud are responsible for creating fake profiles on their own website.

We've used a software program called Tin Eye that does something called reverse image searches. A reverse image search is when you conduct a web search on a photograph. With this software it can identify where the photo you're searching for is found on other websites.

(Fake profile using an image found on another site)


(Fake profile using an image found on another site)


Excerpts From The Terms And Conditions

We have included excerpts from the terms and conditions page as evidence. In Section 1 of the terms and conditions page they talk about using an "automated notification system" as well as sending people automated emails and instant messages. They admit that they automatically create and sent instant messages and emails to their members! You are required to upgrade to a paid premium membership in order to read the emails or the instant messages. You can read those two paragraphs below or click on this link and go to section 1 of the terms and conditions page to read it directly on the flirting mature.Com website.

  1. To boost interaction between our members and in order to notify them of newly registered matches and any activity of that new user (i.e. registration, photo upload etc.), we may, from time to time, use an automatic pop up notification system and other communication channels e.g. inbox or instant messages to send Activity Alerts to you.

  2. Some auto generated Activity Alerts may require an upgraded Paid Membership in order to see the content of message and reply to it.

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information:

Final Decision:

Based on the fact that FlirtyMature is owned by Together Networks and they have (in our opinion) a bad reputation we would never use them. And then you also combine that with the fact that they openly confess that they send automated emails and chat messages to people why would anyone want to purchase a paid subscription on the website?  

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 25 comments

  • Jim says:

    They're all a scam in one way or another.


    The two sites you say are legit are owned by adultfiendfinder and did you ever try deleting your account on that site?

    Nightmare. I'm not saying refuting the charges. Just ending your account! Redirects etc. is pure shit too.

    All the chicks want to do is txt dirty. Why? Because even after paying to be a "Gold" member you still have to buy tokens to talk.


    Its all lame

    • Ross says:

      Ladies you have been warned !! Ross Turrell is not to be trusted he is a user an adulterous so called human being  , he works in finance in London , stay away 

  • Kenneth says:

    YESflirtymature is a con spent £!00 s of pounds onit what a con they should be stopped and prosecuted for fraud by deception,ken

    • d paskiewicz says:

      I hate the site…no audible notifications…allways have to check phone…scamers want you to open links…ha ha.messages are delayed.night mare of a site

  • Alan says:

    Attractive women with highly implausible names, which, amazingly, change on a regular basis to some other phantom female. All within a few miles. If these women exist in my locale it is more than highly probable that I would encounter them on my perigrinations, yes? No! This site, and all those like it are simply money grabbing sites.

    The better option. Get yourself out and about, decent pubs and bars, even the better class of supermarkrt will give you a higher pissibilpos of scoring with an attractive woman.

  • Michale R says:

    I don’t know how they got my email I’d.i am spammed with 20 messages everyday with pop up notifications flooding my mailbox. And the worst is the site uses all possible Whats to induce you to subscribe, often with machine created messages. You can see from the time of emails that messages are dead of midnight, early morning and midday with no connectivity to normal human behavior , unless the lady is a pervert and got an itch 24/7. LOL. I had to blink the sender I’d and report it as a spammer

  • Ed says:

    RE: FlirtyMature i suspect that even the women that I have chatted with for days are actually paid employees of the site. They have profiles that say they are within 5 miles of my house but anytime i suggest meeting in person they delay, never saying no, just maybe next week and then keep chatting with me.   Plus, I am used to lots of rejection on dating sites and these women are way too easy to please.  They are nice and flurty even wthe ones that are allegedly much younger than I am and I have not had that experience in the past….its' such a ripe off

  • Dave says:

    Yes.  I did research on this site and it got nice reviews.  Couldn't use my debit or credit card cause they're not in US.  Surprise surprise.   Even had local unattractive wink at me before signing up.  I got one month for the $19.  Small price for lesson learned.  Got it to go through after calling my cc company to open it up for this transaction only so at least i won't get charged again.   Oh well.  

  • Rob says:

    This site is total shit,  It is TOTALLY AI (artificail Intelligence) and if you don't believe me try to chat and you can make it not know what to do or say with a couple of well thought out questions.

  • Dave says:

    Tried that site Passion just for giggles and says my zip code is invalid. LOL 

  • Troy says:

    Oh I thought it was a scam also but I know some of the women on there so it's is not a complete scam

    • Mark says:

      Hi Troy how you no the real ones, I have one who game me her whatsapp we talk but all she wants is the safety id badge do you think she’s fake

  • Anrew says:

    Just to add, i took the  3 day trail offer with Flirty Matures, and sure enough i realised i was set up with fake attractions from "women" age range from 20 to 75, so i went to  cancel repeat billing, long process, but at the  end it says "do you still want to cancel" so i ticked the box to cancelmy repeat billing,it didnt  acknowledge my request, so i repeated the action 3 times, all 24 hours before my 3 day trail was due to expire,and sure enough  another $44.00 payment was taken on the  17/12/2019 i will go to my bank and see if i can get a refund and cancel all future requests from the site.

    • James Bond says:

      Never, never give a site like that your credit card information. They will rip you off. They are individuals overseas and they don’t care if they cheat you or anyone else. Because your probably not going to chase your 50.00 dollars or even 100.00 dollars to Indonesia, nigeria, or any of the other scam locations overseas are you? And they know it!

  • Mark says:

    Hi a beautiful woman gave me her whatsapp all she wants me to do is buy the safety badge so we can meet I haven’t bought it it feels like a scam but I have checked out the phone and location do match her profile details I want her to be real and not employed by the company

  • Jeffrey ray says:

    All these guys are telling the truth thru got me forabout90 bucks aroused. Some lady’s and it looked like messaged them first time I saw profile there was all ready a message it crooked

  • Jeffrey Ray says:

    Flirty matures. An wantmatures are connected be where

  • L D says:

    How this is allowed to continue is beyond me the law states that a petty theft is personal gain without the intent to return it under false pretenses that’s exactly what these guys are doing how old is allowed to continue after this company is brought to the Limelight is amazing and it shows you what the system is all about today and how it’s breaking down

  • Joe says:

    Yes, they appear to have a bunch of sites with a common database. I spend a little money to get started and messages some ‘women’. All replied are similar is nature and are worded to get you to reply more and more. Since each message costs you about $2, it adds up fast. Because of the cost, I give an email address and a number to text to. Every single ‘woman’ responded with a remark to the effect that she is more comfortable there on the site and asked questions trying to illicit a response. Not one actually contacted me by the alternate means. Based on my experience at other sites, this is atypical. I am assuming the responses are from bots, especially since one time that I enclosed a pic of a text response – because they limit you to 500 characters, and I received no reply. I don’t think the bots do OCR. I am sure they don’t worry about being reported to the authorities as most guys don’t want to be admit to using a site like this, but all in all, the operators of this site are committing Fraud.

  • Wayne Ferguson says:

    The site also insists, on pain of $500 fines that all members must br verified as “real, genuine” members if they want to be allowed to talk to or meet with Genuine Female Members. For this “administrative” service you must supply a valid credit card number or purchase a $100 vanilla Mastercard. If one has paid a membership fee, should that not make them a verified member? When it gets too drawn out, one is given a 15 minute window to comply or face a fine. One is charged $45 for a monthly membership and then expected to pay more to prove what an upstanding member one is. Time to call bullshit.

  • James poole says:

    I don’t paid for it idle once and had credit card forge

  • Gail says:

    I know for a fact my husband is on this site and I know he fucked a girl behind my back and I’m the Wife and I really want him to know that our marriage is over

    • Gail says:

      I do have her information and I did contact her and this is so DISRESPECTFUL Husband and the rest of the girls you fucked behind my back and I never will cheat on you, your the one who cheats in our marriage

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