Review: You Can’t Meet Locals On Because It’s All A Fraud

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How SnapLocalz Dupes Men With Pretend Profiles

This is a review on a website called If you want to know the truth about this website I explain exactly how this dating site cons people into buying monthly memberships that are completely worthless.

On the front page of SnapLocalz it says “by creating a profile you agree to the terms and use of fantasy cuties which may contact me for entertainment purposes, updates and offers”.

What Is A Fantasy Cutie?

This phrase was on the front page of SnapLocalz.

This phrase explains it all:

“I acknowledge that fantasy cuties are member profiles who may contact me for entertainment purposes updates and offers. Fantasy Cuties are member profiles operated by independent contractors hired by the site and are provided for your entertainment pleasure to enhance online companionship but will not result in a date. Fantasy Cuties status is a denoted with a yellow star”, so right there they’re telling you that they have dating profiles on this website operated by contractors! Why would any dating profiles be operated by some kind of contractor? A contractor is someone who is paid to provide a service, so why exactly are they operating and running profiles on a dating website?

These independent contractors actually are getting paid to chat with you! It’s all a scam and not legitimate at all.

The Terms & Conditions Even Admit This Site Is Bogus

So let’s read the terms and conditions page it says “this site utilizes fantasy profiles identify as Fantasy Cuties, you comprehend acknowledge and agree that some of the profiles listed to this site may be operated by our site or third-party contractors and are fictitious” meaning they’re fake! So the fantasy profiles aka Fantasy Cuties are fake these profiles are labelled with a Fantasy Cuties logo. “You further comprehend, acknowledge and agree the Fantasy Cutie profiles may contact free and paid users with computer generated interactions, you comprehend acknowledge and agree no in person meeting will ever happen between you and the people providing the Fantasy Cuties functionality.”

Snap Localz is all totally bogus from start to finish, all the women on the site are fake, all the pictures are taken from adult image sites and all they do is create phony dating profiles. Many guys think it’s real, they get messages from these women they try to reply but they have to upgrade in order to read or reply to messages. That’s how they make money in a nutshell so please stay away from Snap Localz.

What you need to understand is the people behind these type of websites are nothing but cybercriminals, and we’ve been exposing them for years. They’ve been creating these kind of fraudulent, fake hookup sites for at least the last five years if not longer. There are many other sites that they operate including,,, and many other phony hookup sites

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Where Do You Meet Real Local Women?

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  • Jerry carroll says:

    Looking for a third to join us me and my girl

  • Andrew says:

    Completely agry – they scammed me on $1000 and I am going to sue them

  • andrew frasca says:

    i dont care i just want to get laid

  • Rich says:

    How can we meet up

  • Jasmine says:

    Awsome he should get what he wants post it web address and all so he gets what he wants

  • Dennis says:

    Yes they definitely need to do something im out about 700 all together and aint got laid yet

  • Dennis says:

    I hope this site is better

  • Richard says:

    Where do these fake sites get all those pictures of naked women????

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