Shocking Review: Is Doing Everything Possible To Scam Their Web Users

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Website Details:


  • 1 day trial membership that renews at $39.95.


Today we're focusing on a website called This is a popular dating service, so we went undercover as members of the website to see if the site was a legitimate place to interact with real females (or a scam). Many times the most popular dating services are the most fraudulent. Just because a website has thousands of visitors visiting it doesn't mean it's a real place to find real females. Many times all those visitors are themselves getting tricked into visiting the website.

We've done hundreds of reviews so we know what we're talking about. With all our experience investigating websites it takes us no time to spot a dating scam. If you want to know the truth about HushLove you can read our full review below.

Fake Chat Messages & Emails Used To Dupe You Into Upgrading

 It didn't take long for things to fall into place for investigation. After registering on the site and logging into the members areas that's when things started going south. We were getting bombarded minute by minute with tons of chat messages. Beautiful girl after beautiful girl was sending us messages but why? You might be thinking what's there to complain about hot looking girls are messaging you and they want to hook up. That's what they want you to believe, the owners of the website want us to think these are legitimate women sending us real messages and emails. Unfortunately we know for a fact that the email and instant messages aren't real. These emails and all messages on Hush Love are fraudulent. Every single form of communications on this site is phony. These shysters use high-tech AI chatbots to send people who join their website fictitious messages. But, to the untrained eye they look legit. But they're not real, these messages are generated by a computer chatbot and then automatically sent to anyone who joins their website. You're interacting with computer programs folks! These aren't real women located in your community that want to hook up and have sex with you. It's all a big fraud.

Why Are They Sending People Fake Messages?

The sole reason behind sending phony chat messages to men who join the site is because if you want to communicate with anybody on the site including fake profiles and automated chat bots you need to upgrade and purchase a membership. The membership is a one-day trial which automatically renews at $39.95 per month every single month until you cancel it.

You can take a look at the screenshot that we provided below showing just a very small sample of the messages that we received. You can also see the women in the profiles sending those messages. All of this is a mirage, none of it's real and everything is used to get you to pull out your credit card and purchase a membership on this faux dating service.

Surprisingly in section 6 of the terms and conditions page they openly admit that responds to your communications through employees, agents or chat box that impersonate the person in the profile.

*** Also something else to know. We've already received 25 fake email and instant messages in a span of 3 hours of being a member of the website.

(A screenshot of the fake chat messages that are being sent to us from automated AI chatbots.)

Fake Chat Messages & Emails Used To Dupe You Into Upgrading

 If you take a look at the screenshot that we've provided you below you'll see circled in red says "My Profile". This was the profile we created for this investigation. It was completely empty, we never uploaded a single picture to the profile page on purpose. The reason behind not uploading any photos was to see if we would get any emails or chat messages from women on the site. If we did get messages then we knew something was fishy.

 Why would any women want to contact a guy who has no photographs on his profile, it doesn't make any sense until you realize that all the profiles are make believe.

(A screenshot of the empty profile page used in this investigation.)

Fake Females Used To Lure You Into Buying A Monthly Membership

Another important piece of information also found in section 6 of the terms and conditions page is where they admit that some members of the website are actually persons created by employees or agents of Hush Love. What does that tell us? It tells us that this website is openly admitting that they're responsible for fabricating and creating untold amounts of fictitious profiles on their own dating platform.

If you've been on you can see the amount of attractive women on the site is highly unbelievable. Why is it that all these pornstar look-alikes have joined this specific website to meet men. These are the kind of women would have absolutely no problem meeting men but for some reason all of them have joined this website, why? The answer is of course none of these women are legitimate members of the website. These are all fake profiles created by the staff or third-party contractors that are paid to create these pretend profile pages.

And, if you try to communicate and email these women back you can't until you pay a monthly membership fee of $39.95. Below you can see a screenshot of the supposed "Hotties Near You" as well as the women online now. It's pretty ridiculous when every single girl is a 9 out of 10. How anyone falls for this scam is hard to understand.

(A screenshot of the fake profiles on Hush Love.)

You Must Agree That The Site Uses Fake Profiles

The site has already admitted that they're responsible for building the pretend profile pages so we wanted to find out where they were getting photos of these attractive looking women. We've included four different female profiles and every single one of those profiles is fake and we've included links where those exact same profile pictures were taken from. What they do is they either copy or steal images of hot looking girls from various websites and then they have their army of employees who create possibly thousands of pretend profiles that are littered all over their site.

(Fake female profile found on numerous other websites that are listed below.)


(This beautiful brunette is not a member of rush love, this is a fake profile.)


(This brunette in a bikini is yet another fake profile. You can see the links where you can see the exact same photograph on other websites.)


(Yet another fake profile of a blond female taking a selfie of herself.)

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Agents / 3rd Party Contractors Are Paid To Lie To You & Scam You

Also found a terms and conditions pages where the website admits that they actually have "agents" also known as third-party contractors who are paid to chat with you. These individuals receive financial compensation to string you along, deceive you, lie to you all in an effort to get you to upgrade and purchase a monthly subscription package to the website. These people are paid actors who are paid to act like they're interested in you. They have no interest in you, they aren't even the people in the profile pictures it's someone completely different and chances are they're not even female! 😡

The Terms And Conditions Tell Us They Create Fake Profiles

This is the last piece of evidence that we have for this investigation. It is the most important piece of evidence that shows and proves without any shadow of a doubt that is a scam and was created only for one reason and that is to deceive you and rip you off. The terms and conditions page is where the most important evidence lies because it's found directly on their website. This is where the owners of the website admit That members of the website are actually people that have been created by employees or third-party agents of Hush Love. They also admit that employees and third-party agents or automated AI chatbots to send you communications such as emails and chat messages. You can read the most important parts of the terms and conditions page below or click on this link and visit section 6 of the terms page.


Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1-888-481-5041,  1-888-610-3870 (these support phone numbers seems to change constantly)
  • Addresses: Calypso Trail LTD – 278 Lee High Road, London SE13 5PJ United Kingdom
    Porkpie Ventures Inc. – 260 Madison Avenue, 8th Floor New York, NY 10016 USA
  • Email: [email protected], [email protected]
  • Web Page:
  • Billing Issues:

Final Decision: is nothing more than an online fraud operation using a dating site to get your credit card information so they can charge your credit card a monthly membership fee of $39.95 per month. This website was never intended to bring people together. Please share this information all over the internet!

Search For Females:

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • bob says:

    Hey I need help with girls can you help me

  • Kenneth says:

    Yeah Bob they’re all fake

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  • R. Marr says:

    so I walk by my son who is 14 and on the couch with his laptop. I notice he's not on facebook or whatsapp. I see a lot of sexist ads and many chat windows popping up and imediately a red flag came up that he was on a hookup site. then I see a memo note with my wife's name  a long line of numbers and expiration date etc. He had her credit card info. I guess he had the info for ordering online gaming sites but this was different. I quickly took the lap top and asked him if he had made an account and paid with mum's credit card. He denied it at first but then owned up to only  ordering and paying the $1 one day fee. I looked at the details of thge different time and pay  pakages and the dollar deal was only good if you cancel the account the very same day. If not you get charged $39.99 per month and it will continue on and on until cancelation of the account. Well there was a contact number and I called and to my surprise a lady answered in a foreign accent and then was transfered to a  different rep a man.  I quickly had a serious tone in my voice that was clearly not happy about this transaction. He did his song and dance scam on me and I told him I will be calling mastercard and telling them we didn't order the account. My minor son did and it will be null and void at that moment. I also ordered him to cancel the dollar charge  too. He asked for my son's email account and mine as well as the names etc and he was going to cancel the entire package with no charges. I am still gonna call mastercard and tell them to look out for this scam company. I figured if we didnt get to talk to them we would of been  charged for months. The rep changed his attitude when I told him it was my 14 yr old boy that ordered it and he gotten a hold of his mothers info on her card etc. I stayed firm with my protest and everything was taken care of, we hope. My son wasnt on there for more than 30 min's and we acted fast and dilligent to get off the sinking ship asap. I cant even imagine if we got a statement 4 or 5 weeks later swith continueing charges. Always go over your bill and never give young teens your credit card info no matter what.












  • kevin says:

    hello, i the site dont work i tryed to log in it not working

  • Jay Bird says:

    I had first hand experience with a "Brazilian Hot Women Want You for Marriage" type of website earlier this year. I paid for the cheapest trial offer, i think is was $9.99. Immediately after creating my profile with my photos I was getting instant messages from these beautiful Victorias's Secret type of 25 to 30 yr old hot babes. They're pictures were all perfectly taken with airbrushed quality and they all had degrees and were either nurses or teachers. From the beginning, at least 4 or 5 started with "Hi darling, what do you want in a woman?" and "I love your picture, are you searching for love or romance?" Then after scrolling down the potential Brazilian babes, I noticed every picture was a James Bond woman type, a 10 out of 10 beautiful model type. Then being a photographer myself, I picked up on the fact that every picture was taken with the exact camera or they used the same color filtration because the colors were exactly the same.This was after I was communicating with 1 or 2 fake Brazilian babes. The scam was you had to pay for more chat time, which I did, like a bonehead. I think they scammed me for $39.95, which they stated was non refundable. After about 10 minutes I cancelled my subscription and i even called their customer service toll free #, they were from Texas. This woman told me i was not going to be charged anymore and my credit card information was going to be deleted. 

  • Samwel says:


  • Peter says:

    Huslove is fake so pls dont bother yourself to join

  • Petet says:

    Hushlove is fake so pls dont bother to join

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