Is Still Conning Guys? Read This Updated 2019 Review

 May, 17 - 2019   1 comment   ReviewsScams

Here we are again talking about Many people are still wondering if this site has changed their ways. We receive comments from people wantING to know if HushLove is legitimate. We took another quick look at the website and from the looks of it nothing has changed. The website is still admitting to creating profiles, they also admit that they respond to emails using these bogus dating accounts through their employees, third-party contractors and even using high-tech chatbots.

It’s a little bit repetitive to go over the same evidence from seven months ago but here we are again telling you do not trust this website! This website might look real, it might look like a real dating service but it’s not guys. The site from day one has been created with one goal in mind and that is to mislead men into joining the site and then upgrading to paid monthly memberships.

Like we said in the original review that we did you can find all the information that you want in the terms and conditions page. They actually tell us what they’re doing in black-and-white. This is no deep secret, it’s just that they understand most people will never take the time to read the terms and conditions page so that’s exactly where they hide how their site operates. They didn’t expect to run into our investigative team who read everything word for word.

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