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Website Details:


  • 8 credits will cost you £ 7, 99.
  • 25 credits will cost you £ 22, 49.
  • 50 credits will cost you £ 39, 99.
  • 100 credits will cost you £ 79, 99.
  • 300 credits will cost you £ 219, 99.


  • Inbox: Read emails and send emails from this section.
  • Matches: See your matches in this area of the site.
  • Search: Search for members based on age, gender, location, with pictures etc.
  • Favorites: Add your favorite members to this section.
  • Hot Or Not: Choose which women are hot and which a not.


LocalFlirtMatches.com is a site built to bring people together but is it really? Not everything is as it seems, just because LocalFlirtMatches looks real doesn't mean it is. How hard is it to create a dating site that appears to have real women. As you will see in this investigation, we break through all the fluff, all the lies to give you real proof and evidence of what's really going on that the owners of this "dating service" don't want you to know.

The first thing you need to know is that this site is associated with a slew of sites involved in deception and lies that include AussieMatureContacts.com, 40PlusMarket.com, and Meet40Plus.com. We are constantly on the look out for dating scams and today we focus on Local Flirt Matches. Please read the full investigation with all the proof you need that will show you that Local Flirt Matches is indeed a full blown scam.

41 Bogus Email Messages From Computer Bots Not Real Female Members

How the hell does a person with no photo in their profile get 41 email messages? Is this the real world or just a fantasy?  This might lead you to believe that LocalFlirtMatches is the number one place to hookup with women seeking sex. But unfortunately when something sounds too good to be true it always is.We've heard it time and time again "when something sounds too good to be true it always is" and it should stick with you because in most cases this is the truth.

If we're not getting 41 emails from women then what the hell is really going on here? Let's break it down for you. These 41 emails as much as we would like to believe are legitimate messages coming from horny local girls is simply not the fact. The truth of the matter is that like hundreds of fake dating sites that we've exposed over the years Local Flirt Matches is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. They're using high-tech sophisticated computer software systems called bots which is an abbreviation for robots. These bots have been built specifically to scam people. They are designed to send people misleading email messages that look like they're being sent from real women. All of this is a big scam. If or when you try to respond to those emails you can't do so until you purchase credits. This is the only reason you're getting these phony emails because they want your money so they have to deceive you, manipulate you and trick you into buying paid credits to email non-existent women.

In section 3.9 of the terms they state that they have the "right to send messages by the self-created profiles". What this tells us is that they know full well (and of course they do) that they are sending phony messages from fake profiles that they are responsible for creating.

(41 emails all of which are fake.)

LocalFlirtMatches Is Responsible For Creating "Fictive" (Fake) Profiles

Unfortunately you've been duped into believing that any of the women on the site are real members. Local Flirt Matches does its best to make you believe that they have thousands of hot, horny females ready to pounce on any guy that joins the website. They want you to believe this because they make money off of the fact that they are deceiving you. All the women you see on this site are almost all illegitimate. These female members even though they look like they're real, and have photos in their profiles and personal information like you would see in a real dating profile are in fact completely phony. Nothing in the profiles is legit. Everything has been created by the staff or employees of the website.

They build fake dating profiles to lure lonely and horny men into buying paid credits to interact and communicate with these fictitious female profiles. Luckily for our investigation they have confessed to the truth that they are responsible for creating these profiles. And in section 6 4 of the website they state that you must be aware and agree that they use fictive profiles. That's really all the evidence you need to prove that this site is a complete fraud. It's all found in the terms and conditions page written by them!

Who Would Contact A Profile With No Photos In It?

A valid question, what women would go out of their way to email a guy who doesn't have any pictures in his profile? The first thing anyone does when they join a dating service is to scour through and search profiles of people located in their community. The last thing they would do is send emails to a dating profile doesn't have any pictures in it. Human beings are visual creatures and the first form of interaction is visually done. Either in real life or by viewing photographs. For dating profiles that don't have any pictures the response should be very low. In other words we shouldn't be getting 41 email messages when the dating profile we have created for this investigation doesn't have a single photo in it!  On top of that we don't have any information. Why then are we getting 41 different email messages? And of course the answer is that all of the emails are automated and there aren't real women sending us those messages. The computer-generated emails are simply a tactic to get people to buy credits.

And the fact that our profile is void of even a single photograph just proves how much of a scam LocalFlirtMatches.com is! The site is completely rigged and really should be shut down by law enforcement but the chances of that happening are very unlikely.

(Screen shot of our blank profile used for this investigation.)

All The Proof You Need Is Found In The Terms Page

Probably one of the stupidest things you can do when you're involved in criminal activity is to write paragraphs and details explaining exactly what you're up to. But this is not the first time we've come across this. In fact many phony dating sites outline exactly how they defrauded and rip off the general public on their terms and conditions page.LocalFlirtMatches.com is no different and they confess and even explain what they're up to. They confess that they use fictive profiles that will never bring physical meeting between members. They also confessed to sending messages from these fictitious profiles that they are responsible for creating. All of this is found on their own website if you can believe that. It's found in the terms and conditions page you can click on this link (visit section 3.9 & 6.4) to be taken directly to it.

  1. 6.4 This Website or Service is for adult entertainment purposes; it is not our aim to bring physical appointments/contact between members. User is aware and agrees that we may use moderated and fictive profiles for online adult entertainment purposes. Festivus Media BV expressly reserves the right to send messages to this site by self-created profiles. Physical contact with these fictive profiles is not possible. Festivus Media BV denies itselves of all liability to the extent that is allowed by the law and assumes no warranty for any kind of damage or inconvenience caused by the Service.

  2. 3.9 Festivus Media BV explicitly reserves the right to create profiles on the Platform and to send messages to the User on behalf of these accounts. By accepting these Conditions of Use, the User understands and accepts that some of the profiles on the Platform are therefore fictitious and they have been created only to exchange Messages with; real-life meetings are not possible for such Accounts.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 1848, 1000Bv Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: ns1.mijndnsserver.nl, ns2.mijndnsserver.nl, ns3.mijndnsserver.nl, ns4.mijndnsserver.nl

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

With all the evidence that we have given in this review you should now be able to see a clear picture of fraud. This isn't a legit dating service and was never intended to be to a real hookup site. It was a scam from the very beginning. If you have experience with LocalFlirtMatches.com please leave your comment below. We need all the help we can get, this is a fight between wrong and right, good and evil. Do your part to expose this criminal organization.

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  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 4 comments

  • Melville Jackson says:

    Thank you for this very informative material, I suspected as much because of the unusual volume of messages I received as soon as I set up a profile with no details supplied – exactly as you describe (but I still fell for an initial trial of 5 credits for £4, not the end of the world provided they can't get go on to charge my credit card for further unauthorised purchases).

    I agree: sites like this should be exposed and closed down.

  • Tony Conlin says:

    Muffins here has paid £86.00 into this before I saw this and now I feel such a fool such a bloody fool it was a bit of fun for me really I just responded to the messages in the way I thought that was required thank God I never asked to meet anyone or asked them for phone numbers and e mail addresses prob is I've got roughly 30 credits so I'm just going to use them up and then pull the plug what an arsehole I am eh 

  • Emilnotts says:

    Hey I spend over £ 200 on this site. Never meet any one, all lady’s did reply to me but thay always say how much they like the way I looking , how much they enjoying chetting with me but never want to meet me they just want chat and chat for long time. Can any one tell me please those lady’s are really or they are working for this site I meen  chatting with horny man making giving them hope about the hookup ? 

  • […] BV and all of them were frauds. 45PlusContact.com, LocalMatureClub.com, NaughtyMatureFlirts.com, LocalFlirtMatches.com, and AussieMatureContacts.com are all run by¬†Festivus Media […]

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