Our Review Proves That MyDirtyFling.com Knowingly Uses Fictive Profiles To Con People

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Website Details:


  • 10 credits will enable you to send 10 messages that will cost you £ 15,00 ( £1,50 / message).
  • 25 credits will enable you to send 25 messages that will cost you £ 35,00 ( £1,40 / message).
  • 50 credits will enable you to send 50 messages that will cost you £ 65,00 ( £1,30 / message).
  • 100 credits will enable you to send messages that will cost you s £ 120,00 ( £1,20 / message).
  • 200 credits will enable you to send messages that will cost you £ 200,00 ( £1,00 / message).


  • Messages: Read and reply to messages from other members. This is a credit based service that will cost you for every email you read or reply to.
  • My Profile: Add all your personal info here including your photos etc.
  • Match Game: Choose which women are hot and which ones are not.
  • Visitors: See all the women that have visited your profile.
  • Speed Dial: This is where you add profiles that you're interested in.
  • Members Gallery: This section shows all the members based on your search criteria.
  • Media Gallery: You can see photos sent to you from other members.


MyDirtyFling.com has connections to a slew of of less that reputable "dating sites". This list incudes TastyFuck.com, EasyDiscreet.com, LocalFlirtAlert.com, UKSexFlirts.com, and ShagCity.co.uk (to name a few). The reason we're pointing out the dating sites associated with MyDirtyFling is to build a case as to why it's not a legitimate place to meet real women. MyDirtyFling.com is associated with all the sites listed above. These are all cookie cutter dating sites that share the same database of members but just using different domain names. As we will prove in this investigation My Dirty Fling is a fictitious site. We can back up our claims with clear cut  proof of misleading and deceptive business tactics. If you want to know the truth about this website please read the full review below.

Who Would Contact A Guy With No Photos On His Profile Page?

An empty profile page. We always create a profile page that is void of any photos or information. The reason we do this is to outsmart the computer bots (software applications that runs automated tasks such as sending emails to people). These bots try to trick us into buying paid memberships on phony dating services like MyDirtyFling.com.

If you take a look at the screenshot that we provided of our profile page you will see that we don't have any photos and there's no personal information but that still didn't stop us from getting over a hundred different messages from women who look like pornstars. How is this even possible? What female would bother wasting time emailing a guy who doesn't have a single photo on his profile page? Human beings are visual creatures. The first thing anyone does when they go on a dating site is to search for the person that they are visually attracted to the most. We have no pictures so then how is it then possible to get over a hundred different emails from porn model looking women? We will give you the answer in the next section of this investigation.

Logically speaking we shouldn't even get one email message, nevermind over 100! It makes absolutely no sense and even if you've never used online dating services before most people can see right through this blatant scam.

(Screen shot of the profile page we created for this investigation.)

Over 100 Computer Generated Sham Email Messages

We've included a screenshot of our email page showing that we received over 100 plus emails! As we've already mentioned it's absolutely ridiculous and preposterous that we've gotten so many messages when our profile page has no photos showing wo we are.

Probably the most ridiculous part about this is the type of women emailing us. We're not getting emails from regular females that you would find walking around your city. These are bombshell women with hot bodies, beautiful faces and big fake breasts. These are the type of girls that if they're walking down the street every single guy would be staring at them. But we're supposed to believe on a website like MyDirtyFling.com these type of porn models are absolutely everywhere and they all email guys who have no pictures in their profiles. How stupid do the owners of MyDirtyFling think we are? Sure, most guys would love to believe that all these super hot looking model types want to get into their pants but when you don't even have a profile picture on your profile page then things don't add up at all.

On the terms and conditions page of MyDirtyFling.com they admit that they send their own members emails from profiles that they are responsible for creating. They have blatantly admitted on their terms page that they create fabricated profiles that are used to send people messages that are obviously not real. You can find other info discussing that they send messages by "self create profiles" in section 8.4 of the terms and agreement page.

(Screenshot of just 4 of the phony women emailing our profile.)

( This is a screenshot showing we received over 99 messages from pornstar type looking women. The website wants us to believe these are real girls who want to hook up with us but we're not falling for their scam. We know the truth and we have the evidence to prove it all found in the terms and conditions page.)

Do You Really Think These Women Are Legit Members Of MyDirtyFing.com?

Look at the screenshot below. This is just a very small sample of the female profiles on this site. Do you think these women need to be on a sex hookup site looking for men to have casual sex with? Take a close look at how attractive most of these women are and you'll understand that this evidence combined with the fact that the website confesses that they are using "self-created" profiles on their own website proves with 100% certainty that these are not real members of the site. These photographs combined with fake profile information are used as the main method to target lonely man into purchasing credits to interact with the fake females. There is absolutely no way that we believe these women created accounts on MyDirtyFling to meet men. These are the kind of women that have men falling at their feet all day long, and for the administrators of this website to think we're going to fall for this ridiculous garbage is beyond belief.

(Screenshot of phony women found on the site)

Fabricated Profile Using A Photo Found On Other Websites

Below is just one example of a fabricated profile using photos found on other websites. We've already concluded that this site is responsible for creating fictitious profile pages. with this part of the investigation we're giving you proof and trying to make you understand these are real women that have created profiles on this site. These stolen photos are being used to scam thousands of men.

We're unsure how all this works but the fact is that these photos are either bought or simply copied from different online sources. From there they build a fake persona that you believe to be real girls that wanting to have casual sex with you.

(Screen shot of a profile using a photo found on other sites.)

  • https://ytimg.googleusercontent.com/vi/zzNmIM-kBK8/hqdefault.jpg

The Terms And Conditions Is The Final Straw Proving This Site Isn't Legitimate

The terms and conditions page it's probably the most important piece of evidence that we can give you because it shows you without a doubt this website is a fraud. In section 8 4 of the terms page they confess that they are creating fictitious profiles on their own website and also that they send messages through these phony profiles. The reason they send messages through these faux female profiles is that you as a registered user are supposed to believe that these model looking women want to hook up with you even if you don't have a profile pic in your profile. And of course they want you to buy credits so you can interact and reply to the over 100 email messages. All of this is fake, all of this is a fraud. You can click on this link to be taken directly to the terms and conditions page (check section 8.4) or you can read the most important parts of the terms in the paragraph below.

  1. This Website or Service is for adult entertainment purposes; it is not our aim to bring physical appointments/contact between members. You are aware and agree that we may use moderated and fictive profiles for online adult entertainment purposes. We expressly reserve the right to send messages to this site by self-created profiles. Physical contact with these fictive profiles is not possible. We deny ourselves of all liability to the extent that is allowed by the law and we assume no warranty for any kind of damage or inconvenience caused by our Service.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA, 94043, USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: NS01.IS.NL, NS02.IS.NL, NS03.IS.NL

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1-800-868-5182
  • Addresses: Connective Development B.V.: Overschiestraat 184, 1062 XK in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Is your photo being used without your consent then email them at abuse@mydirtyfling.com.
  • If you bought a membership and want to cancel your account contact billing@mydirtyfling.com.
  • Web Page: Contact Page
  • A warning that any charges made on your credit card will appear under "Pay.nl * ConnectiveDev. +31854000597 NL".

Final Decision:

What else do we really need to say? We've given you all the evidence and proof that shows you what My Dirty Fling is really all about. This website is not about bringing you together with local women in your community. It has been created only for one reason, to rip you off and make money for the owners of the site.

Search For Females

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 15 comments

  • sean carrigy says:

    i am finding extra patment being taken with no cridits and i cant seem to be able to contact them to ask as to why .can any boby inform me how to contact them 

  • John says:

    I have been on this site now for a few months.Total rip off.People stay far away from this site.Mydirtyfling dating site are complete of fake profiles just fantasy. You are chatting with computers all the time.

    The chances of meeting anyone on this site is Like never will ever happen.

    Too expansive not worth it at all. Its  a fraud and a complete scam.

    You waste I mean alot of time.

    And very very draining as well.

  • Gérard says:

    I agree, they block any personal contact details that may lead to a real date. It  is difficult to know who is a paid hostess or a real person. I sensed that things were not what they seemed. Some people may be there to fantasize, but as a site to meet it is not the place. As the small print quoted above demonstrate. '1984' mark 11 when Cappitalism try to exploit intimacy…

  • Andy A says:

    I was on Naughtydating for 3 weeks and I gad a few chats with who knows what


     .Most of the Girls want to talk dirty and When I ask them if they’re real .Oh yes .They block all direc contact to meet ,who?Most of the Time they want you to go to another sight and Pay to meet

    I didn’t see or meet on a trial basis .I closed my Charge Catd Acct and got a different on .Try Zoosk or Silver Singles od

    r Match are Legtimate Dating Sights Andy A


    This sight sucks for Posting




    Fine  your web sight is hard to Posr

    t from an IPad 

  • Simon says:

    On my profile I requested that all messages to me start with a particular word. Of the over 2,000 messgaes I recieved, not one started with the requested word leading me to believe that all the messages were computer generated. Complete rip off site.

  • Brian Davidson says:

    I signed up to this site about three weeks ago I have probably spent  about two hundred pounds so far (lucky me ) I was confused at first when girls who wanted to meet me TO FUCK ME AND SUCK ME TO DEATH THAT NIGHT were very coy when I asked where and when I supplied my phone and e/mail details and asked them call me funnily enough I dont walk around with a laptop all day. She messaged me back saying that we should " get to know" each other on line first  15 mins earlier she was going to suck me dry that night ???.

      The clincher was last night when a lady aged 54 who I had been chatting to for three days (£70 ) "she lived only 20 miles away and her husband was away for the weekend " I got quite hooked into this woman she ticked all the boxes but she refused to talk other than online so I refused to continue a hour later another girl 44 living in Manchester also ticked all the boxes I had mentioned Swedish log cabins and Salmon fishing  and jokingly said I should get a Swedish girl friend lo and behold  this girl was a dentist ( so was the other one) she was single  Swedish and loved the outdoors what an amazing coincidence I felt so lucky after just 3 messages ( £1.50 each ) I finally realised it was all a con computers you see cant speak real English so I have about 5-6 credits left I'll use them and call it a day. Fucking thieving barstards if you need evidence or testimony I will stand up in any court on tv or the papers and tell you my story.

  • Keith Marett says:

    Not the Swedish dentists 

    Again. Dear me!!!! Or even amazing stamina.. Or spectacles. Or stuff all my holes. Or FUCK ME times ten.

    I didn't spend a penny even after 2500 babes adored me. Stay safe lad. Keith Marett

  • naughty52 says:

    my bank account has been removed and you ask still ???

  • Pete says:

    I joined a swedish site with the same owner 2 weeks ago, with no pics or hardly any information about me, I still have gotten 675 messages, so far… Havent paid anything though, just wanted to check it out, only maybe 10% look like pornstars though:), but i sure have wondered why so many girls got interested in a guy with no pic, and so little information, I guess I got the answer here… 

  • Alan Donald says:

    I think (know) the evidence here is conclusive. However to reinforce the information given….

    I happen to wear spectacles (glasses) so when trawing through the profiles I actually notice the type of glasses the girls wear. For me a girl wearing glasses can be quite alluring so I pay special attention.  Guess what? Of ALL the girls wearing glasses on site, they are wearing the same design. Now what's the chance of that happening? In normal life I see lots of  girls wearing glasses but I've yet to see two of them wearing the same style. Sadly it's taken me some £70 to find this out. I've learnt my lesson!

  • Howard says:

    mydirtmilfs is a complet scam ithink it should be shut down all it want you to do is keep buying credits when i was talking to  this women and she told live at same place all her life but new this place when i ask where the local school was in the village she not tell me . when about her self  was told me single live by her self and one child  twhen siad to her i thouight it was scam and buying any more credit if wanted touch there other ways i do not you stop contact i siad you telling nothing she siad i have told you e a i am single live a lone and have no children so that clareifide to me it was a scam sadly it cost me £150 so think should be shut down because it is fraud

  • Andrew says:

    Just a total scam, been on site a long while , not had one meeting , always , need to check my schedule, i am busy at work , and the like !!! I started to become suspicious when so many women claimed to be close to me, even in the same village !! I live in a very remote area and all of a sudden about 50 women live by me , i don’t think so ,???

  • […] by the same corporation operating many fictitious dating services. This long list of sites includes MyDirtyFling.com, CupidMatching.com, HotLocalFlirt.com, LocalFlingAlert.com, ShagCupid.com, LocalFlirtAlert.com, […]

  • terry bowden says:

    why dont you contact a female member who has there location with there profile, then say you would like there look but could you send me a photo of your self wearing your favourite top, shirt ,dress, skirt, ETC and then if they do you know they real and got message

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