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Website Details:

Overview is the site we're investigating today. This site is replacing another site that we've already exposed called When we say replacing we mean that this is the newest website that they are using to promote their scams. Wild Smash is all over Facebook being shared through various Facebook meme groups. The memes are all fictitious. In this investigative report we explain how this whole fraud is perpetuated. If you want to understand how the deception works piece-by-piece please continue reading the investigative report that we've created below.

The 1st Thing They Do Is Upload Fake Memes To Various FaceBook Groups & Pages

The majority of people who visit WildSmash are visiting the site because of the fictitious memes and fake screenshots of bogus text messages that they are seeing on Facebook (that they think are real). Using various Facebook groups like Savage memes and even Snoop Dogg's personal Facebook page Wild Smash memes are all over the place online. We're not really sure why Snoop Dogg is promoting these fake memes, probably because he's getting paid for it, that would be the only logical reason for him to be posting memes that are obviously phony. If you haven't seen the memes they are hilarious and this is what grabs the attention of the viewer. Using humour people are inclined to share these fake memes on their Facebook pages helping the memes go viral. But all of this is a dirty scam. This is all a deceptive marketing strategy using bogus memes that the people behind this website have created.

Below we've included 9 different fake memes and fictitious text messages that are used to lure you into visiting their website. Remember all of these memes are fake. Using the art of comedy is what helps these fake memes go viral and then what happens is people start visiting the website. Once you look at the various memes you can see why they go viral. But always remember that all of this is a marketing strategy using trickery and deception as their main source of getting you to share their bogus memes. You can take a look at various examples of the fake memes and text messages below.

(Screenshot of a bogus meme that is promoting

(Phony text message used to trick you into visting their scam site.)

(Screenshot of a phony meme using a picture of a girl in lingerie.)

(Screenshot of a bogus meme that is promoting this fake dating site.)

(Another bogus meme promoting the site.)

(Another bogus meme promoting the site.)

(Another bogus meme promoting the site.)


(Phony text message used to trick you into visting their scam site.)

(Phony text message used to trick you into visting their scam site.)

What Happens When You Visit Their Site?

 We've already explained how they use memes to get people to visit their website but what happens when they go to their site? They choose whatever country they are from, either the USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc. From there you are then redirected to another website called Next you will need to create a free account in order to access the members area of the website.

We originally did an investigation into on October 25th 2016 (over two and a half years ago)! In the review we joined MeetWild and documented our experience with it. From the review that we did we concluded the website was indeed a complete scam and not a legitimate place to find any real females to hook up with.

From our personal experience joining the website and interacting with the women on the website we can tell you that Meet Wild uses fake profiles and automated chat bots to send you fake instant messages. Many people who join the site think that these are real women that want to hook up and have sex with them. So what they do is they upgrade from a free membership to a paid membership so they can chat with these local women. In reality all of it is phony and you will never meet anyone on their website because none of these women are real members of the site.

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Contact Information:

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Final Decision:

For some people money is everything. They will stop at nothing including lying, stealing and robbing you. The people operating in the shadows behind Wild Smash are exactly those kind of individuals. They have no qualms about tricking you into purchasing a membership on so they can make money off of you. You have been warned!

Search For Females

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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