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This site uses a credit based system, not a monthly membership.

  • 100 Credits will cost you $399.00.
  • 60 Credits will cost you $299.00.
  • 32 Credits will cost you $179.00.
  • 16 Credits will cost you $96.00.
  • 8 Credits will cost you $52.00.
  • 40 Credits will cost you $30.00.
  • 3 Credits will cost you $21.00.


  • Home:.See who's online now. chat messages etc.
  • Online: See who's online. Search for members according to country, age, who are online now
  • Search: Find women by searching for them according to province, age, education, profession, height, weight, religion and even marital status.
  • FAQs:Self explanatory.


First thing we need to say about all of this is that is taking the place of a former Asian dating site called We did a review on over a year ago that you can read here. This site is associated with many sites that we have busted for defrauding people such as and If you want to read the full investigation into please keep reading below.

Why Did Rebrand Themselves As

Since is taking the place of we will be looking at past reviews and information on ChnLove. These are the exact same website and if you type in into your web browser you are redirected to Asia Me. When we first started investigating we asked ourselves why would a dating site that was so popular and had hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of users change their name and site?. Not only is rebranding very expensive but you lose people along the way. It's hard to get a new brand going because people are used to seeing the old brand everywhere. If your site is doing well why would you change the website and the domain name? Unless you're trying to make people forget about the old brand to create a new brand. This is what we think is going on with ChnLove because of the thousands of negative complaints and bad reviews against them. People screaming from the rooftops that it's a scam for many, many years and in July of 2017 was born.It seems they're trying to start fresh with a clean slate, trying to get rid of their bad reputation.

Real Reviews From Angry Members

The owners of admit that their website has been switched over to Since this is a brand new site finding negative reviews was difficult so using common sense all we did was pull up negative reviews of their former site because it's the exact same website the only thing that's changed is the domain name. Below we've posted just a few of many hundreds of negative reviews that we have found online. This is important to document because since both sites are the same operated by the exact same scam artists then these reviews are relevant to AsianMe. Below we have taken screenshots of real reviews from angry members.

(A screenshot of a real review from a pissed off member.)

This review is from a daughter of one of the users of ChnLove. She stated that her father actually flew to China three times in a span of two years to meet various Asian women. But as the story goes he never met up with any of them!. In all these situations there's always an excuse why the women never showed up at the airport. This guy had to file bankruptcy and had to get a loan to get an airline ticket to go to China.

(A screenshot of a real review from a pissed off member.)

Another angry review writes that he's "telling everybody to stay away from women claiming to be wealthy is nothing but a trap to get your money, these Chinese agencies are nothing but a bunch of crooks. They think Western men are suckers. Their intention is to rip off on suspecting men."

(A screenshot of a real review from a pissed off member.)

This reviewer who also flew all the way to China and waited at the airport said that he "went there to meet a beautiful girl but what happened was an ugly fat lady came over and told him that the Asian girl that he flew so far to meet and spend thousands of dollars to see broke her leg last night". This is one of the most popular lies used by scammers on You need to understand that these people don't give a damn about you. If you spend thousands of dollars it doesn't bother them, they are very happy because all that money is lining their pockets. And if you're gullible enough to actually fly to China to meet these women then you're going to be very disappointed not only at the fact that the Asian girl that you thought you fell in love with was not real but that the fact that you spent thousands of dollars, and wasted so much of your time for a non-existent relationship!

(A screenshot of a real review from a pissed off member.)

Another angry review said that "this month they changed the name to It's the same game but different name". He states that he's "been on the site for almost a year and spent almost $10,000. With women who has promised to meet him each time IT never happened". He even went to the women's city in China to meet one of them and "she kept giving excuses that she is sick and could not meet". In the end they all give various excuses why they can never meet in person. You need to understand is that all of this. The attractive Asian women are literally paid models who get paid for their photographs. The people you're chatting with behind these fake profiles are paid employees. These are not the models you see in the pictures and that's why they can never meet you in person because all of it's a facade to take you for a ride and ruin you financially.

(A screenshot of a real review from a pissed off member.)

This last reviewer said "it cost him a bunch of money and he still might not get a woman's contact info, it's total BS. It costs about $200 just to get her info and then might be a PO Box". He said not to waste your money.

Real Reviews From Angry Members

Below we've included a screenshot showing you the Asian women on this website. Many of the reviewers complained that they were not able to meet these Asian women in person. Unfortunately we have to lay some of the blame on the people thinking this website is real. An older gentleman, overweight, possibly losing some of your hair how would you logically think that women in their twenties and thirties that look like this would want to have a relationship with you?
The scammers that operate use images of attractive looking Asian models to lure you into upgrading and purchasing credits on their website. Unfortunately some men fall for this scam because they are lonely, and they're seeking the attention of a women. This is a natural thing. They put all common sense aside and are easy to rip off, that's one of the main reasons that people who join this site gets defrauded so easily. They want to believe that the fairy tale is real. They want to believe that they can meet and marry these attractive looking young Asian women and bring them back to the United States and live happily ever after. All this is is a pipe dream and not reality. Many men learned this the hard way spending thousands of dollars purchasing credits to chat with paid employees. Many of them actually purchase airline tickets and fly to China only to find no one waiting for them at the airport (as you've read in the reviews). It's a very sad story and a very common one. Now you know the truth!



















(Screenshot of the bogus females members on the site.)

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 15/f. Tower2, Ever Gain Plaza, 88 Container Port Road, Kwai Chung, N.t. Hong Kong
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

Since is brand-new we hope with our investigation we save thousands of men from losing millions of dollars. We hope you found this information before you joined their site and before you gave these shysters all your hard-earned money. If you did end up purchasing credits and spending money on this facade try calling your bank and explaining to them you've been ripped off by a fake dating site. You should be able to get your hard-earned money back.

Please share this information all over social media, you need to help us get the word out about this website so we stop them from ripping off endless amounts of lonely man looking for love online.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • Robert says:

    I actually disagree with this review. I would know for a fact these girls are indeed real but like all things in life precaution is recommended doesn't mean this site is a scam. And I agree that it's expensive as he'll but you can request contact info problem is China filters their calls.😠 I know from experience. 

    • Colin says:

      Hi yes  I agree with you i joined the site a long time ago and flew to china  and the girl I had been sending letters to and getting replays  i got in to chin a at 3 am there time and she was there waiting for me  .just like the picture  we spent nearly a week together but just come friends i went back on the site and contact a lady and got a phone call from a Chinese man who wanted to meet me next day while I was there  and I agree i met to other  lady's  nere  my age as i am 54 and they were in there 40s  both  devorced  one spoke very good English  and told me she had to pay over 200 pound just to meet me i didn't pay anything  just a cup of coffee and came  we had a great week together .but when I came home i try to bring her here  but it was blocked by our government here in UK  so we are just friends and talk on video call  only now  so some are real ok  but there was a lot of men n my plane same flight as me who's girls did not turn up  so yes be careful  this was in 2016  ok colin.

      • Lonewolf says:

        I dont believe that anyone as meet a girl by using this site….

        • Admin says:

          Porbably not.

        • malC says:

          Totally agree, as i stated on Site Jabber, all the "good" feed back left is just as fake as the women on the site! i stopped under $100 loss when i realized it was nearly all fake. I would suggest that this company running in Hong Kong would be an embarrassment to the chinese government if they knew about it. maybe we should all send messages to our chinese emabssy's !! the 2 affiliated sites are just as corrupted. get them jailed 

      • Izell Rogers says:

        What video app did you use

      • Joseph M. barone Jr. says:

        I have been in contact with this girl for over 5months we would chat till all hours of the morning then by 3:00 in morning she stopped chatting with me and never returned .I would contact her the next day asked her why she did it would never give me an answer. She was doing it all the time for over 3months she would meet guys for s** I believe she would get drugs from these guys and I asked her about it and she would never give me a answer the 1st month was fine the other 3 months 3 weeks have been HELL.lies .evil.she would even addment it is not normal what she was doing with her life .I really care about her I’ve told her that these men do not care about her that all they are doing is useing her doesn’t sleep for 7 days up for 24 hours a day 7 days a week!!! No matter what time I call her she is up entertaining men. I can’t believe it how She does it I even told her what I thought was going on would not answer me. Just to let me know I’m wright.I read once that the F.B.I . would look into it they don’t care don’t do anything about it. I think all these dateing site s should be taken of the web . The things I’ve heard about these site are unbelievable. !!!!!! I was looking for a wife.

    • Lonewolf says:

      AsiaMe is ckearely a scam site, and nothing else. Everything is done for making a cash-machine. Pay for write to someone, pay to read "answers", pay always (and a lot) for nothing.

      Never allowed to let personnal informations, so how to meet ?

      When you read the "answers" of all that beauties (always slim, beautiful, adorable and not intersting by money…), you discover that they NEVER take about the things you write in your profile. Never.

      It i s clear ! Fake profiles and scam business…

  • mal cliff says:

    haha, wish i'd found this first. I realized there was something wrong when i paid my money and still wasn't allowed to give my contact info to a woman . so no matter how much you pay it is up to the website people to decide on if you are ready to swap contact info. obviously maybe never by the looks of the others. i was lucky but stupid, the ridiculous rules are apparently there in the teeny weeny fine print that no one reads. i was being charged $8 to read a letter and send one. looks like i'll go back to plenty of fish(pof) at least its huge and free, generally after a few letters you can tell if they are scammers. the last comment by "robert" is probably from site management

  • jack says:

    how do you delete the account?

  • Alex Dary says:

    Total money making machine.  There is no doubt the women are rewarded for chat time,  and photos.          I met two different women for the same profile.   What you see, you most likely will not get.  

  • Lonewolf says:

    Last news…

    I tried that site one month long, intensively. I tried to do the good things with 5 girls. Everything on that site is done to prevent people to meet ! Censorship of everything you transmit by EMF mail, private information forbidden, and so on. You have to pay to write and pay to read, spend credits during 90 days, to obtain the right of buying a personal information about the girl : mail address or phone. I dont know what happen at this stage…

    And above all, there is a lot of fake profiles, maybe all of them ! I’ve done enough tests now to be on. the Chat is weird, there is only chatbots, what does whatever, very often with implicit sexual content… Not very wise ; I saw quickly that Chat is stupid and useless. Even by EMF Mail, you can see that they never talk about the content of your profile and often dont respond to some questions. I believe that people are paid to answer to “customers”.

    Very often, some girls have weird conversations and start to use dirty talking very quickly, and at least too soon ! It is whatever, and a good sign to know it is scam. Everything is done for you to spend more and more “credits”, just to receive… nothing ; only words gone with the wind.

    And if you succeed to have a conversation by the phone directly with a woman, you will find that curiously nothing never works when you share phone numbers or email address, regardless of the person you have a call with, regardless the level of English they have. After your call, neither phone or mail does work, even only once. The phone number does not work at all, even if you have a second call with her to try again and check the information shared. Your mails return with error 550 (rejected by provider, for content denied) each time. I tried with 5 different email addresses, sometimes without any content, but I received always the same error. Strange, isnt it ? ;-D

    I have spend an average of 250 euros (300 USD) for each girl. I can highly say that nothing can work here. I clearly think now that absolutly nothing is real on this site ; it is a cash-machine totally and exclusively scam. By that way, China can have a lot of foreign currency ! But nobody can meet nobody.

    Tip for consumers:  Quickly find the way to convince a girl to have a call, then share anything personal to have direct contact to keep in touch. If nothing works, run away !!!

  • eddy says:

    I've been on this site for three years, because I have a lot of reasons on this site,                                        I've seen many girls have an average success rate of 50 percent.                                        I also have a Chinese lover.                                        She is from nanyang, henan.                                        It's a great city,                                        Every time I go to China,                                        I will visit her,                                        She was very warm and generous to me,                                        If you are sincere,                                        You'll get it.                                        There is a saying in China: you can't use bait.                                        How do you get prey?                                        If they don't spend money chasing girls,                                        Will this girl sleep with you

    • G says:

      You're S mother phucking liar and probably a bot! 

      Kiss off you phuckin Chinese spy motherphucker!

      Enough people were hurt by your slit eye bullshat scam sites! 

      I see you here again? I'm coming after ya! So please come back! I'd luv to turn you into chop suey! Lil dik SOB! 

      G J 

    • Theodore says:

      I get anywhere from 5 to 15 hits everyday from Asian ladies and have gotten as many as 25 in one day. You can call me lieing but you are untitled to believe what you want. But when you do look in the mirror and you will see why there is no one wanting to talk to you.

  • joe murray. says:

    i agree with all the guys that, like me, that  were ripped off horribly. we ALWAYS have our hands in our pockets forking out money for things, NOTHING, as it turns out. as long as the authorities get our money that is all they want. they don't give a dam about 'HOOKING' people up. i have been a member for 5 yrs just hoping all the time that they wld give me a break & have pity on me. how stupid i was. you NEVER talk to actual girls, they are all men i think. they NEVER answer yr questions that MIGHT catch tnem out & they don't answer yr other questions at all either. all in all, they are just complete scammers WITHOUT a heart or care abolut peoples feelings.

    • James Mark French says:

      For a year now, I've been using Chnlove and  AsiaMe to chat with a particular lady. Seemed to be genuine but after I finally got her personal contact information she became rather distant when trying to get a hold of her on her cell phone or on WeChat chat app. While on AsiaMe she tried to keep in their chat form as long as she could. But when we could chat or talk for free she seemed to loose interest. We'd arrange a time for me to call or text her since there'  s 15 hour time difference and she wouldn't answer me. When she finally did she' always have an excuse as to why she couldn' answer. I'm the meantime I would check AsiaMe and sure enough she was online there always. When I confronted her with that fact I got told that she had friend she talked to at AsiaMe. Friends that pay  $21 for 3 credits? And I'm sure they weren't female friends. When we were on AsiaMe talking she always seemed to steer the conversation to "naughty" subjects. This seems to be a staple of the women on AsiaMe. But when I was talking with her on her personal phone she wouldn't even broach that subject. She's try to get me to send her photos in sure AsiaMe would seem inappropriate at best, but when suggested she send me a racy photo on our own phones she objected. The finally clue that this was all game was her refusal to send me an innocent every day selfie of herself at home or on the streets of her city. She would send a photo a day or two later that was obviously professionally done, just like all the photos of her in her profile on AsiaMe. This raised a warning to me, because I've had the same thing happen twice before. Her unwillingness to take a selfie and send it to me at any given time especially when she was always asking for one from me was more then unusual. I have very serious doubts that the person I was talking to by phone was the same person in her photo profile. I believe she was hiding something.

      • Maxwell Mann says:

        I have spent the money guys like many of us. But it didn't take but one month to figure out…hey…I just logged in and I have 13 chat request in 2 seconds ?…..And aint it funny how your message can be blocked if you even mention love making… but you can get a chat request that starts…do you whack off alone….I agree this site is total horeshit….go to Cherry blossoms…real women real pictures and you don't pay every letter a one month fee and you can exchange information first chat

  • Jax says:

    yes, i think is a bs altogether.. is same as asiandate group and others with same intention

  • Jax says:

    fyi, to have a real date with ladies of your choice.. i guess that relationships are absolutely free and genuine that requires no payment in any form. as a man going for dates, you only pay for the lady's meal and entertainments and at times she do like wise. you dont pay to look for relationship.

  • Nick d says:

    Is there a way that I can search an image of the lady I've been contacting online?

    • Doug says:

      Depending on what browser u use, I use firefox and they have many add ons, and many that do a 'reverse image search' – this tool helps a lot, because when u find that the woman u are speaking with has profiles on other sites u can then create a fake profile and start a chat with her.  The minute she accepts ask her are u single? do u have a boyfriend, just be prepared for the disappointment when she says she doesnt …

  • Denny says:

    I suspected this site was fake 5 years ago the first time I ever saw it. Why would this be the only dating site with so many of the most gorgeous girls in China? Why would these gorgeous young girls age 19 -25 all say they're looking for a man 19-70 years old? These girls can obviously get any guy they want who is young and handsome. Why would they possibly be looking for any guys in their 50's 60's or 70's? The answer is……They would NOT. Do you really think these girls are going to take the time to write you 2 or 3 dozen letters that just keep pouring in whether you write back or not? Ridiculous. Now I'll tell you some of the ways I've proved this was all fake bullshit. I first saw this site 5 years ago when it was called another name like China Love. I looked at the girls very closely and took down their names and ages and kept their pictures. Now I come back 5 years later after they changed the name to Asiame and guess what? Every single one of those EXACT SAME girls is STILL here with the exact same pictures and still the EXACT SAME AGE. What, the girls on this site just magically never age?? 5 years ago I chatted with ONE girl for free just for a minute. The first thing she said to me was "I like you….do you like me?" Now 5 years later I chatted another girl for one minute free. What was the first thing she said to me? "I like you….do you like me?" Same exact line I got 5 years ago. They haven't changed anything. It's all still the exact same bullshit. Are you listening to me guys? DO NOT fall for this total bullshit site. You're throwing every dollar you spend there right out the window. And it's landing right in the pocket of some Chinese scammer motherfucker who's laughing right in your face. Everything Everything Everything on that site is completely FAKE and total BULLSHIT.  If you enjoy being played for a sucker then spend all that hard earned cash living a fairy tale. There will NEVER EVER be a gorgeous girl waiting for you at the airport or anywhere else. She does NOT exist. The letters are all fake, the chat is all fake, the girls are all fake. Don't waste a minute at that phony site unless it's just to look at the gorgeous models they hired to lure you in. But just look ONLY then get the hell out of there and go to a real dating site where you actually have a chance at real love and marrying a young Asian girl. So wait a minute, you say….you mean there really are dating sites like that where I can meet and marry a young Asian girl who will sincerely love me for who I am and not just for my money or my big dick like American women? YES Virginia….there really is a Santa Clause. How do I know? Because I've been there, done that. 5 years ago I began my search for my Asian dream girl. How did I know she existed? I didn't. But I had a lot of faith. I just had a strong feeling if I tapped into the right source I could meet the kind of girl I was looking for. And guess what……I was right. But it took a LOT of trial and error. Because I was completely green, probably like you are. I had to learn everything the hard way. I went through scammer after scammer. But after awhile you get smarter and begin to know a scammer right away, like in 5 minutes of talking. Then you're out of there. I used a lot of dating sites. Some Asian only, some for women from other countries as well. After getting experience on many sites I finally realized which one gave the best real results and had the best girls of the kind you'd want to find. There's two main reasons this site is the best. One thing I can tell you right now is if you want a young Asian girl who loves you for who you are it's highly unlikely you're going to find one who's Chinese or Japanese. You might as well forget about those girls. When it comes to older guys marrying young Asian girls your very best bet is Filipino girls. Why? Because Filipino girls are much more down to earth. They don't have high expectations. They just want to be loved and feel security. Security is something millions of girls there in the Philippines have never known. And that's exactly the kind of girl you're looking for. A girl who has grown up knowing hunger and never having anything. They've also never known real love or even real caring from guys their own age. They younger guys there are often broke and any money they do manage to get they drink & gamble it away. They also cheat like hell on their girlfriends. It's a macho thing there between guys to brag about how many virgins you nailed. And possibly knocked up and left cold flat pregnant and then a baby. Those poor girls are starved for security. There are 50 million girls in the Philippines. Which means there are millions who would just love to meet an older secure type American guy who can give them a future to look forward to. They're used to living in bamboo houses and sub standard housing. They don't want a mansion. If you've got a nice apartment with a fridge that's always stocked and power that never goes off they're in heaven. Yes there are gold diggers and scammers. But you just need to get through those obstacles and you'll find the real girls who truly long for a loving secure relationship. I went through 4 girlfriends b4 I found my eternal soul mate wife. But man it was SO worth it. She is way way beyond any dreams & hopes I had for the perfect girl. We are so incredibly compatible it's just unbelievable. She is the most extremely honest, kind & caring, super sweet & innocent, tender & loving girl you could ever hope existed. In nearly 4 years of being together we never even ONE time had a fight, argument, or even the slightest disagreement about anything. Talk about a match made in heaven. When I met her I was 57 and she was 28. She'd only had one other BF just very briefly. In my dating profile I said I'm looking for a girl who's never had anything……because I'm going to give her everything. I wanted a Cinderella Princess….a diamond in the rough…..and that's exactly what I got. Normita was SO incredibly innocent I bought her the very first candy bar she'd ever had. Can you even imagine? 28 years old eating your very first candy bar? She grew up on nearly nothing but strictly rice. In a 2 room bamboo house. She has 2 teenage sisters who also love me to death. It's like being a King with 3 beautiful young princesses. And any little thing I give them they so much appreciate. Complete opposite of American women who demand everything just for a little pussy. As far as sex goes I've always had pretty good stamina. But Normita is insatiable. She wants sex sex sex all the time. But she's not demanding in any way shape or form. Just the opposite. She's basically submissive, but will be as aggressive as I give her reign to be. So where did I meet this dream girl………the name of the dating site is FilipinaCupid. Quite possibly you're familiar with it already. FilipinaCupid has over 2 million girls. Over two MILLION. And there are many girls like my Normita. Read their profiles. They say exactly the age of guys they will accept. And the difference there is there really are girls 18 to 28 looking for guys 35 to 70. And yes there are scammers. One tip…..if the girl starts talking about her or her family needing money in the 1st or 2nd conversation then leave fast. She's not what you're looking for even though she'll make you think you've found your dream girl right away. Don't fall for it. But if she just mentions that she or her family are struggling and doesn't ever approach you for money in any way then there's a good possibilty she's for real. Because most of the families there are struggling. Do as much talking to girls and getting to know the culture as much as you can. Spend weeks doing that so you'll be better prepared to make a good choice. And I say choice because most likely you're going to have many girls contacting you. The 1st month I was on FilipinaCupid I was contacted by 1350 girls. I could barely reply to all the messages every day. For only $30 a month that's a hell of a bargain. Read all the TRUE success stories in FC. Really gives you hope. But just remember one thing…..make sure you're HONEST and UP FRONT with these girls. They've had some hard lives a lot of them. They deserve full respect from you. They're a young girl offering to give you their youth and stay with you the rest of your life. Don't for one minute take that for granted. Always have the utmost appreciation for your young Filipina wife. And treat her with all the dignity and respect she fully deserves. Be extra good to her. And she'll be extra good to you. Good luck guys.

    • wayne says:

      Dear Denny, Thanks for the long explanation. Unfortunatley I joined over three years ago and I have lost a ton of money, Over US$8000 writing to more than 100 women. Friends warned me and said not to commit any money to anyone.  As a pensioner the financial loss is a disaster. I write long emails via the website and have tried to send my physical address in code but all of them cannot work out my simple clues to my postcode, even the educated ones so that makes me suspicious. 

      I know Chinese to be money mad and the Chinese Communist Party is nothing if not barbaric in the treatment of its own people. Studying the Global economy leading Amwerican experts say that the Chinese economy is overdue to collapse. Based on the theory that what goes around comes around they will get what they deserve. Thanks for the tip I am on to FilipinaCupid now !


    • Russ says:

      Thanks, Denny, for your long and detailed post. I just started on AsiaMe and suspected something. Luckily I am only out $300, but still $300 too much. Excellent advice. Thanks again.

    • Joseph Barone says:

      They know have stripper prostitutes , street walkers.this girl all she wants u to do is chat with you and at a certain time she will leave you and have sex for 1,2 hours and come back to chat with you I don’t believe there useing there real names like Leehom he is a chines singer

  • Big Dean says:

    Somethings to watch out for that will tell you you are being played

    * She only write short letters – less than 1/2 page

    * it appears she doesn't read or reply to comments in your letters

    * She is under pressure to write as many letters per day to men – so they have to be short

    * She won't send a pic of her passport/visa

    * She won't write or talk offsite

    * Appears too quickly to offer "undying love & devotion" to you

    * Avoid at all costs the chat feature – – it is a ripoff

    * Many banks will not process credit card transactions to this site or will have their fraud people call you

  • jeff says:

    this is a catfishing scam.  i emf many times to this girl she told me she worked at a hotel, so i sent a letter there .. no reply ; then i sent a registered letter no reply. then i got my friend to call the hotel .. no such person . 

    they scammed me outa 200 dollars. they dont give a shit ..they even apologized by giving me 3 credits .. this is such a scam.. 

  • Attila says:

    Hi my desteny partners!

    I did send this letter for "contact us" and for my registration "description me" reason. And God know to why, nothing reaction, nothing licence…:

    This is the moment of truth!
    Is this site of love? Absolutley not. This site the place of lies, hopeless, and unbeleavebls.(If you can show me ohne realy lady's registration only, just only, only ohne, and i send 1000$ from my account immedyatly, i promise!…) All for businnes, money for nothing. And the somany idiot ashshole (explain mee) pay it. Congratulations for owners, and all the management, you make was a big… The planet earth not a wrong place, just wee did was make for evil place.
    Also, Dear Moderators! If braves you? Accepted this remark! And no feaar the efects for. A few hours lather i lost from here forewer!!!
    Best regards: Dakay Attila (ex prisioner, from human kill)

    I vant to know, how what have behind ladyes's registration. Chinese hardworkers, or artifical inteligence???…..

  • bles says:

    I disagree i saw post/review for a good feed back. kindly check >

  • Mal says:

    The site is a total scam. I cannot be bothered to go into detail but concure with everything that has been said.

  • Pinky says:

    I visited HCM City. One member at Asia Me, I had used many of those credits to converse with told me in chat “I’ll try” after I was able to furnish the name of hotel I was at. After I asked her to call me there. Although She did not call me. Another member I conversed with told me She was visiting an Aunt that week. It was like High School. A member of Charm Date I conversed with at a cost of those credits fell sucker for my sting operation. I created a fake account under the guise of tv character Ed Ziffel. She sent him EMF messages and promised him a wild performance on cam. There can only be a real reason why. They must be getting paid for those credits we pay.

  • Steve says:

    I was scammed by this site, I have proof, the 53 year old beauty I had been talking to for months told me she wasn’t feeling well because she had her period, after weeks of me asking her to send me a picture from her phone and getting nonsense excuses for not being able to send it , I told her I knew she wasn’t the women in the picture but that I didn’t care as long as she told me the truth, much to my surprise she said she had fallen in love with me and that she was not the model in the picture and told me everything , at that point I started screenshoting all of our old as well as new conversations including asking me to help her pick pictures of women American men would like so she could be them and get credits, by the way she is 25 years old, I’m 59, I was looking for a 50’s something women not a girl , the only thing I can do with her is have a heart attack, but I knew if I was going to try to get my money back I had to play the game, she told me her name, sent pictures, gave me her phone number and address, we would FaceTime every day , I know her dog and cat as well as mom and dad, she told me she was an interpreter for the company and that she pretended to be up to 8 women at a time, I spent a lot of money , at least for me it was a lot, I Went back on the site to look at our old conversations and anything incriminating for her was gone and dates had been changed on other conversations, too late , I had screenshoted all of it , I sent a letter to AsianMe and got a great response about how they are on my side and will do whatever to rectify the situation, they asked for the women’s name and I’d # , I gave it to them and have not heard from them since, I have tried to get in touch many times , I will follow this through , in the meantime I want to tell everyone to stay away from this site, it’s all a big scam, I welcome any advise on what I should do next

  • Lewis Gibbons says:

    Spent thousands on asiame and asiandate could never get a contact detail.all fake. Why doesn’t consumer affairs or some other agency stop all this.

  • Chuck says:

    This sad. I tried this site, too. Looks like I’ve been taken for a ride.

  • Rob says:

    I just joined asiame and even before I had my profile finished, or a photo posted, I was getting hits from women of all ages asking me to writer or chat. Finally got one that seemed right so spent time (and as it has been pointed out, some money buying credits) chatting. After a short time of this and realizing I was not actually being told anything just having my words echoed back to me agreeing how she was the same way, blah, blah, blah. Plus she kept sending photos, and these were the same in her profile I had already seen, now I was paying each time she sent one in chat. Anyhow, even before I ended the chat, I was thinking, this gal (if really a gal at all) is just doing this to keep me buying credits. So, yes, even though I went in with high hopes, wanting this site to be the real deal. I have to say from what I have seen, it is taking people for a ride. My background is in investigation work so I know when I am being fed a line of BS and that is what they are selling there it seems. One thing I did note, and I am still waiting to see if I ever do here more and am right, but I think it may be possible to hit on a real person – who like you – joined with true intents. I picked one lady because she caught my eye, she did not fit the profile of the other profile. Not all the sexy photos that look like they walked in and out of a photo shot. These were just more like real photos of a real person. I set a letter and will be curious to hear back, if she is real, and not already so disgusted that she does not bother to reply. So, yes, I think maybe a person might luck up and find a real one. But all in all, from the way asiame nickle and dimes you for every little thing, its plain as day, they are in it for the money, and they have paid operatives that are playing you.

    • Daren says:

      You will never get her personal contact information. Even if you get what looks like her personal contact information good luck ever getting through to her or anyone else for that matter. In short… don’t bother paying the site for the info for what you get is fake too. A complete scam from the word go.

  • Gilbert Gray says:

    Nice to see some honest reviews about, and the rest of the scam sites. Now, GUYS, let's do something about this, okay? Why don't we use the very thing that they want against them? Money!!! I think the best place to start is in letting our banks know what is happening as well as visa and MasterCard too. Maybe we can get them banned from being able to get the money and hopefully this will stop them in their tracks. 

  • joe boxon says:

    You can tell by the way this is written that it is written by a Chinese person who doesn’t speak English as their primary language. Getting replays instead of replies and there instead of their.

  • Robert says:

    I have spent a couple hundred of USD and converse with an older lady. You guys in your 50s, 60s, 70s looking for, yes GIRLs in there 20s and 30s are out to lunch. What do you expect. A 2 man looking for an 8 women is not going to work and you should know that. It is a money making afair and always will be. I have had a lot of letters and one women whom is 57 ask, Am I to old for you? Then states that men are only looking for the young ones. I have never answered her as I have only talked to one women. This is sad. You older men need to get real. Just Saying!!!!!!! I do not know if my mail back and forth will go anywhere. I will not go to China and I will not spend thousands of dollars and knew from the start that there is a slim chance this might work. From what I have researched there I about a 2% chance that you may end up with some one. Just having some fun for now.

  • Jim B says:

    Well i did meet a real woman on Asia, actually did get her contact info, I have not met her in person yet because of lockdowns in Vietnam, so will she be at the airport when i get there,only time will tell . The Chat service is fake, when i went on the chat to supposedly chat with my girl, the one chatting used words my girl never used, like oh you are my destiny, honey you make me warm inside hahaha, my girl who is from HCM City, never ever says crap like that ( we talk on the phone once a week )Also i asked on the chat questions like how is your brother doing, i got a reply of oh he is doing great…only one problem, my girl doesn’t have a brother. I asked her about the Chat, she said she doesn’t chat, so very strange. I find also with other girls, they tell me in letters on the site they missed me so much, when i actually got their contact information ( which you have to pay to get ) now they don’t miss me so much hahaha, in fact you will get a very small letter and then never heard from again. Some will talk sexual stuff, you know 3 letters in, is very weird, what woman does that ? So i been on Asiame for over 4 months, ( because you have to be on the site for 3 months before you can get access to contact info ) and i will say i think i got lucky with finding a real person on there, the rest of the girls i communicated with were either fake or just playing you, i truly think they get paid for chats, answering letters, sending photos . So i no longer use , and i do not recommend using this site, are there real women on there, yes probably but you are going to spend a lot of money to weed out all the fakes and women playing you to find that one needle in a haystack.

  • Todd says:

    I have also been on AsiaMe for a couple of months. I found the lady I was talking to from 9 years ago. She had the same pictures as then. We have both gotten older and would expect her to have new photos.

    I have read the required 10 letters and sent 10 letters. But need to spend a couple hundred more for her contact information. This is after waiting another 90 days for the site to release her information. I have asked customer service for her information repeatedly. They will not budge. I have asked customer service many questions about their past. The site was known as Asian Beauties then. They deny it. So they lie. The customer service agent will not answer my direct questions. I feel taken advantage of. Stay away from this site.

    They block all content and it is very expensive. Beware.

  • Fred says:

    Evening guys. I was looking through the thread and saw all of the sites I have been getting hit with in my email. I’m glad I read this page and visited this site before I spent any money.
    I will tell you that if you want to meet nice, real, talkative women go to the websites. I joined thaicupid at $20 usd for a week and received plenty of hits… most were even real. I still talk to two of the girls. There are CUPID sites for multiple countries depending on which country and look and culture you prefer. I met thai, Filipina, Vietnamese lady’s.
    Check the site out. Word from the wise don’t send them money unless you have known them for a long time… at least 3-6 months. Seriously… don’t do it. All of the girls b I met were very chatty and more than willing to use Google translate to converse.
    It was definitely worth my $20 bucks
    Good luck to you all!

  • Dan O says:

    Add me to the list of idiots who fell for this site. I got in just before they changed their name. I should have listened to the alarm bells when that happened. But, NOOOOO! I went with it.

    The short story is that the customer service people are very, very good at deflecting concerns and criticisms. The so called ladies are all bogus. As pointed out by others, the photos rarely change even after five years. In addition, if you do check other sites you can find the same photos with the same profiles or similar ones. I found one girl on three different sites with completely different profiles. The same photos were on each one. Then I tried writing to them. After a few letters I referenced things from letters written on the other sites and not one knew of those topics. Even though they were from their own letters on the other sites. Yep! BOGUS!

    Last, I finally wrote profile that requires that they mention certain things in it if they want a response. Since then, not one opening letter has ever done so. Just as a test I chastised a few for not doing so. Only after doing that did they then start following the instructions. Therefore, I have concluded that every initial letter from the “Admirer’s Mail” section is either a robot or my profile is on a list of suckers.

    One last observation is that there are a plethora of positive reviews of this site on the web. I believe that they are all run by the overseers of AsiaMe. It’s the only way to deflect all of the bad press that is out there. It’s an indirect form of fire control and no one should believe any of those sites.

    The end result is that this is more fake than snake oil! It is a total scam and should be avoided at all costs. I had to learn the hard way. Please, don’t do the same.

    I’m now going to go to the stool in the corner, put on my cone shaped hat that has DUNCE written upon it, and pout! LOL

  • Jim says:

    They all seem to say the same thing, an never responded to any questions?? Surprised no don’t think so, I’ve spent enough money in the past two years to know better! The lady’s may be very well real but filters on the camera pics,dressed to the max with fancy dresses an such, I’ve often wondered what they have to pay for the service? An even some of them are on different dating sites,”partner sites” sadly I almost fell for it but due to the cost factor it stopped me, when using a challenging question it always was skirted around,

  • Daily says:

    Spend time looking through a hundred or so profiles and you’ll begin to notice descriptions that are carbon copies of each other. Add to that the airbrushed photos (legs that seem to lose half their mass from one shot to the next), women who are both ‘divorced’ and ‘never married’ within the same profile, holiday profile photos from 2017 (I’m writing this comment in mid 2023 [Do you mean to tell me that an attractive single Chinese woman on a dating site geared towards westerners still hasn’t managed to find her knight in shining armour after six years?!]) and the plethora of attractive female ‘doctors’ just itching to ‘find a western man’, and you’d have to be awaiting a lobotomy to believe that any of this is real.

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