Is A Scam Or A Legit Way To Meet Asian Women?

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This site uses a credit based system, not a monthly membership.

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  • 60 Credits for $299.00
  • 32 Credits $179.00
  • 16 Credits for $96.00
  • 8 Credits for $52.00
  • 40 Credits for $30.00
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Chat Messages From Real Women

Its’ very hard to not be skeptical when you start receiving chat messages immediately after registering for a free member on We received 5 chat messages within a minute of signing up on the site. After doing so many reviews it’s hard not to see that these are probably going to be automated chat requests and not real people. just because there are pictures of attractive looking Asian women that appear to be sending you those messages, are they really chatting with you? Another thing to consider is that the all the image of female members on this site look like they have been taken by a professional photographer. Why would a professional photographer be taking photos unless he was getting paid to do it. And who would pay him to take professional model photos? Who benefits from the use of photos of models? The web site would benefit the most because in order to chat to the women you need to buy credits. We are not 100% sure that these women are in fact fake but common sense tells us not to purchase credits to this service. Take a look at the supporting evidence we have below. To us those females look like professional models and the photos are professionally taken.

paid models

Professional Models Or Real Girls?

If you look at any female profile on they all look like professional models. All the women on this site are very attractive looking Asian girls with professional photographs in their profiles. Is this real or just a trick to get us to purchase credits in order to communicate with these women? There is no clear evidence that these women are fake but at the same time there is no evidence that they are legitimate either. From our experience if it seems to good to be true then it probably is. We will not purchase credits on a site that we are unsure of. Take a look at the profiles that we found while searching the database of members. These don’t look like regular women to us, they look like professional models.


Rating Of 2/5 Stars

We decided to go online and start reading reviews from actual members of All the reviews had an average rating of 2 out of 5 stars on We also noticed some positive reviews that seemed fake. The English in the positive reviews doesn’t seem as if the person is a native English speaker leading us to believe that the site has hired possibly paid trolls (people paid to leave fictitious comments on blogs etc) to post fake reviews giving the site positive reviews.


Many reviews we found online seem to back up our doubts about this service:

  1. This site is definitely a scam website. I met a girl and then took a vacation to meet her and suddenly she didn’t seem to understand what I was saying. The scammer was just trying to keep the communications going as long as possible until I realized that the girl doesn’t exist. Near the end I sent her a picture of myself holding a certain item and asked her to produce one of herself doing the same thing. Of course she couldn’t do it and had no reason why not. Later on, just for fun, I created a joke profile featuring an absolutely hideous picture of a white male and saying things like in my free time I like to beat women and pee on myself and that I’m unemployed looking for a rich whore etc. I still got just as many responses as my real profile did. Review found here.
  2. Speaking from experience after being on the site for over 5 years, there are some huge red flags to watch out for. As stated by many people here, after you communicate with a woman on the site and decide to go meet her, she disappears if she isn’t the woman in the profile. This has happened to me several times. Review found here.
  3. This seems like a fake positive review: Actually, I always get good service from the site. And there will be prompt and efficient response to my request every time. I really appreciate it. I will visit my lady of the site soon, and we will be talking about the marriage plan. So may be I will leave the site soon. Anybody and everybody that asks about will get nothing but praise about the website and especially the customer service!!

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 15/f. Tower2, Ever Gain Plaza, 88 Container Port Road, Kwai Chung, N.t. Hong Kong
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1 (800) 311-7598
  • Addresses:
  • Email:

Final Decision:

Please use this site with caution. From our investigation there are a number of red flags that we have mentioned above.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • peter staker says:

    Complete Scam, Ive wasted a lot of money at chnlove chasing fake profiles, Ive been to china seen the fake addresses they sold me and much more. before using this site read these stories at 

    • richard says:

      You always get nicely written letters from the agency personnel, so it is very deceiving.  The two ladies I thought I was writing to, both said they were coming to the U.S. soon.  One was going to New York to see a girl friend. The one I was really interested in, had supposedly travelled a lot, had a visa and wanted to meet be in Chicago.  That was the way it started.  Two weeks later and a lot of credits purchased by me (she wanted to write everyday), still no word on flight plans.  Of course, each time you read a letter and respond you have spent $$$$.  She was supposedly coming over for Christmas and arriving on Dec. 20.  Now it is less than two weeks before the supposed arrival and still no flight plan.  She continues to evade that question, but still wants me to write each day ($$$). Starting to read the writing on the wall, I ask to see a copy of her air ticket or a photo of her holding a card with my name written on it, before I buy more "credits".  What I got was a photo of her holding a card saying she is registered with Chnlove Dating Service. This is a standard file photo taken months, or years, ago when the lady in the photo first signed up hoping to find a decent husband.  So I call their bluff and ask again for a photo of her holding a card with my name on it.  Cell phones are a dime a dozen over there, same as here in the states, so her having someone take that picture would have been easy.  Last letter, she or I should say they, complain that I do not trust her – Tina Yon – and she cannot write a man who does trust her.  I have no doubt the lady in the photo never received any of my letters or even knows that I exist.  To the real Tina Yon – I do care for you.

       This is supposedly who I was writing to…

      • AV says:

        Guess I met one that wasn't fake. We got married in 06, separated in 11. It happens right? Despite what i've read, may try again with someone this way.

    • John says:

      I believe the whole organisation is one big scam on men like myself who are gullible enough to think that one of the women would be interested to meet them. They prevent the victim from ever obtaining any real contact details.  They edit out anything in your email that could provide the woman a clue to your email address or phone number. They lead you to believe that you are communicating with the woman in the photos when it is most likely a translator employed to pretend to be the woman in the photo.  I believe this organisation scams the women who join up as well. The take their ID and photo collection and use it as bait  to trap men by the tens of thousands. Their fees are outrageous too. The victim pays to read a message as well as paying to write a message. Eventually the victim can get the email address of "the lady" (for $70) but emails sent to this address are never answered. What is also a worry is that before giving you the fake contact details they demand full ID including passport, credit card details everything.
      I think this organisation should be investigated by Interpol.  They have several branches dealing with Russian ladies, Colombian, Chinese, Japanese and Thai and most likely many other nationalities.  The amount of money in total they are scamming would be in the billions of dollars per year. It's a major world-wide scam that needs to be stopped.   It leaves the victim with not only financial losses but depression and a loss in faith in all other humans. 

      • Victim says:

        I had dealt with them years ago–2007/2008 and thought they were a scam–but did speak with some ladies.  Now in 2016 they are still a scam, but more greedy.  I did not buy credits for a long time, then finally bought 16 for $96 to contact one woman.  I sent her a long English letter, and she replied right away–didn't seem that she could have read it or have it translated so quickly–2 credits used–1 credit to send her an email, one credit for her response.  . 

        Then she invited me to a reserved call–I looked at the cost–1 Credit for the reservation and 1 credit per minute of airtime–and since she did not need a translator, no charge for that.  I declined the call then did a chat with her, since a chat was 1/2 credit for 5 minutes. 

        I tried to give her my phone number, it was not allowed.  Tried to get hers, and we had to do disguised chats.  Finally got her number, I called, it was a blank number–she could not understand why.  Then I asked for her email, disguised, I gave her mine, she gave me hers.  Emailing did not work–server rejected, no such user.  She seemed sincere. 

        Then my 16 credits ran out–at 1/2 credit for 5 minutes, it did not take long to used all the credits up, and in the middle of chat, I got prompted to buy more credits since I was running out.  I told her I have to end, that I spent close to $100 already.  She said she was sorry, I said don't worry. 

        Was I scammed?  Was she just a troll?  Her English was actually very good.  Bad phone number, bad email address, and she was up so early in the morning.  Could she have been working for ChnLove as a troll, getting a commission on the chats?  Now that I think about it, certainly plausible. 

        I know they do charge the women a lot for using the dating service, like 40-50,000 RMB for one year.  So they make money both ways, from the women and the foreigners. 

        I stayed away for 6/7 years, and now they are more scammy than ever. 






        • Udaya says:

          Thinks about the following:

          1. Do they send any emails during the weekends?

          2. Do they answer your questions directly ?
          3. DO they use terms like "your city", or do they every use your name
          4. DO they use languages that are very sexual in nature?
          5. When you get their direct contacts, are they so entusiastic to reply as they did on the website?

          if yes, think again.

          A Victim


          • Narwhal says:

            I've been looking at this lot for some time now. Much of what you and others say is consistent with the likelihood that the site is a bummer. Interesting that you mention "your city". Another favourite is "your country", and "my sister (substitute any other for sister) married a man from this site, blah-blah." They never mention your city or country by name, which is a dead giveaway. Also, they use what are blatantly "formula" letters as admirer mails and in responses. Financially, it's a rip-off, as no contact details are permitted, meaning that meeting is a virtual impossibility. Sending a complaint to their troubleshooting HQ invariably meets with an anodyne response. They practically never actually address the problem, but reply sweetly while deflecting the issue. I could go on, but recognize all you and others have commented on.

        • David Shen says:

          That depends on agent, most of the time it is the agent that communicates with you and all the pictures are fake, not the real lady in the life. I can tell you that because I found out that the scam is in very large scale. Local agents have the power to use a few local famous ladies with fake pictures, and the agents will communicate with you because the mails are forwarded at their will, so you won't be able to get anything out of that. The agent will send you many many emails for you to read to scam you. I was talking to a lady who is a member of MDRT, and I managed to find out the lady to be different from the pictures, a lot of people are bribed so that you can't easily to find out the information for the lady. If you call from outside of China, the operator will tell you the person you look for is not there in the company, even her colleage who saw my number is from over sea, she told me to call her with different phone, then hung up. So be very careful, it is a total scam. 

      • Jonathan Graves says:

        Thanks for the information. I have spent thousands of dollars on this site. To no avail. My stupidity is, now I finally asked the question. Are these sites, legit or fake. I conclude 1% legit, 99% fake. I spent too much money in vain. Thank God for this insight. I am cancelling my subscription pronto. The facts are clear.

      • Qnexion says:

        I have been a member for about 6 years now… met 4 women, but wudda liked to have met a half dozen more, which unfortunately, as John says, probably were fronted by agency personnel. I rarely spend money on the site… maybe $200 in total so far… maybe a bit more but not much. My profile letter is worded well enough after several failed attempts that were stripped by the system bots, to enclose a contact email with their first letter IF they want me to respond. I've only had 3 do that and those I wasn't interested in. I'm pretty confident that most of these women don't grasp English very well, as the letters I get, for the most part, are obvious translations. But some aren't. Over the years I've been able to discern the diffrences between the "fakes" and those that are actually here for a husband. Most of what John says is, I believe, true. But the oeveral review of this page is pretty biased I think – or not thorough at the very least. You can't give that kind of review without making some monetary expense and getting into the site. Scanning the profiles alone doesn't cut it. I'm a licensed private investigator and I can say the review isn't exercising due deligence. It's just someone's opinion.

        A good portion of the profile pictures are professionally taken by the photogarpher's hired by the women. Some are done by their local Chnlove agency, but you can tell the difference. I have found a weird consception Chinese women generally have about what is fashionable to them. And it's not generally reciprocated in America. Some of those bourdoire pictures and so dated! Nobody stands or poses like that since the 1970's! But you also find 'normal' pictures in the studio mix. And almost always, on your early replies -if not the first- the lady encloses a 'real' photo, usually in a public space, in an effort to show you that she is a real person. Apparently some of these women also see through the censorship of the agency or Chnlove as a whole re: the 'expensive' cost for the suitor to expend. To get personal contact information doesn't cost $70 !!! I've gotten email, mailing address, etc. for two credits, about $14 at the highest rate of purchasing 3 credits for $21. But, the more you buy the less it is and even midway the cost is halved. For me, I rarely buy more that 10 credits at a time. I'm very critical of each response I get and am looking for a particular female. If the snap judgement on the first contact isn't to my expectation, I send off a "sorry, not interested" reply (that's free). I get MANY responses weekly so I can afford to be picky.

        Anyway, just want to say, there needs to be on YOUR part a reasonable level headed man who isn't swayed by emotions or visuals to make this site work for you. It can, but it takes a fair bit of effort and time on your part to familiarize yourself well enough to spot the questionable profiles – and move along. You do NOT need to respond to every new message in your inbox. Be patience and be picky. If you can do that – you should stay away from these sites. They are not for you!

        • J says:

          How did you got the personal contact information (email, mailing address, etc. ) for two credits?,  Do you work for the site? Are you part of the fake communication?



      • Mike says:

        Spot on John. Notice how the photos are all exactly the same, professional quality. I have been wasting too much money on false hopes. Oh well, my pet will always be there for me. I am sure that I have no chance of ever getting to meet any of these unbelievably beautiful women, who strangely want to marry me.

      • Jacob Hauser says:

        Stay away from this site

        I used it and lost a few hundred till I found out it was a scam.

        I contacted a woman who was supposedly a buisness owner of a stock broking firm.

        And she was in Shenzhen.

        When I heard her voice, it sounded like some uneducated Chinese lady, not a buisness lady who works in the international zone.

        They are all fakes, frauds and fonys.

        Stay the hell away from this site.

        Use China Love Cupid or RSVP

        The ladies are sincere on these sites and they exchange emails, myapp, wechatt, and Skype so you know who you are talking to.

        Forget Chnlove, it's a FUCKIN scam!

        • Chris says:

          I actually took a trip to meet a lady from this site.  Went to Shenzhen for two weeks to meet a lady she showed up and we spent about three hours together.  This women acted as if we were not speaking for one year prior to our meeting.  She was totally indifferent from the nice words she wrote in the letters.  I finally got her to admit that the site was a scam.  There are hundreds of translators working up to 16 hours a day scamming foreigners.  She broke down and told me that she was ashamed for doing it but she had no other choice because she could not find a better job.  These people are parasities preying on th emotions of men seeking genuine relationship.  A few of the pictures are actrually real but 90% of pictures here are models.  Each translator owns a picture that she claims is her girl, and she is supposed to keep the men talking as long as she can or get them to buy gifts.  The translators get paid about 2% of what they generate from the chat, letters and any gifts bought.  I got so much information fromm this girl I could write a manual about the scamming here.  Chnlove is 100% scamming.  Cease fromm spending any money here immediately. 

          • Admin says:

            this proves that the people you talk to on are not the poeple you meet in person.

          • glen says:

            Chris, Now i am Scared, I have booked my Flights from Australia to Shanghai return to meet a lady i have been writing to for 2 Years off and on. Her Profile pictures are Model pictures and i have a few photo,s taken where she is in Public just normal pictures. But as writen by you She does Spend atleast 16 hours a day On-line at that website doesnt seem to spend much time at her Coffee Shop i am told she owns ?

        • Nick says:

          What is RSVP you mentioned? Is it a food site? 

    • tony krungtep says:

      agree..i found the same experience on Assiandates….the profiles are in most cases too professional to be true…average  chinese or filipina women loking like film stars  leaning against a mercedes car…rubbish!

      lso the  profiles when chatting on  text, not video, can answer basic  , obvious and at times their answeers are totally irrevelant to  any normal questions…bec  your talking to a computer program…beware…its a scam to get you to stay on line and buy more credits 

  • mike says:

    It’s an entrapment some type of gov operation.

  • Jacob B says:

    Interesting reviews, I started communicting with 2 girl and I believe both were employed by the the Agency, when I said I would visit them in China they both said they would be working or visiting elsewhere during my planned visit.

    However, I did travel to China and met a girl, she looked nothing like her pictures. I told the Translator I was going to another city and she gave me the number of another translater there. She introduced me to 3 girls, 2 were exactly like their profile pictures and very nice girls. The other girl was a very beautiful Chinese girl who again looked like her profile pictures, that was 8 months ago and we communicate through WeChat (no cost) and will meet again soon, most likely here.

    I believe many if the girls are paid by the Agency to maintain communication throught the Agency, but some are genuine.

    It is very difficult to decise who is serious and who is not.




    • Johndryden says:

      There are many scammers on the site and the company itself is very corrupt. I actually dated a girl in Shenyang who worked for the company and then quit. She told me she quit the company because it had become very fraudulent in its practices and she felt over 50% of the profiles were fake. Sometimes the individual agencies that make up China Love in the various cities are better to deal with directly and they always have women they will set you up with. I am currently seeing a woman from Chengdu I met via this method about one year ago. She has come to Canada to see me and I have been to her home in Chengdu so everything is real. Even via this method, you have to be careful as some of the agencies are bad as well. Standard in person translation services can vary from 150RMB to 300RMB per hour for a minimum 2 hours.

      The worst thing you can do is enter into long correspondence on the site or spend a lot of time chatting. This is where your money disappears quickly. You are better to go to a major city and then contact women in that city you want to meet. This way you find out quickly who are fake ladies and which ones are real and you can establish contact with a local agency. It is a little harder now because when I joined Chn.Love each profile included a link to their local agency so you could contact them directly but they cut this practice out as I am sure they were losing out on revenue to the agencies. It is a shame because when I first joined I believe it was a more or less legitimate dating site and there are sincere women there to be found. Unfortunately, their main goal has become to rip you off any way they can so don't get taken! Here is a little example of how they screw you:

      Each woman can send you 3 pictures with each letter they send. When I joined you could browse these pictures for free. Now, you can only look at one picture for free but each additional picture you view will cost one credit. Therefore it will cost you up to $5 to look at a couple of pictures and of course, they try and get you as many pictures as possible. And if you are using the chat feature and the girl starts sending you pictures online …. lookout!!!!! They are 2 credits each!!!!  You could look at 5 pictures and realize you just spent $10 to do it …..


  • Ben says:

    Proceed with caution. I am out a few hundred bucks. Had the same picture sent to me from different "girls" claiming to be scenic pictures of a place they visited – although they are from different provinces!  I told them I understand Chinese and would like to maintain direct contact and the correspondence stopped immediately. 

  • lb says:

    It's definitely a scam.I set up a second account and get the same leeters from the same girls. The site is mainly after sucker yanks because I often get letters saying they are looking for a man from the US – not much use for someone who is in Australia – this is pure evidence that the letters are automated/computer generated and sent to anyone silly enough to buy credits. Even had 2 girls (from different provinces)  use the same photo of a couple that they both said was a sister married to an Australian.  

    • Mike says:

      It is a scam. I looked up two girls' names on facebook- nothing there.

      • Jay says:

        Facebook is a blocked site in china buddy. Like most western sites are ovr there. 

        When you travel for ork or holiday try checing emails etc from back home.  Omg

        Takes awhile but you find ways.

        SOME  people there buy whats called " over the wall" software to be able to use our taken for granted 

        Free internet world. 

      • silentbob says:

        dude…chinese in mainland china cant use facebook .

        • Robert says:

          Yes, they can. Just load any of the many VPN softwares and you are just as online as you would be in the US.

          I speaking with several years of experience.

          The chinese don't use facebook, because there is no need to. They have their own social medial platformd and about a bollion internet users. Few Chinese speak English so why woul dthey be interested in foreign language web site with mostly foreigners?

  • Jay says:

    The company does have people pretend to be the ladies.  I was talking to one for a bit.  Then one day it was a totally different person that had no idea about the details that we talked about previously.  They will try and keep you talking so you spend more money on the site.  Don't trust this site and stay away from others like it. 

  • rusty stjon says:

    after much correspondence with multiple ladies on this site I have actually met several in person that were who they said, but I do think there are ‘company’ girls who it appears do a “cut and paste” from other letters type of response

  • Asu says:

    This website is fucking rubbish and wasting money. THIS IS FUCKING BULL SHIT AND A LIAR AND CHEATER

    • Mike says:

      I think that we should go to China, maybe work there for a year, and see whether beautiful women are likely to be sexually aggressive with us, and want to marry us before they even get to know us. I doubt it very much. It all adds up to SCAM!

  • Mark Watts says:

    It dont take long to find out they are scamming you…they drop themselves init all the time..if you are alert type that is..they are ceap crooks!

  • James says:

    I was sent an admirer email from a lady that contained infirm action that I could verify. Turns out the letter was bogus but the information was correct. The lady in the profile had a mother who lived in New Mexico, I was even sent a photo of the was able to locate the mother on Facebook and contact her. What's ironic is that the mother met her now husband on this website, so all the ladies and all the agencies that furnish profiles to qpid are not fraudulent. Qpid used to post the names of the agency posting the profile but ceased to do that this last year. I had already identified one agency as fraudulent as two different ladies had sent me letters enclosing photos of a house they owned. Each claimed to in the same house, the two houses were identical in two many ways for them not to be the same house. I contacted the mother and asked her if she could verify whether her daughter would verify sending me a letter. The daughter denied to her mother ever sending me an admirer letter or a letter in response to my letter. This is clearly fraud.

  • James says:

      I do know if one couple who met on this site, but that is the exception not the rule. For over two years I was receiving 5-6 admirer emails, then I received one from a young lady who enclosed information that I was able to verify as true. She was the daughter of the lady above who was successful on thus site in marrying an American. I questioned whether she had actually initiated the contact with me, to begin with she stated she gad had no contact with me. She later reversed that, it was during the process of my complaint that I decided that the site was bogus for the most part. The primary site is charmdate and they have a contract with agencies in China that furnish them with the ladies profiles. If there is a complaint against one of these agencies charmdate passes the complaint for the agency to investigate themself. You know what their determination is going to be. I had already determined that one of the agencies was bogus and was not considering any lady from it. Charmdate then stopped posting the agency name that was the listing agency for each lady. I complained of this to charmdate, after which I stopped receiving admirer letters. Over 2000 for over two years, then none for the three weeks after the complaint. The local agencies in China control the content and the contact with registered users. They control which admirer letter goes to whom. I was able to verify that one lady was listed as being online fir almost 36 straight hours. I also checked different ladies from one of the agencies were photographed with the same clothes even though the ladies claimed to be independently wealthy. Two of the ladies claimed to own the same house, the houses were clearly identical and the shruberry was the same variety and appearance. I specifically mentioned this agency by name and it was after that that I stopped receiving admirer emails. There were also several instances where the agency evidently forgot that they had already sent me a letter from that lady and sent me the same letter as an initial admirer letter. There are too many errors in communications from the ladies for them to be legit or for them to really seek a relationship with the make members. The site degenerated over the time I was a member to the point that ladies are now making definite sexual overtures trying to entice male members to communicate.


  • James says:

    Following is my complaint letter to the charmdate consortium, from which I have not received a satisfactory answer and from which readers can draw their own conclusion:

      I just finished a complaint on chnlove and decided that now was the time for this letter about idateasia. I'm sure you also use subcontractors with this site as you do for the China site. In the last month I have started receiving an increasing amount of admirer letters from Vietnam. What is unusual is that over 90% of these letters are from ?Ladies? who list their age as 18-24, even though I have specified in my profile that I will not converse with ladies that age. Several other peculiarities are prevalent:
      1. The high number claiming to be wealthy, worth over $1,000,000 US.
      2. The high number claiming to be running the family business. Come on, an 18-24 year old running a multi-million dollar business. Though it does happen, not in the degree these
    ?ladies? claim. And especially since some do not even claim higher education.
      3. The high number using sexually suggestive language in their letters.
      4. The high number claiming to be "virgin".
      5. The high number stating that will will be happy to fly to my home town to meet me, often stating that they will do so within 3 weeks of entering into communications with me. You and I know that the majority will conveniently find a reason to be unable to do so if I had started communicating with them and called upon them to do what they said they would do.
      These 5 items are also prevalent upon the chnlove site.

      I think you have lost control of your business or you are cognizant of what is happening and intend to do nothing about it as long as the money rolls in. The fact that you allow these subcontractors to investigate themselves is an indictment against you. You have an easy way to police these agencies by posting male profiles yourself and corresponding with ladies within your main site. You need some way of validating these profiles via a secondary source.
      Presently, I would never correspond with someone via this site as I believe the majority of the profiles are fake.

    This is history of my contact:
    8/4 received admirer email supposedly from Qian.
    8/4 checked Facebook and found Qian's mother account. Sent message asking if she could confirm Qian was her daughter.
    8/11 message fron Zhengmei confirming photo I had sent was her daughter.
    8/11 message via chnlove to Qian. Mentioned I was in contact with her mother.
    8/12 reply from Qian
    8/12 reply me to Qian
    8/13 Zhengmei contacted me via her personal email and we sent emails back and forth. I sent her copies of my messages to Qian and what I thought were messages from Qian
    8/20 after receiving no messages from Qian, I emailed Zhengmei and asked her to check with Qian if she had received my messages.
    8/21 received message from Zhengmei that Qian had had no contact with me. She had authorized no admirer email be sent to a man my age and would not consider such for a potential partner. Qian denied receiving my two messages to her and denied sending me a reply.
    8/21 sent email to Zhengmei asking her to check again.
    8/22 email from Zhengmei reaffirming her email of 8/21
    This is my history of events.

    I will send you more after I receive the agency report.
    I would also like to know why you stopped placing the agency name at the bottom of the admirer letters and the EMF mail. In November 2013 ti February 2014 I was conversing with three ladies, two of them with whom listed through "Bob's ??????" agency. Eventually they sent me photos of what they claimed was their "villa". Upon close scrutiny both "villas" was the same house, all exterior details matched and all the shrubbery was same size and in same location. That was when I noticed that I could check ladies from the same agency. To begin with Bob's agency only had 45 registered ladies and kept getting larger up to 85 when you stopped allowing access to the agency name. I started comparing the ladies. To begin with almost all the ladies were over 40 with higher concentration in the 50's and most added after that were in 18-35. A high percentage of these ladies claimed to be rich, worth over $1,000,000 USD.  After I started conversing with two of them, almost all the others sent me admirer emails. Another peculiarity came in, upon close examination the clothes several of them wore for their photos was identical. Since the agency was small and they claimed to have to use the agency office for email, they had to know one another. Well off ladies do not buy identical clothing especially if they know one another. Another peculiarity, both ladies with whom I was conversing, wrote that they had to use the agency for emails, and were often online at the same time, several times for 18 hours straight. These time frames were over their regular night time hours for China. I require only 6 hours of sleep and would check when I got up in the morning (6 AM, US eastern time 7PM China time) and checked about every hour until late night (11:30 PM just after midnight my time, 12:30 PM China time, just after noon). Are the agencies staffed 24 hours a day? I finally stopped corresponding with the two ladies and with any ladies listed by  Bob's agency as a fraudulent agency. I checked out several other agencies in this manner and was sure in my mind that two other agencies were also fraudulent, but I did not note their names and they stopped listing the listing agency name. The fact that they stopped listing the agencies was the compelling factor in my decision to stop conversing with ladies from their agency until I ?received? the admirer email from Qian where I was able to verify that she existed. What I found out from communicating with her mother was that Qian was not the person communicating with me. The fact that you are allowing the agency to investigate themselves indicates to me that you are cognizant of these irregularities and really do not intend to clean up this activity. I will be posting this scenario of events about your web site on sites that evaluate sites for fraudulent activity. I will also say that not all your sub contractors are fraudulent as Qian's mother was able to find her husband via your web site, but the fact that you cannot police them and keep your web site honest is enough to keep me from corresponding further with ?ladies? from any of your sites. I will wait two weeks before posting my beliefs about your site just to see if you can satisfactorily explain to me what happened and to see what you intend to do. Jim

    • Robert says:

      I finaly got lucky and got one lady to admit that they get paid 50% of what you pay on the site. That explains why when you buy their personal contact information, you'll never hear from them again.

      They use ready made email templates and send them out day and night.

      A very good business, but a total scam. I will eat a hat full of shit if some one can prove that they found a wife on this site.

      If any one is interested, I recorded my whole conversation with the girl. I have it all documented as screen captures.


      • Admin says:

        wow, good info! Thanks for the proof that it’s a scam.

      • agudeza says:

        Well, I do have somewhat of a success story but not where I got married so I suppose you are off the hook for the hat full of 

        Here's the deal. I had all the same experiences as others. Scam city all day long. But, I used to push the girls to prove who they were. As many of us likely did. But I ended up getting several different girls to come forth. We did video chat, and I was able to see they were real. One was definitely using a younger photo but it was her for sure. Another was pushing for marriage so hard but I was not looking at her as the right one. But, I got the luck. One of the girls was very real. She paid them money to find a husband from the US. And I was from the US and very much liked her. I exchanged several messages. But, I got to pushing for that video chat. And I kept saying the site must be fake and it's not fair I waste time and money etc…Well, all the while, the message exchanges were not even with the real girl. I later found out it was a young boy, 20 years of age. I found out because the girl came back to the agency demanding to know if they found a man for her. She was pissed because they promised her they could find a man and she had to put some sort of retainer up. Well, the kid did right by her. He turned her over to me. He made our connection using the QQ chat program with translation built in. The girl messaged me. She demanded I do video. I was trying to connect the cam as I was just settling in my new home and nothin was hooked up. I was texting back and forth and she was getting impatient. Thinking maybe I was a fake. Finally I got the cam up. We connected the video and I have been practically living life connected to her via video on desktop and phone. We are together almost 24 hours a day and break for work and stuff but our video is almost connected full time. In fact, she is sleeping right now in a small video chat window on my screen as I type this message. It's no joke that some girls are real. But, the majority of professional looking photos showing model type girls are not always fake, but those are the ones the agencies use even after those girls meet a guy. So its not that the girls are fake. Its the agencies. They lie and continue to use these photos without the knowledge of the girls sometimes. I know this because I was in video chat with my girl while I showed her I was chatting with her via the chnlov app. She marched to that agency and told them to remove her information and she took photos for me showing how they have guys sitting in a room chatting with guys like us posing as girls. Yeah, the site is wicked and wrong. But it really is not the girls most times. Those agencies rake in the money by exploiting their woman, who are likely genuine good people..

        My thing is, you got to get the girl to go to a non-pay app. But the agencies are preventing them from doing this. Most of the ladies using chnlov are not saavy enough to know how to get around their respective agencies to talk to us on a non-pay app like QQ international. The agencies are keen on making sure the control this. They usually relay the love notes and if you are in chat you can just bet it's an agency employee. They are required to give the girls our messages and such but, if a girl is not interested in you, but they see you are hot for the girl, they will lead you on and bleed you dry. Nothing should be trusted on this site. You might even have a better chance of winning the lottery. That might be what happened to me. Finally getting my partner whom I spend every waking moment with, is like winning the lottery to me. She's my best friend today. I know everything about her and her about me. We laugh together, shed tears, and we experience everything the other feels as if our souls are connected. This is my story. I know it's not likely to happen to many people, and I believe others have gotten lucky. But I actually dont give much credit to the site chnlov because it really was not in their agenda to let me score a great woman. If not for the compassion of the young boy who wanted to help this girl find a man, I might have lost tons of money trying to find one. The girl told me the deal was that if she meets me, and we marry, she has to pay the agency a fee which equates to about $1700 american dollars. That was in addition to her intial fee which I cannot recall. The site is a real paradise on the surface. But too much riff raff. You would be better off going to china with a friend and spending a couple months there and meet people. You can pay a translator to accompany you here and there. I think the odds are better. I used to frequent a non-pay site for meeting Asian women too. And I met so many who wrote back and we stayed in touch up until I finally said I am sticking with the one I am with now. I have so many things I went through over the past 7-8 years before I ended up where I am today. On one hand, i lucked out. But the other hand is that site is a major rip off and perhaps you might say that with the help of someone on the inside, I was able to get around the red tape. I wish it were that way for everyone else.


        That's my story. But even if I go and we get married, I wont hold you to eating the hat full of crap. Best of Luck

  • Vincent Sommers says:

    This dating service I believe is predominantly A scam designed to extract the maximium amount of money over the longest amount of time, I do believe some of the woman and profiles are genuine but many are clearly fraudulent, I was communicating with several ladies over several months and when finally swapping personal communication details ( At A cost ) two just disapeared but one did make an attempt to stay in touch via Skype and seemed to be the person she claimed to be, I know one person ( Who introduced me to this site) who has spent A small fortune over the past few years and I've told him to stop wasting his time and money, If you want Asian pen pals at premium prices then this is the site for you.

  • don says:

    what a rip off sight always need to pay more money to talk more and they charge you for pics they send and they send a lot 5 minutes and 96.00 later and always a better way to get a phone number but more money i wa lucky figured it out and only out 150.00 but working with the credit card company to get it back


  • Jon says:

    CHNLOVE is BOTH Real AND FAKE…..   Heres how I know…

    61/2 years ago,  I met a lady on chn, and back then, sharing information wasn't a big deal… I contacted the lady, and she quickly gave me her email address, and we quickly got set up on  QQ international, so we could webcam together… After about 9 months, she came to the USA, and by the end of the year… We were married..   We were married for 5 years, and unfortunately, I think she got homesick, or just didn't adapt well here, however, we still divorced as Friends… NO Scam there…..

    However… Since I was so happy from my first experience, I decided to try it again about 6 months ago..  I believe they have changed ownership, or something, but now you cannot exchange any information.. They monitor it like it was the plague.. They blot out numbers in letters, and blot out photos.. It is not the same..  Anyway…. I met this beautiful lady about a month ago..Very sweet, and kind, but would only write in "Chat"..Incidentally, This woman was 32 years old, but still lived with her parents… This is not abnormal.. Lots of unwed ladies in China live with their parents, and some are still virgins… Anyway, she also asked for "love calls" a lot. Even though I mentioned how expensive the are.  Anyway… When I asked this lady about exchanging information, she told me that her parents were very protective and wanted to talk to me first… On "love chat".. At $5.00 a minute… It got expensive.. But I thought, ok.. I will accept their wishes and culture or whatever, and called them… First, I spoke to her father.. Twice.. For a total of 11/2 hours.. Then, I spoke to her mother (on a different day)  for almost 1 hour..Her parents seemed very nice and happy for their daughter…  When I called and talked to her mother, The lady answered the phone, then handed the phone to her "mother"..  After the talk.(for an hour on "lovecall"),  I spoke to the lady on "chat" for about a half hour..  THIS IS where it got odd… About 10 days later, while I was "chatting" with her,  I asked her about exchanging information.. She then told me  that her mother wanted to talk to me first… ?  I said "wait a minute.. Don't you remember … I already spoke to your mother for almost an hour"… She then started accusing me of "Chatting with another lady, and talking to HER mother.  Wait, What??…  Only 10 days ago she was so excited about me talking to her father and mother, and now she forgets it????  Things went downhill from there.  I asked her to call me, but she said she was afraid I would find out her phone number… She had been telling me "she loved me and wanted to be married someday" but doesn't want me to get her phone number if she calls me?  SCAM…When I asked her to prove me wrong, she wouldn't and she started trying to make me feel like I was the one in the wrong…  By the way… Her name is VICKY, profile P272064….. Such a sweet, lovely lady… and angel… But ITS NOT HER.

    ONE FINAL NOTE>>> After I got Nowhere by writing to customer service and telling them how I got scammed…and after losing $2800.00 on this Scammer, They offered me 2 whole credits for my solution… I wrote them 3 times… I got nowhere.. HOWEVER… I called my  CREDIT CARD company.. And they are giving me MY MONEY BACK…  I told them my story… And they are crediting my credit card… They will still try to contact CHN, but they said they looked into it and cannot…

    SO MEN…IF you ARE a victim of FRAUD… Contact your Credit Card Company.  

  • Dean says:

    chnlove is garbage site, do not use it ! they keep asking you pay money to get credit. Most of women are fake !

    • sam says:

       i  have received  more  than  9000  letters—–one  day  i  replied  one  lady

      's  letter—-the  following  day  after 24  hour—she  told  me  that  she  fell  in  love  with  another  man——-liar—-liar

  • david hynes says:

     I am from Canada, and this site is a definite scam and money racket, 7 dollars to open an email and another 7 dollars to send email. The people you are talking to are just translators, they are on commission. How come when you go on the site and everyone knows your name and they want to talk and it is 3 am in the morning. Chinese ladies are very shy, we have many Chinese here in Vancouver and they do not talk this way. What 20 year old chinese lady says, age is not important, come on give me a break. The letters you send on this sit does not go to anyone, just translators who are very good at what they do. I know someone who spent 3000 dollars and never found any Chinese Lady, you might as well to go and hire a hooker, also if you find someone in Asia they are all divorced, some with kids, no pension and it will take 5 years to bring her to your country. I will bet you 1000 dollars, that if you go to China the lady will not be there or she would look different.

  • Robert Nicholas says:

    I am an American that lives and works in China. I meet a woman on this site that was real. I visted her many times then moved to her city. She moved in with me and we were married 6 months later. three years later all is still well. so not all are fakes

  • Carl Jones says:

    Be very careful or you will waste a lot of money on this scam. I have visited China for business on several occasion and there are some beautiful woman. These photos are not natural! I discovered on this site the profile pictures have been digitally altered to reflect beautiful women or prehaps they are models. I travel to China to meet four different women and not one looked like their photo. I was shocked and knew I had been scammed after writing for several months and paying a high price to have my letters translated. These women were average or below average in looks. 

    The site allows you to send or receive one photo for free. Then they push private altered photos of the lady at a cost of one credit. They also have the women to push for flowers and candy to show your affection and celebrate American holidays, which aren't celebrated in China. If you are foolish enough to write these ladies every day or send gifts at 10 times the cost you will spend hundreds of dollars each month. If you decide to join this site you are wasting your money. When I mention to a lady I would be in China. She was so nervous about her looks she sent me a an unaltered photo and told me she wanted to show me how she looked without make-up. Make-up or no make-up she looked nothing like the profile photo. 

    I believe the agency writes these letter, they are very similar in style, and say nothing.

     Do not waste your money, Some of these women or the agency only want to practice their English and writing skills and keep you writing and wasting money. You will not be able to share contract information and must use their service for 90 days, then you can purchase the ladies contact information for a high price. This can be a very costly dating site. This was a learning experience, and I have no interest in Chinese products or their women. This is just a big scam

    • Udaya says:

      I spend so much money and go the contact details to find out that it's a fake.

    • Udaya says:

      I spend so much money and get the direct contact details to find out that it's a fake.

    • brian maguire says:


      Itoo have been scammed on this site, a younger lady say 43 yrs old , had in her profile , that her comand of English was not to bad. She asked if i would approve a ' LADY CALL ME ' PHONE CALL. iHAD KEPT MY CREDIOTS AND THE PHONE CALL TOOK PLACE, BUT SHE COULD NOT SPEAK ENGLISH , AND THE CALL KEPT DIEING ON ME.

      When i wrote and complained , i esplained that the lady could not speak English, that the call kept fading out , and weas told CHN had no way to monitor the phone calls of other countries, and gave me a two credit refund, after taking 11 credits and me getting no further forward.




  • Man A says:

    Very interesting.  I'm a 40-something male, divorced, living in the US, reasonably successful and looking for a partner.  I therefore, very much fall in to the target demographic for chnlove.  That is, except for one thing, that is apparently missing from most (for I have not read all) of the comments.  What is that exception?  I am not so shallow of a man that I desperately need to spend 1,000s of dollars trying to get a young, pretty trophy wife that will do all my ironing and clean my house.

    I indeed joined chnlove, admittedly, quite naively believing that it may be a normal dating site.  However, it took all of just a couple of minutes (if that) to realize what was going on.  The messages that I started to receive did not make me question "is this too good to be true?" but rather question the kind of guy that would ask "is this too good to be true?".  Are you following me?

    You seriously have to question yourself on why you are on that site to begin with before complaining about being scammed. I truly believe that if you are signed up to chnlove, or its sister sites, and spending dollars on attempting to comunicate with these obviously fake women, that you deserve to be scammed.  I don't feel sorry for you one bit.

  • Aleksander Graf Pruszynski says:

    They do not tell the true fackts about chargers, You have to have meny letter till they let you at a price get the ladys e mail. I lost 400 dolars and do not plan to loos more money. They do not answer questions put to them.

    I will go to Shanghai in April and go to the women market – each weekend – mothers of free girls are there with a picture of their girls. Girls over 27 are consider "left over" anspecialy with higher education are not hard to find and probably can be good wifes.

    Travel to Shanghai is under 1000 at that time and hostles are from15 bucks up per night.

    So this is the best way to get a Chines lady.

    There too is a  women market in Peking but Shinghai is probably more interesting and has a better climat.

    It was great to find this site and find more about ChnLove who now milks ladeis from Ukraina

    • Anna says:

      Your should fuck yourself intead of finding a Chinese woman, you are so gross, you are sick in mind!!!

      Not only you fail in your own country, but also fail in China and Ukraina!!!

  • Udaya says:

    I am a victim of this scam. I spend nearly $1000, stayed 3 months communicating with a lady. This is beacuse I needed a 3 months waiting period before I can request contact details of the lady. To get the contact I need to pay 20 credits. I send an email and heard nothing. So I asked the admin's to verify the email and I got following email.

    hello my love XXXXX.

    yes. get your letter now, haha. i am happy. we can write here now. as my writing english not good. we keep short letter, ok?
    i feel so happy now.
    these days my work crazy busy.
    if can't reply fast, please patient.
    lucky we can talk now.
    miss you.
    Here are the issue.

    – Name doesn't match with the Chinese name given to me during my lengthy discussions with Anna, and email names do not match

    – The language used here is totally different to language us by Anna while communicating through the Qpid website.

    – There is no a lot of enthusiasm to talk outside the Qpid website
    – Anna was communicating with me through Qpid website, and she could write very well
    – I have spoke to a lady (ksnown as ANNA), who can speak very well
    – She had all the time to write long letters, some of which very sexual nature which is not very Chinses ways
    – They never appear to be reading my letters, and never answer any questions.
    – They use terms like 'your city', never spell out Melbourne.
    – Some of the writing seems like from a template



  • John Reed says:

    As the old saying goes, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably IS NOT."  Thanks to all you other "chumps" like me for sharing your horror stories.  I have only been on ChnLove for one week and 16 credits or $96 and have aready suspected this site was a scam.  I will tell my Katherine what a fraud she is and leave this site as soon as I am finished with this response.  TO ALL MEN EVERYWHERE, STAY AWAY FROM THESE CHINESE SCAM SITES!

    • Admin says:

      Hey John,

      Thanks for the comment and sharing your experiences as well. It helps to save other people from getting scammed.

  • John Reed says:

    Dear Admin:  How can I paste my screen shot of my response to ChnLove here?  It is a .png image.

  • Greg says:

    well, actually all the ladies are true, it's because they cannot meet with the wrong men, so they keep staying from meeting or contacting outside the Qpid website. If you folks want to find the right and genuine women, you should buy a mirror and check yourself out, then decide what kind of ladies are suitable for you. Stopping looking for those "too good to be true" lady, they do not match with you!

  • JOE B says:

    Thanks, I'm telling Juan good bye right now with left over credits. It was so good communicating but hurts it's a fake deal. I was suspicous but did not want to believe it . She even sent me "no make up' photos.But credits were being taken in bundles and I made an ass of myself, I'm totally embarassed and pissed at myself for getting involved when I knew it was fake. Those of us in a vunerable state and lonely, I just lost my wife, beware. This process does funny things to you brain and makes you feel like a positive change is about to take place in your life. Be careful 

    • Adi says:

      Hi Joe,


      do you remember the ID of this Juan you are talking about…I am guessing that I too was conned by a person by the name Crystal Juan Pan…just wondering if it is the same Juan from Chengdu..

  • Alex says:

    Definetely a scam site, you have never got any contaqct information from the ladies, they have amny ways to prevent you from getting this information, All the email address if you bought are fake, never come to this site, it is thrwo your money into a hole. I have been here and spend more than $10,000, still empty handed. Just leave it far away, you can never find the wife you want here, just get this site rich. Believe me, check with me first if you want t ogo ahead, I hope every man from this world will go to this site. If you want to throw all your money here, do it, otherwise, do not do it!

    • Admin says:

      wow $10,000. So sorry to here you wasted soo much money on this site Alex.  Thanks for leaving a comment and warning other men about this web site.

    • Richard says:

      Hi Alex,

      Thank you for posting your experience. I am at two minds about contacting my 200 odd "admirers" and wonder if any of there are really real. One of my friends has managed to obtain direct phone numbers and email addresses outside their system but he did not follow up going to China to meet them.

      I am wondering if any of these "ladies" are real enough for me to continue to communicate with them. I would do so with direct telephone conversation instead of writing letters as I found that the translators never give my messages to the supposed ladies and instead write their own version of what they think I like to read and since finding out, I insist the women reply in their own writing in Chinese but not one has responded accordingly.

      Thanks for letting me know more about your experiences.



  • Alex says:

    I want to know how to stop this scam!

  • Mel Fletcher says:

    It's totally a scam! The scammers who operate sites offer financial incentives to the "girls" to lure the unsuspecting customers to chat (you have to pay extra) or to make a "love call" (got deep pockets?).  The "girls",  as young as 19, are ALL willing to meet men up to 70 yrs old.  The profile of one of the "girls" who contacted me had the picture from their Latin American site, but the info was from someone in Thailand!  Turned out the scammers were being scammed by their own employees! Calling all gullible fools!

  • David Shen says:

    Yes, I agree it is totally scam! I asked the lady her Chinese name since I read Chinese, she told me her name and the company she works for, so I looked it up, all the information she gave me is right, but I could not reach her through the company operator who is bribed by the local agent to tell you that the lady does not work in the company, and I looked up a few more employees in the company, and again was told no those people since the operator can see I was calling from overseas and she knows not to transfer you. I managed to find out the portrait of the lady, it is totally different from the pictures in her profile, so if you catch them, the lady does not have problem since there are no her pictures in the profile. The communication actually came from the agent, not from the lady. So, if you receive the nice responses from the ladies you contacted, don't think you get to talk to the ladies. Good luck guys but be very careful!

  • George de With says:

    My story is totally true , it is a scam and also not a scam site .   Genuine women who are on the site have to pay a large sum of money to join.  They have professional photos taken then they are enhanced , a chinese social thing a very common thing women in china do. They are proud of how good they can get the photo altered.

    It is a franchise with multi agencies . some agencies are scammers so you never talk to real women .  The favorite saying is I have never met a person like you .  Each letter ends with a question.   I love you .. said so quickly it is impossible ,  love calls designed to strip all your funds …..the person is young and it is totally acceptable with her parents that she marries an older man….they refuse to give a private email address.  all a scam

    But also I met my now wife on the site , i talked to her and explained that i had been scammed many times and could not afford to do this any more .  she gave me her private email address straight away .  i have already booked a flight to china due to another scammer and she said come to her city and she would show me around . we talked for many months at no cost ,  so when we met it was meeting someone you had know all your life.  we now live in Australia and travel to china a few times a year.

    MY advice ..   regardless of how much you want love …   what seems just too fantastic and incredible .  that is the scammer.

    The person that tells you about real life with depth of family and conversation is real .

    The person that sounds just normal is real





  • Richard says:

    I canvas the views of others who have been scammed by "translators" in Chnlove and would appreciate any feedback on your experiences.

    I have just received a reply from a "lady" from "Shenzhen" from the Admirer mail from Chnlove.

    I find the contents too good to be true because if the lady I am writing to is so wealthy, she would have over half a dozen playboys entertainng her or she is entertaining them and can have any kind of fun or sexual pleasure she wants.

    From reading some of the scams appearing on this page, I have also come to the conclusion that the translators do not care what the wishes or desires of the lady they are representing but take it on themselves to write whatever they like in order to collect their cut in any letters written in reply. It cost me US$6.00 to read and another $6.00 to reply to each and every letter I received.

    Here is the letter I recently received. Please read and advise me what you think in accordance to your experience with this website.

    My appreciation and thanks in advance.


    30 Oct 2016

    "My dearest Richard

    I am so happy to meet you here, I see your profile just now and I am interested in you more and more, i love mature man like your age, and yes i can do as you asked,because i am sincere here and want to meet you face to face. I don't want to be pen pal here, i want to find a husband.

    Now i share myself to you, i am sunny, sexy, honest, gentle and loving, i like swimming and dancing. I work in my parents' company and i want to search a man really me. I will be a good wife and never say no to my husband.I am a perceptual gentle woman, and I want to do the most romantic thing in the world with you. I think being with you at night and kissing your charming face are the most romantic two things for me.

    My darling, I am so lucky to meet you here, because you are so excellent and awesome. My villa nears to the seaside and I really want to play with you on the beach. I will also like to invite a group of friends to our yacht party. On a sunny morning, we will go to play golf and enjoy a cozy afternoon. We will also paddle in my private swimming pool. At a romantic night, we will enjoy the most comfortable spa in the five-star hotel. I would love to help you do some massage. I am willing to do anything for you to make you feel happy. If you feel happy, I will feel happy.

    I want you to kiss my whole body. My white tender skin wants your touch so much. I need your sexy lips moist so urgent. I wish you will catch my breasts and kissing them hard. I need your caress now baby. My darling, your charming strong body makes me drunk and I want you now. I will kiss you every inch of the body. I will touch and kiss your sensitive parts. I want you are in bed and touching the whole night.

    I need you like I need the air to breathe. Dear, please share with me your days more and more, because I really want to know all about you all the time. Distance will not affect us loving each other; on the contrary will let me miss you more. How I strongly want to be with you, feel your temperature, your breath, my heart beat for you from now on.

    How I wish I can have you in my life soon and let you to be my husband. I'll give you all my tenderness and love and you are the unique one for me. I love you so much baby. I wish we could meet as soon as possible. Wait your sweet letter.

    Your sincere and sweet

  • Terry says:

    Just get this lately and I was interested in a lady who divorced 2 years ago. like other people said this website is totally scam. The ladies pictures most likely are real there but you are not talking to them, this looks like they get the information from those ladies and never contact them. All the emails, live chat even calls, they are agency. and they are all women, I spent $400 on that woman and she's all fake. after all i told her the website is kinda fake and she agreed with me, she wants me to give her a instant call from the website and she can tell me her contact number. So i did, she gave me the number, i called, no body picks up, I called her again from the website $7 per minutes, and confirmed the number again. give her a call, and I asked my friend in China to give her a call. finally a lady picked up and said someone post her number online or something, so many people call her from outside of China and she has no idea what's going on. so those agency give out all fake address and information, and then so funny, she still write me a letter and want me to read it, ofcause I still have 3 credits there, so I read it and see what she said, she still sending me pictures and said she will try to call me again at night, ofcoz nothing happen, and she still fake. after all ,this website is a scam that use other women's pictures and information to get money from US. my profile without a picture now and still some ladies send me an email say check my profile few times, love my picture… what the hell…. so be careful guys


  • Tina says:

    This is a site with only ugly old man, so sick in mind and adnormal, I can assured that in real life they cannot find a wife so they come to this site to look for hope, and if they go to other dating sites, nobody would give a shit about them. They trick women for free sex or slave, they daydream a beautiful woman would like them or marry them, they talk nasty naughty things which is so sick and gross. 

  • glen tiller says:

    hi fellows, just to let you know I have been with chn for 5 years,and it has cost me  ZERO. I have recieved over 500 letters from about !000 women. Out of the 1000 women I would say there was over50 women that were real,and they were over 60 years of age ??  So guys they play the game with you,  SO you play the GAME WITH THEM     ps I t has cost me nothing to play there game.   SCAM SCAM SCAM.     Glen

    • Nate says:

      Glen, if that's true, how can it cost me zero? I'm a logged on member with no profile or photos and just get on the site for the photos. There is one lady who I have the hots for on Chnlove and like to look at her photos. I would like to write to her to tell her that I admire her if she was really for real and then start in with the real people there telling them how disgusted I am with them! Then tell the real person in the profile that she's way to attractive to be on a site like this and she can find a man in China or enywhere else in a heartbeat. And I'm smart enough that I could never be with her-blue collar working class, no college degree and a relatively scrawny figure! Again I'm there for the fantasies and will never pay for the scam!

  • Huggable Bear says:

    Interesting comments here, as I too have been contemplating dropping some bucks on ChnLove. My guess however is that it is the agents spamming the admirer emails, since if it were the women themselves viewing MY PROFILE and they were even half proficient in English they would see my WeChat info included in my description.

    Yes, WeChat, the Chinese alternative to FaceBook and what every hot chick in mainland China has on her smartphone. It's totally free to sign up and use, just a valid mobile number needed.

    Every correspondence I send out I mention to the women to hit me up on there… and yet NOT ONE has contacted me on WeChat or added me to her contacts.

    Do they not have a smartphone? Do they not grasp basic English? Are they suddenly no longer interested in finding out more about the "man of their dreams"? I doubt all three.

    I don't have the means to travel to China just yet, but I would definitely recommend corresponding on WeChat or Skype first, assuming you manage to find a REAL woman who is genuinely interested in you.

  • mark Read says:

    ive been on CHNLOVE, Idate ASIA and Cherry Blossoms for like 3 months. The llatter is the least expensive, and most realistic. HAving survived five years of family law courtsl money is thin on the ground. Before I realised it I had spent over 1200 AU. Loneliness has a price it seems. recently friends have been saying "no Mark; its too true to believe" or "this has gotta be fake". So i started looking at bucket loads of profiles. Sure enough, too many women have too many profiles. I will spend another 96 to get the womans details; even after reading all these, mostly because there are some positive outcomes. If nothing else, ive been entertained for the past 3 months, and my dicks thicker from all the fapping….hahahhahaha. And if it turns out to be fake I will actually start asking the mixed race couples i see at the shopping centres either the best way to meet a genuine girl or does the asian woman have any friends who'd like to live in Austtralia with a decent man? it cant hurt. Just be aware that you do not favourite any of them unless that is the one you want. reason being is that you cant use the free chat or bonus points to email with anyone youve favourited, 

    IF you are considering using this site…

    1. Do not buy credits until you have settled on which province you like….different facial features attract different blokes and according to my research( and my free collection of fap pics- right click save image as) different provinces different bone structure. I seem to like LIANYONG And SHENZEN/ Guangdong or Hubei mostly. But each to their own

    2. No favouriting! Just by viewing the profiles you'll get admirer mail, and some of these are priceless. 

    3 always stay hidden rather than online. This stops the chat pop ups (most times) which are very distracting. And you end up chatting at 6 or 7 bucks every two minutes and staring at the screen thinking "hurry the fk up".

    4. It really doesnt matter what you tell them, you'll get responses. DO NOT OPEN 2nd 3rd or 4th pics or videos. They will just be pics that are already on the profile or simikar. no matter how enticing they sound

    5. Always remember, there is a goal, to find a wife. Not to chat to hundreds. Find the one whose pics drive all the gears, and accept the fact that she could be a scam. But you wont know unless you try.

    6. be completely honest. The real ladies are looking for you. you can discern the obvious fakes quickly. Someone looking for a husband is not going to be talking sex to someone she doesnt know.

    7. Stay positive, use changing your profile to communicate to your love(s) The real ones will read it and respond appropriately.

    8. THERE is always a need for a check up from the neck up! Show your friends and work mates the letters, let them bring you back down to earth, because searching profiles is very addictive. Very pretty ladies, lots will be half your age, lots are suggestivelydressed, and most wear the generic dresses and get used to seeing the same poses. Try editing the photos and stripping out the colour and bad lighting. 

    Again Cherry Blossoms is the cheaper option, they never look like the made up version, and if they are that rich…. Why cant they fly on over to meet you. A rich woman doesnt say "i'll try and get my visa" getting a visa is matter of fact to a rich woman. 

    I hope there are some genuine ladies on CHN LOVE or Idate Asia, but cherry blossoms is the most realistic. Not that ive used it much because of my addiction to the ChnLove rapid fire sexy photo drug!

    Thankyou all, writing this has certainly lent me some clarity.

  • mark Read says:

    This is the one im hoping is real. Has anyone else got this letter?

    Date: Nov 22, 2016 GMT

    Dear Mark

    Hello Mark,

    i am so happy to have a short chat with you. and then I read your profile.I am very impressed after I read your profile. My name is —– which means spring. I feel spring is full of energy and it is a perfect time to fall in love, don't you think so? Do you like spring? Ops, you like spring! So you like me? Haha, I am a naughty and funny girl. I wish you have a big smile on your face. 

    I grew up in a wealthy, scholarly and well-educated business family. I am a very lucky girl. I could get anything I want since I was little because my family is very rich. My parents offer me the great education to help me to be positive and optimistic. I am a dignified woman. I show my respect to anyone. So if you are looking for this kind of oriental lady, I believe you just got her! Under the environmental impact of my family, I have a special sensitive and intuition in business. After several years of hard work, I have five big coal mine enterprises here of my own, and they have the stable and huge profits every year. As people know, no matter where in the world, the coal mine business is a big industry which can always make large money more and faster. 

    I also inherited the vast of the home industry. My parents give all their property to me. Therefore, I am living a very luxury life now. In the jewelry and real estate industry, I also have many great investments. All of them will bring huge profits to me even though I retire now. I have ten luxury cars and eight big villas. They are my valuable real estates. But now I want to give them to you. I would like to share all the money with my husband. I am a very generous woman. I love to spend a lot of money on my life partner. I will buy you cars, houses and yacht. I can afford anything you want. You do not need to work hard any more. We have enough money to live a rich life without doing anything. 

    I am such a successful woman in the career, but I have a failure marriage. My ex was poor and in a bad situation. I supported him in finance and spirit. The reason why I do not have kid is he did not want any. So I agreed. However, what is out of my expectation is he cheated on me more than once. When I found him and another young girl on my bed again, he hit me angrily. He sold my four villas and all of cars behind me, and then carried the cash left with that young girl.

    My heart was broken. My friend said I should ask my money back, but I do not want to. After we divorced, I heard he lost all the money because of the gamble. So I sent my secretary to pay off all his debts. I do not blame him any more. I want to end my marriage in a nice way and move on. You might ask why I do not find a man here. Yes, there are many Chinese men go after me, but I think they just want to play games. I am not young any more. I need to settle down and build a warm family with a man I love. I want a serious relationship. I'd like to come and meet you as soon as possible. 

    I feel so lonely. I will give you my half property as long as you love me. I do not care about your income or the difference ages. I only want your love! I will take care of you and keep you in healthy. I have dietitian here. She teaches me many things about health and how to live longer. Do you think I have the supple skin and shapely sexy figure? Am I attractive to you? I hope when you look at the pictures, you will feel I am a typical oriental sexy beauty. 

    I hope to hear from you soon. 
    Yours sincerely


    *** I'll wait for your replies before I spend the 96 bucks

  • joe says:

    To be honest, i use this site as a diversion and would not expect to seriously meet someone here. Only once did I meet a real woman, who obviously paid her agency to be allowed send me her private email. I know she was real because she mentioned a tragic event in her life and this was varifiable  on google.

    I've tracked down several idateasia filipinas on facebook- they were minor models/ entertainment girls in Cebu, very nice people who immediately told me ut was fake . One requested her profile be deleted. Filipinas are genuinely very poor and I;d say they simply sold their photos when they ran out of gas for their pan cooker 


    Your best bet is to use dateinasia and track the girls down to facebook…then proceed catiously .Most are sort of pimped by their boyfriends into appearing to be single but asking for money. I suspect also they find their own men lazy and repugnant .





  • Mark says:

    Very well thought through review.

    One can only hope people look up some reviews before digging into their bank account.

    That said, I went a step ahead in my investigation and purchased the lowest possible amount of credits; 3/USD7. I started a chat and it just seemed all so fake. Didn't even reply to my talk/question but kept going, trying to clock up time.


    See all these glamorous images of 40years+ women? If that's their real picture then I am 18. I lived in China long enough (over a decade), not to know that these are all fake images.


    Everybody knows Shenzhen is for China what Pattaya is for Thailand. Hence, all these "professional ladies" in Shenzhen, so successful but also so lonely. Yep, we know.


    Realise that most of these professional ladies are all online, day in day out. Tells you something?


    Seriously, next time I visit China, I visit their office. I know where they are. This kind of online scam needs to come to an end.

    Pathetic multiplied by itself a dozen times.

  • Mark says:

    Ops, I forgot.

    I even tell on my profile, I have 3 questions embedded. Anyone who tries to contact me, telling me they read my profile and "are So Impressed", need to answer my 3 questions, or else, the delet buton will meet its means.

    I received hundreds of admierer mail, even EMF mail. Not One answered the question, didn't even attempt to relate to.

    Somebody need to knwo more?


    There you get it; "You are the most naive, ignorant desperate".

  • Mark says:

    And here comes the shok of all times.

    Moments after I'd purchased 3 credits (USD21), my bank rings me to ask if I purchased some products from China, worth USD 1290.00. Luck me that my bank monitors credit card purchases and if they smell anything foul, they react – fast!

  • Bruno john says:

    This is what Chnlove actual doing…
    1)Cooperate with the domestic (local)matchmaking agency ….. 
    2)Local agency provide information of they women members….
    3)Arrange the professional photographer….take the sexy life photos….sultry video….
    4)chnlove put this female photos & info into they site…,that is the profile search you will seen…,
    5)Chnlove in a lot of overseas sites put on small ads, to lure men to their website registered consumption. 
    6)The target is mainly 45 years old overseas single elderly, because this group of the people have savings, time, but also empty lonely, simple-minded.
    7)Local agency recruit English translation ….generally require recruiting staff open mind…..
    8)Credit point system and a variety of fraud tools used….
    9)1 credit point 4-7 dollars, men charge more, the more favorable. 
    10)Men's consumption generate the turnover ….
    11)3 parties….the platform…the agency & the translator sharing this profit generate in certain ratio….
    12)Generally a credit point, the translator can get 4 yuan RMB….
    13)Men online chat every 10 minutes spend a credit point ….the man send a letter spend a credit point, received a lady reply spend another credit point ….make phone call to the ladies (love call) 1 minute a credit point ….to see Ms. 1 Photos, or give the woman a photo 1.5 Credit point to see a micro-video, 2.5 credits in addition to a variety of virtual gifts, high-level expression, chat interface, etc. 
    14)chnlove use the automatic invitation software to send a variety of sexually suggestive invitations & admirer letter to the men ….act something like"fishing"….by luck…
    15)If a man respond, even the profile picture of the man shown a "pig head" ….ladies here will say that she likes him so much…love him …want to marry him….
    16).Men on the platform roughly divided into two kinds, one is really looking for Chinese women to become his wife, and the other is looking for the ladies as its obscenity harem.
    17)For the serious man …the translator just chat with him with his content,….looking forward to the future,….to his love of infinite hope. If the men are lusty, just tell him the content of sex
    18)The latter, every day with different ladies porn chat, to obtain sexual satisfaction. This kind of men have metamorphosis, pedophilia, incest, group, sm, and so on. But as long as can be tied to men, earn credit points, the translator will be packaged into a variety of metamorphosis, slut, to meet each other's abnormal pornography.
    19)Chat process, the translator will give or ask the men to send a variety of ps s sexy sultry photos, video, guide men to write their letters, playing love call, send a virtual gift and so on. In short the use of a variety of platforms on the combination of fraud tools, do everything possible, sweet words, all kinds of Bo sympathy, all kinds of truth stories, squeeze men credit points. On the letter, basically every translator has a set of their own letter template.
    20)Each letter does not involve more specific things, letting each man feel that is the same as he wrote. All kinds of letters are, sexually provocative, innocent, abnormal pornography and so on. So the basic letter is to copy and paste, and then modify it. And love call, female translator pretend to be a variety of ladies with men ambiguous call. Male translator to find a female translator to help answering the call ….and even a male translator using the variable sound software directly with the men love call. 
    21)A translator may operate more than seven women's accounts at the same time, and may be in love with 10-20 men at the same time. And he may be a man. Veterans generally earn more than 2000 points per month credit, wages around 8000-15000. At the same time…,local agency….platforms also earn pours. 
    22)some times this happen….Fraud of the defective by-product — successful matchmaking case happen….from time to time there will be rich & passionate men ….with full of hope to come to China to see his dream lover. This time the real lady came in handy. The agency will tell the ladies some basic situation, let the woman into the role of cheating overseas men marry her. Once successful, the organization can be charged to the ladies tens of thousands of introductory fees, and put this successful case into advertisement…to attract new female members. But the probability of success is very rare…because the men who come to China after contact with the real lady will found they is so big different between this real lady with the one communicate with him at the site…,
    23)In many cases, as long as a woman's information there are attractive men's value, the agency will not put her off the shelf, even if the woman has withdrawn.
    24)At this time the agency will compile a variety of excuse reasons to introduce the men to other China women, earn the introduction fee. In short, Chnlove and its agency is essentially an organized, premeditated, beautiful signs of fraud groups. The platform is very clever, the fraud into a variety of false virtual services, with the price of credit outrageous credit system for packaging and then spoils. Platform in Hong Kong, fraud in mainland China, deceived personnel overseas, making the case evidence difficulty. And this platform in mainland China simply can not access, so our innocent lady was packaged into a variety of sluts to overseas sales, but also as a variety of professional liars without they knowing….

    My be all the victims…which cheated by this site….may keep all the record & evident….make a report to China embassy at you country respectively….so that they can take action accordingly….

    Sent from my iPhone

  • michael norman says:

    The site is a complete scam. I wrote at the beginning of my profile for any lady writing me to take a photo of herself holding a sign saying she wants to marry me right now and to include my name in it and to include the photo in her initial admirer's letter or initial chat message but nothing. When I did try calling the girl I was told the reservation number was not valid. Also, I live in Thailand and when I went to make the call the call went to Poland. The letters that I received were written as if we were writing all the time when I hardly wrote any. This site is a scam.

  • Nick says:

    I'd observed this site after a few months decided to start chatting with a chinese lady. Sent a message then realised that the simple question I'd asked hadn't been answered. I also noticed a pattern that she would come on at 9am China time zone and i was waiting up for her. But the replies and photo's were doctored and there was an avoidance of contact details. The replies were 2 to 3 letters to each of my one sent, so you need to pay $7 each time to open them. I didn't spend more than £150 in the 10 to 11 days we chatted but there was a definite difference in the wording and writing style of the ladies who work at the office. Plus I'd put the age of looking between 32 and 57 and was having lots of ladies between 20 and 35 contacting me. It's a scam but I'm not angry with Sara the lady i was interested in but annoyed with the site for toying with peoples emotions and time.

  • Nick says:

    Avoid it like the plague, i just used my last 5 credits sending out letters to ladies who had sent messages to me. Explaining that the site was a joke, the profiles were doctored and that i had no interest in them and that i wad merely using up my last credits before leaving. I got 4 replies as it takes another $7 each to open. AVOID THIS MONEY MAKING MACHINE.



  • Nick says:

    I use a different payment method there, so i couldn't get scammed. I feel sorry for anyone who got caught by them bigger than 150 pounds that i did. 

  • Nick says:

    Avoid it like the plague, i just used my last 5 credits sending out letters to ladies who had sent messages to me. Explaining that the site was a joke, the profiles were doctored and that i had no interest in them and that i wad merely using up my last credits before leaving. I got 4 replies as it takes another $7 each to open. AVOID THIS MONEY MAKING MACHINE.


    Plus she claimed to be listening to a song that i made up by Ed Sheeran and loved it. If it sounds to good ro be true it normally is.


  • Nick says:

    I guess Anna works for charmdate and is a little bitter that her gravy train is coming to an end. Never mind flower you'll gey a job somewhere else.

  • Nathan Modeen says:

    And ChnLove is now going by the name "AsiaMe". They probably know by now of people who know of the scam. The flower logo is still the same, though.

  • Nick says:

    Asiandate and asiame have a lot of the same ladies pictures there. Yes the times that they come on are identical some at 9am chinese west timezone. But I'm going to try again with asiame and the same lady if she'll continue talking to me. I'm relentless in some things. Good luck all. Here goes nothing (or everything).

    • Harris says:

      Can admin pls pass this message to all the chnlove members which give comments here?(cos you have they email address)..thank you!

  • Harris says:

    Hi guy,

    There is useless to just complaint here.pls complaint to the Hong Kong Consumer council,so that more & more complaints received.enable the council to names & shames the chnlove/asiame website!




  • hermz says:


  • steve crosbie says:

    Please REFUND all my money that you have stolen out of my account or i will be contacting fraud department and police.   You have stolen $480.      REFUND  ASAP.      Mr Steve  Crosbie.      

  • Michael says:

    I was on chn love dating site for over 2yrs back I 2014 to 2015 I spent over 27,000 Austrian dollars on that site I found out the CEO who owns this company is Australian and lived in Perth I found out back I then most.of the girls are models and are registered I’m outside agency’s in there city and those agency’s are connected with the chn love based in Hong Kong when I put in official complaint I got no where so I told I’m taking legal action and told I am going to the leading magazines hete and the media and the papers they first offered me the basic refund of 5,000 dollars which they offered alot of men on that site but once.i found out the CEO was Australian and living in Perth I had the power I needed to fight this it took me a few months his lawyers in Hong Kong offered me the refund that wasn’t to my satisfaction it went back and forth with emails until we both decided on 13,000 dollars refund wise which his lawyers deposited straight back into my bank account I still lost 14,000 Australian dollars tho which I never got back this dating site chn love is the most corupt dating that I have ever used over the 2yrs I was on it i only met 2 lady’s in petson and I arranged that myself the dating site chn love had nothing to do with and also none of these lady’s speak English so don’t take it for granted that they do because they don’t and if you need a translator expect to pay 100 dollars per day when you meet a lady in there city in china ok if ypu want to take action you need to tell them I want to talk to your lawyers and I have information that CEO of this company is Australian and living in perth

  • Michael says:

    Also these lady’s are registered with outside agency’s and every lady they recommend to chn love they get a kick back from.chn love .meaning a commission the more lady’s they recommend the more money they make and every lady on chn love will keep you talking as long as they can so you will spend more and more money then they are told to move on to the next gentleman then it h happens all over again don’t be fooled ok its.not about finding love on there dating site at all its about scammi g you and get as much money out of you as they can for the company ok

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