Our Shocking Review Of TenderMeets.com Shows It’s All Fake & A Fraud!

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Website Details:


  • $2.97 for a 3 day trial that renews at $59.97 a month.
  • $27.30 to buy a 1 month subscription to the site.
  • $45.90 to to buy a 3 month subscription to the site.
  • $73.80 to to buy a 6 month subscription to the site.


Today we’re doing an investigation into a site called TenderMeets.com. If you want to know the honest truth, no fluff just honest information telling you if this is a real dating service or if it’s a scam then just read our review. We uncover all the facts, give you all the evidence and tell you the truth.

The first thing we’d like to point out is that we are not just regular web users. We are experts In the online dating arena, having conducted over 500 dating reviews and exposed hundreds of fake dating sites.

22 Fake Messages Sent From Chatbots Not Real Females

One of the primary methods used by fake dating sites Is to send people bogus email messages. The email messages look real. If you don’t have any experience with fake dating sites it’s easy to get conned. These emails look like they’re being written and sent by local women who are seeking casual sex. Unfortunately the blunt truth is that the email messages on Tender Meets are fictitious. These emails have been created using artificial intelligence / software bots that have been created specifically to copy and mimic what a real female would write if she was interested in getting to know you.

You can take a look at the screenshot below, within 45 minutes we already have 22 email messages waiting for us. As we’ve already stated these aren’t real messages being emailed from real girls. Everything in the emails is a lie. It’s all been written by a computer software program using a AI.

So if you’re wondering why you got inundated with so many email messages now you know. The answer is that it’s all fake and it’s used for this reason. It’s used as a deceptive tool to get you to try to write back to the women that you think are real. They want you to email these women back. But you can’t reply or contact anyone on the site until you upgrade and you purchase a monthly subscription to the website. And that my friends is the reason why they’re using artificial intelligence. They want you to think real women are contacting you so then you will want to purchase a membership. The end result of course is the owners of TenderMeets make boatloads of money off of your hard work. They literally make millions and millions of dollars by using these chat programs that are created to mimic real people.

And the really surprising thing is that they discussed this on their own website on their terms page! They openly confess that they use an automatic pop-up notification system as well as emails to send activity alerts to you. And they even admit that these are automatically generated alerts that require an upgraded paid membership in order to see the contents of the email messages or reply to them! You can go to section 1 of the terms and conditions page by clicking on this link and read it for yourself, it’s unbelievable.

(Screenshot of the 22 fake email that we received thus far.)

7 Fake Notifications Sent From Bots Not Real Females

Also part of the notifications is when someone “browses your profile” etc. You can take a look at the screenshot below showing that we received 7 notifications. Remember all of this is automated, no women are browsing your profile. It’s all a trick to get you to buy a membership and nothing more than that.

(A screenshot of the 7 computer-generated notifications used to trick us into upgrading.)

Why Would 22 Women Contact A Guy With No Photo In His Profile?

When we do these type of investigations we try to give you as much evidence as possible to prove TenderMeets.com to scam. Below we’ve taken a screenshot and included it as evidence. This is a screenshot of our own profile page and as you can see circle in red we haven’t uploaded a photo to our dating profile page. Can anyone explain why 22 different women would email and contact a person who doesn’t have any pictures on his profile page? Would you, yourself send a message to a girl who didn’t have any photos on her profile? It’s quite ridiculous really, and the fact that we received 22 messages from 22 different females proves that you shouldn’t trust this website. It’s a blatant scam, using automated tricks as we have already explained.

(Screenshot of our empty profile page Proving the website is a sham since we got 22 email messages.)

The Proof Is In The Pudding, The Terms And Conditions Prove It All

Below we’ve included probably the most important evidence we could find, the terms and conditions. This is as we’ve already mentioned where they discuss all of their dastardly dirty tricks that they used on their own members. They admit that they use an automatic pop-up notification system as well as emails and instant messages to send automatically generated activity alerts to you. And they admit that to read the messages or reply to the emails and instant messages you need to upgrade to a paid membership, exactly what we told you in this investigation. And this is why TenderMeets.com shouldn’t be trusted, they laid out exactly how they deceive people. You can read the most important parts of the terms and conditions page below or click on this link and visit section 1 of the terms page and read it for yourself on their website.

  • To boost interaction between our members and in order to notify them of newly registered matches and any activity of that new user (i.e. registration, photo upload etc.), we may, from time to time, use an automatic pop up notification system and other communication channels e.g. inbox or instant messages to send Activity Alerts to you.
  • Some auto generated Activity Alerts may require an upgraded Paid Membership in order to see the content of message and reply to it.
  • You authorise us to reproduce and broadcast the information contained in your profile including your name, photograph, “chat up line”, description etc. throughout all or part of our Partner Sites and our Group Companies for the purposes of delivering the Services to you and for marketing and other purposes as explained in more detail below under section 6(B) Our rights to use your content for our own purposes.

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

We’ve giving you all the proof showing you with 100% certainty that TenderMeets is a fraud. There was never an intention by the owners of his website to make a legitimate dating service, it was created for one reason and that is to deceive you and con you into giving them your credit card information so they could charge your card every month until you cancel.

Search For Females

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 52 comments

    • Samuel says:

      How do I unsubscribe from mtendermeets

      • Greg says:

        How do I u subscribe from tendermeets

        • Frank says:

          I joined all it is sex texting. I asked certain questions i could never get a direct answer they would come back like how do you like to fuck. And there is a number you can call to cancel. I would take it that tender meetups is the same way. All a scam

    • Sam Looks says:

      I agree that this site is bogus. but regardless whether it is or isn’t, it infuriated me when I signed up for a Free one week trial. I soon thereafter started seeing a monthly charge. The worst part is you CANNOT CANCEL unless you call them. Then they try every pressure tactic to keep you a paying customer. The fact that you have to call is enough for me to cancel.

      As for the women. If you get a chat, there is definitely a pattern to the responses. also, almost all the interactions are 3 or 4 then stop altogether.

      It is useless

      • Random guy here says:

        Yeah I had this issue, although there was one person who seemed real, like I mean long sentences and overall just normal conversation, but I see what you mean, most of the women are fake.

  • Ronald says:

    Not to mention that to meet women ask you to pay 300 for something called a gateway pass scam

    • Ed says:

      I had alot of the girls email me on my personal email account and I didn’t even pay or upgrade. Some of the girls message me to go to google hangout to chat where one of them ask me to buy her some iTunes gift cards. I immediately blocked her and the rest of them. I can go on long story short I’m looking to get something done about that site leaking my email accoun. The last email I got was from someone on hangouts saying my email account would be in every conversation everywhere by everyone.

    • mashoor says:


  • Ed says:

    I had alot of the girls email me on my personal email account and I didn’t even pay or upgrade. Some of the girls message me to go to google hangout to chat where one of them ask me to buy her some iTunes gift cards. I immediately blocked her and the rest of them. I can go on long story short I’m looking to get something done about that site leaking my email accoun. The last email I got was from someone on hangouts saying my email account would be in every conversation everywhere by everyone.

  • Darrell says:

    Hi I join the site for meeting friends in my local area,many women from that area,could not say,or described where they lived, just change subject, its a concern,some photos I saw on a site 5 years ago,I have been scam.How do you unsubscribe.

  • charli says:

    this site is a foolish site that i cannot even create it,asking me my email is not correct,this suppose to be created in easiest way or maybe you people do not want somebody to join,fuck everybody in the site

  • R says:

    How do I u subscribe my friend from this tander meets shit?

    • Rt says:

      They ask me to pay 287 euros what will happen if i dont pay they already have my bank Account details but i can change that

  • Ben says:

    I was suspicious about the emails it wasn’t the thing a woman would say then i read your review. What a scam how do i get out of it and how do i stop all the emails. Please reply .

  • Shaun says:

    I stupidly subscribed for a 3 day trial costing in total, 2.97. Am I safe from being scammed again in the near future?

    • Chris says:

      Tell me about it, i fell for that one when it came to unsubscribe they extended my membership.

    • Jeraldine says:

      No you can be scammed over and over. Tendersingles & Tender meets are nothing but scams. They use same pictures changed names, age location. SCAM

    • Don j says:

      No the scam you anyway every time you touch the screen a four dollar charge will come up on your bank account in two days I got over $300 from just looking at the site charge to my account

  • Melody says:

    How do you delete your account from the site?

  • Blue says:

    Lots of fake accounts with automated responses this is very evident when i withdrew my paid content and received lots of likes and messages. They are deceiving customers to make you think its worth paying subscription for. Sites need to stop deceaving people who are looking for companionship it’s cruel and un fair. Try need to be regulated and become legit date sites instead of being disrepetive. I have a good mind to report my experience to trading standards.

  • Fish says:

    Why this type of site is not blocked by the authorities ??

  • Tyler says:

    I signed up a few days ago and idid not know it was a scam till 2 days later i hope who ever made this rots in hell you guys should ban this website its supsr fucked up

  • David Shepard says:

    Stay away from Momsgetnaughty!! Every person I met there is running a scam.. They will ask you ti go to a website and send iut a friendship request. These people will begin talking about sex like you wouldnt believe. Right out of the gate about what they will do for you. I have noticed a lot of scammers on Hangouts asking you to buy them a phone or a itunes card. There they will tell you how you are there soulmate etc. and how they are deeply in love. All that before they get your name. If the girls are really pretty they probably have a cam site they wont to lure you in to. I have talked with at least 10 of them who are living in Ghana Africa. And there spelling is horrible. I have spent too much time already to learn these lessons. Ine more thing is that they will get you sexually aroused then hold out while trying to get you Verified!! Thats about a $40 mistake. I stopped a payment at bank and bank said they had attempted to get money 30 times. Another thing is that i always ask for pics. I will hang on to them si i know who i am talking to. I had one girl send pics of 2 or 3 different girls not realizing i was holding on to older pic. By morning they will have a new sceme brewing. Good Luck!

  • William Moore says:

    It’s all bull shit even this sit is because of the screen shot was fake I’ll let you all in on something I work of the federal government as a agent and I look in to all kinds of sits because it’s part of my job so good luck to everyone

    • Toeknee Stark says:

      Sorry fella but if your a government agent your English and grammar is terrible how did you get that job.

  • Charles Strickland says:

    My lust for beautiful women is unquenchable. I enjoy woman. So, this was something that I fell into. Everything that others have mentioned are the techniques being able to jeopardize others with a scam. The issue is that I still adore the female gender

  • […] which is connected to another dating scam that we’ve already investigated called TenderMeets.com. The company behind both of these websites is a corporation called Porticato Media limited. This […]

  • Emily says:

    How do I unsubscribe? The phone number probably cost and the email I set up with I don’t know the password to anymore.. I’ve payed 2.97 and now regretting it because I don’t think I can get out of this

  • Owen says:

    I did unsub to leave the fucking site because of I DON’T HAVE A VISA CARD BUT IT IS STILL SENDING ME MESSAGES AND SHIT .

  • Derek says:

    Is it safe to pay tho ?

  • Jason says:

    I joined 3/8/19 last night 

    Paid and it took me 1 hour before I worked out it is a scam  

    I sent email to close my account but there is no reply 

    I try to stop ongoing billing but there is no were to do that on the site  

    And I can't delete my account there is no were to do this 

    Why is this site still on the internet  

    It should be shut down 

  • Jason says:

    Contact the ombudsmen they should help if everyone contact them 

  • Dave says:

    They keep charging me long after I cancelled and they promised they would stop.  Only way to stop them is shut down bank card I guess.   The 3.15 3 day trial has turned out over 100 of fraud charges.  I am going after them. In 3 days I could tell it was nothing but scams and wanted out and they promised they would stop

      Just got two more fraud charges again last night 2 month after they promised would not bother me again

      Then add on international fees just to rub it in more.  I guess they cant be prosecuted because  they not in America. 

  • Dinita Anton says:

    I opted for 3 days

    They immediately took my money for a month

    I think I'll call the police

  • Jay says:

    Here is my question where dontheybget the pics cause I found my girlfriend's pics on there 

  • Gareth says:

    I feel rather foolish signing up to this, I payed for a three day trial and was billed a month on top, I tried to cancel but had a meaasge that there could be a 1 to 24 hour delay, I'll have to go to my bank tomorrow to stop any future payments… But I still want my profile deleted. 

  • Gareth says:

    I've managed to put a block on any future payments, and cancel my debit card, I still want my profile taken down. 

  • Viret says:

    Ce site n'est qu'une grosse arnaque. 

    J'ais pris pour trous jours pour 1,6 euros, je dois payer le mois. Et tout est faud içi, juste des robots.



  • Justin says:

    How do you cancel the subscription

  • DD says:

    Yes I just found out I was scamed.they got 30 some odd dollars.of my debit card from prison.I like to find the person and person who put this sideways shit together and cut them once 2 ways Deep and wide and then feed them to the sharks.scum bags like that deserve shit like that.Im going to withdrawl what's left so they don't get any more.these people don't have the balls to come forward I dare you chicken balless fucks. I Dare u.

  • p says:

    It's worse than that. I joined tendermeets.com because of a promotion in my gmail account. I guess now we can't trust promotions or adds of any kind in legit sources?

  • Paul says:

    Fake site, deceiving, they charge $27 directly after $2.70… very confusing. 

    Girls repeating the same message… same girl…

  • Dre says:

    This is a scam i sign up for a trail for 99© back in January 2020 i unsubscribed which i no for a fact before the trail was up cause it felt like the women wasnt answering direct question.now its march 29 2020 i wake.up today i have not 1 but 2 charges from them well on my card statement it was a charge from two different websites so i type to website in to see where it went to cause i no i haven’t charged my card the 1st one keep redirecting me to different site the second took me too a site that said wondering why your card was charged to call them and if i didnt wont their product they would refund so i called asked them how and who gave them permission to charge my card they say have u heard of tendermeets i say i signed up for a trail in January and i closed my account before the trail end they tell me no i didnt which is a lie out of the blue they just charged me for membership 38.99 and 36.99 for march they claim and also said it was a monthly charge all lies cause wheres the February charge or the January charge after the trail these people are scaming the lady was very unprofessional and tried to say i couldn’t get refunded then when i got pissed and hung up i get to emails from each site saying they were cancelled and a refund is pending i already talk to my bank cause i didnt no where these charges was coming from so i called my bank before i called them i called back a second time recording the conversation and i told them a few things and said i was going to seek legal action 10 mins after i got off the phone the second time i got a phone call from the they said i would be refunded bout amounts and it could be 1 to 10 days all i no is my money better get back on there they cause me to miss work cause i have no money n my account and they charge put me 51.00 in draft minus i cancelled my card cause i thought someone had my information cause i didnt makes these charges so now i have to wait for new card 7 days and for my money to be put back i am seeking legal action asap how do our government let these people do this too us and especially during this cov19 times where money is limited to some of us

    • Matt says:

      I just got scammed by these people to ! Good luck with your legal action ! I’d love to talk to you about this situation !

  • Daniel says:

    How to leave tendermeets i cannot log out and my payment.????

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