Our Investigation Of FitCheaters.com Has Massive Evidence It’s All Phony

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Website Details:

FitCheaters.com front page


We have been chasing, exposing and detailing the frauds and crimes of the people (Nautell Capital Ltd) behind FitCheaters.com for over two years. This is not the only dating site that this company owns. FitCheaters.com is connected to many dating sites that we have expose for being scams. This list of sites includes SinglesBang.com, FreeSnapMilfs.com, FitSluts.com, SwipeSluts.com, BoneAMilf.com, FuckSwipe.com, and SlutSwipe.com.

All of these dating sites operate in the exact same fashion, the only thing that ever changes is the domain name, the name of the site and a few graphics. Everything else operates exactly in the same manner. You can read our full investigation into FitCheaters.com where we outline with proof why this site is not legitimate.

The 100% Free Dating Lie

Directly on the front page of FitCheaters.com (see evidence below) they have the phrase "100% free dating". It sounds great but through this investigation you will see how much of a lie it truly is. This website isn't free, it's not even a real dating site. So for them to claim that FitCheaters.com is a 100% free dating is a blatant lie.

(Screen shot of the 100% free dating logo on the home page of the site.)

Don't Upgrade It's A Scam To Charge Your Credit Card With 2 Porn Sites

Creating a membership on FitCheaters.com is free but as soon as you create your member profile page you automatically are sent over to another page where they ask you if you want to purchase a paid membership. What happens then is they try to charge your credit card with an upgraded "VIP membership" without your consent, and without your knowledge. You can take a look at the evidence below where we have circled in red the various charges that you will receive if you give Fit Cheaters your credit card information. Remember these charges are on top of any monthly membership you purchase to the site. The charges in the VIP membership are as follows $39.61 per month for their fake VIP membership. You also get billed $28.87 monthly from Videoerotic.com. Something to remember is these charges are recurring, meaning you will get billed every month until you cancel those memberships. So if you're one of those people that doesn't check your credit card statement every month you could be looking at a hefty bill waiting for you when you finally do look at your credit card statement.

And remember on the homepage of this site they tell us that FitCheaters is 100% free dating but then on the secondary page after we created a free account they are trying to dupe us into upgrading and automatically enrolling us into a VIP membership without even consulting us.

(Screen shot of the scam charges you receive on the site.)

Bogus Instant Messages Sent To Us From Computer Bots

It didn't take very long for instant messages to start appearing on our computer screen. As evidence below we took a screenshot showing just one of the countless fictitious instant messages that were sent to us. Every single time we tried to reply back to the women contacting us, we always received a message stating that we needed to upgrade to a free gold membership to verify our age with a valid credit card. This was all a scam. Firstly is the fact that these instant messages aren't being sent from real members of Fit Cheaters.The website uses a form of artificial intelligence computer technology to deploy instant messages to free members registered on their site. This high-tech software has built-in precomposed messages that make it seem like real women are chatting with you, don't fall for this scam it's all a massive deception! Secondly they want you to upgrade to a free gold membership and verify your age by giving them your credit card information. They state that it's free and you need to verify your age using a credit card. The real reason they want your credit card information is so they can charge it! We've already explained that you actually get charges from two websites without your consent and those charges accumulate to almost $70 per month on top of any membership you purchase on the site. This is a very intricate fraud that they are pulling over on unsuspecting people. 

(Screen shot of a fictitious chat message sent to us.)

27 Fake Automated Emails Sent To Us To Deceive Us

After the instant messages started pouring in email messages started pouring in as well. As of writing this review so far we've accumulated 27 emails from all types of different women (all fake of course). As you can see from the screenshot below we can't read any of the emails because in order to read any emails we need to upgrade our membership status. Upgrading means giving them our credit card information at which time they will triple bill our credit card claiming it's for age verification and lots of other nonsense.

And it goes without saying but none of these emails are legitimate. The same artificial intelligence computer software programming used to send instant messages is also used to send people bogus email messages. None of this is real it's all a fantasy in your mind that the website wants you to believe is true. It's all a fraud designed to get your credit card information so they can make money off you while claiming that their website is free.

(Screen shot of fake emails sent to us.)

Bogus Notifications All Used As A Trick To Deceive People

And also notifications that you see while registered and logged into members are also phony. These notifications make it seem like women have initiated an instant message with you or viewed your profile or sent you an email. All of it is totally false and a scam. All the notification messages are simply used as a marketing tool designed to get you to try and communicate back by instant message or by email to other members of the site at which time then you will be asked for your credit card information so you can communicate with other members. Anywhere you look there's one scam after another and the notifications con is another one.

(Screen shot of a bogus notification.)

This Site Uses Prerecorded Videos To Trick People Into Thinking Women Are Chatting With You

Did you notice any women live chatting with you via webcam? Guess what it's another con! These people will stop at absolutely nothing to get your credit card information so they can charge your credit card. The webcam chats are all pre-recorded videos. None of this is live, there is no girl sitting there chatting with you. These videos were recorded long ago and then using their computer technology they pop up these pre-recorded videos on your computer screen while you are logged in to the members area. Anytime you try and chat with these women you will see a phrase stating that to communicate with other members you have to upgrade your membership. Don't fall for this scam! These people have covered all their bases and they have thought of every single angle to make as much money as possible deceiving and tricking people to give them their credit card information.

(Screen shot of a bogus webcam chat message.)

There Aren't Real Women, Just Pretend Profiles That Their Employees Are Creating

FitCheaters.com doesn't have real female members. One look at their terms and conditions page exemplifies this. In their own words, they are the ones telling us that they create fictitious profiles that they call "Love Stars". You can actually identify which profiles are real and which ones are fake on FitCheaters.com just by looking for the little gray logo circled in red. Take a look at the evidence below if you see the letters "LS" that  signify that you're interacting with a "Love Stars" profile. These profile pages have been created from the ground up with photographs and all phony personal data (age, date, location). Everything on those profile pages are phony. This site has admitted they are behind creating these profiles that they use as part of their marketing.

Stolen Profile Photos Used To Create  Fictitious "Love Star" Profiles

We wanted to give you even more proof that these profiles are phony. We use very sophisticated reverse image searching technology that helps us to identify if the picture used in the profile pages are found on other websites. Not all of the profile pictures came back as being found another site but many of them did. We have proof of just two of many site profiles we found to be using stolen photos. And many of these fake profile pictures are found to be on amateur pornography websites. You can take a look at the corresponding links below that prove that these profile pictures are being taken from amateur porn sites and then used to build fake profile pages on FitCheaters.com. This is just even more proof of how much of a scam Fit Cheaters is.

(Screen shot of the fictitious profile page using a stolen profile photo.)

  1. http://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/30036/17799a300353181.jpg
  2. http://pornharvest.com/thumbs/2/0/9/5/2095205-1-320×240.jpg
  3. http://www.amaporn.com/contents/albums/main/1600×1200/0/135/4215.jpg
  4. http://www.amaporn.com/albums/135/biondona-matura/
  5. http://img51.imgspice.com/i/02823/2e9zcathj8t3_t.jpg

(Screen shot of the fictitious profile page using a stolen profile photo.)

  1. http://galleries5.petiteteenager.com/3/gfrevengeset16/3.jpg
  2. http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9a6ewxYYs1rp42ouo1_400.jpg
  3. http://content2.babesmachine.com/img/ptn/1/865998.jpg
  4. http://erooups.com/img/img3/20100524/erotic/16/busty_05.jpg
  5. http://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/36814/f9387f368133067.jpg
  6. http://cdn.milfbank.net/th/2010-11-26/166931_07.jpg
  7. https://vipergirls.to/threads/779889-Super-sexy-amateur-girls-Daily-updates?p=5844538
  8. http://content4.nakedneighbour.com/upload/30/2190777.jpg

Our Profile Page

We also took a screenshot of the profile page that we created for this investigation. As you can see from the screenshot we list our profile as a 74 year old male and we never uploaded any profile photographs. How is it possible to receive 27 emails, countless notifications, numerous instant messages and many webcam chats when we've listed ourselves as a 74 year old male who doesn't even have a single photograph in his profile? How does this make sense to anyone? This is even more proof of how ludicrous and ridiculous and fake this website is!

There is absolutely no way that we should get 27 email messages, instant messages and webcam chats. It makes absolutely no sense because it's all a fraud.

(Screen shot of the profile page we used for our investigation.)

Our Profile Page

We've saved the best evidence for last. This piece of evidence is coming directly from the horse's mouth. Found on their own website on the terms and conditions page section #10 is the most incriminating evidence you'll ever find on Fit Cheaters. On the terms page they pretty much outline and detail everything that we've discussed in this investigation. They confessed that they create fake profiles called "Love Stars". They also admit that all the information, text and photographs in the Love Stars profiles doesn't correspond to an actual person. This means that it's not real, these are fake profiles. On top of that they tell us that the messages are fictitious. And lastly they also mention that we can't actually interact and meet "Love Stars" for a date in person.

You can click on this link to be taken directly to the terms page or you can read the most important parts of the terms and conditions page below.

  1.   You understand, acknowledge, and agree that some of the user profiles posted on this site may be fictitious or models or bots related to our "Love Stars" program. Our LS work for the site in an effort to stimulate dialogue with users and to stimulate user participation on the Website and Services, advertisement of the Website and Services, and the creation of user profiles.
  2. You understand, acknowledge, and agree that the information, text, and pictures contained in the LS profiles do not pertain to any actual person or member, but are included for entertainment purposes only.
  3. You further understand, acknowledge, and agree that, from time-to-time, LS may contact Website and Services users and members via electronic messaging, including for example, email, instant messages, and SMS, for purposes of encouraging further or broader participation in our site's Services and/or to monitor user activity.
  4. Messages from LS will contain the uniform designation "LS" or "Love Stars" to notify the user or member that a message has been received from Love Star(s).
  5. You understand, acknowledge, and agree that no physical meeting will ever take place between you and LS, and that the exchange of messages between you and a LS is for entertainment purposes, as well as to encourage further or broader participation in our site's Services and/or to monitor user activities.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 30077 Agoura Court, First Floor, Agoura, CA, 91301, USA
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information For FitCheaters.com:

  • Phone: 877-597-3436
  • Addresses: Nautell Capital ltd, 12-14 Kennedy Avenue, 1st Floor, office 107, P.C. 1087, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision:

The people running FitCheaters.com have thought of every angle into tricking people so they give up their credit card information. We have given you all the proof you need that proves without any shadow of a doubt that this website is not a true dating service. While design in the form of a dating site it is far from being legitimate. Our final decision is that FitCheaters is fake.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • Michael. Hernandez says:

    I hope thoughts dog's do lot's of time in prison, so they could think about what they did. I was scammed on one of this sights. Thanks much for justice!

  • chas says:

    you have just confirmed my thoughts – thank you for an excellent review 🙂

  • G says:

    How do I delete my account with them because  I got conned unfortunately 🙁

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    great info. just as i suspected. thx 🙂

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