4 Reasons Why KinkySwipe.com Is Dishonest & Fake Shown In This Review

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Website Details:


  • 1 day trial monthly membership costs $1.00 and renews at $39.95.
  • You can use a prepaid card the cost is $39.95 a month.


With a name like KinkySwipe.com you might be thinking that you hit the motherload of all websites to hookup with wild crazy women. But in this day in age nothing is as it seems. Just because this website is called Kinky Swipe doesn't mean that there are kinky women looking to hook up with you. We wanted to find out if this site was really a place to hook up with wild women so we registered on the site and we started to document everything that we saw. All of the evidence and information is included in the review that we've written below.

Connections To Unscrupulous / Bogus Hookup Sites

The first thing we noticed while using the software tools that we have at our disposal is that KinkySwipe is connected to a bunch of different fake hookup sites. One of the sites we've already reviewed and exposed in the past called MyHornySingles.com. Other sites connected to this one include ComeWithDaddy.com, LustSeek.com and SideChicks.co.

All of these websites are fake, they use techniques such as fake female profiles and sending people computer-generated messages (read below to learn about these tricks). So, this is strike #1 against KinkySwipe.

Why Would Women Send Messages To A Blank Dating Profile?!

If you take a look below we've included evidence to show you that this dating service is bogus. This evidence comes in the form of a screenshot of our dating profile that we used while doing our investigation. Circled in red you'll see we haven't uploaded any profile pictures to our website. In fact we've only filled out 18% of our profile but shockingly we were still inundated with lots of different messages from women wanting to chat with our profile. Why would any women want to contact a dating profile that didn't have any pictures in it, and had only filled out 18% of the profile (see proof below). In fact we never put any real information in our profile besides our age and our location. These women didn't know anything about us but they still messaged us. They didn't know what we looked like because we didn't put a picture in the profile but they still contacted us. Can anybody tell us why would all of these different women want to message a guy who doesn't have any pictures in his profile or any other information?

(Screenshot of empty profile we used for this investigation.)

Phony Messages Sent From Automated Chat Bots

Below we've included a screenshot showing just a few of the different emails that we got from the what we consider to be fake females on this website. As you can see, if you look closely at the females who messaged us they are attractive women. We go back to the question why the hell would these kind of women contact a guy who doesn't have any information or photos on his profile page? The answer is that these are not real women sending us messages. This website is using automated chat bots to send messages to male users. The reason they send fake messages to their male users is to trick them into upgrading and buying a monthly membership. They tell us that upgrading is only $1.00 but when you give them you credit card info you are in for a huge surprise.

You're Chatting To An AI Chat Program, NOT Real Women

In the terms page of the website they admit that communications are sent to their users via chatbots. If you don't know what a chatbot is it's an automated computer software program that's used to act like a real person but in actuality you are a chit chatting back and forth with a computer software program!

(Screenshot of fake messages we received from chat bots.)

Fake Profiles Created & Used To Dupe You

Not only is this site responsible for creating fake profiles but they actually admit to it! We've already mentioned that the profiles on this website aren't real, specifically the female profiles are faked. In the terms and conditions page in section 6 they state that some members of this website are actually persons created by employees or agents of KinkySwipe. This means that these are not real girls that registered on the website. In actuality there are employees that are creating fake profiles using images of attractive women to lure you into using, joining and upgrading on their website.

 We're not sure on the step-by-step details they use to fabricate fake profiles but regardless of that is the fact that they actually admit to it. So it's no secret that they create the profiles it's just that the secret is buried in section 6 of the terms and conditions page. Going back to the messages we received. If you start getting messages from all types of different women looking for casual hookups guess what they're all fake!

Examples Of Bogus Profiles Created By KinkySwipe Staff

Below we've included a few different examples of fake profiles that have been manufactured by their staff. Does anybody really think that these women joined this dating service to hook up with guys? We've included the links (below each photo) to where these photographs were stolen from. What they do is they take images of attractive looking women from various websites and then the staff and agents who work on behalf of Kinky Swipe fabricate bogus dating profiles. This makes their website seem like there are horny women looking for hookups but the truth is all of it is a charade and a fraud!

(Screenshot of a fake profile using stolen image found on another website.)

  • https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dtl2B18WoAACEwC.jpg

(Screenshot of a fake profile using stolen image found on another website.)

  • https://i.pinimg.com/originals/1c/64/34/1c6434d331fb5789b7f82b11c1d3586d.jpg

Don't Give Them Your Credit Card Info

This website is all about money. They do everything they can to get you to the upgrade page. They make it seem like it only costs you $1 to upgrade but if you go and read the fine print in small gray text you're actually charged much more than a dollar. What ends up happening is you pay $1 for a one-day membership to their website but that one day membership renews at a cost of $39.95 per month every month until you cancel it.

(A screenshot of the small grey text that they don't want you to see.)

The Terms And Conditions Expose Their Lies

When in doubt always read the terms and conditions page. If you don't trust the website, EVEN if you do trust the website it's very important that you take the time to read the terms and conditions page. Because if you don't read the fine print the fine print just might end up scamming you. Just like in this situation with KinkySwipe.com where they openly admit that their "employees and paid agents create and maintain profiles on the website". And they also admit that any "communications on their website might be with employees or agents". All of this is used to send you to the payment page where you are required to upgrade if you want to interact with women on the website. You can read all of this information below or click on this link and visit section 6 of the terms page.


Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1-888-231-9290
  • Addresses: Elephant Path Inc. – 405 Lexington Ave. 26th Floor, New York NY 10174 USA
  • Email: (unable to find support email address.)
  • Web Page: KinkySwipe.com/site/contactus
  • Online Support Site: Memtpa.com
  • Note: if you bought a membership on this site it will appear on your card statement as MEMTPA.COM-8882319290.

Final Decision:

There's really not much to say. Kinky Swipe isn't legitimate, they fabricate their own profiles and they then use automated bots to send you fake messages to lure you to their upgrade page where they want you to pay a monthly subscription to use their bogus dating site.

Search For Females:

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 13 comments

  • Wendy Mcfayden says:

    I dont know how or why but there site keeps popping up on my fone …..I'm a woman ffs ….its annoying and I want it to stop…..I've tryed to email them hope it works … .I dont want it especially when my grandkids use my fone …..

  • Olukayode Emmanuel Ajayi says:

    When I suddenly receive debit alerts from account without athurisation, I am surprised. I asked myself what I bought or subscribed to. I recognized they must have come from you. Please from that experience, I request to deregister.

  • nickson Tshuma says:

    l luv to get one of ur lady by l have no visa card

  • nickson Tshuma says:

    l luv to get one of ur lady by l have no visa card and l from Zimbabwe so how do l do

  • Hunter brooks says:

    Hi how do i get this site off my bank account

  • Brandi foster says:

    I was legitimately ripped off by this company my phone was stolen with all my information stored in it and a fraudulent account was made. I contacted someone in the refusing to give me a refund even though I told him the police were involved and I contacted a lawyer

  • Gail Rodriguez says:

    I am a very pissed Wife😡 because my husband is on Kinky Swipe and he does not live in Maine, he lives in Connecticut. I need someone from Kinky Swipe to connect me about this lying issue and his usersname is professogmzvibw and my husband is not single and I think Kinky Swipe needs to verify all his lies

  • Oghenetega says:

    I registered on kinky swipe
    Suddenly I started receiving debit alert of $1 Everyday…
    How can I unsuscribe myself from it

  • Joseph says:

    Fake profile POF Stephanie now winsleykamkpnqgg on kinkyswipe and other site pay $1.00 you took more money from account unauthorized pat it back

  • STEVE L. CLARKE says:

    I authorized $ 1.34 for 1 day. You took $56.85 from my account leaving me broke. I need the money for my internet bill on the 14th of May. Now what i am going to do? I have to cancel my debit card. You fucking thieves.I don’t need your bullshit. O.K.

  • BFR says:

    Im currently dealing with the same thing I have no clue how they got my info except for it being stored by google that said they refuse to go e me thw name of parent company and twll me I subscribed to kinky swipe which ubtil now i have never seen or heard of and to boot i just noticed a charge but after checking they have charged me 4 times total and I will be contacting the police cyber crimes devision. Sorry others have went through the same but we have to get them locked up shitballs that. steal can only be dealt with one way no diff than a molester or rapist castrate there asses and cut there hands off

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