Learn What Cougar Dating Sites Are The Best & Which Sites Are Scams

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In this article/ video I talk about the best cougar dating sites, these are websites where you can meet older women for casual hookups and dating. Unfortunately most older women sites are in fact fake. In the video/article I explain that I've done hundreds and hundreds of casual dating reviews and all almost all of the sites that I have personally investigated are completely bogus and they use fictitious dating profiles to lure men into upgrading.

In fact the whole DatingBusters.com website is built on the premise of exposing fake hookup sites. We've been busy writing reviews and doing investigations for many, many years exposing all types of casual dating websites.

If you want to cut right to the chase and check out the dating sites to meet cougars, milfs and all types of different women you can visit this page. If you're specifically looking for information on a certain website, then you can use our search functions and just type in the website you're interested in reading a review on. Below we've listed reviews of the most popular dating sites that target the cougar niche.

Fake Dating Sites To Avoid:

  • SnapCougars.com – Snapcougars isn't a legitimate website to meet cougars, amongst other things they use fictitious profiles and use automated chat bots to trick you into purchasing a monthly membership.
  • FlirtyCougars.com – Flirty Cougars uses fictitious profiles called "staff profiles", and they also use automatically generated email messages. These are just two methods amongst others to get you to purchase a monthly membership. This site should not be trusted.
  • HookupCougars.com –  HookupCougars is yet another fake cougar dating service that has no real older women. It uses the same deceptive tactics as the other two sites above.
  • CheatingCougars.com –  CheatingCougars also has no real women. The site has been around for at least five years, scamming thousands of men across the world. This is another phony website to just stay clear of.
  • AussieMatureContacts.com – Aussie Mature Contacts is a mature hookup site targeting Australians. Unfortunately this site is also fake and they admit to using fake profiles in their terms and conditions page.
  • 40PlusMarket.com – Don't bother wasting your time with this website, it's also fake. This website targets people over 40 years of age but unfortunately all the female profiles here are not legitimate.
  • SecretMatureMarket.com – This is another website owned by the same people who own 40PlusMarket.com and AussieMatureContacts.com. All three sites are exactly the same, they are all frauds including SecretMatureMarket.
  • MeetLocalMatures.com – You cannot meet local mature women on this website even though their name implicates that you can. Another scam, run from this website.
  • SecretMatureContact.com – SecretMatureContact is more garbage not to use. The site is fake from start to finish using fake profiles, fake emails and automated chat bots.
  • IWantUCougar.com – IWantUCougar is more of the same. In our written review we explain and give you all kinds of evidence to show you why the site isn't legitimate.

Real Sites That Have Real Cougars:

 With all the doom and gloom that we've written about fake casual dating sites which ones are the real ones to use? Luckily there are a handful of legitimate hookup sites that we can recommend.

👉 If you want to search for cougars, milfs and all types of older women then check out this page.

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  • Deva says:

    Hi there, I very appreciate your great efforts on reviews and warn against scammers. I was looking for such site like yours. Could you please elaborate on CougarDate.co.uk. It looks legit, but maybe isn’t. I am curious. Thank you so much.

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