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Website Details:


  • 1000 Credits $399.00
  • 1000 Credits for $400.00
  • 160 Credits for $96.00
  • 20 Credits for $7.99


  • Search: The search option enables you to search for women according to their age. You can also search based on if they are online and also if they are available for video chat. Search based on various different interests including education, languages, height, the body type you're interested in and so forth.
  • Lets Mingle: "Let's Mingle" enables you to start a conversation. All you do is you type a message and then the site will automatically share it with people who they think are best suited to chat with you.

Overview is associated with numerous sites such as,, and The company owns many dating sites that target different ethnicities from Asian, Russian, Latina, and Arabic. But always at the forefront of our minds is if the site we are reviewing is legitimate or a fraud. As part of our investigation we registered with a free account on ArabianDate. All of our findings with any evidence we find of wrongdoing will be available below in the investigation. Read the full review below.

Chat Messages Immediately After Joining The Site

Just like and immediately after joining we started getting chat messages from different women. But as always you can't send any messages unless you purchase credits on this site which can get very expensive, very quickly.

And the real problem we have is how do we know who are really chatting with? Yes we see pictures of attractive looking Arabic women but is it really who is sending us emails and  chat messages? After reading hundreds of reviews we understand how the whole game works. Is Arabian Date using automated bots to trick us into purchasing credits? We don't know if they are, or if they're not but we're simply asking a question. They could very well be using sophisticated chat bots to make it appear as if real women are sending us messages.

Another factor is that our profile is blank, why are we getting so many messages when our profile has no photographs in it? These attractive-looking Arabian women don't know what we look like but as always the messages never seem to stop, it's just like they don't even care what you look like or maybe it's the automated bots sending us messages? These are all valid questions with valid points.

If you don't know who you're talking to then you could be talking to anybody or nobody! It could be a paid employee like so many of our reviews have exposed on other dating sites or it could be an automated computer bot disguised to look like a real female member of the site. It's so easy for dating sites to trick people that you really have to question the legitimacy of any dating site you join and the fact that our profile is empty makes us question how authentic and legitimate this site is. We're not calling ArabianDate a scam (but it could be). We however don't have any concrete proof or fraudulent behavior.

Chat messages
(Screenshot of the chat message popping up on our screen,)

You Get Enrolled Into A Monthly Membership Without Your Consent

Something you may not be aware of when you purchase credits on this site is that you are automatically enrolled into a monthly subscription that is a recurring fee. The recurring fee is $9.99 every month after your first free month. On top of the monthly $9.99 fee you do need to purchase credits in order to chat with people, send and reply to emails and also to do video chat. We took a screenshot of the page just to show you what you might not be aware of.

(Screenshot of monthly subscription.)

Online Reviews Tell Us The Truth

We have screenshots of negative reviews of From our opinion these are real reviews written by people who have paid for a membership on the site, we don't think they would have a reason to make up lies.

In the first review from Ricardo he says "I just want to warn you little sights and are a scam. The women do exist but all you will do is just waste your money. They will send you the same letter (email) that will keep you on their site." ( the reason for sending letters is because it costs money in the form of credits to read and send letters). Ricardo gave a 1 out 5 stars.

Another reviewer named Rajan says, "A bunch of scammers don't trust them for one moment. They just want to get your money nothing more and nothing less. The females may be real but they are not available on the website. Believe me. You're talking to a completely different person. I don't trust any reviews who give Arabian Date five stars. They are all ArabianDate employees ratings the reviews he goes on to say. And from our experience reviewing other dating sites from the same company we have come across similar statements before about paid employees writing positive reviews to filter out the negative reviews so it looks as if the dating sites are good instead of bad. It's a common tactic.

Reputation Management Firms Hired To Post Positive Reviews?

Another tactic is to hire a reputation management company to give your website or company a more positive outlook on the internet. They do this using a number of different factors include including writing fake positive reviews on review sites, creating fake positive YouTube videos, creating bogus blogs recommending the site and writing fake articles praising dating sites that are actually scams. All of this is done in an effort to push down negative reviews and make it appear as if the dating service is a great places to meet women. These reputation companies are paid thousands of dollars per month in order to give these results. One company charges a starting price of $3,000 per month!

Another reviewer wrote, "Stay away at all costs. The positive review written by Gregory V  is fake. He's an employee of, look on his profile he's spammed positive reviews on sister sites of" That's an interesting point. If you're into Arabian women why would you be writing a positive review on the Russian dating site called Anastasia Date. Most people don't realize that and are owned by the same company. That was great investigative work by that particular reviewer. He pointed out the fact that Gregory is writing fake reviews on behalf of Anastasia Date as well as Arabian Date. away

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 150 Broadway, Cambridge, MA, 02142, USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:,,

Contact Information :

  • Phone: +1-800-890-6263 or 1 (800) 604-1574
  • Addresses: 103 Sham Peng Tong Plaza Victoria, Seychelles
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision:

If you're still on the fence about we don't blame you. From our past experience with the dating network that runs Arabian Date we know they've had a lot of negative reviews written about them (even though there are lots of positive ones we personally think that they are fictitious reviews). Whether you plan on purchasing credits on the site is your choice but for us we wouldn't give these people our credit card information.

Search For Females

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating sites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • del says:

    Its real fraud and cheater web, in place of girls, the management has made settings, Dont pay, u will be cheated.

  • Danny says:

    Complete total scam…. There are no women to meet in real life. You will never meet a woman from those sites. You can't exchange inforamtion, you can't talk to a real woman there. You pay lots of money for nothing.

  • Muliar43 says:

    I started sign up ..and I go to about 1000 of email per day..what a bunch of garbage ….shame of those people..stealing money 

  • Johnpaul says:

    this is an 100% review keep up the good work

    • Khan says:

      All sites Arab and conected are fraud please go court to save people this matter is public intrest matter these all sites should ban 

  • Sofia Z says:

    Ot is totally fake. They charge you without any purchases. I really hope that the officiel authorities could close these kind of fakes down. I am sure there are no real people nyt the alchorthytm get you made Profiler as these people do not answer to your questions but change you of fake purchases.  BAD 

  • Shazaib says:

    This is what happened with me as well, they auto charge me when I did not even choose that. They charged me 15.99 $ about 8 times very quickly one after the other. Although, I must say, I was talking to an Air hostess who was actually pretending to be filthy rich and not giving a damn about the credits or charges being levied; while on the other hand I did manage to find a girl who shared her mobile with me and we are off the dating site now! Just worried though as there isnt a straightforward way to stop your subscription. I have reported this but not sure how much more I will lose before something happens.

  • Akshay says:

    This site is totally fake and programmed. The pictures and chats all are fake. They will try to chat you aggressively and will ask you to click on Email/Images that will drain your Credits faster… Another thing is to check for the AUTOMATIC ENABLEMENT of the deduction of the charges that happens when you Pay the first time… Just check if anything else is NOT enabled when you pay for initial package.

  • Steve Rhoades says:

    I suggest you AVOID this site!

    Thanks for this excellent review!

    I am in the process of removing myself, because some of my charges appear to be wrong, and one of the 2 people with whom I chatted refused to exchange other media information outside this site, though she insisted she wanted to continue developing our friendship. My credit card issuer has begun the process to nullify some charges, and to investigate others. My 1st few I consider a learning curve.

    I'll chat briefly with the current person. If she agrees to communicate elsewhere, great. If she won't, lesson learned by me.

  • bazzi says:

    It’s a scam and a fraud,don’t sign and waste your money 

  • SCAMMED for over 100.00$Cdn says:

    **************************** W A R N I N G  ****************************************


    Stay off this website

    They WILL steal your money

    they setup your account for automatic billing which you cannot disable

    for every message you send a girl [  note there are no girls there only bots ]

    you will be billed over 20.00$cdn for each message sent

    when you call to talk to their customer service 

    they are RUDE as fuck


  • R K Lincicum says:

    I am grateful to PayPal and to my bank. I got hooked by “Marjana”. I wasted about $30. before being cut off in mid-sentence. She has since, through e-mail sent me messages inquiring as to were I went. I was till smitten and wanted to tell her that I was still not worth her time and beauty. PayPal wouldn’t load, and my bank lock my account. When i called the bank there fraud bells and whistles went off telling the outfit in Montana was not to be trusted. I hope this helps KL

  • Sarah says:

    I think with my experience I have been chatting for a year this person never wanted to exchange any information than like phone etc and very expensive sorry I really had lost so much money here just talking with fake people

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