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  • Mailing System: Send and receive emails from women.
  • Ladies: You can see who is on your contact list, watch videos of female members, search for ladies in the USA, as well as use the online search.
  • Services: The "Call me option" in the services section enables you to hear the voice of the girl you're interacting with. Through an interpreter which you pay for you can communicate with women on the site.

    The flowers and presents subsection of the site enables you to send flowers and presents to the girl you are interacting with on

    Live chat and "cam share" able you to interact with the girl you want to meet. You can see her on cam and then chat with her on the instant messaging service.

    "Date a lady" is another part of the program where by the site helps you to meet the lady you have been interacting with, this is an in person meeting.

    "Virtual gifts" is when you send someone a virtual gift just to show your affection towards the girl you are talking to.

    The last part of this section is the subscriptions where you are able to receive new photos or videos of the girl you're interacting with once a day or once a week. This is a paid service, where you use credits to pay for those photographs or videos sent to you on a daily or weekly basis.

  • My Account: The "my account" section lets you update your settings and password and purchase credits. You can also update your profile and account information.  


We have done a few reviews of mail order bride services. All those reviews came to the same conclusion that these sites were basically no more than a system of tricking you into purchasing credits in order to email back what could be interested women but they could also be just paid employees that are used to trick you into purchasing even more credits. Our unbiased review of is available for you to read in detail.

Real Reviews

This review claims that is a total scam. Then it goes onto say that the "positive reviews are spam that are written by the employees of the company". He goes on to say that the one of the reviewers "apparently is from Australia however his fluency in English is terrible". We have witnessed ourselves reading countless online reviews that claim that the site is fabulous. If you look at the general overall theme of the positive reviews it looks like it's written by the same people, with the same thought process. However we cannot prove that the site is actually writing those positive reviews but you have to ask yourself who has the most to gain from positive reviews, of course is going to be the dating site. So please understand that this site can falsify reviews to put the web site is a positive light to drain out the negative reviews.

real review real-amolatina-review

Other reviews that seem honest and legitimate:



There are hundreds and hundreds of positive reviews discussing But are they real? From our experience and what we see in the situation we are highly skeptical that these are real reviews from legitimate members of the site. Dating sites can easily hire online reputation management companies that are paid in order to enhance your online reputation, this includes creating positive online reviews and positive YouTube videos etc. All of this is done to silence the negative search engine results and show your company in a positive light. This is what could be happening.


A regular type dating membership is based on a monthly charge of roughly $30 per month. operates on a credit based system. As you can see from the evidence below 1000 credits will cost you $399.00. If you break this down according to email, you are able to send or read 100 emails only for $399.00. Now if you calculate how much it cost to send or read an email it's $3.99. This makes it very lucrative for the dating site to operate on a credit based system. Basically the more you interact with people on the site the more money the website makes. Unlike other dating sites that charge you a flat rate of roughly $30 per month where you can send and receive as many emails as you like.


Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: P.O. Box 3321 Road Town Tortola, British Virgin Islands, GB
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:,,

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1 (800) 844-3978 or 1-207-262-9595
  • Addresses: 551 5th AveNew York, NY 10017
    4Cyprus, Nicosia, 1 Stasinou St. Mitsi Building, 1, 1st floor, office 4, Plateia Eleftherias
  • 103 Sham Peng Tong Plaza, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
  • 40 High Street Suite #1, Bangor, Maine United States of America
  • Email: Contact support

Final Decision:

We suggest that you use extreme caution if you plan on purchasing credits on this site. Realistically you have no clue who you are really interacting with. Just because you see a photo of a beautiful Latina girl, is that who you are chatting with? Some of the online reviews that we have read have said that the photographs are actually have paid models. So we really have no way to identify if these are legitimate members of the site or if the photograph have been purchased and then use to create a profile. Yes you are interacting with real people, but are they even female? This is one of the major problems with this site and spending $400 in order purchase a credit package is very expensive. The choice is yours but please watch out.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 154 comments

  • Cat says:

    I too have extreme doubts about this site and it's affiliates. It's part of the qpid network and looks to be a massive scamming operation that originally started in China. The accounts are supposedly "verified" and the images posted on there are photo shopped like crazy. I'm 51 years old and constantly have 18-25 year old wet dreams bombarding me with chat requests admirer mails etc. There are several similar sites in China which want men to go there and buy gifts. To actually receive the person whom you're talking to contact details will be quite expensive. You need a minimum of 10 EMF (emails) to get access to the details and only if "she" agrees to it. You also need to pay more credits per piece of information given to you. The person who is used to advertise for the Asian and also the Russian sites has been there for two years, as I've contacted both and both profiles are still active even though both girls are exceptionally pretty and quite young. You pay both to read and to send an email to a girl. Quite the racket. Qpid distances itself from liability by claiming the local agencies do the verifications and so they're in no way responsible …. I'm sure you're getting the drift 🙂

    • Timothy says:

      I've been on this site for a while, and always have wondered how the women I talk to can keep talking and keep talking given that the credits cost so much and only last a certain amount of time. They're women mostly from humble backgrounds. I don't trust it anymore. 

    • rodney says:

      I actually went to Bogota and met with a woman I met at this site. She was not who she pretended to be. She lied to me online for 6 months and then did not want to spend time with me or do any of the things we talked about for months. I went onto the site with another profile and this woman told the same stories to me under an assumed name. I am a fucking fool for wasting my time and money. Go elsewhere because amolatina is the worst possible place to spend money.

      • manuel Flores says:

        It only took me about 20 minutes chatting with this ghost ladies that I soon realized that it was all a scam.

    • Johnny says:


      • CJ says:

        I have proof the site is a scam… emails from the member with a profile using photos stolen from my girlfriends Instagram  account and then photos of the person operating the account and an apology from the girl…

        • Marcus says:

          When did this happen? I wish I had seen this long ago. I really had that feeling that these were just people working for the site getting s commission. I knew it!

      • Joseph says:

        Which AG US or the state I live in???

  • Gerard says:

    Straight up an scam. I expended over 8 months chatting with this girl and after all this time  all I get is a sorry. 

    This is the worst kind of scam I seen in many years. Please blast this all over the web and let's make sure this doesn't happen ever again.

    Her name is Bella her ID number is 1154745

    She'll sweet talk you all the way to the bank and more. 
    Them she'll ask for money to help pay for the us embassy paperwork to come to the USA to visit you. The only thing once you send the money is over

    • George says:

      I chat with many girls and exchanged mails.  They are aggressive until you talk about meeting in person.  They tell you many nice things until you start talking about meeting in person.  some are savy enough to know that they can agreee to meet in person and then not show up.  they are paid to chat.  That is all they are interested in.  They will tell oyu anything to keep you chatting.

      They use pre recorded video on real girls.  You are not chatting with the real girl.  I used amolatina and Asiandate.  I agreed to meet one girl in SFO, she claimed to be a flight attendant, at the last minute she had some strange calamity in Tokyo.  She didn't even have the courtesy to create a plausible excuse.  Then a few weeks later I met a girl from Vietnam on the site and after a couple of months chattin she agreed to meet.  I booked flights, hotel and at the last minute she cancelled, she had to go attend to her ailing grandmother.  I told her I'd come to where her grandmother was and she told me her parents would be unhappy.  so I took the trip anyway.  I had managed to give the girl my email address thru the site and I was later contacted by a girl in China who explained that I never really chat with the girl in the pictures.  She was the one chatting with me and I would never meet the girl in the pictures. She told me she quit the job since she was done with scamming men and wanted to meet me as she knew I was going to be in China for work. I should have met her in person in order to get the story recorded.  I pissed away thousands of dollars.

      I looked up scam info on Amolatina and saw a guy who posted that he has met girls off the site and you should stick to meeting in person or chattnig with girls who have video chat.  well, I tried the video chat and it took a while to figure out the video is prerecorded and you have to exchange 8 mails at about 6 bucks a piece to get the privilidge to meet in person.  These fxxkers are making so much money off this scam that the are spending millions of dollars on TV advertising.

      When will freaking 60 minutes do a piece on this scam???



      • mario gutierrez says:

        I dont agree with you since you have never being on a trip to colobia…just like richard la ruina says," you must get off your butt and take a plane to meet them!". Just sending letters and waiting is not going to create a thing. Second, you must creat rapport with the lady before wanting her personal information. This might take 31 letters.  Also please arrange a date using the date me service. Latin American women don't trust foreign men that easily. Let's use our common sense they are women not men. The prettiest women I have meet wont' agree to go on a date with you right away.  My best advice would be for you to go on a tour, use date me service, get her contact information using the phone or delivery. Let things slowly develope if she does not want to meet you or nothing. Don't take things bad women are women. THey feel you and letter say no. They say yes, and later say no. It's women. Bipolar. They dont think with their heads, instead use their heart.

        • michael says:

          I have evidence that AmoLatina is a fraud.
          I have videos. the girl in this online chat. the video she says she never used the chat.
          I have girls who are married on facebook.
          AmoLatina is a deception

          • mark grecni says:

            please share some of that evidence with me I am Mark email is [email protected], I have spent at least $ 5,000 on the site and the same or more on the Asain date, both have youtube videos that claim a %100 refund, please forward what ever you can Thanks, Mark


          • Nancy says:

            Hello Michael, is there any way for you to forward that proof? I’d like to see it for myself. Thanks

        • Nanohurtz says:

          LOL.. how much are they paying you to post this tripe? By your logic I am to take a plane to some foriegn country unnanounced to meet some woman that I have actually not seen physically by no other means? Yeah right.. good luck with that.. You also spelled Columbia incorrectly. If she can't Skype, oovoo, Tango or Viber, she can go jump into a dry pond. Only time I'll make the trip to the country is to pick up a woman from a night club or beach – not via some elaborate joke of a dating site.

        • T Max says:

          The point is that Amo is a scam!! I know for a fact it is…, because a girl I was talking to didn't have the heart to continue lying to decent men, me being one of them. It's called Cat Fishing. One woman represents many profiles that are models paid specifically to provide their photo's and personal info. It's a brilliant business but one that is designed to deceive for profit. I believe there are a few women not paid to be on the site but it's difficult to determine and not worth the cost to filter through the profiles to figure out which ones aren't fake. There are some signs I learned to look for but will not share that since I wouldn't encourage anyone to join the site. In short…….stay away from Amolatina.

        • Stephen says:

          Yea, sure slow, like slowly empty your bank account on fees to chat! Haha jokes on me for spending nearly $100 in about an hour.

        • D.A says:

          hi Mario I'm  curious  this beautiful girl i meant Francis seem like that prefect GIRL for me im no model and said how can i be so lucky that she likes me for REAL,   so i made up this story about chatting with another girl and she got really  jealous  should i believe or was she just playing a role?? from your experience what do you think. I'm  African American man she is the beautiful Colombia women can that be  possible 

        • Marcus says:

          Fulla sh*t

      • John Shannon says:

        I AGREE …TOTALLY..A SCAM ..FROM START ..TO FINISH…! Even if you think there's a " TRUE " interest btwn. both parties..You're CENSORED…No exchanging  ANY info…mobile phone numbers / street addresses / email addresses.. THEY CONTROL YOU..IT'S THE BIGGEST SCAM I'VE EVER ENCOUNTERED…John


      • trent young says:

        You are correct and they are scamming you….. now they have a verification system…They are using it to try to lure other men in….These are soulless  con artists that need to be taken out of the world

      • Peter says:

        Sixty minutes did do a story on it and they said it wasnt a scam !!! Sixty minutes are sell outs any way 

        It is the biggest scam going on the net. They might as well start doing it with bitcoin and go to the deep net to really start ripping pople off .instead men looking for a real woman are just get dragged to the bottom of the ocean sat on then spat out.

         nice one what spinless people! i still hope carmarstill exists in this world for if does ill just sit back and wait for the carnaige.


        • me says:

          Yup.. one total scam. The chat requests that annoyingly pop up all the time just repeat and cycle through the girls to lure you in. They are based on what you select in you profile . If you select marriage then you get "looking for a man to love and cherish" etc etc. Change it to casual relations then you get "i want to suck you now " and much more explicit. Both come from the same girl who claims to have high moral values. Some times they screw it up and you get messages saying how handsome you look etc. Interesting as I never posted a picture. Go on, try changing your profile and see the effect.As I said, all auto generated. Lots more but just a scam…..very clever though. I'll give them that. Along with a 100 bucks!




        • Chris says:

          It's not a scam.. I've been to Colombia twice.  You people just don't have patience .  It's true you have to spend money but it's well worth it in the end when you actually get to meet them having actually done this myself .

          • Rob says:

            Haha you are full of shit too

          • mo says:

            Chris- Are you currently involved with someone you met on the site?

          • Tim says:

            Tell me more

          • Daniel says:

            I call bullshit Chris. I met one woman from Costa Rica. She figured out how to share her information. Found out the agencys send fake emails all the time. You've met someone just by taliking through the scam site Amolatina? Your either really stupid or lying. [email protected] this is for anyone wanting to submit info to take down these scammers. 

      • Craig Cothren says:

        George. I had similar experiences with AmoLatina. Would you write an email to me stating bad experiences you had with AmoLatina. I am dealing with Capital One credit card trying to get rid of AmoLatina charges. Capital One wants me to obtain a second opinion that AmoLatina is a site that frauds guys. My email is below. But here it is now. [email protected]

        You text above is probably sufficient. Craig Cothren


        • mark grecni says:

          I would love to have evidence too on Amo latina, on youtube they have a %100 garuntee refund of scam as well as I caught a girl on Asaindate and they just recently agreed and confirmed I was scammed, but  simple admitted my claim was correct , but now just gave me 4,000 credits back to my account that I spent on her but not my money, and i dont want to spend them on this scam site . I want a refund just like they advertise on youtube . please forward what ever you have I will forward my letter to you etc. Mark 

          • Johnny says:


    • John Shannon says:

      AN ABSOLUTE SCAM. Site makes it IMPOSSIBLE to pass on personal details…THEY ARE ANAL…Even if you really did meet someone "REAL "..They can't pass on personal details…email addys ; mobile phone numbers…actual street addresses….IT'S A TOTAL SCAM..STEER CLEAR OF THEM…IT'S A TOTAL RIPOFF

  • Mike Shipley says:

    This was a follow up reply letter I have sent to AmoLatina customer service because I received 3 identical letters from 2 different women in two different cities in Colombia.
    This is a follow up to my last reply to your letter. I went back and looked these emails up. Two of the women sending the same email were from Villavicencio and one was from Bucaramanga. Not what I would call close together. There are many of your girls that list their occupation as journalist and I think maybe they are letter writers for AmoLatina. Also many girls list model as their occupation. Although most are extremely beautiful, not many models are 5 feet two inches. I think these girls are models in the sense they let AmoLatina put their pictures on a profile for men to respond to but are not actually the woman who you communicate with in chats or email. A few of same girls in video chat all the time are more than likely full time employees of AmoLatina. You run a very profitable business based on lies and deceit that takes advantage of certain men's loneliness and enduring hope of meeting someone. Chances are slim and none they will do that on this site.

    I managed through a type of code to give my actual email address to a couple of the women who had been asking me to chat and to know me better. They sent a couple of emails and I even had a video chat with one that seemed really interested but then she stopped communicating with me on my personal email but continued to send me chat messages on AmoLatina. This was the samething with the second girl to. Now I susppose you could say that after they communicated with me they changed their mind, but really there was no additional information exchanged than was what was on my profile on AmoLatina. I am ashamed to admit I have spent over $900 on this site with miserable response. Not to say they time I wasted. I feel a little foolish but better now that I have come to my senses.



  • Michael Jason says:

    This website is a scam. Definitely a scam. I lost more then $1500 on this scam.

    I tested five women on my original profile I created a fake profile I ask the five girls on my original profile a couple of questions then a week later I logged onto my fake profile asked the same five girls the exact same questions and guess what? Different answers on all five profiles which could mean two things. 1, These girls are extremely dumb (highly doubtful) 2, you not talking to the girl you talking to an agent (highly possible).

    So its definitely a scam. Stay away. Stay far away you could not even be talking to a female you could be talking to a fat dude.

    • Admin says:

      Wow,  we’re so sorry you got ripped off.

    • michael says:

      I have images of men in webcam.

      they forgot and accidentally opened the webcam

    • Craig Cothren says:

      Hi Michael Jason. Would you send what you wrote here to me as an email. I am trying to convenice Capital One that AmoLatina is not real. Capital One is asking for third party sources that AmoLatina operates fraudently. I would appreciate you email so Capital One can verfiy your statement you made here. My name is Craig Cothren, [email protected]

      • Kleopatra says:


        i suscribed to he website 

        I’m a real person 

        I read all reviews all are terrible 

        but you right I got replies from extremely handsome men. I’m wondering??

        i think the best is to use a prepaid card

        what you think ??

  • Juan says:

    I been in amolatina and meet georgeous ladies. On my profile I specify that I'm interested on mature girls in their 30's. But I received emails from very young women that I ignore and deleted. I met to girls from Medellin separately with profiles in Amolatina but before travel they give their phone number and email when I call trought the agency. My sugestion is that if the girl don't want to give you personal information jus keep comunicating by mail using the agency website be suspicius and stay away, the best option is goung to the parties organized im the latinamerican countries.

    • mario gutierrez says:

      Juan I totally agree with you because those women dont' give out information that easy unless they know you alittle bit better. Many american men think cute latin women will give their information fast, guess what?? no!!!they need to know you a little bit better and maibey feel you. Women don't think like men and they take longer to make up their minds.

      • Nanohurtz says:

        Hey Mario, hows Luigi? We don't require a lecture on how women think. Models do not appear on dating sites. Period. I've posted profiles where I looked like a cross between a T-Rex, and Nick Nolte, and still received emails for hot dates and virtual sex. Please stop..I'm laughing hard over here. Also, spelling, maibey you need please to learnt it. roflmao! 

      • mysterious says:

        Nice One, you have the guts to come out and support your teammate, Oh, come on guy. You amolatina is taking advantage of the sense of men to be attractived by women. especially latin americans. Cause they are mix of ethnicities between Europeans and Africans. That's how we other MEN get attracted by Lainas. There is nothing wrong with them and us. It is you amolatina taking all the advantage of LOVE between men and women.

      • Craig Cothren says:

        Actually. on the site ColombianCupid the girls provide emails and phone numbers very quciky. AmoLatina is a trickster site.

      • JN says:

        You sir are full of bullshit. The girls on Amolatina do not give you their personal information, it’s fraud, go on Colombian Cupid And talk to real girls( well half of them) and if you’re good at talking to girls in less than 15 messages you have their WhatsApp. Real girls will give you their number if they are interested in chatting. Unless you are ugly and I’m sorry if that’s your case 😂

    • Me says:

      Take a grammer lesson. You are obviously a representative of Amolatina.

    • mysterious says:

      NICE English you have there!!!

    • Reggie Womack says:

      Your a dumb ass u work 4 them learn how to Spell!!

  • Albert says:

    100% scam. I have proof. The supposed lady that wrote is my friend in facebook lol.
    This is what she told me. Some lady offered a free photoshoot in order to make a website famous. Dont waste your money people!

    • Craig Cothren says:

      Albert. Please send me your proof AmoLatina is a trickster site.  I would appreciate as many details that you have. I am trying to get AmoLatina charges off my credit card. My name is Craig Cothren, [email protected]

  • Ted says:

    Yep. I never hear good things about this site. I too have tried to meet women on this site with the same results. Sending and receiving letters is cheaper by far than the "chat" option, but guess what? EVERY single girl will insist that you use "chat" instead of the letter option. Many of the girls are gorgeous but none of them have ANY interest in marrying a guy from the USA and moving here. I even looked on their complete profiles where it asks where they would like to visit. Then I would contact them and offer to fly them AND a friend so that they would not have to travel alone, all expenses paid round trip. Not one taker. Really!!?? Run guys.

  • mario says:

    i just found out amolatina is a scam ,and i got the info from a girl that used to work there .She quit that job because she was feeling bad for all the men that she was bullshiting ,she was 7 profiles ,7 fucking profiles and was working in a call center in cali colombia .She was working there with like 20 other girls doing the same thing pretending to be other profiles and that was her job from 9 am to 6 pm ,she said that she was making good money doing that scam ,but the way that she was fooling some of the men was getting to her ,i was one of them .Paola ,as she was called took a liking to me and told me how to send her my email because info like that was being blocked along with socila media sites and phone numbers So she got my email and explaind to me how the whole scam works and did not care about telling me the truth because she had found another job .My jaw droped when i read the email i was a sucker for believing in that i was chating with the hot paola .She also said ,why do you think that mostly all the girls dont have a cam and that there is only like 2 or 3 girls that do ,its because they are not who they say they are .She told me that sometimes whe would have 15 windows open of all the different men that she was chating with and that most of the men just wanted sex chat but there were a few men that were regulars that were looking for love but didnt know that they were being scamed .So bottom line is get off that site as soon as possible stop spending your money there .   GOOD LUCK 

    • Craig Cothren says:

      Mario. Could you send me this exact information and your contact email? I am trying to get AmoLatina charges off my credit card. My name is Craig Cothren, [email protected]

    • mark grecni says:

      I have the same story with, she was 21, an employee and was impersonating a women 38 , I filed a complaint with my evidence and they credit my account several thousand credits I spent on her, but I havent gotten back with them yet because their advertisements on youtube state %100 money back  garruntee , and i dont want 4,000 credits to spend on a site that is a scam. please forward any informatiom you have , anyone who reads this please , thanks Mark , I will also send my copy from their customer service admitting I was scammed , and the credit to my account, and how they blame the girl and that local agency and not them . 

  • Marcos says:

    Total scam.  Stay away.  I created a free, empty profile (no photos, no description, nothing about me, etc.), and within minutes the Chat thing exploded with women begging to talk with me.  Their photos are clearly stock photos.  After one week, I had 145 messages in my inbox – all of that with no photos and no information about me.

    This is clearly fully automated and will only rip you off.  Do not spend a penny here.

    • Lexton elton says:

      Wow i tried the same procedure by creating an empty profile back in 11-2016. And recieved the same response on a profile which contained no information no photo…no nothing. Many not all …responded very quickly to an incomplete profile. Now having said that,i myself have been a curious member for the past two years.I believe a small number of these women may be lagit fellas…a few mixed in there. Here is where you may have to spend a little bit…in order to logically filter through with an open mind  while hoping to find just one who is lagit. I would advise all to be carefull if he chooses to do so…

    • Nella says:

      This is a total scam not just from the women’s side from the men too. I have also created a profile no pics no videos, basically no information and my messages have also been exploding.

  • Ed says:

    Search ladies in United Kingdon and they are ALL mysteriously in this tiny town in the East of England. 

  • JOHN MILLER says:

    Amo Latina is a Fraud and I can confirm it´s not a dating site!! It´s an embezzlement site cos' You try to date somebody and never get a true response of the ladies!! When They Call You, They notice that the phrases are always repetitives!!!

    I can prove You that dating site is a total scam and the models can be prostitutes!!!

    Observe the profile with ID: 1184932. She Calls herself: Laura Melisa!!! But if You search on google for Laura Paladines Naked, You can see the photos of a Naked Model the posed on Colombian Playboy Magazine!!! She is the same person as Laura Melisa is!!! I have no doubt that Laura Melisa and Laura Paladines is the same person!!!

    Check about it yourselves!!!

    Friends, Guys, It´s an Advice for You!!! Get out of Amolatina, Anastasia date, Arabian date and Asia date cos' You will be scammed!!! Search others safety dating sites that don´t charging by credit but by tuition!!!





    • chase says:

      No doubt its a scam. Although the woman I was talking to was the same person in the pictures because I was stupid enough to do video chat. I also spent money for a private investigator and got her real information. She is beautiful but everything else was lie. But Im curious to know how you discovered they are prostitutes. I have not confronted her yet and would love to say I know she’s a sex worker as well as a con artist. I travel to South America for a few months a year. I have her cedula and address of her parents cafe. I am biding my time and debating how I will proceed. But proving that she is a prostitute as well would be the ultimate kicker,

    • chase says:

      I forgot to mention the investigator showed me that she and others are employees of a certain network. I’d love to mention its name but they make a lot of coin and don’t want any trouble. But do a quick search for parent network and you will know. So they are paid to make you buy credits and get paid according to the credits they conned that pay period.

  • Marc says:

    Hello all, nice to see how many people see the scam but lets be honist.

    – the girls are super hot, super sexy and almost ready to get f….d. No girl will pose on this way on a dating site only if they got paid for it.

    – the cost of a mail is insane, no datingsite is this expensive only when you would have a personal dating coach 😉

    So man of the world just enjouy the beautifull pictures of very sexy and hot ladies and just dream of them but dont try to get them.

    Then something seems to be to beautifull most of the time it is 😉

    Good luck to all to find the right person



  • Robert Orr says:

    this site is a total rip off and a huge scam


    save your time and money all the girls are looking only for credits from your money


    its bull shit 100% scam

    • Eletise says:

      I can take it a step further to prove that this site is a scam. I actually live in Medellín, Colombia and this is one of the cities full of beautiful women from the site. I had been conversating with 3 females for about 3 months before I moved here and they knew exactly the date I was going to be in the city. Every time I ask them to meet me in a public location for lunch or dinner, they're suddenly out of town. One is a school teacher and she told me that she's in Cartagena during the school season here! I asked another when we can meet and she told me September when this is March! Here's the real proof. I actually dated a female who uses this site in Costa Rica because I was going to move to that country at first before I heard of the 90 day border run. I've been receiving messages from her and I sent her an email to her personal email address asking if she was sending me messages, and she told me no. The next day I receive another message from her account apologizing. Guys don't give another penny to this site. I used Colombiacupid and only paid $27 for the month to send and receive as many messages as I want. Also, I went out on dates with many different women until I finally found the woman for me. Stop using all of the Amolatina affiliate sites because they're true scams.

  • Ashleigh says:

    I have only just started on Amolatin and started to exchange messges with this beautiful 42 year old and after a few messages she suggested I send her some flowers which I discovered would cost me over $125 to send and that was the cheapest. I then started to think that  this doesnt sound good so I decided to check it out and  read all the comments that other people had encountered.

    I have been ripped off before on a so called dateing site of quite a few thousand dolloars so I am giving this one the big heave ho and save my money

  • Humberto says:

    well, as for me, the only thing that intrigues is the use of webcam, in some cases I can actually see the lady in the webcam and it is the exact lady. However could be a trick, could be a pre-recorded video. I spent a lot of money in this site and I wont spent a single dime. For instance, there is this girl – ID 1180372 (amolatina)- that has chatted with me many times. She is not shy, if you know what I mean. Later one I tried to get another contact from here (not paied I mean) and she told me that it was the only place online that I could reach her – wff? I discovered that she real exists, she is a model and even placed her amolatina movies in her Facebook page. No kidding, here: If you look  down her profile you will see the videos there. So basically it´s a huge fraude made by models of even hookers. I feel deceived. Well at least I had learned my lesson, thanks guys.

  • Bill says:

    Interesting reading for me since I have been surfing the Amolatina site for about 8 months.  But I am always suspicious cos I have had women from supposedly reputable sites like EHarmony start a conversation with me, during a free w/e membership period, and we even had a video chat, which was very sexy, and then she gave me a sob story about how she was stranded in Italy and needed money to get back to the US.  Well, I am not sending money to someone I haven't actually met so that ended quickly.

    Back to Amolatina, I get a lot of messages daily, from women in SA as well as Spain, but since I have never coughed up any money I can't answer them any more.  Some of them look like models and are very young.  The ones from Columbia get very sexually agressive.  At first I had a free period, and I could answer, but that has expired.  I would like to go to Spain, however, and I did have one European female give me her personal email me un-detected.  However, I think I am going to abandon using Amolatina to try and make contact.  I will look for other sites that have a flat monthly rate.

    My advice is "Caveat Emptor" or buyer beware.



  • Jeff the biggest fool says:

    Dear Readers, I also was scammed by the "Anastasia Date" circles. I recently graduated with a Pre-Med degree, and ive been applying to medical schools around America. Sometimes when youve been studying so hard you dont have time to go on dates. So I ran into this website by accident and decided to give it a try….it looked pretty legit. Well, I didnt fare to well with AmoLatina just due to the fact that im not into latin american girls. But then I also saw on the site an advertisement for Africabeauties (same company). Well, same exact thing. Chat, email ect was just so empy. I kept thinking girls in the states are never like this unless their desperate, and those are the last type of girls that I want. Well, I did a a search and decided to avoid all the 100+ girls that contacted me. I found a girl named Daleba from Ivory Coast. I sent her an email (her profile was full and she said she has a son and ect). Her profile looked legit. Well, not but about 3 days later she sent me an email, and we agreed to meet on chat. After about three letters I found my self falling in love with this girl. We would chat every day and email every once in a while, all the while she would send me a new picture every time she sent an email. She asked me "do you think we could end up married one day"? I was blown away! What do I say? She said she was going to law school and worked in a small village shop. Sounded true. So while in chat I told her "Daleba, please lets not play any more games, I dont care who you are, where your from, or whats in your past, I love you and I want to reach out to you". I asked her "are you on facebook". She told me she forgot her account information, but she told me I could call her. At first her number was blocked by asterisks like such *********over chat, but I told her to spell out each number and send it individually. I called her with an international package I have through Skype. Can you believe it…..I could almost cry. . . . . It was a man. Oh my god how I just fell through the floor! I spent so much money and time! Wasted! I just wanted to get drunk and fall off a cliff. Im the kind of guy whose never even had a speeding ticket and then this happens to me. My God…..RUN AWAY FOR YOUR LIFE! IT ABOUT ENDED MINE!

  • Interational Police says:

    I'm international ( Interpol ) police officer in charge of the investigation of the supposed "dating site" Amolatina for the formal accusation for a number of a large nunber cases denouncing  a criminal operation to defraud customers  though the internet, Im presently located in Colombia where the authorities are cooperating in searching for evidence of illegal activity. The Amolatina company' opertionand the people that work for it misrepresrntingtheir identities and intentions in order to commit a crme and    accused of the crime of  "estafa"  as  fraud   is called under Colombian law for more than five months. We have gathered  a large amount of evidence about  principals and emloyees which will soon be placed  under arrest and placed at the court's  diposal. A similar investgation is bing conducted  in orher  countries  where like fraudulent operations exist, Colomia is the most advanced one at present


    This is a WARNING   for existing  and prospective  victims of the  criminal scam  and fraud of the web site Amolatina so that you avoid  the concecuence of this crime..


    Epaminondas Fernandez

    Invetigating agent

    • Robert says:

      The Anastasia fuckers frauded me out of all my life savings, $100,000.00 Canadian. I know, it is the single most stupid thing i have ever done in my life, and now i pay for it.  Please do not laugh, just know that the MF's gangs in Canada, making me pay for so long for stupid mistakes, i wanted to get out of the country and start a new life.  The goddam bank would not provide me with a passbook as i knew the spending was going to far and i assumed i would be able to live in Latin America off my pension anyway.  Throw the book at these assholes, and if their is ever a classaction lawsuit, please remember me, extremely bullied Canadian loser. I was stupid enough to try the Asian, Russian and Amolatina. At the time i was in a daze, extremely bullied and the site seemed my only friends.

    • Matt says:

      Hello, is there any chance that, if the site is found guilty, for restitution of the funds men like myself have spent? Please let me know, my name is Matt, and you can reach me at [email protected]. thank you

    • mysterious says:

      colombia is a beautiful country to visit. these dating scammers ruined the view of a beautiful people who are living in this country.

    • Charles Venter says:

      I just had a phone call from one of their agents, at 10:am South African time 24/08/2016, I realized a few years ago that they were a scam. They got about $5000. 00 US out of me. Luckily I stop.

      I really hope that they will recieve a jail term and all the money taken from them.

    • Charles Venter says:

      I just want to add. I am still talking to one of the girl I was lucky enough to meet on the AmoLatina site, the only reason we are chating is that she was very keen on chatting with me, She got the Translator to make contact with me and he did help her out, and me for that matter. She still lives in Medellin , Maybe we can rope her in to help with the investigation. I would help if you require my assistance. 

    • Dick Sträng says:

      Dear Mr Fernandez,

      I am about to write an article on dating scams, and have been paticularly interested in Amolatina, and Anastacia. I wonder if you could have some information to share about your investigation.

      Yours respectfully

    • Jose aragon says:

      Hello i have a resonce from a women not on the site. In fact she is a friend on Instagram. I asked her if i could ask her a question. I explaned to her that i have been talking to her on amolatina. I asked her if she was the same girl, she told me that she has never used the site and that they paid her to use her pictures for the site. On the site it is the same pictures and use the same first name. Thats how i was able to find her on instagram. Her name is yury gil. 

  • Edward says:

    What I don't understand is how is this scamming website able to stay in business and continue with their website. They are scammers and should not be allowed to continue thier business. They should be punished. 

  • Cisco says:

    Well to tell you the truth I enjoy the pics, but sending and receiving emails was getting to breditse quite expensive. Fortunately I was able to discipline myself to a few bucks a month. $9.99 plus a frew emails sent.So in total I spent say 125 dollars. I got on google and typed in Amolatina and accidentally hit the amolatina reviews and man I had my doubts about them. After reading the terrible stuff happening to other guys I just gotta say I am cancelling my subscription with Amolatina. My dad and grandpa had a saying "If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck more than likely it is a duck!" All I can say is I am happy I did not invest more than $125 I was confined to a hospital bed for 6 weeks last August and almost fell into buying their ripoff credits. Run like hell and keep your money.

  • Robert says:

    I am not saying the sites are a total scam, there are some legitimate woman who are very nice. However, i have seen first hand the using of women's profiles who were not them, as well as the old talk talk talk then sorry i have to say goodbye sickness in the family.

    I suggest chatting with someone for a short time then quickly plan a trip there, but as it worked out for me, after the first date did not work out, the others would not meet without the translator and through the website, therefore $400 dollars approx. per date, i don't know if they were genuinely afraid to meet for a coffee, or were looking to cash in with the website for the date as they stipulated.

  • Robert says:

    I have better friends on Amolatina than i do in the country i live, i know that a few women are real and very nice. The women on the website are exploited because the are poor, so maybe they should be careful of us! I was told by several REAL women that men came to meet them and wanted only sex, asked to go their hotel room right away, or made advances requiring police intervention, who are the assholes here? there are sex tourists using these websites and they could not care less for any of the women except for one thing only. I like Latin's, they are friendly and very kind and helpful, one bad apple does not spoil the …. they also know how to live happy with less, in my country they have elaborate crimes, hidden, unseen, if these people are doing any wrong it is because they are poor, unlike the greedy crimes and hate crimes here. Give them a chance, be careful, and if planning to go down anyway, what have you got to lose? you can spot the scammers, i spent so much not because of them but because the gangs in my country were tearing apart my life and mind, it is not the websites fault.

    • Tony Someone says:

      Robert, not knowing where you live and it could be here in the states BUT saying it isn't the websites fault is like saying Busch didn't start the war in the Middle East and that Trump would make a good President- him and AmoLatina are both scammers. I just went thru paypayto get the 4$ back for credits I didn't use- it may take a month but I will get a refund and the 50 credits I did use besides what was left over from the first I purchased, it was a very cheap lesson. For me bells and whistles. I had posted an older pic of me and another of me now holding my grandson and in less than ten days I had over 33 emails and another 2000 plus messages in my inbox on the site. I read and read profiles. It was funny, ALL but a few had college degrees or where in college, even if they had a full time job and I'm sorry but you can't get thru school with a Dr. attached before you are 21. My last night, the later it got the bolder the rolling pics with notes and always using my name, became and they wanted computer sex and it wasn't hard when they started asking IF I would help them as they felt so Hot or naughty was another word- bottom line- the longer they keep you using credits the more they make per shift. I am with the Gent who ask"when is 60 minutes" going to do a piece on these scammers. I feel for the girls but not for long as they could care less about me- I should have offered more $$$ than she would make just to talk and believe me, I gave my email info- a blind person could figure out my four letterand two number Harley plate and asking WHO she knew that liked Harleys and how much Americans enjoyed the Game CLUE— if one read my profile she would know how to email me and I had several ask if I liked to fish, well YES, that was in my profile and that is justone example, there where many. So. F**K that site. The world needs to know. Glad I'm not rich like some of the above chumps where, I am poor soI was very slow to buy credits. God has always watched over me, even when I was telling a woman more than half my age or visa versa to marry me. OH, the site didnt post my GrandPa pic(u could click to see what the girls saw) and I imangine there may wel have been some honest girls there- the fat ugly ones hoping they would get lucky. Cheers, tonytheTiger


    • Jose aragon says:

      Yes i have been told that by many women on the site. But i told them im on the site to find a new wife. All have asked me to tall naughty with them. I told them that i was not on the site for that. I told one that i was really in to her, and i have even told her that i was planning a trip to her country. She told me that i could stay with her at her house. And she was going to rape me. Lol.

  • Vlad says:

    I would like to join and agree that this is total scam. I talked to 2 ladies on chat and all they asked is to keep on going with conversation while your credit card is charging. i stoped conversation because it was all about keep on talking with you without giving any e-mail or anything. After 10 minutes the same profile poped up with chat request without any memory that we just have talked. Someone mentioned that they dont give contact details because are shy, but it doesn't the case cause the majority of them invite you to chat with phrases with clear sexual context.

  • chris says:

    Its a total scami have met a few girls that i was talking with online but when i met them in person they knew nothing about me and when i asked them questions about them selves their answers were completely different to the ones they gave on chat and now the have cancelled the dateme service which mean tou now have no chance of meeting these girls.rhet are nothing but criminals and need to be stopped

    • Admin says:

      Thanks for leaving a comment and helping inform people with your personal experience on

      • Tony says:

        How come no personal info, how is it 22 yr Olds are doctors, lawyers etc. Not, they work for this site. very sad and I had an instance of a very special woman talking to me and I had told her about me.  she said the other nite wanted to know more about me. I'm sure some other woman.  Scam and lies.

    • Robert says:

      This website is 100% scam don't waste your money on it they have their own staff answering your letters and you will never ever get to speak with one of these ladies they have the most beautiful Photoshop ladies or models and you think who I want to be with one of these and when you inquire you get a lot of nice response but it's open-ended so you have to keep responding for a fortune it's a huge scam and nobody should ever pay a dime to subscribe to it don't waste your money

  • gak says:

    Total scam

  • Justin says:

    WOW! Absolutely stunned, I was litterally on the verge of submitting my credit card info to purchase a package that would allow me to communicate with these thieves..but I thought maybe i should search for a reviews page for the site first. the reason i made this decision  was because I created a free profile about a week ago just to see what would happen (keep in mind i'm currently using 2 other dating sites as we speak). I found it very odd (comparing to experience with other dating sites) that in this first week i litterally recieved over 100 messages from different "women" and all messages very virtually the same. They all sounded like they were coming from the same person. And most sounded just overly eager and basically saying the same thing. Anyway, I fount this web review very useful. Thank you, you probably just saved me a whooooooole lot of $$$ and frustration.

  • Todd says:

    Definite scam. They flood you with tons of messages that cost $3.99 to read each one. Models send highly suggestive messages to bait lonely guys.

  • J.J. Boardwalk says:

    I have a simple test for all of the online girls I interact with. Here is what I ask them:

    Please take another 'selfie' , and with your non-camera hand flash the 'peace sign' (as I am doing in the attached photo)

    If a girl does this, at least you know who you are chatting with!

    So far I have a perfect record! 100% of the girls have failed to send the requested photo.

    There are no real women online.


    J.J. Boardwalk


  • mike says:

    Amolita is definitely a scam. There are probably some really sincere  women on that site but weeding through the fat old men taking your money wouldn't be worth the boatload of cash it would cost. I really think latin women are the finest on earth to bad there isn't a legit site cause there are a lot of good ones out there that have the same problem communicating with us as we with them.  Bye Bye Amolatina!


  • Bartman says:

    I was suspicious about the similarity of the letters coming from different women, with exact same bad spelling, syntax, sentence structure, and similar font characters used between words.  But then I received a "7th" letter from a woman I had never communicated with, and she used my nickname ("Dear [nickname]") which I had used in earlier letters with other women.  I asked Amolatina how these strange events happened, and no answer.  After deleting dozens of these women, my mailbox quickly filled up with new passionate letters.  Never thought I would become a sucker-victim, but I have.  I hope my credit card bank will refund me (?).  RUN FROM AMOLATINA!!!! 

  • Charles Venter says:

    All I can say is STAY AWAY It is a Scam

  • Ron Watts says:

    Pardon.  I did not proofread the entry above –

    Certainly AmoLatina is not a scam.  It is easy to discriminate between vulnerable women who want to move to the United States and profiles which are illegitimate.  By far, the majority of women are real.  I can explain how to tell, but you must have the humility to believe you don't know what you don't know.  To be a success, do not be coy as you would be on OK Cupid.  Openly state what you want.  If you desire sincerely to marry, you will easily meet women who want what you want.  Enter chats acting and behaving as a polite and respectful man who wants to get married but wants to be a friend first.  These are good and modest women.  Many of the young women are shy.  Some are virgins.  You must be a gentleman.  Take for granted that the women have behavior better than you can imagine and look better than any middle aged man can get or deserve in other way.  My cousin Charles is 74 and marrying a beautiful 28 year old woman.  Why will she marry him?  It is because she is impoverished and lives in a rural environment with two sisters and a mother at home.  All the men in the family are dead.  I do not know why.  If the woman you love is of child-bearing age, be willing to raise children.  Children are fun anyway if you don’t mind having no extra money.  Ask her if she wants children.  Allow her this opportunity or make sure she knows that she does not have the option.  There are lovely women who do not want children, too, of all ages.  I will say also, get an immigration attorney.  An example is Jose Sanchez in Longview, Texas.  Compare other attorneys to him.  Take the 18 months and $15,000 to make your woman a US citizen with legal rights before you bring her home.  If you cannot afford to do so, work hard to get her citizenship as quickly as she can.  She risks deportation if she gets in trouble with the law, possibly minor infractions which have been misinterpreted.  I found my own future wife in this way.  I am in my fifties and in excellent health.  She is 23 from Santiago, Chile.  I love her.  I will tell you, she will be a great wife, is an excellent cook and is hotter than a two-dollar pistol.  I can tell more if you want to know.  These are fine, good women.  One woman I might have married is 18 years and 4 days old.  Absolutely gorgeous from Bogata.  I am a moral man.  She was intelligent and very sweet.  Only, she looked so much like my daughter that it was too weird to allow to happen.  No, AmoLatina is valid with the vast majority of women total knockouts.

  • Ron Watts says:

    I wrote yesterday.  Old men know what you should know by now.  They are bringing beautiful women home.  I am going to, too.   AmoLatina is awash with very sincere and beautiful women.  All you have to do is possess a sincere desire to get married.  I am in my fifties, live in Haughton, Louisiana, have almost 29 years in my career, 19 years a supervisor, born in Texas.  Do you assume that I have no sense because I say the site is legitimate?  My God, men, you are missing out on a gold mine of beautiful women.  You may have been correct at one time.  I just got there.  You are so incorrect that this site will cease to exist were you to know the truth.  To keep from spending too much money, pick one or two women.  After a few days, ask if you can hide your contact information in a gift of electronic flowers.  I have no fear of being identified. Look on AmoLatina yourselves.  I am Ronnie.  Check out the number of women who write me.  The owners of this blog can contact me.  I have no interest in lying.  I am here to stand up for these beautiful good women whose lives totally suck.  My reputation there is so good as a marriageable man that I have crossed over into AnastasiaDate and ArabiaDate.  If you have the money, you can get one fine young woman to share your life with.  Just drop this conspiratorial attitude, use your judgement as grown men, speak to women with humility .  Ron

    • brian says:

       Ron watts  you are totally niece!!the site so fake yesterday I spent the money and paying to have a phone conversation with one girl from Mexico City should took my email said she would email me that night I still haven't heard from her today when I talk to her and chat I asked  simple questions about the phone conversation that we just had 24 hours prior to that she couldn't give me one answer totally a scam every time was this girl send me email and then when I talk to her on chat she doesn't know anything about what was in the email that she definately didn't know anything about what we had talked about on the phones 24 hours prior 

    • mark grecni says:

      Ron, I am sorry you say these things I have been scammed, I caught the women impersonating a 38 year old women and she admitted she was 21 and a virgin just gradutaed from school and was hired as a translator and than they forced her to impersonate another womens profile, she says the women in the profile is married with kids too, I filed a complaint and the Asaindate just " replied and agreed I was scammed "  . but want to blame the young lady and her local agecy and not and they isssued me a credtit of several thousand credits I spent on her, but not my money as their advertising on youtobe which states %100 garuntee refund of  all money , I am about to file several additional complaints, Ron I was a member briefly back in 2013 and just happen to start investigating prior letters still in my inbox, and over thirty women are the same age today as they were since 2013 , I found the same thing for letters sent in 2014, 2015, too, because most or all of the profiles are fake, and women hired to chat and robo letters sent out  , and the same letters to differnt men, I set up five fake accounts no profile , no picture, just a name and age, one was JOE BLOW AND WITH HOURS ALL FAKE PROFILES HAD WELL OVER 100 LETTERS , ???? why because the site is fake,  Set one up yourself and you will see the letters you get too… why would any women marriage minded contact a man with no profile and no pictures and 70 years old , unless they wanted to have the man buy credits… I am a gentlemen and a God fearing man and have always carried myself this way, I felt bad filling the complaint ,because i know they hire these women , I have proff my friend, she admitted to me, I have spent well over $12,000 over time on the sites and I was heart broken after I caught this women, and after that I started to investigate with a friend retired from the FBI and I have hundreds on pictures and documents supporting the lies and the misrepresentation. Now I want my money back per their % 100 refund policy advertised on youtube, i will be forwarding the evidenvece I and my friend have uncovered the last four months to the FBI and federal trade commision if I dont get my money back. 

    • dean says:

      hi ron can you show me proof these woman are real?


  • tinku says:

    Biggest mistake of my life spending time and money on amolatina. I realized lots of time that I was doing mistake, wasting my money but what could i do. I am man and beautiful woman is evey men's weakness. I wish i could stop myself and saved my money.I am afraid to check ,my credit card statement now. How much money i wasted. Today is my last day. I am out of credit, I wish i will never come back to this site.,Hey God, Please  give me strength.   

  • malcolm says:

    i am just a voyeur on Amolatina site and will not give them my credit details but am being bombarded with emails form a Madrid model and actress ''IRIS LUZDIVINA RODRIGUEZ" this is her latest letter:

    (Hello malcolm ! I am writing to tell you that I liked you very much. Ive never thought that I could fall in love at first….)

    this women is alover the internet as a legitimate model and actress and rates a very hot 10.

    So is this a stolen identity which is highly illegal or is she in on the scam?

    • Darrell says:

      Guys never use your personal credit card or debitcard always purchase a prepaid card like I did I put 50.00 on the card a that was it, didn't get not one response back from the ladies.amo Latina kept trying to get money from that card,i made sure it was @ 0 balance.they will keep going into your personal bank account ever month until they empty it out.

      • Admin says:

        Great tip Darrell.  Prepaid card is the safest way to puchase recurring memberships because they can’t keep charging your card every month. Very smart idea. You add funds to your debit or gift card if you want but never have thousands of $$$$ on it. Stay safe guys!

  • Wayne says:

    Is the bottle half full or half empty? I have only been on AmoLatina for a couple of weeks, and I read many reviews here and elsewhere a few days in. I too wondered how the hell one is supposed to make contact off-site, until I looked deep into it. To be fair, Amolatina is unethical, granted. But they haven't completely closed the door for you to get private details of that lady.  Under the guise of privacy and security, they will tell you that personal info won't be allowed for exchange and that you need to prove you are genuine, except as below, which is "hidden" on the site.

    Yes, most of the girls are model material. My investigations showed that there are recruiting agencies that nearly all the ladies go to, and who groom them, and dress them and video them on behalf of AmoLatina.  But for the most part, these are genuine ladies, mostly IT challenged, and don't know that they can register without the agency's input becasue of the Agency's blanket advertising in their faces To them it's the only way, or no way. Yes, the site and its affiliates are a business to make money,  bloody scads of it. But they are, in my humble opinion, also providing a valid service, if you know what to do and read their policies.

    Took me ages and a few clicks deep to find what I was looking for –  Here is how !!- (on the main page, click on "contact us" (fine print at bottom right), then click on Item 1: "prices and policy", then Item 4:"Policy Regarding Exchange of Information"and read the tiny dialogue box , and I quote their two small lines of info (emphasis mine): "Email addresses and phone numbers can`t be sent in letters and Live Chat. Typically members are able to exchange this information only between themselves in a note included in a Flower & Gift delivery and on the phone via our Call Me Service." Bingo !!!   So, I am now in personal contact with my lady by having sent her an orchid and chocolates, not that expensive, which is at the low end of the cost scale. The ladies themselves also don't know whats going on, as I found out with my lady. Once I told her the whole story she  was distraught that AmoLatina would do that.  But she is the real deal, has money (and therefore is not wanting mine) and we are presently arranging for a meetup face to face, YES!! Off to Colombia in January.

    Please don't write off the many lovelies on there just because of AmoLatina, there is a goldmine of fine ladies on there who are none the wiser of how the system works. A bit of makeup goes a long way, accompanied by professional photography, videos, and suddenly the website is full of stunners!  My lady included one photo of herself in "ordinary" mode and yet she is still beautiful.

    My tips are: Don't fall for the sugar daddy trick. I got heaps of ladies young enough to be by daughter looking for their "soul-mate" offering everything from penpal to explicit sex, mostly tthe latter. I'm reckoning they are there for two things: (1) To get out of the country, and (2) to dump you once they establish their new lives in your country (which is unlikely as they need a spousal visa to leave South Americato go to a western country, nothing less. Yes, it is quite true that all of them are chasing the green card, but who wouldn"t.  In fact if my lady was not prepared to relocate to Australia, I would have already lost interest. Go for ladies close to your own age; my lady is 50 and I am 56. I like to be realistic.

    If you are still unsure, LatinAmericanCupid and ColombianCupid are the real deal, they allow personal email infor on 1st contact, and there are many fine ladies on both of them.  I would have gone for any one of several in a short list I had made on LAC, until the lady from AmoLatina came through.

    Feedback is welcome. Hope this all helps, and happy searching!!!

  • Wayne says:

    Take 2.. the bottle IS half full!:  Just finished speaking to my lady… put AmoLatina to the test, ask her for her birth date and anything else nobody else, including AmoLatina, knows immediately… her DOB was correct and she told me her blood type plus having had an appendectomy when 12 years old, and sent me a selfie straight away, all inside a minute. She did so without being offended, knowing where I was coming from. She is the real deal.

  • Medouch says:

    I cannot understand how the people cannot see right away is a scam

    the moment you see that all of the lady are models with a professional photography and every interaction cost you a fortune, then is a SCAM, period.

  • billy terrell says:

    this site is not associated with any scam, in my opinion i love it, i will find my bride here. my intentions. to all that dont like or trust the site, just stay off, and dont sign up. go on about cha business and bump it on down the yellow brick road and go see the wizard of Oz, maybe he can help your ass, LoL….keep up the good work to all at amo latina, love you all, have a happy thanksgiving and holidays to you and your families

    • Admin says:

      Good for you Billy, other comments tell us otherwise. But you have a right to an opinion. Come back in a few months and tell us how it’s going.

  • David says:

    Anything having to do with the Russians is a ripoff! You will NEVER meet ANYONE from Amolatina. File your complaint today with the BBC. 

  • your name here says:

    qpid network…. ENTERTAINMENT ONLY… did years research.. ($ounds better than how many ways and many address tried on same qpid network sites) i proved completely…. i'm an idiot … just like all you other idiots here… your heart is in your chest… not anyone there cares… its a for profit only.. subject(s) /women say of paying nothing ever!! exploit women you say? … first your hearts extorting you… qpid takes the ball, and your mad money.. stay away… you will still go looking… because we're men looking for free pizza, we're idiots .. 
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (‿|‿) 

  • your name here says:

    one woman was on idateasia and chlove .. a free 'spirit on one page abd other page a 'simple working mom with a daughter.. totally spoofing… i complained directly to her .. calling her an emotional terrorist … she's gone now after another wrote me fourty-seven times .. i chatted with her once to ask her interest… she didn't know nothing about anything…, i left feeling stupid… after two years… heartbreakers @ qpid network 

  • Wayne says:

    As a post script to my last input, I persevered until I got my lady's personal details, but it cost me a lot of $$$ to get that far and I do NOT recommend AmoLatina as a 1st choice to find a lady. Instead there are many fine ladies on LatinAmericanCupid, ColombianCupid and Every Other "Cupid" sites which are transparent in their approaches to members.  I think I was just lucky and I look forward to meeting her at Medellin Airport in mid January. In short, stay AWAY from AmoLatina and Anastasia and all their other affiliated sites. As I mentioned before, their methods are UNETHICAL when it comes to exchange of personal contact info. I hope this helps anyone who is thinking of registering on AmoLatina site.

    • Wayne says:

      IMPORTANT !!! AmoLatina IS a SCAM !! Although the information in my 1st 2 posts were factual as far as I was aware, I have caught them out. After paying for the privilege of obtaining the lady's personal details, I used the WhatsApp to make contact off-site. I gave my usual greeting on AmoLatina to get the ball rolling, all I got as a reply was 4 question marks. I then said it's me Wayne from AmoLatina and asked her for her name; she gave the same name as the member I had been chatting/emailing on the site.

      She also said she hadn't been on there for a few days, yet I was chatting with the (noew deemed to be fake) lady EVERY day without fail.

      I will be immediately going to PayPal to see what monies I can recover, Maybe nothing, maybe some of it, I'll find out. I'm just glad I used the PayPal option, to have some recourse of refund and reverse payment if there is fraud involved.

      Apologies if I have misled anyone on here or anyone who read my slightly positive review. I hope no-one else has been duped.

      Stay away from AmoLatina !!!

      • mark grecni says:

        Wayne,  Mark again . well finally, you agree, paypal wont allow it as fruad , because we did authorize the charges so I am disputing now as refund my account based on not getting the services we were promised etc… I am in the process , but it will take me a while I have so many charges , but try that and you can use my name to help, if you want and I will also forward a letter from customer service from that I was infact scammed , and they credited me several thousand credits but not my money yet,  read my other post my email is [email protected] ,  

  • K Os says:

    I read a lot of complainings about this "amolatina" website and many doubts about it and even worst, "people" that deffend it and encourage others to give it a try! 

    I am going to write the other side of this situation, the side from the people who work behind the computer making u believe you are talking with the love of your life. (english it's not my first language, so i could have grammar mistakes!)

    How do i know all of these things I am about to write?  Here is the story…

    Few months ago, august 2016, I was desperate to have a job, I was searching for one on this very famous south american website for job searching and then I found an ad, a very important company (they didn't write their name) wanted translators, people who could speak english to work between 9 pm and 5 am. Now some of u may have been very naive to believe in these websites, well, I was very naive too when I aplied thinking that it could be a good thing. They called me on a saturday morning for an interview for that same day. I thought it was very weird that people make job interviews on a weekend but was so desperate that I decided to attend.

    The interview was in a very pretty house, in a very luxurious neighborhood in my city. Inside the house there was an office and on the living room, there were 6 computers. The interviewer, let's call her Maria, I don't even remember her name, presented herself, she was supposed to be the woman in charge of human resources and said that the company was small, just starting in my country, but have been very successful in the short time they have been on business. Then, she ask me a few questions about my english skills and other stuff. Next, she started talking about the vacancy.

    *Maria told me that besides being in charge of searching translators, she was in charge of searching for beautiful ladies, mostly  local models and make them part of the "agency". Why? because these ladies are the ones that you guys see on the profiles pics always so beautiful, they make u dream… and  with "amazing stories"  that eventually will play with your emotions and your ability to feel compassion. So these ladies are actually aware that they are providing their image and sometimes few details about themselves,  they mostly don't have nothing much to do with other  part of the agency besides that. This "agency", according to Maria had at least 15 profiles and behind them, 6 girls that managed them. in different shifts at day (8 hour every shift), because those profiles can't never be left alone. What do these "translators" do? They are in charge to find guys and make conversations, keep on making that conversation last as much as they can because there's a commission for that. The website offers virtual gifts options, and yes, there's a commission for that everytime a guy buy those for the girl they are trying to know. Then, they have to translate and answer letters, of course for that there's a very little almost miserable commission. Also video chats (the agency contacts the woman in the pictures to make her part of the videochat) But there are two worst things: ONE: If the guy come to visit the woman in the pictures, if that ever happens, the agency reaches that woman and she will be there to receive the guy they dont even know and don't even care, and the translator that have been talking to him, well that person obviously will have to be there too (yep, that's one of the highest commissions they can receive). And there's one even worst: This agency make tours. Tours where those foreigners come here to visit their ladies. And well, of course, there's a very very little rate of success. Because let's be honest, these ladies and this agency (just like many others that do this same scam) don't care about people finding the love of their lives. 

    Maria, the interviewer, tried so hard to make  it look as a normal  job, nothing wrong, I don't know how many times she repeated that there was nothing wrong about what they do, I think that's because she could see in my face how disappointed or surprised I was listening all of the things she said. 

    There's a sad part for the people (in this agency, mostly women) that work there. The first month they don't have an income, only the "shitty" commissions they get from all the money these people with no heart charge foreigners. The shift I was supposed to do was from 9:00 pm to 5:00 a.m with one break hour at 3:00 am!! can you imagine?! 

    As I was leaving this place, another girl came to an interview with a friend of her, maybe they had that feeling that it was a weird thing to have an interview on a saturday as I did…. I left that place feeling really bad, I have been a foreigner living in another country, never scammed or betrayed by locals, always respected.. then I  remembered the bad image my country still have and these scammers, unfortunately are contributing to increase this stereotype… And then, I thought  and still think about all the men that believe in this kind of stuff and just hope that something or someone good come to their, or if you are one of those, reading this, to your life, but this dating sites, are not the answer.


    P.S (there's a documentary about this "agencies" on netflix, totally recommended!)

    Kind regards, 

    Somewhere in Colombia,



    • Admin says:

      Thanks so much for the intel into the other side of what’s going on behind the scenes of

      • ydnew says:

        since i reviewed this site my infor in my personal removed and screenshot of my facebook i feel insecured they just want to have me many men chat me and i was so sad because most of people chat me are verry sweet and kind hehehehe but so sad i have no money to purchase hahahaha so i try my best to put my fb account hut now since i review here its automatically deleted

  • Matt says:

    Scam – Stay Away….I wasted a lot of money…all the testimonials above are true. Gorgeous women just want chat, chat and more chat..$$$….with no intention of ever transitioning to regular private communications. All have the same "safety concerns" as if they've been "coached' by the site….and we all know, regular Internet email is not a risk to personal safety, nor is creating a free Skype Account to chat and talk.

  • Frimpong says:

    There is this female name Luisa Tamara, she is fake!! Is like she never run out of credits. She is on this website 24/7, and she always wants you to talk more with her. She did a video of her walking on the beach, I thought she was real! I found out she is not real! She send the same message to some of my friends!

  • Phillip Richards says:

    Site is a Total Scam run by Chinese.  I know some of the Filipina Girls who work on this Site.  They live in Cebu, Philippines, not in Colombia.  They are Filipina, not Colombian.  It is a Total Scam.  The photos of the Girls on the Site are stolen from Facebook.

  • Gigel says:

    Well, I must say I also feel this site is a scam together with the other sites connected with it.

    And here are a few arguments on why I think this is a scam :

    – On the site there is not buttons for editing your profile or allowing you to directly go to your profile. I could not find any buttons.. could you ?

    – Second girl I was chatting with. The first words she wrote me were : Please write slower …
    Why would i write slower ? to use more time online ? ….

    – None of the girls I was chatting with would accept giving me their offsite private mail or any other type of contact info.
    why ? If I do not want to receive mail from anyone I can just block it and that would be all to it.

    – I have read a few of this comments from people saying this girls will not give you the contact information because they are shy and this is the way latino woman are … this is total bullshit. I am latino also and let me tell you , laino girls are anything else than shy. And with the photos some of them have on the site and introduction words they say, where the hell is the shy part of them there ?

    – Prices are fucking high … 9$ to READ a letter ? I would understand if it would be 2-5$ to send a letter but also to READ one ??
    Come on let¨s be serious….

    – Someone here said "love costs money" or something simmilar .. If love would cost money then it would not have been love or you have never been in love. I guess trolls are everywhere.

    i strongly believe this sites are fake or at least over 80% of the profiles are fake. I will investigate some more and come back later, without spending any more money , with some details…


  • Gigi says:

    This site is 100% fake.

    Tested today.

    Went online and started chatting with all the girls that messaged me.

    And some of their opening lines were :

    LEIDY JHOANA : In the spatter of my life, your banana is my favorite fruit.
    Nathalie : Hi honey, do you want to do rich things under the sheets?
    and I ask what does she mean , and she replies : Do you want to get in bed with me ?
    Vanessa  : I think it is better to do things in pairs or individually?
    Daniela : I want to meet you, darling, let's talk, kisses

    I live in Denmark and then all of a sudden , all girls write to me in Danish ???

    and I ask them all , why you write Danish … and then kaboom …Then whole text in Danish :

    "I don't know , maybe the site translates automatically because you talk with so many girls ? haha"

    This is clearly one or two operators that write messages.. I am 100% sure.
    If I don't write because my innitial free credit is exhausted, they never write back..

    This site is 100% fake.




  • Gigi says:

    And by the way, the photographer that makes the photos for this site is , I found a few photos where they forgot to cut out the branding on the photos.

    • Yo says:

      Is a Colombian company, they build websites for instance for so you will find their portfolio.

  • Yo says:

    Most of Colombian girls pictures come from where they have public info about models and actresses. I meet some of them in person but their public info and pictures are used to create the fake profiles on amolatina.

    Plus, if these girls seems to work oin what they have in the profile, for example on banning companies, how are they signed in all day in the website?

  • William Miller says:

    Can you recommend some safer and more reputable dating sites, whereby you can eventually obtain their private email or phone texting contact, to arrange a meeting or a date?

  • Paul Williams says:

    I was also scammed by this site.

    This site should be shut down since none of the images correspond to those who are responding to you as documented in the many prior posts.

    "A sucker is born every minute," the common phrase used by Confidence Men. It clearly applies here as well as, "If something seems too good to be, it probably is." Why would so many attractive women send men so many online inticements to keep talking and never let them ever chat offline?

    "Caveat Emptor" 

  • Dom says:

    I just send an initial text so they show the private pictures, then I download what I want for later viewing. I am not spending a dime to chat with phantom women. My Mama didn't raise no fool!!!

  • […] her my current e-mail deal with and phone #s in Los Angeles. In the email, I got back a letter from Amolatina, welcoming me to her through their website. Probably some boiler room phone system where you chat […]

  • Biso says:

    Simple when i found the sit suspension then i told me self why not trying to take the chat away of here to whatsapp for example so every time one trying to contact me i ask her agive her my whatsapp at same masgge   then i found they keep talkon even they knlw that am not able to see the conversation so i was look into it and i found you guys talking about it 

  • Mark says:

    it is a total scam . one of their employees informed me that they pay their girls a portion of monies received. This employee attempted to scam me out of money . he is now in jail. Later his sister tried to scam me out of money stating he was in jail and the only way was if I was able to pay her the money to get him out. She would then ":marrty me ". Yeah right !

    She also informed me that most of hte girls there are models ( hint, they don't want to marry you , only take your money)

  • Fiona says:

    I feel that i am also scammed, I am a girl and i am looking for some guy in the site. I chat to one guy in the site, i don’t know if he is the profile. But i ask him and he said that he is real, but i cannot search him in Facebook or other social media. He said that i can only reach him in Amolatina. I can’t even do a video call with him because he said that his camera was broke, i ask for his cellphone number and he said that his phone was stolen. There are lots of alibi. I don’t know and i felt that something is wrong with this site

  • Alice says:

    I think Amolatina is a SCAM website. They would say things that you like to hear. Most of the candidates are fake entities, providing fake photos. When ask to do a video chat, they would give excuse that their browser and camera is not working. Do note that a few people are administrating an entity, the same profile because the conversation was not connected. They always give a close ended answer and expected you to feed them with information. Moreover, the admistrative employees always detect your location and where abouts of your location. Their man will followed and detects your present and show you all the candidates that are not register on site. No way you are able to identify the real entity of the men being presented and view. Even if you are interested in the gentleman, you have no clue of their images and details register on site. Why do they want to register a fake photos and profiles, if they are interest on looking for a partner? In addition, beware that they may use our profiles that we provides and register in another platform. Using our entity to chat with candidates that you are unaware of. And the candidates may mistaken that we are the one chatting with them. Please do not pay any credits to this site. IS A SCAM WEBSITE. THE ONLINE USER AND CYBERSECURITY OFFICER SHOULD BE ALERTED.

  • Balbino says:

    To all people who thinks that amolatina site is real… please, STAY AWAY FROM THAT SITE AND ANY OTHER SITE LIKE IT. I by proper experience can tell you that those sites from belonging to anastasia dates sites all work the same way and all have one thing in common, to steal every single penny from your pocket.

    I joined that site on 2015 and meet three girls online. I started chatting and after a few months, I stay only with two. In mid 2017, one of the girls told me that her mother was ill with heart disease and I foolishly sent her money. She asked me to leave the site, and we interact via facebook with a profile she created for her. I never minded that all was a lie because she called me via facebook messenger audio call and she was at the hospital at the moment.

    After that, on December 2017 she told me that her mom passes away and I told her I was going to visit her. She told me she was leaving and need some time. After a month in 2018, She talked me again and she told me that she has financial problems, and need my help. I offered my help and I payed to a bank account she provided me the amount of 300 dollars every 15 days.

    Before I leave the site, I sent a message to the other ladies and only one answered to me. Amolatina’s service specifies that no girl can see a damn phone number or email that you post on a letter or chat. WRONG, they actually did… She manage to contact me via Whatsapp, and told me the hole truth, that everything was a lie.. They actually made you buy credits, and credits and keep you online to make you pay for more. And the girls are not the girls depicted in the profiles they published.

    After that that person tried to bribe me for more information, so I cut suddenly communications with here claiming that I was not interested in anything. I started my own investigation, and I manage to contact the real girl I was supposely speaking with, since her instagram profile appeared on my instagram account.

    After a long chat with her, she told me that in 2017, some magazine reach her to take photos of her and the contract mentioned only that her photos were going to be used for “model portfolio” and to show the latin american women beauty. She told me they pay her around $150 monthly, without knowing that her photos and her name were used on the website. I share my evidences with her, she was astonished and worried about the situation and she is now seeking legal advice against these people.

    As for me, I already post a complaint in the amolatina portal, at the Federal Trade Commision and the Better Busines Bureau, because these people must be stopped and be brought to justice. That site and any other site similar to it must be TAKEN DOWN from the web for good.

  • Kagiso says:

    I just joined the dating site and hoping to meet a great future husband 🙁 it hurts to know that the site is a scam i posted my pictures and some guy said im way too beautiful I’m fake… I’m looking for love I’m tired of people loving me for my physical appearance it should be more than that… where can I get a proper dating site please help

  • Basket Case says:

    I joined the lonely hearts club aka Amolatina or as way back in 2016 And the worst possible thing happened within 2 months. I joined to get to know a few girls before a trip to Costa Rica. I thought if I got to know a girl before I got there it would be easier to get a date. Well I actually had 2 dates. One girl would not come to my hotel but instead met me at the movie theater. Then a 2nd girl met me at the beach with a couple of her friends for a few hours. So I thought hey this site is pretty good. Hot latinas and easy to set up a date. They didn’t give me personal contact information but instead just agreed to meet at specific time and place.

    Lol So I went crazy talking to hot latinas after that thinking this is legit. I talked to woman in Colombia for about 6 months until she gave me her email then eventually her phone number. I said I was coming to Colombia to see her and she said she would have to check with work but it shouldn’t be a problem. Well I had some health issues and couldn’t travel for a while. Then she her mother got sick and she had to take care of her at their Finca.(little farm) By now it’s been a year and half and were talking all day everyday using a combination of coco messaging, whatsapp email but she wanted to stay on amolatina because it’s the only thing that worked at the Finca. Which I knew made no sense because Amo is a heavy site so if it worked there than her phone should. But by now I’m in love and make excuses for it that she just isn’t tech savvy. So slowly but surely we went back to amolatina. I then made plans to come see her again but covid hit. Of course now we are madly in love and waiting for covid to be over and her mom to pass away from cancer.

    She never asked for money but in fact adamantly refused when I offered. So I thought I got a good one. After 3 years We made plans to live together in Cartagena. Even picked out our condo. She asked for a ring but insisted it be modest because an expensive ring only causes problems in Colombia. She said a piece of copper wire was enough. So I bought her a $1000 ring but i wanted to give it in person. She said her mom would not live much longer to get resdy. I sold my house because i didn’t want hassle of renting. Made plans to fly in January 11. Her name was yisela and she initially wanted to live together for a year to make sure we were compatible living together. Very rationalntol thought to me. But then decided to get married before my visa ran out. So 6 months basically.
    Of course all this time we are talking on amolatina and planning our future down to smallest detail. But hey i am in love about to marry the woman of my dreams. But then i she went dark after saying she had to take her mom to the hospital. No message nothing over Xmas new years and im really worried. I finally get someone to answer her phone January 4th The person said Yisela was in the hospital on respirator and is in grave condition. Then text later she died of covid.. Well january 4 was the highest death toll in Colombia and 56,000 had died in 2 months.

    Of course I’m beyond devastated. I’m a complete mess. So I travel to Bogota to try to have her buried with her ring. So the whole flight I’m going from having a wedding to a funeral. I didn’t know what hospital she was in and the number i had for her mom wasn’t working and Yisela’s phone goes straight to voicemail. so I hired an investigator to find what hospital or morgue.

    I am sure this will come as a shock to no one but she was alive. In fact she was so alive she was on other dating sites under a different name. I made a profile on them and she disappeared. Phone number changed no email response and coco messenger account deleted. I accept some of the responsibility for letting love and blind stupidity keep me from being sensible and do some kind of background check.

    But everything set up so perfectly because the first 2 met me. After the investigators report i realized what an idiot i was. These women are preying on lonely men for a few pesos and crushing hopes and dreams everyday. They get up every day and go to work spreading evil into the world, causing pain, humiliation and destroying lives. I don’t know how these women and men can hurt and devastate and humiliate people for a living. I understand it’s hard to find work in Colombia but lying, manipulating, and conning people is not doing a job is practicing pure evil.

    I also believe some of these girls are being exploited and get hoodwinked into doing this work. Then they need money to live. But you know when what you are doing is wrong. These people may justify it as just taking a little money from rich gringos. But they don’t realize the hurt they are causing is not just to the victims. They will eventually start to feel remorse and guilt that will manifest itself in self destructive behavior later. They will have trust issues and problems maintaining relationships. Because unless they are true sociopaths who are incapable of empathy, it’s impossible for a normal person to avoid the fallout from such behavior.

    The girls get a percentage but the but the big money goes to the puppeteers. I think the Translators slash communist minders make more than the girls. So they are selling their souls every day little by little for a few pesos. Truly the devils work.

  • Tom says:

    I have experienceD inability to buy credits using credit cards, As soon as you click to buy, message appears saying you need to buy (more) After trying o buy, when you check on the profile page it says 0 credits/refill. Even though you have apparently been unable to buy credits. a charge will appear on your credit card statement, BEWARE

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