Is A Scam, Our Review Explains Why

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  • $29.95 for a paid monthly membership.
  • $59.94 for a paid monthly membership.
  • $119.88 for a paid monthly membership.


  • Find Women:  You can search for women through this section.
  • Play: You can rate photos of women
  • Live: Interact live with hot web cam models who charge you to watch them.


Being a free member of we received 106 emails since we signed up which was back in October 2013. From our experience and supporting evidence we will show and prove that the large majority of those emails and women emailing us were fake. This site is associated with a number of fraudulent dating sites that we have covered that include,, and

Where Are All The Real Girls?

When we first signed up with we were taken back with the amount of very attractive looking women on the site. Almost every single female was a 9 out of 10. People reading this who have no experience with online dating sites might think that they hit the jackpot with all the horny looking local ladies looking to meet you in person. But like they say if it sounds too good to be true or in this case if it looks to be looks too good to be true then it is. So what exactly is going on here? This website operates in the same fraudulent fashion that other sites from the same dating company uses. The fraud in this particular case is that these women are not real people looking to meet you for a date or anything more than that.

It may come as a shock to you however this website along with countless others are involved in the fabrication of fraudulent fake female profiles. The reason they create fake dating profiles is a two-fold answer. The first reason they create fake profiles is that Flirt Local does not have enough real women using it. No man is going to join a dating site if there are 99 men for every women on the site. This is the exact problem that this dating service faces. Their solution to this problem is to start lying and deceiving their users by posting phony female profiles. The second reason for the phony women is to lure men into trying to contact these women at which time they are meant with "Upgrade to message" (where you need to buy a membership) alert before they can communicate with any girls on the site.

The evidence below shows just a small sample of the phony girls on the site. Do you really think that women like this need to be on a hook up site to meet men willing to have sex with them?

fake girls

fake profile

Fake Messages

Like we mentioned above we received over 100 emails,106 to be exact from women on The problem is that the emails are all fake! When we first signed up last year we started getting emails within mere minutes. This scenario happened over and over getting emails from hot looking girls. The emails poured in even though the profile we created for this investigation was empty. No photos were uploaded to our profile and we didn't put any info in our profile.Why then are these girls contacting us? First off the girls are not real as discussed in the previous paragraph.  The second reason that we are getting all these emails is because when we tried to respond to the emails we received the "Upgrade to message" alert pop up. Basically we couldn't reply back to anyone without upgrading and buying a $29.95 monthly membership. That is the main reason they send phone emails to members of their service.

fake emails


Hiding In Plain View

Sometimes the scam is hiding in plain view and it's as easy as reading the terms and conditions (section I6) of the site to see what the web site is up to. Some of the things they admit to doing are truly unbelievable but they are true since they are directly located on the site's terms and conditions. FlirtLocal discusses in detail exactly how they run their business, this includes how they use fake profiles, fake emails and how they deceive people. This is a irrefutable evidence that cannot be denied. The first thing they admit to doing is posting fictitious profiles. So what this means as I mentioned above in previous paragraphs is that the actually create fake dating profiles that have photographs of variouswoman and all types of personal information that are completely false. They also admit to "generating or responding to communications by means of automated programs". This means that they actually send and reply to emails using automated computer software programs that are created specifically to make it appear as if you are receiving emails from real women. However in reality you're receiving emails from computer software programs and not real people. They even admit to employing people to chat with you and basically pretend to be interested in you to entice you into upgrade. It's amazing that they talk about this on their site and it's basically hiding in plain view.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 11200 12Th Avenue South, Seattle, WA, 98144, USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: NS-1644.AWSDNS-13.CO.UK, NS-1505.AWSDNS-60.ORG, NS-142.AWSDNS-17.COM, NS-817.AWSDNS-38.NET

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1 661-705-7087
  • Address: Grande Rue GY4 6RU St Martins Guernsey, Channel Islands
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision:

This site use every tactic in the book to trick you into paying for a membership. Sadly your chance of meeting legitimate women on this site are very minimal. With all the corroborating evidence there really is no reason to register as a member on FlirtLocal.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 78 comments

  • jack says:

    i believe i was enrolled on this site without my permission

    • Admin says:

      contact directly, we have nothing to do with them.

    • gary says:

      Its a good thing i checked before joining i make it a priority to check first

    • Danny Trosper says:

      I was a member of the sites but never officially paid back in January I found a loophole the way to send messages without having to pay for them somebody in the hierarchy found out what I was doing and insisted that I paid immediately I paid little disregards to the threats boy I was wrong I have sent my phone off to the side to charge one night I come back a couple hours later my back screen on my phone have been changed or wallpaper I had messaged my friends do not contact me until I can figure out what’s going on I was in the middle of a conversation with her friends she asked me who do you think done this I was conversating on Hangouts in the middle of this come across my screen the swedes I get my security was proficient enough but it wasn’t when I went into my Gmail I noticed everything look the same but different like a popcorn Trail I was led to certain places there is no longer primary secondary or promotion I was led to three different sites each one I logged on to a whole bunch of people looking at me and laughing their ass off I was married to a music came in with myself my going on to these sites I was thinking to myself Vine I can deal with it I was led to one site which appeared to be a large open garage the most recent messages that I had sent for ladies that I had flirted with we’re standing in a circle I know the conversation was about me one lady that I had left a message with was on a split screen the bottom half indicating that she was scrubbing the floor with a wire brush kind of like Cinderella but my visual Acuity was good enough to know that it wasn’t her in the upper half of the screen it was her sitting on a small bench from the look on her face like she was in big trouble she gave me a look of hate I don’t know why I can’t remember everything part of me thinks that I was taken from my house I just don’t know I was forced to sign some agreements the young lady that presented the documents was an employee for the company I had been having a conversation with her I eventually I said to myself I have to erase everything out of this every single message in my Gmail so do not open this you will open up a virus so I began slowly just deleting everything’s every message that was in there once I erase everything the screen return to normal individual took control of my phone I was forced to use the military type I was not allowed to use voice activated printing he could shut my phone off or change screens he can lock me out of my phone within two days I didn’t know what to do I was under beckon call if I didn’t do what I was told my phone would be destroyed I had contacted him in reference to getting permission to conversate with somebody he contacted me back he was pissed off he presented an array of apps that I would stall and take the others out if I refused my phone would be destroyed the only thing I could think of is I had an episode I have Parkinson’s disease so I started shutting down he knew that I had Parkinson’s disease I waited for my medicine to kick in as soon as the phone went off into resting mode and he could not see me I faked it for about 10 minutes extra when I got the chance I ran into my kitchen and threw my phone in the microwave I left it in there for 3 days I had a just enough power left to completely reset the phone and close my email that was an experience I never want to go through again

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  • Håkan Hallberg says:

    i have tried to unsubsribe. does it work?

    • Admin says:

      it should work, did it work for you?


      • Brandon says:

        before i payed for a month i was getting email from girl that liked so i that i try it hoping i find someone i message this girl that is online all day  i have not got one message for these girl before my inbox was full now not one message so i think it a scam YES i was stupid never again

        • Dave says:


          I even asked all of them after awhile if they were members of just bogus profiles. Not one response. The profiles also auto send to your viewed box if you view them. SCAM

      • chris macdonald says:

        Every so called woman I talk with on flirt local wants you to send them money by Western union or money gram to help with what ever. A total cash scam.protect yourselves at all costs

      • Peter Nielsen says:

        How can it work , ,,, I got messages from women, that it said they were from a place named  Deroche  BC Canada ,,,  the E-mails that I got out numbered the women actually living there ,,,  Used to live there myself ,,   Not only that ,, they are also greedy ,,,  I gave them a Visa Account #  prepaid with $30 canadian ,,,,  and I got answer back that there wasn`t enough money in the account ,for 1 month ,,  the fee for 1 month is $29.95 ,, ,,,,,  they wanted US $              SCAM – SCAM – SCAM ,,,  !!!


  • rocky says:

    I too am a standard free member and have receive numerous emails, and emailed site asking how many were nonfictious-never received a reply. Got one email from a contact but is a cam slut located who knows where, and that's it. DEAD END WEB SITE.  Give your money to a bum for a bottle of boose and it will be better spent.

    • Fred says:

      I was sucked in on a couple of these sites. Each site had one supposed girl interested to hookup. They all gave me an e-mail address to write them. So I did. I get aresponse from all of them, and they all said baasically the same thing.  They all agve me a link to where their personal infgo was supposed to be. Dead end alsao. They all took me to a site called LocalMilfAffairs. I turned off auto billing on all of them. They were all from that Guernsey address. Now Im brginnig to wonder about :LocalMilfSelfies.

  • David Magouyrk....Alabama says:

    I went to this sit in search of fun…before buying a membership l would get two pr three flirts a day that some hot chick wanted to hook up…the very day l joined the flirts stoped….l joined for three months which was $59.95 l think…l have tried to contact them to get some of my money back and to make sure they dont charge me for three more months….no luck yet….if they charge me again for this fraud crap l will be pissed and im going after their sorry tails…

  • dazmax2002 says:

    flirtlocal is a big time scam

  • puregamer 93 says:

    I’m new to all this but I’ve learned quickly most of these online dating sites are scams. But if I join 1 and I’m not sure if its real or not (a scam) site to be safe and minimize the money spent on such sites I will use a prepaid credit card with a preloaded amount of money on it that you can find anywhere just get the 1 that’s around the amount you need and use that I don’t use my real credit card cause if it is a scam and they do try to take more money then they can’t cause it only has a set amount your real credit card if you use it then its a real pain to get them to stop the charges from recurring. So keep your money and use the prepaid credit cards instead they work exactly the same as your reg credit card but with a ton less money and no high interest rate to pay it back 🙂

    • Brian says:

      I have been on this site for 2 weeks lots of emails  and photos .I but I am sure it is a scam  Beware do not upgrade and Get scammed  out of your money. I am sure if they get your money. they will drop you like a dime.

  • chris says:

    before reading this I had signed up for membership and you are correct in saying that this site is a scam, over 109 flirts/matches and everytime I sent a message I never got a response except for twice and that was to sign up for a different dating site

  • Raymond Menard says:

    your first clue is the out of USA address  then your relpy is not delivered to the woman it is intersepted.

    I have not given my credit card, because it is automatic renewed in the period specfied you can not staop it.






  • pete jones says:

    Hahaha suckers….hey flirt lical…why dont u fk off local

  • Mark says:

    Its a scam alright they wanted to do a proof id when i tried all my same details it kept rejecting it now they recon there taking $300 to $500 a week out of my bank how do i stop them?

    • Admin says:

      contact your bank!!

    • keith says:

      close your bank account mark doit know and fast tell your bank and as this has not gone with your permission this should be refunded if your bank are nice but you must also go to the police and report it as theft

    • Zorro says:

      First, contact your bank and report the fraudulent activity. They will immediately cancel the card and reimburse the amount of money lost. 

      They will open an investigation to determine if you are trying to defraud them. In the same process they will investigate the perpetrators and, if unlawful activity is identified, they will prosecute to the fullest. Understand that this latter part rarely occurs. For the most part the crooks are not apprehended. But if by chance they happen to detain one it is a happy day.

    • Mauchiey says:

      So.ple as that contact your bank when it says free and I’m 66 years old but hey I love the Dolly’s too but I won’t buy up and when it’s going to cost me I quit fuck them there thiefs ok well don’t give em shit take advantage of everything u can on there I think I still got a girl off another one of those sites she still sending me nudes of herself I don’t know I would love to know cuz she’s fukn hott. Have fun beware remember if it sounds to good to be true it IS.OK.

  • Richard says:


    Firt off, I thought the site might be fair dinkum, but now I know it is a scam – I've been thinking about it and I wondered at one stage if it was a front for a police operation, but I suppose not – if the police contact me, I will get back here with an update of what went down.

    I do suggest to everyone that they view all dating sites which ask for money as a scam – the only probable safe ones, are the free ones, which connect like minded people together, without a price involved. Never, never spend money – but if you do, never with your Mastercard or Visa, do it through PayPal or a similar payment option which keeps your Banking details private to you.

    If you paid out and want the money back, go through your bank. You can stop automatic payments from there and if the money taken was fraudulent, you might be able to claw it back, via your bank, because you have been scammed and like someone said, these girls are simply too beautiful, to not be getting dates and so on, to need to make contact with you or me – we get the not so beautiful ones, and you see plenty of them in various shapes and sizes around shopping centres and in the industrial hub of the city where you live……….

    As a male, I found with online dating sites in Aussie, I was getting 2 to 3 responses to my profile each week, one or two, I had a look at in person, but the women concerned put pix of themselves when they were years younger and they did not look at all like their pix when I met them – if they were dishonest from the outset, what hopes then of a truthful relationship with me – no thanks.

    If you do make a date, watch her eyes, if they are everywhere around where you meet and not on you – she is not interested in you and I recommend you don't touch her with a barge pole.

    My female companion, who I eventually met, did not post her picture and said she had lost 40kg, which I thought meant that she would be skinny, so I was floored when this huge woman got out of her SUV – I said from the outset I was not interested in her physically and we have agreed that I will look online for the occasional sex date, however, that said, in all other ways she was ideal and after 2 days in my home, in one of my spare bedrooms (we don't have sex (shudder) and she has her own bedroom and I have mine, I asked her to move in with me, which she eventually did and I am now so happy with my life and with her – so "if" you eventually meet someone, be upfront with your expectations and don't knock her back if sex is going to be an issue, you can always punt around to try and get that elsewhere – a really good friend of the opposite sex (if that is how you swing) and company, is paramount, especially as you get older, instead of remaining single and hellishly lonely.

    My friend was flooded with men looking for company and sex referred to her from the dating site – she had hundreds to choose from whereas, as I mentioned earlier, I only got 2 or 3 replies each week.

    It made no sense to me at the time, but now it does – these dating sites get loads of men who sign up, but very few women and since only the woman knows how many contacts she gets (and never us men) I would say the chances of actually making a connection through online dating with a woman is remote, even when the dating site is kosher. Few women, loads of men.

    So how do you meet women in real time now, when everything is electronic and computerized and "women", if they exist, all seem to have predetermined ideas of their ideal mate and if you don't fit their profile, you don't get a contact – probably meet someone on the hoof at the local pub, or social club, or in the agony columns of the local rag (newspaper singles columns), or at least where women congregate – cooking classes at your local school in the evenings, would be a great contact place and you get to eye the goods first, too and see if a date is possible and learn to chat them up and don't set your sights too high, lol.

    If you do get a screw, make sure she is on the pill or use a condom – the last thing you want is a kid and maintenance for the next 18 to 20 years, here in Aussie, deducted from your pay packet before you even see it – I had a vasetomy years ago, so I can't have kids anyway and the women I've met since had their kids and had their tubes tied, so there was no worry about that.

    Good luck all of you who read this far down – any women who read this blurb and want to chat – [email protected] first and on to my real ID, once I'm satisfied you are real and genuine and not another computer generated gal.



  • Christopher hall says:

    Yes,me too am a victim of flirt local.i have been a victim for a few months. The only conversation I had was two times.they were trying to get me to sign up many replys. I'm not signing up for another site.i will take my chances meeting someone n passing.

  • Jon says:

    this web sight is is bull shit    I've been contacted by 2 "girls"  asked me to contact them on …… & [email protected]  they both boil back to the same bull shit sight that is all computer sent message replies


  • Snuggs says:

    Scam, scam, scam.  just realized it.  Did not lose any $$ tho.  (lucky me), but got same exact responses from 4 or 5 girls I responded to via email.  Different girls gave me the same name to look for one I sign up for "free" lifetime use!  BS  scam, scam  don't get fooled.

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  • Ragnar says:

    this is def. fake site.  I've been signed up without my knowledge.  

    Not only that but I m profile shows my address that I had 10 years ago. I Norway!!   Flirt from "local" girls that messeges me in english when the local language is  Norwegian!   This is so Fake !!!!!!!!

  • Night says:

    Yes it's really, in HornyAffairs I received a lot of message before upgrade and pay (I pay for one month) but after no one answer,

    and they add my profile and picture in other website.

    sorry i don't know speak english good


  • Tina says:

    My boyfriends email was signed up to this site. It was an incomplete profile, but he received about six messages In a week. After seeing that he had an account on this site I confronted him. He swears he didn’t sign up for any site, especially that one. I pointed out it was he email. He tried to log on, but couldn’t, but was able to access it through the message emails. He continues to deny ever signing up for it. Ive been having a hard time believing him, but after reading above, Im thinking maybe I should believe him.

    • Admin says:


      I doubt he signed up as I have had the same type of thign many times. Thye get your email address and then make a fake profile for you, it’s all a trick to get people to sign up on the site.


    • Mandy says:


      I agree with the Admin's response.  This EXACT scenario just happened to me and my partner.  Finally, I came to the conclusion he wasn't utilizing that site because his very public, well established for decades, email was his handle.  No other info, pics or outgoing correspondece under the profile.


    • Anonymous says:

      I'm going through the exact same thing.. messages going to inbox instead of spam..I'm thinking he's gotta be signed up to  some bs… but he swears he's not..I went and made me a fake profile…emails started being sent to my inbox…fkn asshole I'm so hurt idk what to believe 

    • jafe says:

      He signed up to it specifically, or a “sister” site. Emails are not randomly grabbed. H has to manually register. His not being able to login was slight of hand. Do this: click on “forgot password” link … enter his email in the login user/email box … receive link renewal link to his inbox … click … enter site … view profile. there is no way that will work without someone having manually registered with that email, and out of all the people on the internet, why would anyone do so on behalf of your bf?

  • Suchaschmoe says:

    Read into site, most all from god awful named countries..  there all fixed, stocked with scammers, unbelievable mockery of the American male ego, my God who – who falls for Any (no tell) hook up or dating site on the web?

      Yes it's all written in the "interesting parties email, The mundaneness – repetitive – uncircumstantial – verbiage used is an "X" marking the bad deed..

    all are no places to visit unless you like loosing at gambling..  thanks

  • peter says:

    Just to say I was completely scammed by, was tricked into paying by fabricated invitations from attractive women, and then nothing, not a single response. what's more, by deselecting the repeat subscription, the $29.99 paid up membership was completely neutralised, i.e. you could not even send a message, so its a double whammy. Hopefully I have got out and cancelled everything before paying any more! I wish i had come across your report and warning before going into this


  • DOMUS71 says:


  • Richard says:

    Hey everyone… I was just messaged by a supposed date from flirt local!!!! She is on the site registered under ""Sounan 37""" she gave me the name Lisa, with a email address enclosed ([email protected]).

    I live in Vancouver, Canada and this person claims to live in the same area as well !!! I haven't been on this site for over a year…. when I tried it ,I used a pre~paid credit card.

    I was wondering if anyone else has been approached by her ,or if she is another victim of this scam???


  • Keith says:

    100% total scam.

    Do a reverse image scan of a profile photo on TINEYE and more often then not is off a porn site and totally fake.

  • Rick says:

    You are right. A lot of websites are scams. Found out early on. One tried to rip me of for 29.95 on my cresit card. Bank automatically canceled card and called me to tell me. Got lots of replys and no further communictions from the women. Knew each site was a scam when the money requet came up. Cancelled out of all and have an empty mail box and no chances of viruses to damage new computer.

  • Paul says:

    I signed up to this as I was messaged by a couple of local girls, they were not exactly model material but nice enough for me and since I payed to become a premium member to reply after being aloud a couple of free messages I was lured in also because they didn't display the upto date prices of course my card kept being declined, it took two days just to upgrade and in that time this one girl messaged me asking if I had lost interest, so once I finally got on the site I send my replies etc but nothing back at all and their support team keep telling me to clear my cookies and things .like that and when I asked them what their complaints procedure is they suddenly went quiet. I'm very disgruntled by this because I have just come out of a relationship last year that didn't end well and I have never believed in dating sites as I prefer to meet someone in person, however as I have been struggling to get over it a friend said why not give it a go so I did and now I feel worse than I did before becauser they have just taken my money and played with my heart, what if I was on the edge and that was the straw that broke the cammels back and topped myself on the strenght of it, I bet they don't even considder things like that, but hey I'm ok I'll just muddle on, the bank actually rang me today about them and they say they can get my money back so if this has happened to you contact your bank.

  • Frank says:

    Definately a bogus site, the minute O signed up the e mails and flirts from girls stopped. I immediately disputed the charge with my Bank and they told me they couldn't do nothing about it so I closed my account to avoid any reccuring charges. It's a shame nothng can be done about rip off sites like this

  • Aby says:

    Hello everyone in the future open any photo with Chrome right click on it and search for it with Chrome if theres doubles its bound to be fake

  • Michael says:

    Just to add, out of fun, I created 2 different accounts and if I bring up a search, the complete set of girls are completely different in my town on both accounts. I can't find a girl on my first account anywhere in search on my second vice versa. 

  • Michael says:

    These people tried and tried to scam me. Yesterday, I got into an hour long, 12 e-mail conversation with a "woman". I finally busted her when she said she would meet me in the lobby of a hotel that had closed 10 years ago. Finally she said "You win. I give up ". Yhen she sent a ?  and I didn't hear anymore from her. 

  • Steve says:

    Ya I'm a sucker too I wasn't sure then I bought in and sure enough I feel scammed, stupid me, well at least it was a prepaid card, and it will run out.Still though how can I trust anything

  • alan R.Large says:

    Yes , this site lured me with lots of gorgeous women doing lots of nasty things we dream about and say they live in your town.Got me for a sign up fee and then nothing from no-one.I ragged on their comments column for several days about it being a scam and their erection pills were worthless- (thankfully did not go that far )But they kicked me off the sight.Least I got in several days of bad advertising of them on their own site.So I guess I give them their monies worth of scam back at them.I'd suggest everyone else to do the same.Why isn't there internet police for this crap.This was last year and they are still operating Gives the whole internet thing a bad image.




  • Michel says:

    Thank you guys, I was asking myself if I should upgrade so I can answer to the flirts…

    I will keep my money and have a drink in a bar near home !!!

    Thank you again.

  • Robert says:

    My only question is how in the hell they got the pictures on that flirtlocal site?  I am on that standard and have got a few response from these ladies ? No I did use any credit cards because I didn’t want to get a scammed and was going to use prepaid gift cards before I saw this information.

  • afwb4u444 says:

    A Fake of many fakes. 1100 "visits" 179 Matches, 6 messages, no responses, no replys. The 'BOTZ" own this and $30 is a waste of money

  • BILL SMITH says:

    i opened 2 accounts one as a man one as a woman i messaged myself both as a man and as a woman never recived the messages so yes this is a SCAM

  • denis says:

    wow same here since i paid for 3 months last week i never got a reply from any women i sent a message to and i wonder now ?????  Denis  

  • Axel says:

    I found this review too late… but at least I paid just a few days with a pre-paid card.. didn't give my personal card, so I am safe that I will not have any additional charge.
    I can confirm that this site is a complete scam…. no woman there is real…  I wrote to many of them, inclusive fat and ugly when I saw that the nice ones were not answering and I was suspecting I fall in a scam, and neither those ones answer back… so, it is obvious this site is completely empty of chics…
    before I paid I was receiving messages, invitations for chat, women like crazy… after I paid,  I wrote to those of them that insisted a lot (and that were online according to the site) and none of them answered… neither a few days later.

    This site also copied my profile into other sites, where later, checking deeply, I found same girls but with other names and cities…
    those sites were: xmeeting, meetwives, nostringsfun, and steamydates;  later I received the option to create my profile also in: xcupids, naughtymatches, onlinecrush, xcheaters, localtemptation, passiondesire, hornyaffairs, ….. mark them also as scams…

    • Ron says:

      I found one of those, same girl with the same profile but a different name in Detroit (200 miles away)

  • John Smith says:

    Sorry I didn't see this sooner because I just signed up using a credit card for 3 months. Anything I can do now to get out of this?

  • Paul says:

    they sucked me in, fuckers.

  • Ron says:

    I was becoming suspicious of FlirtLocal when I saw the same photos from post on Tumblr.

    I found one girl I thought was legit, but after reading this I think I was being conned – more like a 7 and much less aggressive.

    Then a hot college student started bombing me with explicit messages for a little while. I couldn't respond – free membership – and I didn't hear from her for a while. 

    Then today I got a message from her that included a citymail address. Googled citymail and found this. 

    Sorry cutie, if you're really, well sorry honey, you won't be hearing from me.

  • Martin Stahl says:


    I had someone on flirtlocal send me a message saying I could email at [email protected]. I did and the reply was to click on this link which is just sending you to another scam site. I sent her emails and then the replies are that she can't read your emails. mailstudio,citymail and others are just as phony as a US$5 bill with Rodney Dangerfield's portrait on the front.  I just delete them anymore because it is another scam set up to rip you off. 

  • David says:

    I have been BLOCKED because bank card was being investigated for fraudulent transactions iv sent what thay ask for but I’m still BLOCKED unblock me now long till I’m unblocked

  • David says:

    Unblocked me iv been waiting week or so get your act to together iv send what you asked for grrr unblocked

  • Truitt says:


  • Kevin says:

    I was given and email address to go to it ended how does it work I'm no good with tech stuff 

  • Kevin says:


    so how does this emailing work to email someone back 

    I've been given this email to email her back ***** 


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