XCheaters.com Is Operating A Scam, We Uncover The Fraud

 May, 01 - 2014   143 comments   Scams

Website Details:



  • $29.95 for a monthly membership.
  • $59.95 for a 3 month membership.
  • $119.95 for a 12 month membership.


  • Search: Search for people based on age, location, age, if they are online and if they have photos in their profile.
  • Live Cams: Watch women live on cam. This is a paid service that is on XCheaterslive.com.
  • My Matches: See your matches.
  • My Likes: You can who you have added to your like page.
  • Liked me: You can see who has added you to their "liked" page.
  • My Visitors: You can see the visitors to your profile.

How This Site Defrauds You

This site is running the same tactics as other dating sites running scams such as creating fake profiles to get men to sign up to their dating sites. For the record this site is operating in a fraudulent manner. The creation of phony profiles is nothing new but this reviews exposes this site for deceptively trying to trick men into signing up for a membership. For seasoned dating reviewers it's easy to spot scams.

All these women "liked" our profile. It's very difficult to think that these 4 women would even need to be on this dating to meet men. Also take into account that the profile created for this review was empty. The profile we created is 100% empty, this includes no photographs in the profile and no personal information. You then need to ask yourself as we did why in the world are these women interested in us?


Reading and digging into to the terms and conditions it started to make sense. First we found out that XCheaters is involved in the creation of dating profiles that they then use on their site. These profiles are not real and are used for marketing purposes.

Nonexistent Women & Fake Profiles

Some of the "marketing purposes" that these dating profiles are used for include making it appear as if they "liked" you. Then when you go look at who "liked you" you will see a list of women all of who supposedly are interested you. If you try to communicate back then need to upgrade to do send an email to the girl you want to email. It starts to become clear why we are receiving these fake likes from nonexistent women. The site is involved in a scheme to trick men into upgrading to communicate with nonexistent women so they can make money off of your ignorance.

On top of the fake "likes" we also received 7 emails (see evidence below) from girls who do not exist. Some of the emails have subject lines such as "girl1976 requested a photo" and "Can you f*ck? I mean f*ck good. I'm looking for some f*ckable prospects. What about you?". If you don't know any better you may have thought you hit the gold mine but of course it's a scam. Trying to communicate back to any of these emails will all send you to the upgrade page to purchase a $29.95 membership.


Paid Employees Act As Members

Another method used to trick people into buying membership is the use of paid employees to chat with you, send you emails and instant messages. This is a proven fact and is discussed directly on the terms and conditions page. This website will go to any length to deceive people and using phony instant messages and fake emails from paid employees is just their version of drumming up business. Even though this is completely deceptive, fraudulent and possibly illegal they have no uneasy feelings or qualms about ripping off honest people like you.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host:
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: NS-377.AWSDNS-47.COM, NS-1442.AWSDNS-52.ORG,  NS-1779.AWSDNS-30.CO.UK, NS-562.AWSDNS-06.NET

XCheaters.com Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1-866-883-4978 or 1-925-264-3473
  • Address: Island House Grande Rue St Martins Guernsey, Channel Islands GY4 6RU
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision:

Obviously this site is nothing more than a scam site disguised as a dating service. You have a better chance of meeting women on a gay site that you do on XCheaters.com. With all the various deceptions they use there is no way to meet real women here.

Search For Real Females Here

Check out these these legit dating sites if you want to search for real women

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  • seo says:

    Yes xcheaters is a rip off. wish i found this article before i signed up! oh well live and learn i guess. thanks for the info!

    • Admin says:

      You’re welcome. I wish you would have found this scam report on Xcheaters.com before you got duped, sorry to hear you got taken. Thanks for commenting it is appreciated.

      • robert hodge says:

         this is very interesting matter i nearly signed up are any of the girls real cause i got 2 messagaes from same girl 4 days apart i show i liked her same as others but she was only one sent back 2 messages hey thanks for your advice apreciate it

      • Some guy says:

        I say class action lawsuit put these people behind bars write your legislators to pass laws and put these people behind bars. Will you help to organize?

        • jjoy says:

          Re: SomeGuySays… That's exactly what should be done with all of them. We must stop tolerating all internet fraud. Datingbusters should not be trusted either. They recommend Fbook, but Fbook uses stolen images of bonafide porn stars and pretends they are all from the area of your IP address. Makes me real suspicious that the people behind Datingbusters are really just competing theives.

          • Not a cop, but... says:

            I totally agree with jjoy. Online you're onurown. Hard to get any law to work here. It will come, but not b4 I've gone viral. These guys operate outside the law, the untouchables. Datingbusters? Who knows, are they real, official, sponsored, government vetted..blah blah. To check credentials online takes an enormous amount of time and resources. And savvy! People that know computer talk are untouchable, to us. Trust? It's all we've got and that's why the Nigerian scam has been so successful 4 so long, 2 decades now. This dating scam is nothing to write home about. Still, who agrees it should be forced to move it's accountability to the mainland..? Aye!

        • henry rimmer says:

          they got me, they definitely are a rip off

        • Frank says:

          I had more fun scamming this scam by putting up a fight with a bunch of money on it and attracting more scammers than I knew what to do with it was noticed by everyone who came on this site and it made the site look stupider than shit I made them bigger joke than anything. approved if you can scam a scammer anytime anywhere when you want

        • Marc Grubaugh says:

          I'll be glad to help in any way I can.  These bastards sold my phone # to an inmate in South Carolina that ran up my cell bill until my provider caught on and blocked them.  They REALLLY need to be put behind bars forever!  Warning to all others.  Never associate your phone # to an account.

        • John Livingston says:

          Well I was taken in this weekend by 2 women number 3 just tried for more they only got me 475 I don't think that is to bad

      • Jon says:

        I had sent xpickup an email regarding them making "Cupid accounts" aka profiles made to entice the user to get them to open up and respond.  

        The next day I got a response that didn't tell me anything I kinda knew already…

        Dear user,

        I can assure there are hundreds of thousands of real users on our site. The proof is that people all over the world write 'thank you' emails to the help desk daily because they found someone.

        Sadly, it's a fact any big social community attracts spammers & scammers. They create fake accounts with false information and try to collect email addresses by sending out 'likes' or some even upgrade with stolen credit card information in order to spam other members through our message feature. Our fraud department blocks close to 500 users daily because of this however there are always some who slip through our anti-fraud system.

        Members can always send us a username or use the 'report' button at the top right of the profile page and our fraud department will investigate.

        Best regards,
        xPickup.com Support Team

        so obviously they aren't doing their job the best they can do, since they probably made all of those successful stories themselves 

      • Dave says:

        So howdo we delete this site and our details

      • Andy black says:

        Yipp they got me on a few sites robbing cunts

      • Jasmine says:

        How do I end up getting these emails I've never been to this site


      • Paul says:

        A quick check of taking a few photos from the site and run them thru a reverse image search , will lead you to pron sites, photo bucket pages,even old my space pages , but the best is "Local "Women and when you look up their pictures they link to French and Russian dating sites….or just flat out porn stars , or you'll find them on another dating site with a slightly different profile and location 

    • KyletheGerman says:

      Yeah my grandpa whoms 70, signed up for this, and sure there are older woman on there. Come on there is a 24 year old in the area whoms interested in some guy old enough to be her grandfather is not likely. She actually looks my age, and I'm 18.

    • dona says:

      I looked at my boyfriend computer on history he had joined pof,xcheeters,horny affairs,zoosk,horny matches he was logged on two of them as a diffrent name and no picture we had a megga argument i made him close every account just checked today hes on xcheeters again same name! he says im his sole mate im so confused now i think all these websites should be closed down now wonder there is so many affairs going on 

      • leanne says:

        I know the feeling, I know my boyfriend is on quite a few of these sites and it pisses me off as he says I'm the only one he wants well obviously not or he wouldn't be looking on these sites.

        • Dave says:

          Cleary not leanne u can do better

        • Bruce says:

          leanne, there is a superficial logic to what you say. I'm a 74 y/o mail, and I can tell you from long experience that many (not all, but probably most) sexually healthy males are hard wired to look at (other) women, real and nowadays digital. It used to be said that there was no harm in looking at the menu so long as you didn't enter the restaurant and order a meal. Here's some more superficial logic: "I only look at (pictures) of women for comparison purposes to remind me how lucky I am to be in a relationship with you. If I didn't look, I might get complacent and start taking you for granted, which I never want to do." Btw, how do you think your boyfriend got into a relationship with you in the first place? By following his hard coded instincts of course.

      • ken says:

        what ya doing checking his computer? if you don't have trust then you have no future. checking his phone and computer will drive any partner away. it's madness and wrong!!! in the words of michael jackson, if you want to make the word a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change.

        • Eric says:

          Wrong, Ken. If a person has suspicions about their partner, they need to take every opportunity to prove those suspicions wrong. I avoided looking at my wife's phone for months, though I knew she was cheating. If I'd caught it sooner, I might have been able to save the marriage. And the only people who get angry about a partner checking their computer are the ones with something to hide.

        • Thrivinonbooty says:

          Honesty is not hideing shit from your partner man. you want trust, man up. Your woman probably like to use her eyes on a bit of candy too, share dont hide, then you,ll find a bit of respect comming your way. To many my mates cry their woman dont trust them , but they dont earn that trust, get it. Woman are hard wired for trust in the sack to have great sex man, and believe me, trust gives them great sex. join these sites  together man. have some fun together. Less of course your just a dirty cheater, fuckin all men over, in that case stay single, you dont know nothin about woman…keep to learnin til you do, bro.

      • Al Smith says:

        I can tell you from experience, that I myself have received emails with my account information for several different ones or these sites and they will have my name or part of my name and then other info that I know I never would have put in. Like it has just made several accounts under my name, which by the way is enough to piss a person off. Not saying anyone's boyfriend is innocent!

      • Bruce says:

        dona, following the main thread here, your boyfriend stood next to zero chance of hooking up on these sites.


        I agree with everyone who despises what the people behind these sites are doing, which is attempting (sometimes successfully) to obtain money from guys by a variety of deceptive strategies, not causing affairs. They are aided and abetted by our male instinctive behaviour.


        Affairs have been going in quantity since long before the internet was even contemplated

      • Jajar Binks says:

        Nothing like invading someones privacy… Sounds well deserved though. Dump him.

      • Bill says:

        You should get a new boyfriend. This one will never change

      • Marie says:

        Hi Dona, I did the same thing with my boyfriend, he has the same profile on at least a hundred sites. Some of those sites are linked and pass his profile around. I confronted him and he says they are all fake profiles and that I am the only one he has been with or wants. First of all he is 59 and not a man that a gorgeous 35yr old woman would fall all over and those gorgeous woman don’t need these sites to meet some. I have gone to great lengths to see if he is meeting any of these woman he asks to meet, he never has. I think he has an addiction to the attention he receives from these woman, otherwise why keep trying when nothing ever pans out. It’s hard to tell the girlfriend that you love that you need to look at and talk to these woman. It’s a masculinity booster for an insecure man, no matter how much I let him know he is desirable. Unbeknownst to him I have decided to accept his extra curricular activities with some monitoring because I can not change him and the rest of our relationship out weighs this issue. Some people say why stay if there is no trust, look at how many men are on these cheating…sex…cam sites, is there really 100% trust in any relationship. I’m not giving you any advice but just my information for you to do what you will with. Good luck with your relationship.

    • Brian Cannon says:

      Yeah, same. I got charged £70! It's disgusting!

    • Alex says:

      How you delete the account

    • Bruce says:

      Fortunately, before parting with any money, I found several sites before this one which pointed to the whole group being a scam. One scam site would be bad enough, but the set up is such that you keep linking to another site in the group and getting joined.


      I live in a country which is largely secular, but predominantly Christian as far as religion goes. There are significant;y more protestants than (Roman) Catholics in the population. Strangely, all without exception of the women who purport to live in the same city as I do give their religion (if they give one, which most do) as "Catholic". That in itself is a big giveaway. If the women were genuine, I would be surprised if more than one in ten gave that answer. I don't know whether catholic women are in some way more attractive to opportunistic males , or whether they are all just following the same template. Look for yourself if you're still a member of any of these sites.

  • Ray says:

    I signed up on X cheaters and getanffair for a month each. I was tempted on to others, who are also linked to these thieving swines. Thankfully i smelt the rat before i spent any more of my money. These people have no shame, they might as well just ask for our wallets.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Ray,

      Thanks for commenting. Were’ glad you found out XCheaters was a con before you got ripped off. They are criminals!


      • Danny says:

        I got takin for 60.00. Originally i was signing up for steamydates which they said they were having problems with it so they put me on xcheaters which was 20 dollars cheaper and i had to pay a dollar more to get it on. I argued with them and they went ahead and hooked me up. Then they sent me another site I could sign up for “cheatingwives” for a dollar for 3 days so i checked it out and it was the same pictures different names and towns they live in. So i didn’t take the deal. they also run numerous other fake sites so be careful.

        • Admin says:

          XCheaters.com is one of a long list of scams and frauds.

          • peteroberts says:

            hello im pete roberts from northwich cheshire uk ilost 2000 pounds on sexting book istill get messaged by women swearing at me for not replying etc is that a ploy by that sites admin to tryand get me buying tokens ok iv had x cheaters on my tablet but never subscribed ok im certain sexting book is a scam ok

  • […] site is run by the same company that owns and runs XCheaters.com and FlirtHookup.com and pulls the same shady tactics to deceive […]

  • graeme says:

    hi from what i have read i totaly agree with you all I GOT RIPPED OF by hornyaffairs.com plus flirt love,flirthook up as far as i am concerned you people want your bloody fingers cut OFF

    • Admin says:

      Hi Graeme,

      XCheaters.com, Hornyaffairs.com and Flirthookup .com are all owned by the same company and yes they are all scams that you should avoid.

      • Graeme says:

        if that thats the case why don,t you remove them from the networks there are some people that are genuine and trying to find happeness and dont need that kind of shit ok and if you are wondering if I am pissed off you got that right so do all of us a favour and stop these arsehole from ripping good folk off

  • Admin says:

    Hi Graeme,

    We don't control XCheaters so we cannot shut it down. Getting the word up is our priority so people don't get scammed. Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

    • ken says:

      i got an email from them and now im a memmber?? lucky smelt a rat and never gave them any money but how do i get rid of them?/

      • Larry says:

        Hi Larry from Athabasca !! Once you’re in all you can do is unsubscribe !! But no guarantees in that because I still get but I called M/C and filed a fraud complaint got reimbursed some but not all 🙂 have to go shopping more often lol 

  • micheal says:

    Are these reviews real.if so good work you might want to check out upforit ,iwantu Bediscreet ,sugar BBW ,Horny Dates , xsocial.com and horny. contacts naughty dates Mature xmatch , miffberry, affair dating , horny affairs I think its all I can remember for the time being. These I have mentioned seem to operate in the same manner as those people have complained about can these I’ve mentioned be checked out. Thanks

    • Admin says:

      Of course these dating reviews are real. Thanks for the list of sites, we will add them to our “to do list”. We already did a review of HornyAffairs.com and reported it as a scam as well. Thanks for leaving a comment. Do you know of any other dating sites that we should review? Please advise.

      • Joe says:

        I have a few. MatureMilf.com, Milf.com, pretty much any of these sites with MILF in it or recentl divorced.com. Shit like that. As for chopping of fingers, use a ball peen hammer on the backs of their hands. The smashing of the metacarpals is un repairable and their hands are useless from the indentation made in their hands. Hurts more too. Thanks every body.

      • Larry says:

        POF is the only one I’ve found any truth in but LTR not just a fuk site !! Because they’re all scams mate1i thought was ok but you never know who’s doing the profile you’re reading !! Good luck all

      • peteroberts says:

        hello im pete roberts from northwich cheshire uk ilost 2000 pounds on sexting book istill get messaged by women swearing at me for not replying etc is that a ploy by that sites admin to tryand get me buying tokens ok iv had x cheaters on my tablet but never subscribed ok im certain sexting book is a scam ok

  • Steph Mortimer says:

    I wishthat I had known of this sooner ! I'm looking at sending my findings to UK Trading Standards, to see if anything comes from them ! I'm going to give up on dating sites because they all prey on the lonely & vunrable ! What a sick & twisted world we all haveto live in !

    • Admin says:

      Hi Steph, thanks for the comment. XCheaters.com is def not a legitimate dating site as outlined in our review.

  • Rayw says:

    would love to know where they get all the photos from! The photos look real enough, do these women know their photos are being used to rip people off?

    • Admin says:

      We’re not sure exactly where the photos are grabbed from. They could be taking them directly from Google image search

      • Norman L Wooden says:

        I’ve seen the same girl’s photos on serval other websites with different name different state or even country that they’re supposedly from

      • Jon says:

        I looked up one of the emails from one of the messages I was sent and it was from a michelle [email protected]. I looked up that name and saw this site.  Also I looked it up and there was a missing persons site with her as the missing person.  So since this site isn't in the states, could it be either fabrication 90% of the real people, or going and kidnapping people and using their credentials to make accounts?

  • Cheated on wife says:

    I know there are some people that are actually single and looking to find someone, but whatever happened to meeting people the way you were meant to face to face in places and not on the internet where all these sites can take advantage of people??!! These types of things only make it easier for a married man to find ways to cheat!! I mean if you are that desperate that you need to pay for or even do things like what these sites offer then that is pretty pathetic, just like my husband!! Soon to be ex if this is the type of life he chooses. If you can't be confident and more respectful of yourself than to look at these things and have women (supposedly women) acting like they like you and want to have sex with you then you should all be ashamed of yourselves because that is no MAN that a REAL woman would ever want to love and spend her life with!! I think it all needs to be ended!! If men would worry more about truly living someone and being faithful in a relationship their wouldn't be such a high divorce rate now!! Also think about it… As our young men are growing up this is what they are learning because some of you dads out there would rather do this than be a husband and father!! Pretty damn pathetic if you ask me!! If I offended you then you must be guilty of it. Grow up and be a real man and earn respect the way you should!!

    • Cheated out of a wife says:

      To "Cheated On Wife" and other disgruntled women,

      Having been honorable and waiting to be with my wife as the only woman I was ever with I was CHEATED by a FRIGID and MANIPULATIVE woman. She used withholding sex as a control tactic for many years. No one likes to talk about this problem because women think it is their right to do this, and it isn't. Not any more than it is a right for a man to refuse to pay bills, fix the car, etc.


      Women who punish and/or control their husbands/boyfriends by controlling sex deserve the man going elsewhere. Just like a man who won't buy food for his wife deserves her going elsewhere to find food.

      Until you women will admit this problem and YOUR responsibility for the cause of men cheating in this way this problem will continue and you should keep your complaints to yourselves!

      Own your own sh*t ladies! 

      • UnderstandBothSides says:

        I agree with both. "Cheated out of a wife" has an excellent point. This coming from a woman.  I know what he means because I have friends that do that. Men shouldn't be treated like children. They deserve the right to have a say in their house. Equal rights means equal rights. Kind of have to know details of a persons personal life in order to judge. However, if it's an honest woman that is understanding and easy to talk to, then the spouse is completely in the wrong. Women forget that sometimes they are the ones neglecting their husbands. Always sympathy for women and men are dogs right? Wrong! Needs to be fair in every spectrum to work. I belong to a wonderful man and a wonderful man belongs to me. We both have been cheaters and been cheated on. One time occasion on the cheating for us both and with previous relationships. I cheated because of neglect. For him, he was with someone that was lazy and unappreciative. He found out later that she had cheated with his neighbor and got pregnant with HIS neighbors baby. Don't blame "cheated out of a wife" at all for feeling that way

        • women are spiteful says:

          women are always doing things to make sure they get what they wont in many different ways they always make sure they come out in front, like my last ex of 5 years. she was 12 yeaars younger then me & she had a 14 month old son when i met  her that i raised like my own we use to have sex 3 times a day everyday she use to cum 15 times to my 1 time she lied about swallowing from the start , i use to cook every night also i worked she never did i supplied food & piss & etc after 5 years igot fed up & kicked her out then took her back because she was pregnant  but when my son was born i worked out she robbed me of thousands then cost me near on 100k in court over 5 years to keep my son & dueing those court years she had 2 kids to another sucker that she ripped off as well & made him loose his house & cars & she doesnt even visit her son or seen him in years & that why i search online for faithful women because between work & raising a child on my own with no help from anyone i cant go out to meet anyone. so what have you to say to that the judgementle man degrading women

          • Joe says:

            To womenarespiteful, I know how that feels. I was head over heels when I met my eldest daughters mother. Worked my balls off. Gave her all I had. Caught her f'ng around the day after we went to Phil Collins No Jacket Tour. Her and her ex marine boyfriend. Should have kicked her lying whore ass to the curb. Instead I did what most women wouldn't do, forgave her and took her back. Caught her 2 more times. Once with same jarhead boyfriend then some a-hole she picked up in a night club. Long story short. She took me to the cleaners, filled my daughters head with lies about me. Finally I balled up,like some disgruntled lady said in a post here, filed for full custody of my 10 year old daughter, tore her and her punk ass lawyer 2 new ones, cost her mom and g-mom a shit ton of money and best of all the judge freaked out on her attorney and suspended ALL CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENTS. She didn't dare f with me then. I still sent money for my baby, but best of all me and my 28 yr.old daughter are very close now and that pisses the old bag off. And really badly. HAHAHAHAHA!! Sweet Sweet Justice!


        • Clark kent says:

          How the fuck you gonna say women forget that they neglect to fuck there man sometimes?

          Really it is more like all the god damn fucking time!!!

          I don’t know what fucking brand of crack or meth you been smoking but women constantly and consistently continue to insult belittle use and take advantage of men claiming we’re fucking thirstyass motherfuckers and players and flea ridden fucking dogs and men as a species or gender ain’t no fucking good its bitches like you that need to get a morbid asswhipping until you learn to treat us men the way we demand and respect god damn it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • will says:

        Put your foot down, and make yourself the man of the house. You are stronger, more resourceful. The only weapon she has, is witholding sex. You both loose. Men should lead.

    • Joe says:

      Dear cheated on wife, I'm sorry about your turmoil. As a married man of 24 years, I've never cheated on my beautiful wife. However it's been almost 7 years since we've had sex. I've approached her several times, gently, on the matter and have been verbally and emotionally as well as psychologically abused even told " if it means so much to me get a girlfriend, and, if I were to have sex with you I wouldn't nor couldn't live with myself the next day"! I have cried myself to sleep at night, only to wake up soaked in tears and still sobbing. I've never cheated. I love my wife, but a man needs love and physical affection. That's how we men are made. It's our Nature. I'm proud of it and Im happy being a man. In fact I love being a man. But if the opportunity should arise for me to get laid, you can bet I will with every bit of my being   and all 8" of my manhood. Sex is a vital,very vital part of marriage and the cop out " WOMEN ARENT MADE THAT WAY" is a crock. I know woke in their 50's want it. Again I'm sorry for your situation. Hey, if YA wanna get even with him, look me  JOE from Audubon,NJ. 


      • Thrivinonbooty says:

        Joe, I am in the same boat 14 years faithful, sex is un important to the man I am with, so he says, but I find scraps of paper with these sites all the time, so I am here wondering what it is I dont give. I like sex and am at the end of my rope. I too think if it comes along I,ll take it. sad, but true. Would much rather be getting it and all that goes with it at home.Be kind to yourself and dont forget you are very loveable to someone. Look up N.P.Disordre, you may get some answers there. Shame we have to walk away from relationships to get what we want but hey, I dont have any other answer. Good Luck.

    • Dave says:

      Shame u gone thru that sorry to hear dont b too disheartened there are still lots of good men who like u say have morals and love respect and treat their partners properly ive bin where u are bin shit on its not gud wish we cud meet up b happy lol

  • Servesyaright says:

    I am in agreement with 'cheated on wife' IMO you deserve to be scammed if you are using these sites to deceive your partners and families! Grow some balls and put your poor other half out of their misery before you destroy every shred of self esteem they ever had, there is no relationship for you as you have forsaken honesty and broken trust by going behind their back for what? A dirty couple of texts? Maybe a quick, unsatisfactory jolly? Is it really worth it??? Without those you have nothing, I hope you are proud of yourselves….I am sure a few of you will profess that you are single and after a relationship…ok, so why not sign up to the million dating sites out there that are genuine? I'm sure even match.com or something even has a tick box for those of you that just wanna get your end away without the hassle and effort of an actual relationship. Good luck!


    • Joe says:

      Uh, no. Match.com has no such tick box. Man, looks like I'm not the only one here that needs to get laid. Maybe, just maybe, one of those fingers pointing back at you are saying, ITS YOUR FAULT HES GONE! After all when you point one, 3 point back. Think about it.

    • Want cheating husband to stop says:

      I am also in agreement with 'cheated on wife' IMO.  I have a cheating husband who apparently has been signed up to all of these local websites.  I have found at least 15 different sites.  We have 4 children together and I am working really hard at giving everyone the attention they need.  I even stay up until after midnight when everyone is asleep to finish my schooling after work.  I also need attention.  I love having sex and always have.  It is amayzing with my husband and makes me feel wonderful.  I have never withheld sex from him and wouldn't manipulate him like that, I feel that is pure evil.  I would love to have sex every night when possible.  I even wake him out of sleep with a blow job for it, but apparently I am not enough.  I had given him the opportunity to give everything up (websites and encounters) and I would forgive him for all of it as long as he stopped it immediately. I would have liked to have discussed it first, but he was too busy denying that he was even doing it.  This forgiving is really hard for me to do, as I knew I would find out more details, but I needed to do it for us.  I will never forget, but I will not punish him for anything from the past up until the point of my offer of disregarding the past.  I just pray that he is strong enough to hold true to his word. 

      He has been spending time more at home, but I ask to watch pornos with him and go to sex shops.  He isn't interested in experiencing anything new with me.  I am completely frustrated that he only seeks these experiences with other women.  He had left his email logged in and I can see that he is still signing up for new accounts.  These emails even include his passwords that he had to have chosen as they are his typical passwords.  He even signed up for a new one on our anniversary, what a slap in the face. I have been sending him nude pictures of myself and he seems to like them, but once again, not enough to stop searching for someone new.   I am now afraid that I will get a disease as well as my children, if he goes back to meeting these girls, or perhaps just the next one who enters his life thats available for a fuck.

      I am only one person and I am exhausted.  I put my tiredness aside to take care of him as that seems to be what he needs (no matter how tired I am, I always end up enjoying it).  All these years he has said, "it's not like I'm out looking for anyone".  Really???? WTF.  Here I am turning down many advances over that past 13 years and my husbands lived a life of fucking anyone he can get his hands on because he has low self esteem.  How does he think that make me feel?  Will I ever be able to fill his saturating need for sex, or is it only because he is sneaking around for it that makes it desirable?   I think the world of my husband.  He is my hero, great father,  and lover (the best ever!!!!!).  We actually enjoy the same activies, music and entertainment.  He says that he loves sex with me, but if that were true, then why does he need to get it from others. 

      Please enlighten me on what I am doing wrong.  What can I give him that he is getting from these other woman, that I seem to be missing.  The well-being of my entire family depends on it. 

      • Davo says:

        i think you need to leave his sorry ass, take the kids and go find someone that appreciates you. There are a lot of men out there that would love to have a wife like you me being one of them. My wife is not wanting sex  for yhe last 4 yrs. Its hard to deal with when you find sexy outfits in the drawers and new ones you never have seen on her but obviously been worn and been married for 20 yrs. No man of woman should have to deal with this, im at the point of going to pay for a good time but am worried about feeling guilty after.

  • gary says:

    i wish i would have found this out yesterday before i signed up for x-cheater yes it is a scam is there any dateing site is not a scamm

    • Admin says:

      Maybe you can cancel your account and get your money back?

    • Randy says:

      AshleyMadison.com is not a scam. I have met like 10 women on there. I;m glad I read this site… I guess im spoiled from Am and didnt even think about a scam site… it gets a little pricy at Am. I guess thats the price you pay for a real site.

    • Jon says:

      Try ok Cupid out.  I've met up with a few women from that site.  It's free to sign up, free to message and respond to people, and yes there might be a fake profile or two out there, but you should know better on what to look out for now right?

    • Eric says:

      i have received over 2500 replies most who claim to live within a few miles, but just want to chat, wont even meet for coffee. if you want to fuck with them call thier customer service number, say youre reporting them to interpol, as they are out of US jurisdiction, when they hag up keep hitting re-dial, its a blast when you put it on speaker and have people over. ive done it for 12 hours at a time,had an indian guy crying when i through in some knowledge i have of hinduism and kharma. i also helped the FBI shut down a tax scam run out of Chicago. a lot of these sites are the same company, your banker can usually chargeback most of what they take, then cancel the card. i wish i could afford the victoria site, it seems authentic, beautiful girls who want out of Ukraine but costs a small fortune but you can get a gorgeous young Ukrainian wife but its a different type of site

  • budd says:

    I too was skeptical of this site so I used Google image search to try and find out where they are getting the photos from.  I found that a photo of a girl who supposedly liked me was really cropped from a photo that is part of a porn shoot.

    Fuck the people who are doing these internet scams.  I think that they are funneling money to terroriosts and therefore we need to put the US war machine against them.  I bet that a few well placed cruise missiles would put a stop to this kind of bs once and for all.

  • Scovik88 says:

    I've noticed that the sites that originate  from another country are the ones to be leary of. I signed up for one a few weeks ago and within twelve hours they had attempted to charge up thousands on my card. Sorry to burst the bubble of cheatedonwife and servesyaright but they did not get anything 🙂 Just so u ladies know I right my wife like I'm supposed to. I even go the extra mile buying her a new car she wanted and the house she wanted and try to give her my love but she does not seem to be interested. So I'm supposed to go without the rest of my life just to say I did the right thing or divorce her and end up with nothing or try and find a decent site ( it that exist) and have a fling??? I choose the latter. 

  • Bo says:

    Xcheaters are a scam. All the sites registered in the chanel islands are scams and operated by the same criminals. So check where they are to avoid getting cheated.

    • Mr. UNAWARE says:

      8+O    I  HAD  NO  IDEA  THIS  SORT  OF  THING  WENT  ON !!   List me as…AN UNAWARE IDIOT !!

      • Admin says:

        That’s ok, now you know and are informed!

        • jamesanjam says:

          never did join, just signed up for the free account, and got a lot of like from alot lf hot girls. What does women this fine need to advertise for. I beleive ashley madision is for real not sure though.


          • Admin says:

            We’re not too sure about AshleyMadison.com it could be pulling the same shady tactics like fake women etc. It’s better to d research before using it.

          • Not a cop, but... says:

            Yes jamesanjam, me too. I actually quite like getting pics of cute girls in my inbox every day telling me lots of how much they need me. It's all free so why not. Good start to my day. I never signed up cos I spotted the warning signs early on thankfully, sorry for those that didn't. It's real easy to fall for this scam, specially when you're real horny and no time for research. That's a lot of reading..! And I'm no lawyer.

            One of the first was a real hot girl posing in front of a 1970's TV and what looked like an old 8 track tape player., hairstyle to match. She's probably older than my mum by now. Happened again with another more porn style! pose with the first of the PC desktop packages in the background, real clunky stuff. Stilletto knee-high boots…come on back the 80's!!

            The clincher for me was a msg from a girl claimed to be in the same town as me, here in the tropics. Picture of her posing in front of an open window in her "place"..what no mozzie net?! I looked again and saw the hot water radiater on the wall just to the side of the open window – which was double-glazed! Easy to spot that one in any country! Yet she still wore only her jammie longs and a T-shirt. What a poser. Well, she was obviously VERY COLD!! She was claiming to be horny 4 me..teah,RIGHT. NEXT!!

            Hey, here's a thought, I was curious about these fetish sites so went in for a looksee. LOTS of offers to tie you up or handcuff you to the bed, or something.

            Maybe I'm just not trusting enuff, but any you guys gonna let some strange babe do that to you?? One nighter? Even a spankin hot one? Like I said, just curious. And any advice pls, – if you're all hog-tied and she starts stroking.. a big fkn knife. Just as the freak in the closet climbs out so they can do fun things with you. Advice..?..!! Quickly pls…




        • Eric says:

          if all us called thier customer service lines constantly they would have trouble doing business. they also have a fake virus that threatens t shut you down if you dont call. it pops up on certain porn sites, usually shutting down and restarting gets rid of them. microsoft doesnt contact customers so if they say they are microsoft theyre bogus. tie up thier phones for hours.

  • CrapsPro says:

    First…Yes, haters, I'm married…but not gonna lose all I've accumulated due to "just getting a divorce".

    That said, I'll agree that for the most part all these sites are pure bullshit.

    However, I'll tell you this. I decided to use one of these sites to its fullest potential.

    i travel extensively for business, so it makes it easy to utilize the entire country of profiles, not just the ones near me. The good news is that yes, there are some real profiles of "hotter" girls on this, or maybe all the sites. I just finished up a trip to Austin, TX where I met up with my last hookup. Over the past year I've seen exactly 10 real girls, all for JUST sex.

    So yes, the girls are out there.

    However the BAD news is this…I've literally had to sift thru almost 3,500 profiles and subsequent bogus profiles, messaging and emails to find them.

    I've come to the conclusion that it's JUST NOT WORTH IT !

    A lot of the real girls that you will get legitimate contact with are just prostitutes drumming up business. Females may get free messaging and other stuff to contact guys easier, I don't know.

    So in conclusion I believe it's just easier to go out and pick up a girl or simply hire a hooker for the night. And for all you guys out there, for ME, (not being conceited) it's a lot easier because I'm a good looking, well built man with cash to spend…and most bitches are stupid.

    The last bit of advice I'd give is that if you do sign up for one of these sites, get or use a credit card with a very low limit, say $500 or less to limit your exposure. Because yes, you guessed it, these companies DO like to bill you forever, even after you cancel…double, triple even quadruple bill you, and my favorite just simply max your card out. Personally I use a VISA gift card, from VISA, that you can put a bogus name on and doesn't have any personably identifying info on it- this helps you not get you identity stolen.

    Good luck everyone, and be careful.

  • Bill says:

    I signed up for a free account in China and you would not believe the profiles they sent me WOW.  I know damn well if those girls where in China they would have more men who are younger and better looking than me, I'm 65.  But I got some sexy ladies poping up in my inbox for free and it makes me smile.  Sorry to hear so many sent the money for an upgrade but I can understand afterall the profiles are very sexy and the messages are very inticing.  Remember you get what you pay for and a girl like the ones on the service is going to cost you $1000 a night or $300 an hour unless you are in China and like asain. 

  • […] with a number of fraudulent dating sites that we have covered that include, MeetWives.com, XCheaters.com and […]

  • none says:

    Do not use this site, you will be ripped off of 119.00 with out your concent and when you ask to cancel membership you will be charged 29.99 better to use e harmony gluck

  • mark says:

    Why didn’t i find out this information about xcheaters before i wasted my money. Once i joined up not one person contacted me. I’m on the pension and can’t afford to loose money like that. Why are people so cruel in this world.

  • will says:

    I only got burned once a couple of years ago and thankfully only for a month of “membership”. I also had the credit card company cancel that card and issue me a new one with new number to guarantee they could not get any of my money. So I started a profile that a never respond to except to “like” them so they can waste their time and resources in trying to snag me. Sometimes i will get a message where the girl say to email them directly at some Web address that usually looks like
    (any name)@discreetmail.org. of course Noone ever responds to those emails either although I did get one last night from a yahoo address. I wrote back, never divulging any personal info other than first name, I am still waiting to hear back but not holding my breath. Should I have any major concerns with this?
    Thanks for exposing these scams and keep up the good work. The old adage is true ” if it seems to good to be true. It probably isn’t true.

    • Admin says:

      No major concerns, you seem like you are aware of the scams and that is how not to get scammed.

      • Robert says:

        When Will said he wrote back,that person got his real email address. Ive been learning alot about how the fake dating sites try and do make suckers out of alot of us,first of all the site empolyed woman can be a man for all you know,since your never going to meet them any why.In my case,me not having the money to upgrade saved my ass,it gave time to see what was really going on. When I would get a like and they would say they want to get to know me more,But go to this site its alot better and get my info there.there not real..Ya right ,Like Im going to go and join and pay money on that site to talk to a site employed bitch that never going to hookup,they must think I have stupid written on my forehead ,And then back to the ones that give you there not there email address ,you email her and she will email you back and say that she cant read it ,that its unreadable,then she will say go to this site.shes phony to.Dam we just want a real woman..what a bunch of crap..I thought I was getting good at seeing threw this crap until a few days ago,I got suckerd for my first time ..and ive been out there for a few years.I was looking at my mail and this one kept trying to message me so I look at the profile on fuck buddys and she put on her message a phone number and said text me.and I did like dumb shit she said she was in the same city,I looked at the number oh shit i saw that was out of state and so was she…she got my real phone number and my real email address and now there try to get my real name. i cant even get on my facebook because its blocked to stop them. i have to change my number and report them to the FBI….be careful…..

    • Ken says:

      The first time I subscribed to one of these services, I naively used my regular credit card for the one month fee.  Then I used the same card later that day for purchasing an item only to discover that a freeze had been placed on my account.  I contacted the credit card company and was told that they had done that for security reasons. There were several demands on my account which they deemed risky, beyond the $29.95 monthly fee.  That was a lesson for me never to use my card with such unreliable outfits.

      Then, out of curiosity to find out the truth about these sites with their sex starved beauties, I purchased a $50 gift MasterCard and used it for a month fee upgrade on X-Meet.  I wrote a message to one beauty who was dying to meet me under the sheets, judging by her several messages, but I never got a reply back.  Instead, I began to receive contacts from equally alluring beauties from other sites, like hornyaffairs, X-Cheat …etc.  I realized that I am being enticed to spend more cash chasing females on the other sites. Devilishly clever. 

       By the way, I checked on the $50 gift card to see if I still have $20 remaining in credit, I discovered that I couldn't buy an item  priced at $7 only.  Obviously, the bastards have helped themselves to the whole $50.  

      What intrigues me is that after posting a "like" on a female from my hometown with a fantastic smile on hornyaffairs, which I am not subscribed to, she messaged a thanks and offered her discreetmail address for easier contact. I have been writing her, but she replied several times that she is getting a garbled and unreadable messages.  She sounds like a real person, but I feel the writer is trying to steer me towards paying a subscription to hornyaffairs in hope of being able to reach her. Is the discreetmail service a legitimate outfit?   I wrote another girl from X-Pickup on her discreetmail address, but it comes back undelivered.

      Shrewd thinking has gone into the construction of this mythical sexotopia, where every individual has a better than fair chance of satisfying his lust, picking and choosing from a myriad of neglected beauties, against merely paying a fraction of what it might cost for a date with an escort girl.  What a deal!!


      You really start feeling sympathy for all these girls whom being ignored by men in the real world, and you wonder about what's wrong with men these days.  A critical drop in their testosterone level perhaps?



  • Zak Destael says:

    Here’s something else to add to your research. I have received emails from this, and several other websites that used a profile name that I used once a long time ago. They have created and passed around my information through their “parent company”. Unfortunately I can’t find the parent company. If you guys can that would be awesome. If not I thought you’d like some information on the fraudulence of this site and others like it

  • Kieran says:

    Was very suspicious about this site as very beautiful woman just show up on it and keep at you to e-mail them of course the only way is by upgrading your account. ( I had that kind of noticed they got  upset when I did not reply and kept at me looking for a reason and if I did not like them)What struck me  as odd I work in the USA during the summer and come home to the uk and Ireland is I started to get uk and Ireland straight away and always noticed the women were all beautiful but seemed desperate to get you, now I m not  a Tom cruise lookalike lol  but noticed their  ability to expose them selves like the way they do to complete strangers  is not what you would see on a real dating site ,one other strange thing came is I got a message from a girl in the USA at 9am uk time so she sent me this message at 4am New York time, you can see the scam a mike away

  • Hope that this helps! says:

    I decided to follow this xCheaters and other allied websites to see what might eventuate in regard to the operations of these scamming sites.

    1. Firstly, trust your intuition. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

    2. How many expatriate Caucasian types would want to live in the Philippines, especially in more isolated locales like Tagum? Google this if you want. Probably not much of an expat community there, or other isolated settlements in the Philippines.

    3. Compare the profiles on Ashley Madison or Adult friendfinders websites to those on xCheaters.com. Even 'hot' women on the aforementioned websites don't show as much flesh as those shown on the xCheaters website. Those on the aforementioned websites use masks and also erase facial features on occasions. I'd surmize that they want more privacy and are more careful than the women at xCheaters, because they know people might potentially blackmail them either in their own countries or from abroad. Caution should always be advised whenever money and webcams are involved.

    4. If in doubt, do Google or other search engine enquiries before committing money or time. Use associated words,linked websites, or simply put the website's name in and the word 'scam' next to it.

    5. Curiously, women on xCheaters and other websites don't seem to 'work' on weekends, and seem to mostly be active during the daytime and during weekdays. Do these types of women seem normal, or are they all cheating executive types? A rhetorical question, but the obvious answer would be no, not every cheating wife would in the lap of luxury. I'd surmise that a working person looking for a partner would retreat home and do searches by nighttime, as most workplaces would be too unsafe for this, and probably unsafe by smartphones.

    6. Think of the consequences of your actions.

    7. Lastly, remember that government spying agencies and data collection organisations are also interested in your sexual preference / ideas – possibly to use as blackmail material against you in the future at worst, or to examine your mind's inner workings.

    I hope that this helps!


  • phill James says:

    $29 they have had me for.. oh well.. lesson learnt now.. scamming twats. I so wish I had researched this shit sooner.

  • kevin s says:

    it has just been pointed out to me my email has been used on this site , ive never joined at all  and know nothing about this  , has this happened to anyone else at all because it is not good and very distrucitve .


  • Tom notmyrealname says:

    20 years ago i meet someone 12 years older than myself. I was 32 at time. I didn’t think having children would matter to me i was the youngest of 8 children, but my mother and father passed away ten years ago and i have now had several brothers and a sister pass. My family has completely feel apart. This past Christmas it really started to dawn on me what in life I have missed. I do love the woman I’m with and have suggested adopting children, and her response was i should have thought about this before, it was cold and unfeeling. I am now starting to see where i stand. I do love her, and i don’t want to hurt her unless there is a possibility of finding someone who would like to have children and be a family. Do you know any websites that would. Be along the line if what i just stated. I have been with well over 100 women in my lifetime, and I have discovered being with one woman is more rewarding ths screwing everything under the sun. I don’t want to hurt her unless there is a possibility starting a family. I have been a grandparent to her grandchildren so i would not be just losing her, I would be losing them as well. We never married so divorce would not cost me money or possessions. This its truly an affair of the heart, but a really beautiful woman who wantsthe same things i do would maker it easier. The most sad thing about this is that i know other men like myself.
    I don’t want to give up what little i have, unless there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.send me a private email if you do not want to post on the site.
    If you can help it would be appreciated.
    Thanks Tom

  • Gettinglove says:

    One of my favourite dating site: xcheaters.com because i got  2 girl friends there who are really real sexy and horny. thanks xcheaters for real services

    • Admin says:

      Gettinglove using email address [email protected] is lying and is stating that XCheaters.com "got him 2 girlfriends". He is lying. His ip address is shows he is from Bangladesh. These same people are trying to do a smear campaign against DatingBusters.com using people in India because we have exposed XCheaters.com for being a scam which is very easy to see and our detailed and legitimate review shows how they rip people off. 

      All you need to do is read the terms and conditions page for XCheaters.com and they themselves explain how they scam people! It's not like were making this up out of thin air, it's actual facts taken DIRECTLY from their own web site!

      Go to section i6 on this page of the XCheaters site:

      XCHEATERS.COM, we may post fictitious profiles, generate or respond to communications by means of automated programs or scripts that simulate or attempt to simulate your intercommunication with another real human being (though none really exists and any dialog is generated by programming), and we may employ or contract for the paid services of real persons who may interact with you as part of their compensated employment. While these communications may seem genuine, authentic, and personal, they may be broadcast simultaneously to a large number of persons and possess none of these qualities. 

  • Ruined my long term relationship says:

    I have been with my boyfriend three years. He was about to propose. Somehow, xcheaters and it's little family of companies got a hold of my email and started sending my notifications. My boyfriend is in my email account all the time because I have nothing to hide. On the weekend of the anniversary of our daughter's passing, these sites started contacting me when I did not sign up for them. They don't have my gender or age right, and the user name is just the first few letters of my email address. All of the messages are from women who are clearly porn stars.


    I don't know why I'm commenting. Honestly, the damage has been done. I guess I just wanted to bitch.

    • James George says:

      This also happened to me (not all of your circumstances) but I am getting emails like I signed up and did not. It actually says Welcome to xCheaters like I created a profile. How does this happen? It is causing trouble for sure.

  • Theskilled1 says:

    Every date site has it's scams. And of course, if the female looks like she can get SEX anytime of the day, whenever she wants, then you know it's fake. But I been on a few sites, and can filter them out. And I've been getting laid… Pick up the mediocre ones. The 1's in a sloppy room, blurry pics, the 1's that message you asking, WTF?? Why don't you answer?? Why are U even on here if U full of URself?" Those are the Diamonds!!! All others are aluminum and tin.. Get Smart, and get Lucky..

    • Not a cop, but... says:

      Theskilled1 speaks the truth. Still have to pay tho, to get to that sloppy room. Personal details not allowed on ur profile? Take a shot, maybe you'll get lucky b4 the site shuts you out. Worth the risk, what are they gna do? Sue you? Pullhenty more sites like this. Just run the numbers.

  • mark says:

    Yea, same with me i got ripped off on xcheaters. I have learned the hard way. I now keep away from dating sites.

  • tried to investigate says:

    Found these in my bf’s email so I clicked on it. Didn’t look like he signed up because it asked to “save changes” before you could look at anything. You could see that his so called profile was liked and the messages that you showed. One did say “uh oh, I think I might know you” so I panicked and wanted to research. Figured I as a woman could go on and sign up. Absolutely no way for a woman to join.
    I guess that’s the biggest proof of all that this is a scam.

  • Chris says:

    Wish I had known about this before. Would have saved me a lot of money! Looked so real and tempting. I guess there is a sucker born every minute.


  • Chris Smith says:

    Would you happen to know if "inter-chat" is a scam?   Thank You.

  • dennis says:

    hello, i have not even put up a profile on xcheaters and i'm get request for photo, i think most of the single web sites are running a scam like you say,xdating is another site that is the same way,how these people can take money from lonely people should be shoot

  • […] is operated by the same company that owns XPickup.com, FlirtHookup.com XMeeting.com and also XCheaters.com. This company has proved to us time and time again, review after review that they cannot be […]

  • malcolm says:

    All of these so called dating sites are a scam and can easilly check by reverse imaging photos of women and will find they are off the internet and usually porn sites. While you are a free member you will get lots of repliies and interest but when you upgrade will get nothing. This is not the only site Hornybook is the same and all of the other ones and dont know why they are allowed to continue stealing from innocent victims.

    • Admin says:

      We are getting a lot of heat for posting that Xcheaters.com is a scam. It looks like the company doesn’t like the bad publicity, even though our review is 100% true!

      • Not a cop, but... says:

        ADMIN – Together Networks Holdings Limited (QuickFlirt), P.O. Box 146 Trident Chambers, Road Town, VG1110, Tortola, British Virgin Islands; Tel: +61 280363180;

        The parent company, owns them all nearly. Look at the address, tax free and lawless. Hope you're cashed up, cos if these guys' claim to 100+Milllion users is true, even a 20% succesfull scam rate would afford them a pretty hot shot lawyer. Good luck and don't let the bastards grind ya down!

        • Josh says:

          I exhausted the various ways they try to scam a person. 1-Have you create a profile on free or $1 charge website. (Of course they take whatever amount they can). 2 – They ask you to transfer half or most of the money to them via a cash app or paypal. They say they will accept the other half when they see you. Then finally ebay gift cards. Once i got to the hotel they ask for a pic of the ebay card to make sure its real. When i wouldnt comply they asked me just to scratch off and take a pic of the last 4 digits on the ebay card. I was dangling the gift cards. Needless to say i was contacted by a thug who sent me a video of him and another guy (super tall and super skinny ) with their body suits and a.k 47’s saying if i didnt pay 3 of the girls they were coming for my head. Of course i declined their offer and refused to pay. BUT!! Some of these pics are clearly minors that appear to be drugged and in some cases beaten. I sense trafficking right in front of our faces!! And somebody mentioned one pic is of a missing person?

  • Andrew says:

    e-mails from such sites go to my spam – I may look now and again at what is in there, otherwise I delete the whole folder. Sites like this should be avoided at all costs. A married man should stay faithful to his wife. A single horny man should find a decent pub and hang out there … All these guys want is your money. What a waste of hard earned money. There are thousands of hungry people that would love the money spent on fake websites.

  • Bunky says:

    I was tricked into joining by the methods mentioned and am now getting daily email from 'other' gals who want to hookup.  Problem is they all are on different dating sites that I would have to join.  They all have emails at 'mailboxarea' which is a shure sign as well.


    kill em all

  • […] LocalBooty.com is associated with a list of scam dating services these include, FlirtLocal.com, MeetWives.com and XCheaters.com. […]

  • Jabber Yakker says:



    Remember,  when there is a check box next to a button that says "You have read, understand and agree with the terms & conditions  and privacy policy", that is the same as signing a legal document. So if you haven't read it then the blame is on you because it DOES clearly state in there that they have ficticious profiles and bots and people hired to potray active members and that you are not going to have a chance with them for personal contact. It also says that you are giving them the right to use your image and portions of your profile to basically do whatever they want with it, even create another profile, not to mention the third party clauses. So with that and all the other extensive wording it is also NOT A SCAM as far as most of the things I''ve read so far. It just feels like it to those fools that didn't read terms, conditions ans policies. HOWEVER, they do have people iether give you a .org address to E-mail them at, or just have someone just start E-mailing you with a .org address (usually discretemail) and ask you to meet them on another website. Im not sure thats covered in the language of the agreements you are to agree to. And you know what they claim all of ths is? A form of entertainment! I think thats in there partly to soften the blow for those that don't read. You wanted to know where they get all of the pictures from? some of them are from models but some are from profiles of real people that have signed up. Oh, and they go on to say that they can still exercise these rites even after you stop using the website, which means  they can keep doing most of the things they were already doing with you profile and such.


    Now  as far as taking your money you bet they will if you give them a chance but the two I've taken a trial run on refunded my money because I canceled before thirty days was up. One of them had a small non-refundable charge but this too was in the terms. Of coarse these two websites had tiny icons in a persons profile if they were fake. They called them Love Stars, Online Cuties and other things like that. And there were plenty of women in my area durring the trial periods I took but when I got a free upgraded but not premium subscription later on they all disappeared but a handful of them, one of which I knew. Even those girls gradually disappeared. Gues they found out that none of the real guys were answering quite as fast as the fakes were. Occasionally one or two new ones will join but they rarely answer my mail and all end up leaving. Then youve got those websites that give yoiu a free cain't message or do nothing memberships. These all in my mind are being a bit cruel ot those that do have memberships that keep getting winks and likes from people that caint Message them yet. Not to mention how cruel it is to the poor and desparate who can only respond with a like or a wink.


    So overall, a scam? Not really. Illegal? Some of it probably should be. Immoral? YES, in some ways. But you make up your own minds about it cause I'm still trying to make up mine. It looks like a place for rich people to go play since some of them dont mind wasting money like that. Me, I've lost less than $10 to them, but I havent joined too many. Remember, hunt smart and bring a lot of luck.

  • Having fun with it. says:

    I just go on Xcheaters to amuse myself. I dont spend money on this site since I've used other sites like Swinglifestyle, and Fetlife where its real

  • charlie fox says:

    Wow thanks for the positive pull up….because they DEFINITELY almost got me…i was just about to upgrade when i fortunately came across your article which I'm DEFINATEY TAKING HEED TO.

    ..but are there ANY LEGIT SITES thay you 've researched.???or are they all scams..???

  • Single Again says:


    Just read the "terms" of the site, it says it all in there:


    Paragraph 6.: 6. In order to enhance your amusement experience, to stimulate you and others to use our Services more extensively, and to generally sprinkle some sparkle and excitement into the Services of XCHEATERS.COM, we may post fictitious profiles, generate or respond to communications by means of automated programs or scripts that simulate or attempt to simulate your intercommunication with another real human being (though none really exists and any dialog is generated by programming), and we may employ or contract for the paid services of real persons who may interact with you as part of their compensated employment. While these communications may seem genuine, authentic, and personal, they may be broadcast simultaneously to a large number of persons and possess none of these qualities. While their contents may appear to be true, they may be quite false; while their contents may appear to sincere, they may be quite disingenuous. Sometimes, we may use these techniques or others like them for other business purposes, too, including, but not limited to those cases in which we monitor and/or investigate into operations, including but not limited to allegations that you or others have violated this Agreement.


    What else do you need to know??!

    Total SCAM!

  • antonio says:

    if i delete my account on xcheaters will i get my money back?


  • James George says:

    Do they send emails acting like you already have a profile? Welcome to xCheaters-Congratulations you are now a member? I didn't sign up but it is acting like I did.

  • Hacdeuce says:

    I wasn't sure but did suspect such about X Cheaters and if it wasn't for Shanhia (that being her screen name) who left me a message about her leaving the site an leaving me with a site leading me here I may not of found out any of which I have… even though there must be real woman on this site, I think I received one of the best messages any could, coming from a woman being real with me. My only regret is that I was unable to properly thank Shanhia with much appreciation and Gratitude.

  • Whitey says:

    I got sucked into this scam as well. When I realized what the hell was going on, I called my credit card company and explained the scam, so they reversed the charges on my credit card. If we can get more people to do this….we can run these bastards off the internet and shut them down. They are all FH International dating sites. So please…go ahead and call your credit card company and report the fraud and get your money back.

  • Ernie Garcia says:

    i was scammed as well. So all I have to do is call my credit cardcompany?

  • Jack says:

    thank god I only paid with a 25$ gift card

  • R Ware says:

    For the record, this site is just one of probably millions that operate out of the same PO Box.  Always Google before you give up banniba information, most likely someone else has taken the hit you can avoid!

  • Regular Joe. says:

    The level of English language used by many of the women is generally too good for their age group. Take a look at how the women write and compare it to something written by a thirty or forty-something female in Youtube comments. There is a mismatch. Many people now use many abbreviations – with spelling and grammatically error riddled sentences. This stuff at this website was too good. Fortunately I wasn’t conned. I hope it makes you all wiser, too. I feel bed for the people that were taken in.

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