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This offers a 3 day trial for $1 and then automatically turn into a monthly recurring membership.


  • My Home Page: You get quick access to local matches, newest members, your friends list, girls on cam and the hottest members.
  • My Mail Box: Send and reply to emails from other members.
  • Account Options: Edit your account here.
  • Search And Matching: Look for females based on  marital stauts , age zip code, location, height, hair color and much more.
  • Message Boards: Self explanatory
  • Chat Rooms: Self explanatory


As with all dating site reviews we do, we created a profile on Our dating profile that was created exclusively for this investigation is used to see exactly what a regular free member would experience. For this profile we did not include any photographs,   and basically as little personal information as possible. This is done for one reason and that reason is to see if we still receive email messages from "local girls". Logically it would make no sense for us to receive any emails from any women considering our profile for this investigation is about 95% empty. Using an empty profile and then receiving emails is one of the major indicators that we use to identify dating sites as using deceptive business practices and fraudulent behavior. This site falls under that category.

Email Messages

Every dating scam that we have exposed uses fictitious emails to lure in unsuspecting lonely men. These emails are cleverly disguised as emails being sent from attractive looking local women, but the problem is that none of these local women are real. One dating site came up with this idea and now hundreds of scam dating sites (inclduign are using phony emails to trick free members into upgrading to a useless paid monthly subscription. 

How The Con Works

You sign up as a free member on this site not knowing it's actually a scam site. Then you in order to create a membership on the site you need to give them your email address of course. What happens then is you input your location, age and you're interests. Then the web site uses customized software programs to to send out automated emails to the free members on the site. Unknowing members who don't know they are being scammed will start to receive emails from "local women" all day long, 10 maybe even 20 emails per day. In order to reply to these emails or even read these emails you are asked to upgrade at which time you need to pay using your credit card. The scam is that none of these women emailing you are actually sending you emails. And of course none of these women are even members of the dating site, they are completely fake and have been exclusively fabricated by the dating site to make it appear as if there are  thousands and thousands of local women who are looking for men to have sex with. This is completely false and gullible men are the ones who end up getting ripped off.

(a small example of the emails we received)

"Computer Generated People" aka Fake Dating Profiles

Fake profiles seem to plague this industry. XXXCupid likes to call these fake profiles "computer generated people". We touched on the use of fake dating profiles in the previous paragraph. Surprisingly this site actually does admit to using fake dating profiles that they like to call "Online Emissaries". Their website documents (section 14) reveal the use of nature of" Online Emissaries" and how it relates to their whole website plan. They basically detail that "Online Emissaries" are computer generated persons or characters. The main functions of "Online Emissaries" is to send out fictitious emails as we discussed above. "Online Emissaries" provide an "electronic introduction" to new or existing pictures or functionality. To break it down in layman's terms it means that these fake profiles called "Online Emissaries" are used to send out fake emails and trick people into upgrading to a paid membership so the members are able to reply or read the emails sent from the "Online Emissary" program. I know this may sound a little bit complicated but the bottom line is this website uses automated software programs and fake dating profiles in conjunction with fake emails to deceive and trick male members who have a basic free account into upgrading to a paid monthly subscription.

People Hired To Interact With You

Also in the same terms and conditions document located on the site also admits to employing people to interact with you. From their own documents they say "Online Emissaries" may also be employed to enhance "online relationships" and encourage active participation in "Online relationships" are used to entice and push you into upgrading from your free membership into a paid monthly membership. They are trying to "encourage active participation" which means of course they want you to participate more in the site, by sending and reply to emails which is obviously going to cost you money. And that's what this website is about they are here to get you to upgrade and pay a monthly membership. Making a profit off of your gullibility is the name of the game.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 800 Petrolia Road, Unit 8, Toronto, Ontario, M3J-3K4, Canada
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:,

Contact Information :

  • Phone:
  • Addresses: PO Box 1058 Basseterre,St. KittsEast Caribbean
  • 48 Constant Spring Rd Kingston 10 Jamaica
  • 42 Dositheou Street, Strovolos, Nicoisa 2028, Cyprus
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision: has been around for a number of years now and in that time frame has deceived thousands and thousands of lonely man across the world. Based on all the evidence we have, we suggest that you do not become one of their latest victims. Stay away from this dating service and keep your money in your wallet.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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