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Overview is owned and operated by the same people who own is still very popular and in our previous review we detailed some negative reviews we found online reviews stating that was a 100% scam. We also discussed various questions we had such as if the women on the site were actually real or just paid models? Read the review here. Redirects To

When we registered on we got sent to Like we mentioned above we already reviewed in the past so if you want to know our opinions you can read the review here. is created as marketing tool to get people over to the members area of From there you will need to purchase “credits” to be able to communicate and chat with the women on the site.

Positive Online Reviews From, Are They Real?

We find it interesting that had a rating of 2/5 stars on September 11, 2014 but now on March 3, 2016 they have jumped up to 3.5/5 stars. Pretty impressive turn around in positive reviews. But things may not appear to be what they seem. We know from personal experience when we wrote a review of, after about 6 months we started getting bombarded with all these positive reviews praising Amo Latina. We knew it was someone who wanted to shine in a positive light by trying to post fake positive reviews on, in essence spamming our site. We of course deleted all the fake positive reviews (which were obvious to us). We received 2-3 positive AmoLatina reviews daily for a few weeks but we went though and read every review and knew this was the work of an online reputation management company. Once they realized all the fake reviews were being deleted they quite trying to spam our site with their fake reviews. We look at and this could possibly be what’s going on here.

Some companies charge $6,300.00 for “online reputation management” (see screen shot of a Google ad for “reputation control” below). We are not pointing out this company is writing fake reviews just that there are services that help to bolster your reviews and help to get rid of negative reviews online by writing and placing fake reviews on sites like Yelp, reviews sites, blogs, Twitter and FaceBook to name a few. We are just stating there are companies created solely for “fixing your online reputation”. So don’t get duped into believing a review just because you see a 3.5/5 rating. These type of companies can manipulate online reviews to make it seem like dating sites are great when they are complete scams.


Below we have added reviews from showing what we consider to be real reviews from genuine users of You need to be street smart to see through the phony reviews so you don’t spend thousands of dollars like some of these poor men did. On the review page the positive reviews so ridiculous. Many of the positive reviews are written from a person who does’ know how to write English well.

  • Do you know you are ripping off a bunch of lonely old men who spend their medicine money, their rent money, etc. chasing a dream. way to go. sleep well. See the review here.
  • “A smart Scam to get the lonely man`s money”: why is it then, that the lady write me manny love letters and even calls me her future husband, just chat with my friend and also promise to love and marry him. This is a very smart SCAM just to get serious guys money. See the review here.
  • I wanted this site to be legitimate but.”: I read the reviews and thought i would test the legitimacy of the site.
    I set up two completely different profiles I received identical letters from different women and identical letters from the same women to both profiles……each professing their undying love and affection for me. In my profiles I asked them to say what country I am from and asked other questions. Never was my country stated nor were my questions answered. Just generic “I have been to your country” or “I will be visiting your country” or “I love your city” (which was never mentioned)
    Several ladies profiles stated one thing about their careers and their “Admire Letter” stated something completely different.
    Because I checked it out, I never spent any money on this site. As stated in other reviews, it would be very expensive and a complete waste of resources. See review here.
  • “This site is absolutely a scam” Seriously ignore the positive reviews for this site…they’re as fake as the women on the site itself. I was an idiot and bought 96 dollars of credit — it was the only way possible to read the messages I received. That should have been a red flag to me of course. I used about 3 or 4 credits before my senses came back. I created a stupid profile, with no photos and I kept getting mail and chat requests every minute. It’s just really stupid. See review here.

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  • Address Of Host: 410 Terry Ave N., Seattle, WA, 98109, US
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Final Decision: is connected to like we mentioned so we hope you make the right decision. Many people have complained about losing thousands of dollars on so you may want to think twice before buying credits there.

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