Warning! LocalFling.co.uk Is Trying To Deceive Men By Using Fake Women

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Website Details:



  • £15,00 for 10 credits that enable you to send 10 messages.
  • £35,00 for 25 credits that enable you to send 25 messages.
  • £65,00 for 50 credits that enable you to send 50 messages.
  • £120,00 for 100 credits that enable you to send 100 messages.
  • £200,00 for 200 credits that enable you to send 200 messages.


  • My Profile: The My profile section enables you to edit your profile information as well as upload photographs to your gallery.
  • My Mail Box: The mailbox section enables you to read and reply to email messages.
  • My Flirts: The flirts section enables you to see which women have sent you a flirt.
  • Members: The members section shows you Local Fling members.
  • My Wish List:
  • Credits: Credits show you how many credits you have.
  • Settings: The setting section of the site enables you to change email notifications, change your password as well as enabling you to delete your account. 


LocalFling.co.uk is a uk-based dating service that we registered on. We joined the site in an effort to provide you with a detailed and honest review that we have summarized in this investigative report. Joining Local Fling enables us to see exactly what you as a member would see if you were to join the dating service. We try to take all the homework out of online dating and give you all the facts. The first thing we learned in this investigation is that LocalFling.co.uk is connected to a website called CheekyDevil.com that we reviewed two years ago. We did an investigation of CheekyDevil.com and we concluded it to be a scam using phony female profile pages along with bogus email messages. You can read our full review of LocalFling.co.uk below.

Fictitious Emails

We took a screenshot of 290 email messages (see evidence below) that we got being a member on this site. We've been registered as a member on the site for just four days and we've already received 290 email messages. This is absurd!

If you received the same type of results (hundreds of emails) and you think this is real you just got conned! This is 100% bogus. We're not receiving real emails from hot looking girls looking to have a one-night stand with us. These 290 emails are completely phony and totally fabricated, it's all one big lie. We've done hundreds of reviews and never received so many emails in such a short time frame. This is one of the most ridiculous online dating scams that we've ever encountered. The very unfortunate thing is that some gullible men will actually fall for this scam thinking that 290 horny girls actually contacted them looking to hook up. This is the farthest thing from the truth.

What's actually going on is that LocalFling.co.uk just like CheekyDevil.com are both using highly sophisticated software programming chat bots that can send you automated email messages that look real. The 290 emails we received are all automated and designed to look like the emails are coming from real local girls. But be warned It's all a big trick used to deceive you so that you think that you can get laid. All you need to do is buy a membership on this site. Unfortunately upgrading and buying credits is very expensive. Purchasing just 10 credits will cost you £15,00. With 10 credits you will be able to send only 10 email messages. Let's take a look at the 290 emails. If we were to reply to the 290 emails it would cost us £290,00. For every email it will cost you roughly £1,00 per email. A very expensive lesson for people who took the plunge and purchased credits on this fictitious dating service.

Fake emails from LocalFling.co,uk
(Screenshot of  290 emails that we received from pretend females.)

Fictitious Emails

You can see in the screenshot below that we receive 21 flirts while being a member on LocalFling.co.uk. The flirts are all a con and not real. All they're doing with these fake flirts is try to get you to upgrade and buy credits so you can email the women who have sent you a flirt. Unfortunately all the flirts are automated and there aren't any real local girls trying to hook up with you.

(Screen shot of the 21 Flirts that we received.)

Fictitious Chat Messages

LocalFling.couk is not in the business of bringing people together through online dating. Their core business model is to deceive you and trick you by using fictitious email messages and pretend female profile pages. The websites own terms and conditions page explains that that they use "fictive profiles for online adult entertainment purposes" and "physical contact with these fictive profiles is not possible". That statement tells us that you can never physically meet any of the fictitious profiles that they create (obviously).

Sifting through the search results you cannot identify what profiles are legitimate and which ones are fake. They all look real to those who have no clue what's in the terms and conditions page. Once you read the terms and conditions page then it doesn't matter if a profile is real or is one is fake because either way you're on a dating site that's doing its very best to mislead and defraud you. By the website admitting that they create fictitious profiles they are basically admitting that Local Fling isn't a legitimate dating service. It's a fraud disguised to look like a real hookup site.

Fictitious Girls

It may be a surprise to you but no surprise to us that this website uses photographs that they copy or steal from amateur adult image sites. You can take a look at the evidence that we have provided below,4 screenshots of fake profile pictures that we found on LocalFling.co.uk. Those profile photos were taken from adult image sites. We have provided the links where the bogus member profile pictures are found on adult porn sites. This is just more proof of how much of a con this site is.

(Screen shot of bogus profile using a photo stolen from amateur adult image sites.)


  • http://cdn-ak.f.st-hatena.com/images/fotolife/m/masuyamaru/20150728/20150728124228.jpg
  • http://4u-beautyimg.com/thumb/s/s_5ecaabba3b55221ea120ce4f357d55ac.jpg

(Screen shot of bogus profile using a photo stolen from amateur adult image sites.)

  • https://albums193.zbporn.com/preview/120×160/41000/41248/preview.jpg

(Screen shot of bogus profile using a photo stolen from amateur adult image sites.)

  • https://imgur. com/v2KwBNH
  • https://40.media.tumblr.com/71c1e983eadb4afb0a40d577541d90a3/tumblr_nt4f8jyd8e1udmqizo1_500.jpg

(Screen shot of bogus profile using a photo stolen from amateur adult image sites.)

  • http://freefotogirls.com/uploads/posts/2014-03/1394720450_mature_siski_chulki_1.jpg
  • http://i.imgspot.org/small/2015/01/11/54b265fd445ed.jpg

LocalFling Is An Entertainment Site, Not A Dating Service

The owners of LocalFling.co.uk don't consider their website a dating service. They consider Local Fling an "entertainment service" and their terms and conditions clearly states that fact. In their terms they state that "the website is for adult entertainment purposes it's not their aim to bring physical contact between members. This site is only for entertainment and not to bring people together and get them to meet one another psychical situation.

The Terms & Conditions Proves It's All A Con

Providing you as much proof as possible is what we aim to do in our investigations. Below we have pasted the LocalFling.co.uk terms and conditions page where the administrators of the site admit that they use fictitious profiles. They also state that have the right to send messages by the profiles that they have created. And they go on to state that physical contact with these phony profiles isn't possible. You can read the incriminating paragraph below or click on this link (section  8.4) to read it directly on their own website.

  • This Website or Service is for adult entertainment purposes; it is not our aim to bring physical appointments/contact between members. You are aware and agree that we may use moderated and fictive profiles for online adult entertainment purposes. We expressly reserve the right to send messages to this site by self-created profiles. Physical contact with these fictive profiles is not possible. We deny ourselves of all liability to the extent that is allowed by the law and we assume no warranty for any kind of damage or inconvenience caused by our Service.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA, 94043, USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: ns01.is.nl, ns02.is.nl, ns03.is.nl

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

LocalFling.co.uk is the classic online dating scam. They create bogus profiles and phony email messages. All of it's done in an effort to get you to the payment page where they try their hardest to get you to purchase credits so you can interact with non-existent females. That's the scam in a nutshell!

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