The Dirty Lies Of Still Continue Even After Our Investigation:

 Nov, 22 - 2017   2 comments   ReviewsScams

We did a review of (click to read it) back in May and has anything changed now that we're in November, no nothing! This site is still very popular receiving tons of traffic but unfortunately it's still scamming people and absolutely nothing has changed on the site. The website is still using all the same tactics that we wrote in our devastating report. We exposed the site hoping to bring light to the dating service however nothing has been cleaned up. There is no has been no investigation from authorities in the UK and it's business as usual for the owners of Local Fling. They're still making thousands of pounds per day off of Internet users who think they've landed on a great dating service when in reality it's all scam.

So what exactly is a scam about Local Fling, how about everything! Let's start with the email messages that are completely fake and essentially a trick to get you to buy credits. Then you have the hundreds of fake profiles on the website which lead you to believe that there are hundreds of local women in your community looking for sex. This is all an illusion, it's the biggest lie in the website. What you're looking at is an image gallery of nude amateur porn stars who have had their images stolen and then used to build phony profiles on Loca Fling.

If anyone reading this has purchased credits on LocalFling you can contact some of these crime agencies in the UK including the National Crime agency, and Action Fraud.

Read the full review here.

The Dirty Lies Of LocalFling. Still Contine Even After Our Investigation:

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  • David Gan says:

    Good job and you may have saved many victims from those scams.  Carry on.

  • David Gan says:

    Carry on with your good work.  I guess the government cannot cover all the bases because there are so many of them.

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