Reviewed: is Trying To Play Us For Suckers By Using Fake Profiles To Deceive Us

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Website Details:


  • Encounters: The Encounters section enables you to hit the X button or the heart button if you’d like to have an encounter (or not) with the women shown to you.
  • Feed: The Feed section of the website shows you variety of different women.
  • Messages: The Messages section shows you messages for members on the site.
  • Profile: The Profile section shows you your profile where you can update your photographs as well as all of your personal information.
  • Notifications: The Notification section shows who has visited your profile.
  • TOP-Users: The Top Users shows you the most popular users on
  • Settings: The Settings section enables you to stop receiving notifications from the site, lets you change your password, add people to your black list and also enables you to delete your profile from the site.

Overview looks like one big advertisement, it has banner ads plastered all over the place but that doesn’t make it a scam. In this investigation we’re going to get to the bottom of the truth. Is WetHunt a scam or is it a legitimate website to find real women who want to hook up for casual encounters. Read the full investigation below.

WetHunt Has Fictitious Girls All Over Their Website

One of the first things that we noticed when we logged into the members area of WetHunt was the amount of beautiful women on the site. It’s as if we walked in to a beauty pageant. It sounds like it’s a good thing but it’s not, why? With our experience with doing hundreds and hundreds of reviews when you log into members area and every single profile that you’re looking at looks like a porn model then something is definitely wrong. Any time we’ve come across this situation were every female on the site look like a model it always turn out to be a phony dating site.

We hate to break it to you but Wet Hunt is a scam indeed! It took us a little bit of digging around but we finally found the evidence that we were looking for. In the terms and conditions page of Wet Hunt in section 11 they tell us that they create profiles which are created maintained and managed by their employees. They call these phony profiles “Staff Profiles”. And really it shouldn’t come as a shock when you look at the profile pictures of the females on this site. They all look like models and it’s because the images aren’t of real members of the site. These are pretend profiles fabricated to make people believe these are horny women looking for sex. It’s all a facade and a big illusion.

In the section below we explain and show you where these profile pictures are being stolen from. The phony profiles are created by the staff of the website but the pictures are of real women. The only problem is that the women in the pictures haven’t joined Their photos have been copied / stolen from other websites and then used to make fake profile pages. Keep reading below to learn where these photos are being stolen from.

Stolen Adult Photos Used To Make Pretend Profile Pages

Below we’ve included examples of some of the fake profiles using stolen photographs to build fictitious profile pages on One thing that all these fake profiles have in common is that the images of are very attractive women. Sure it’s normal to see beautiful women on dating sites but when every single profile is of a beautiful girl then something’s wrong. You can take a look at the evidence and make your own judgment but it’s cut and dry. We’ve even included the links where these exact same pictures are found on other sites including adult image and romance scammer sites.

(This first profile we found on many scam websites that expose romance scammers. These scam websites warn people about romance scammers using photos of attractive looking women. We found this exact same photograph on three different scam websites.)


(The profile photo above is actually a pornstar called “Janessa Brazil“. Obviously she didn’t take the time or has the need to join a hook-up site like Wet Hunt. Her photograph was stolen and then used to build a phony profile page that you can see below.)


(This fake dating profile is using stolen pictures of a pornstar called “Giselle Summer”. She even has her own website Does anyone really think that she needs to join a sex dating site to meet men?)


(This is yet another pornstar and her photos have been stolen and used to create a fictitious profile page on WetHunt.)


(This blond was found on numerous romance scam websites with the exact same photograph.)


(  Another fake profile using stolen pictures found on romance scam websites.)


We Got 4 Faux Emails

Not only are the dating profiles on this site as phony as a $3 bill (very flase), but the email messages are fake as well. Bogus dating sites always create fake profiles and they also send people fictitious email messages and correspondence. It’s part of the way they operate. If you look at the photos of the women emailing us once again they’re either in bikinis or they’re showing off their breasts. These are not regular dating profiles. If you’ve ever been to a legitimate dating site like or Plenty Of Fish you would be hard pressed to find many female profiles like this.

(A screenshot showing the four fictitious female profiles sending us fake email messages.)

We Have An Empty Profile But Still Got Email Messages

We took a screenshot of the profile page we created for this investigation. As you can see circled in red in the screenshot below we don’t have a picture on our profile but women are emailing us. Why would women go out of their way to email a guy who doesn’t have any photos on his profile page? And even more so why would beautiful women, many of them in bikinis or topless email us? The only logical conclusion is that the women emailing us aren’t real women at all. Either they’re bots or being operated by romance scammers. Either way you look at it someone’s trying to play us for a sucker!

(Screen shot of our blank profile page we used for this review.)

The Terms Page Talks About Fake Profiles

We discussed the terms and conditions page in part of our investigation. In this last piece of evidence we are including the paragraph where the administrators of the website have confessed that they use fake profiles that they call “Staff Profiles” which have been created by them. You can read the paragraph below or click on this link to be taken to section 11 a of the terms page.

  •   WetHunt  provides assistance and guidance through its customer care representatives. We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained ,  and managed by our employees (“Staff Profiles”). The purpose of these Staff Profiles is to enable us to ensure our Services are operating properly by testing the Services, features ,  and functionalities, and to research our products and Services. All Staff Profiles will be identifiable as such and ,  in the event that you opt to communicate or interact with a Staff Profile ,  you will be made aware of the nature of this Staff Profile.

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information For

Final Decision: is trying to play us for fools. If you have spent any time on this website you probably come to the same conclusion that something is just not quite right. Our investigation explains in detail why we don’t trust this website.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 48 comments

    • sandip says:

      ok friend

      • Johnny says:

        Yep all I got to do is ask her what her phone number is they always say no
        Every single woman at least 200 set my real name is Christina

      • bobby blakeney says:

        not only is fake but using 80 y.o ladies as sex workers . I have it all recorded during equipment malfunction my name is Bobby blakeney I am traumatized by this and they need to compensate. what will their advertiser think about the scandal

    • John Conor says:

      I hav noticed that whenever u login the girls r online always they hav immediate response… It’s doubtful, n after 2-5 conversation they exposing themself wid nude photos… N sometimes replies r ridiculous u will b unable to understand… Yes there r many reasons to b a fake website.

    • Cal says:

      Any way to stop or cancel the 3 day trial i get redirected every time as a guest i cant log in its covered bh ads  it was fine yesterday .

    • Slarkel says:

      Wait….What if it isn't?….Let me explain…..I've been talking with a woman on there with "UP" which means unreal personality, and she said that she was real, and she gave me an actual email on gmail. So I'm kind of getting convinced that she's real. I'm a Christian and so is she, I tried convincing her to get off of that site, and I think she is thinking about it =) But I'm really starting to think she is real. It's a possibility that some aren't fake ^^

      • Freddy says:

        I really think its bots me personally and a bunch of beautiful flawless chicks that have dicks ans honestly i think it some sort of compound none of them have phones i think some sont have a choice its in missippi

    • محمد الحلوانى says:

      =I am looking for a human being who lets himself be loved with all his heart and who gives me permission to write to him with love. and from time to time be my partner in dreams. Must have experience flying to new destinations and have the courage to love🙏ss
      =Hello! I can fulfill your desire, give you my tenderness and love. how do you plan to spend your weekend? With me with lovely games? )))
      =do you believe in friendship between man and woman?

  • Darryl Fleming says:

    I did not put in any untrue or false information in my profile. I’m trying to figure out how to meet a female and a male. I only uesd my gmail and my codes. I didn’t know there is or was something wrong with that. I’m 53 years old. I am OLD SCHOOL AS HELL. A lot of the computer stuff is very confusing. Can u tell me how to change my sexual status of my profile ? I trired to change it. It would not let me. I triedover and over. Help ?

    • Shanks says:

      Can you send me link

      • محمد الحلوانى says:

        Your Hug is My Addiction & Your Kiss is My Drug =ut heat n
        Will you wake me up with a kiss? My soul is cold witho ear=
        Your Hug is My Addiction & Your Kiss is My Drug =
        Will you wake me up with a kiss? My soul is cold without heat near

  • Darryl Fleming says:

    I trired to change my profile status. I could not figure out how. Other than my profile. Changing from straight to no or Gay. I’m still confused on how to change it. I trired ever thing I still don’t know what I’m doing on any of these sites. My gmail should be…… Lol. I’m sorry for all this. Can u help me fix this issue ?

  • Darryl Fleming says:

    I’m sorry I’m still confused. R u saying I screwed up or this web site screwed up ? I’m sure I made some mistatkes. I’m not sure at all what I’m doing. Not too good at typing either. Lol

  • Admin says:

    Wethunt is fake! It's a scam that uses fake girls to lure you into their website.

  • Cyril Johnson says:

    I want off these dating sites 

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  • Ranveer Kashyap says:

    I want to delete my account this site’s

  • Jackbeeman says:

    Remove my email address immediately I never subscribed I don't want this garbage and I am unable to unsubscribe using my phone I have no laptop or a home computer either you unsubscribe me immediately or I will contact the FCC

  • Stayce Foster says:

    Wethunt is a bogus site that tries to scam people.  It has fake women who are just made up to get in your head to let you  think that you are going to get hooked up.

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    • Anom says:

      Another is they're all from the same network using a different front, but they went lazy and kept the same design for all. 

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  • Brian says:

    I know someone who is behind it I think. Don't I b?

  • Alanna says:

    I never subscribed to this either and I can’t seem to get this shite to stop popping up on my phone through chrome. Please sort this bollox out. I’m a woman and don’t want these dirty fake bitches popping up on my phone

  • Barrie says:

    How do I get rid of this site. I am 88 years old and no longer any interested in this sort of rubbish.

  • Al gallardo says:

    I found wethunt is full of bots..half the time they make no sense of what thier saying..all the girls claim thier from the same state of illinois…and the dead give away its bogus is how all these women look like models and are trying to make you believe they are real…total bogus site..

  • Steve says:

    So I had some fun and used my 1 email to make an account. Stepped away for a day then tried to login only to be told “The email you’ve entered does not belong to any account. Please, create your account.” So being the guy that I am I tried to register with that same email only to be told that “The email is used by someone else.

  • Jason says:

    I’m a late 30 old who single and was looking for love and friendship, so I went to this web site, got 10 or so pops with girl that wanted to talk to me. But when when you ask a personal question they just post a nude photo, or say they will email you later. And when you sing out you can’t sing back in with your email address you have to make a new one. How is anyone ment to find love and quite being lonely when the website does that to people?

  • Robert Leonard says:

    I want this stupid website off of my cellphone. Please get this wethunt off my cellphone! It is a scam!

  • Cooper Reaves says:

    How will this app help me

  • Calvin says:

    Fuck#*#$@#$…..just when I thought I had the baddest female named Olivia.Fuck u scamers

  • Larry Cobb says:

    Please stop sending me messages 

  • Dag b Fritz says:

    A girl on wet/ tried to get me to send her money for sex.her name on site was Star

    Was in control of the site.w/f black hair brown eyes and likes to wear yellow dress.tried by me buying plane ticket,pa p for everything.boyfriend was also involved


  • Dag b Fritz says:

    Try to try to extort money from me for a plane tickets hotel rooms North Face listen to check my name is star she'sshe's a lot my my f lot of fake pictures Star Chick by the name of Korra does a lot of the answering

  • Dave says:

    What's up with models texting a state's name l? What is the response supposed to be?

  • Muller says:

    Great interest !

  • Darrell says:

    I too got suckered by this site. It got to a point where I was giving up everything for this dating site. I was not cleaning house, not watching TV, not reading or playing my music. I found at least one bot on the site. I got really enamored of one woman on the site and still am if the truth be told as well as one other circumstances tell me these two are genuine but when asked for sex, pictures pop up with the same captions each time. I deleted my profile and had a computer tech delete the site for my own good.

  • Tashad Jackson says:

    Yea man that shit gotta b fake cause eretime i ask for they numba they say ill text u later. Or every time i give them my numba they never call. But they always stressing how they wanna meet up. Yea that shit fake as fuck!

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