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Today we're doing an investigation on a "dating site" called SafeSluts.com.The first thing we need to point out is that this website is absolutely not safe and they don't have any "sluts" on it. SafeSluts is connected to other web sites that we reviewed in the past called BangLocals.com and SlutIndex.com. After investigating both of those websites they were proven to be totally fictitious. Everything about those sites was a scam and it looks like SafeSluts.com is following down that exact same path. Please take the time to read our full investigation below where we give you all the proof you need to make the right choice.

Meet Sluts In a Safe Environment?

On the front page of the site they have a catch phrase that says "Meet Sluts In A Safe Secure Environment". This is the first lie and deception of many that we will expose in this review. There's nothing safe about this website and like we've already mentioned meeting "sluts" on this site is absolutely impossible because there are no women! They're trying to build trust with you by making you feel as if this website has women that you can meet in and safe environment. What exactly is safe and secure about this website? In reality there's nothing safe, and there's nothing secure about this website at all because it's in fact a scam. How can a scam be safe? How can a scam be secure? Obviously it can't, and they're outright lying to us just to trick us into believing the site is safe and secure when it's actually the complete opposite!

(Screenshot of the fine print showing the charges you receive on your credit card statement.)

Age Verification Scam That Charges Your Credit Card

After we created our account on the website is when the real fun began. This page is full of frauds, deception and lies from left and right. Everywhere you turn they're lying to you and deceiving you. The first deception we'd like to bring to your attention is the age verification scam. We've seen the same scam on their partner sites (BangLocals.com and SlutIndex.com). They have the exact same scam on their websites. All three websites are owned by the same corporation. If you take a look at the screenshot below it says final step age verification. What they want you to do is enter your credit card number to supposedly "verify your age". What they don't tell you is that your credit card is charged a monthly fee. None of this is free, and it's absolutely not to verify your age. The real reason they want your credit card number is to charge your credit card! But, they make it seem as if they want your credit card information to verify your over 18 years of age. All of it's a lie from beginning to end.

(Screenshot of the credit card form where they bill your credit card for their fake age verification scam.)

The Verification Scam That Charges Your Credit Card $39.95 Per Month

The reason they want your credit card is to charge your credit card, and if you take the time to read the fine print it shows you that you are charged $39.95 per month after your one day free trial. But of course all of this is in the fine print they don't want to publicize it too much because they realize that people wouldn't be giving up their credit card information so easily. How does it make sense that they want to verify your age and that's why they're asking for your credit card information but on the same token they are going to charge your credit card $39.95 per month. Does that make sense to anyone? The real reason they want your credit card information is not for age verification but so they can make a boatload of money off youby billing your credit card $39.95 per month, every single month until you realize that you've been scammed and stop those monthly charges! angry

(This is a screenshot showing that you are billed $39.95 per month as a result of the fake age verification scam you got duped into.)

How Is SafeSluts.com The "Top Rated Site Of 2018?", When In Actuality It's A Scam!

Below we've included a screenshot taken from the website. They claim that their website is the "top-rated site of 2018 voted best adult site of the year voted by176,940 users". They're trying to build  up their credibility by making it seem like hundreds of thousands of people have voted for this to be the top site of 2018. How is this possible because in reality if all176,940 users actually joined this site they would have all been scammed. What's really going on here is the website created this phony graphic to build trust with you. They want you to believe it's a top rated site so you're more inclined to give them your credit card information.

( Screenshot showing that SafeSluts.com claims it's the top rated site of 2018.)

How Is SafeSluts.com The "Top Rated Site Of 2018?", When In Actuality It's A Scam!

With 98% of the dating sites that we've used we were always able to have a free basic membership so at least we could log into the members area to see what's going on. In this situation we can't log into any members area at all until we give them our credit card information which results in them scamming us $39.95 per month!

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Final Decision:

SafeSluts.com wasn't built for the right reasons, it was created for all the wrong reasons. It was created to deceive you, it was created to manipulate you, and it was created to scam you. This website all offers absolutely no value for people who want to join a legitimate dating service.

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  • NS-419.AWSDNS-52.COM says:

    ok thank you

  • Jay Mccol says:

    Got an email saying they were on POF and wanted to email me so I said ok. Ended with them wanting me to sign up for safe sluts.com to meet POF members there. That’s when I searched for a review on them and found this. I’ve been had before by AFF. They wanted CC for age verification and after they got it billed Me $49.95 two times and 2.95 for a free acct. fought for two weeks to get it back….got all but 2.95 back. Jackasses

  • Jacob says:

    How do I stop receiving their messages

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