Warning! FlirtHits.com Is Associated With MyDates.com (A Known Scam)

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Website Details:


Right off the bat we could tell that FlirtHits.com is going to be yet another scam adding to the hundreds of dating scams that we've already exposed. But just calling out a website for being a scam isn't proof enough we need to give you all the evidence and show you exactly why this site is a fraud. And that's exactly what we're doing in this investigative report. We think it's only fair if you going to call out a website for being fake or a fraud you better be able to back up your claims. That's what we are intending to do in this review. If you want to know the truth just keep on reading.

Connected To MyDates.com

We just did a review of a dating site called MyDates.com and low and behold FlirtHits.com is associated with that website which we confirmed to be a scam. Both website look exactly the same the only thing that's different is the domain name. Besides that everything is exactly the same., the layout is the same, all the graphics are the same etc. In fact when we created our account on FlirtHits we receive a confirmation email to confirm our account. When we clicked on the link to confirm our account it sent us over to MyDates!  This means that Flirt Hits is only used to redirect you over to the My Dates website.

Why Is Flirt Hits Redirecting To MyDates?

 There could be a number of reasons why Flirt Hits is redirecting to My Dates. We've run across this scenario many times in the past. In most cases online marketers working on behalf of MyDates have their own sites such as FlirtHits.com and then use their site to redirect people over to the dating site. The marketers could be buying traffic and then they send people to the actual dating site (MyDates.com).

 The marketer get paid every time a new person registers on the website in this case the website being MyDates.com. So every person that joins MyDates.com that goes through the marketers website (FlirtHits.com) is counted as a new member, then they get paid.

The Best Evidence Is In The Terms Page

 Since the people behind Flirt Hits are marketing a fake dating site then all of this is fraudulent. I strongly suggest not wasting any time registering on FlirtHits.com because they're promoting a fake hookup site.

In fact if you go ahead and read the review that we did on MyDates.com you can learn for yourself why the site is a con job. The main reason the website is a scam is because they create fake dating profiles. They also use automated chat bots to send you bogus chat messages to trick you into buying coins which cost you money.  On top of that they even have paid employees aka "Operators" that operate the pretend profiles to "entertain you and other users". This is according to their own terms and conditions page found in section 11 e.

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: +31 7720610 31
  • Addresses: Responsible Party TrafficPartner B.V. Frans Erensstraat 14 A 5921VG Venlo The Netherlands
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision:

Our final decision obviously is that FlirtHits.com isn't legitimate They are promoting a fictitious dating site. For that reason we strongly urge you to stay away from both of these websites because you cannot meet any real women.

Search For Females:

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • Derrick says:

    I everyone, am just a simple person I have love n am looking for someone who also can be in love with me, I like every moment to be exciting 

  • Bodil Burud says:

    Ok – i just did it, without knowing! What will now happened next? Do i have to be worried about monney? Others? And yes, this naive i am😢 (hopefully you ar not spam as well?)

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