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Table Of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Who Would Message A Blank Profile
  3. Fake Messages From Bots
  4. Fake Profile Views From Auto Bots
  5. They Have Paid “Operators” That Deceive You
  6. Terms And Conditions Has Evidence Of Wrong Doing
  7. Our Final Decision
  8. Video (Recap Of the Written Review)

Overview is the site that we’re investigating in this review that we did. We had our suspicions about this website and we wanted to see if we were right. So what we did was we joined the website, created an account, logged into the members area and we documented everything. Documenting everything means finding any evidence of fraud and deception and then taking screenshots of that evidence and including it in the report. You can read the findings of our investigation below.

What Women Would Contact A Guy Who Doesn’t Have Photos On His Profile

Whenever you join a dating site the first thing you need to do is create a dating profile. This is where you upload a photograph of yourself, where you put your location, your age, your interests and so on. But every time we do one of these investigations we never upload any photographs, and we never fill out any of the personal information which is all done on purpose! You can take a look at the screenshot of the dating profile we used for this review. Circled in red you will see that we have not uploaded a single photograph. You might be asking why wouldn’t we upload any photos. The answer is that we want to see if we would still received emails and messages with an empty profile. It would be reasonable to assume that if you don’t put any photographs in your profile and you don’t have any information about yourself then why would anyone want to contact you? But, on fictitious dating sites (like MyDates) it doesn’t matter if you fill out any personal information because you will still receive messages. Please continue reading the rest of this investigation below to find out what we uncovered.

(Screenshot of the empty profile..)

61 Phony Messages From Bots & Fake Profiles

We were just discussing why would any women want to contact a man who didn’t have any photographs in his profile and guess what we still got barraged with chat message after chat message. This wasn’t just one or two messages but 61 messages. You need to ask yourself why is it that so many different women would contact a guy with who doesn’t have a single photograph on his profile. It’s not logical, and it makes absolutely no sense at all.

For the record we’ve done hundreds and hundreds of reviews of hookup sites so we have quite a bit of experience dealing with phony dating services. The number one method they use to lure you into purchasing credits or buying a monthly membership is to inundate you with large amounts of messages. Tricking you into believing you’re being contacted by a host of horny women looking for casual sex. But of course it’s all about money. They trick you into believing you’re getting real messages all you need to do is buy credits and you can chat with the women and hookup with them. But all of this is one big massive scam, to make as much money off of you as possible.   There are no women sending us messages it’s all a facade. This website along with thousands of others use high-tech artificial intelligent chatbots that are designed to simulate what a real web user would send you in a chat message. The 61 chat messages we received are not real, they’re fake and used to get us to purchase credits that’s the bottom line!

(Screenshot of 61 phony chat messages that we received.)

72 Fake Views From Bots & Fake Profiles

72 different girls apparently visited our dating profile on this bogus hookup site. But was it really 72 women or just a disguise to make it look like 72 women checked out our profile. Once again it’s the fake chatbots that are trying to mislead you into purchasing credits. There are no 72 women checking out our profile. What is there to check out on ou profile? There’s no pictures, and we never put any personal information so why exactly would 72 different women want to view our dating profile. The answer is no women visited the profile.

(Screenshot of the 72 fake views that we received.)

We Have Evidence That This Site Pays People To Scam You

In section 11E of the terms and conditions page it states that Boranu (the company that owns and operates MyDates) uses professional operators for the entertainment of the users. And it goes onto say that “real meanings are not possible with these operators users can only send them messages”. So what they’re trying to tell us here is if they hire people who operate profiles on the website and it’s not possible to have a real life meeting with these paid operators. All you can do is send messages to them on My Dates. Essentially meaning that they’re using fake dating profiles to rip you off.

The Terms And Conditions Has The Best Evidence

It’s always important to read the terms and conditions page this is where we usually find the most crucial and damning evidence. And even in this particular case the terms and conditions didn’t let us down. On the terms and conditions page of they admit that they use “professional operators to entertain you”. They admit that real-life meetings aren’t possible with these paid operators. All you can do is send messages to them. But remember sending messages isn’t free, it cost you money. So if you think about it MyDates is nothing but a complete and total scam!  You can read the most important parts of the terms and conditions page below or click on this link and visit section 11e.

  • Boranu uses professional animators and operators for the entertainment of the Users, who are not identified separately in the system. This Service is provided in the highest quality. Real meetings are not possible with these operators. Users can only send them messages within the portal.

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

Hopefully you found this a review useful. It proved that this website is in fact a fraud. This is not a legitimate dating service where you can find real women for casual encounters, it’s just a money grab created to trick you into paying for expensive credits that are completely worthless! Spread the word.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • […] just did a review of a dating site called and low and behold is associated with that website which we confirmed to be a scam. […]

    • Joe Di Pasqualr says:

      I live in Ontario Canada and after being on this site and know now that it was a scam has left me furious . And why because iv heen ripped off thousands of dollars myself with all the love you miss you bullshit. I think it I’d right out disgusting how these asshole people can damage the emotions and feeling of s human being and then take their money at the same time .They should all be jailed and punished severely for such s dispicable crime.

  • Harry Scott says:

    This is a site using computer-generated messages and responses. Many are word for word identical. I am 74 and have received over 400 responses from women, mostly in their 40s, I think that is a little fanciful for someone my age. I changed my preferences to 50 to 60, but still mostly 40s and some 30 yr olds. When the site noticed I spoke French they quickly started sending me messages from Quebec.

    I initially purchased coins but found it cost me 50 coins per each separate message or response, whether one word or a paragraph.

    I have met one who put her email and phone number in a sort of code to decipher. The phone number checks out for the Toronto area, and I got responses with pix, but she is just 34 yrs old. Her English is a bit off but she claims to have lived in Czechoslovakia as the reason. Will see what happens. I expect there are a large number of young escorts on the site as well.

    I would estimate 98% are fake profiles and computer-generated responses, because some questions are ignored, i.e. not in the programmed responses.

    As well, they have me located in Toronto, whereas I am in Ottawa. I do have VPN showing me in the USA, but my server and IP address are in Toronto. I tried to edit and change the location, but could not. So I put OTTAWA, CANADA in capital letters after my user name harry 100045. So each message received is addressed as harry10045, OTTAWA, CANADA, not just harry1000. Some even ask where I am located????

  • Stephen whitehead says:

    I found these reveiws very helpful.I used mydates for nearly a year,luckily not looking for anything seriously.But found my profile getting hit on by women from 21 to 68,i’m 65 and stated that on profile.Hundreds of hits per day.Yeah right,?!!!!.Moral look up sites on google first.But i stay clear of all dating sites now,realising that’s not what i need anymore?.!!

    • F.J. Rick says:

      I was conned for over a year and sincerely do know that IM SUCH A FOOL feeling, it is cruel at best but as long as we understand that and choose to dwell on the bright side rather than that very cold and lonely dark area we have no way to fix then slamming your thumb with a hammer is not as bad as it feels and that lengthy string of W T………….all the way to …..F? is a hop skip and humorous trip LIVE LEARN AND LAUGH ……..step over the casualties, that’s life.

  • Greg Yako says:

    I’d like to REPORT DATING site
    My dates. Is a scam. They get you to buy coins
    They got some beautiful girls that stay on line day and night. These girls are paid by this company and is all they do is reply with a beautiful picture they just want you to keep sending them messages You keep spending coins. It’s a scam the whole site is a scam beware you will not unfortunately meet anyone on this site that’s legitimate 50% of the women on there are paid by my to get men interested in communicating with him and spending their coins stay away from it it’s a scam.There’s even guys there on the payroll That are sending texts to women and playing the same game
    DONT USE MYDATES. THEY ARE SCAMING MANY People to spend their money communicating with someone who is not even real they’re on their payroll and fake pictures

  • F.J. Rick says:

    I used to live in a very small town not far from where Im at now ……yes MyDates scammed we badly. When I joined I centered on 3 females and that was my worst mistake that lasted many months until I thought F YOU and this bloody endless chat and that’s when the damn light bulb got real bright to the fake profiles and how badly scammed I was SICKENING is a mild way to explain and best that I will use here BELIEVE ME I did lose my nut in a message to their support and probably lucky I didn’t get arrested for death threats ……oooops, I mean wishful path crossings. I do wish to apologize to one woman that was real as she did want to hookup but could not understand that I could not read the info she kept sending even though I explained what was happening, she chose wrongly to trust the site – OUR MESSAGES WERE BEING TIME DELAYED AND EDITED TO ENSURE NO PERSONAL CONTACT INFO WAS INCLUDED —-THAT IS SITE RULE NUMBER ONE…… Back to the small town, I knew every damn person that lived there and MyDates as well as 6 other date sites I tried had / still have dozens of lonely hooker housewives and nymphomaniacs and unmarried one child mothers needing sugar daddys…..I never once met any damn one of them and Im 60, my family all still lives there and they never met any damn one of them either. ADMITTEDLY – I could have bought a brand new Dodge RAM with the bucks them motherfu…….. scammed me out of. YES my own ignorance and stupidity but in my defence I took up coding as a hobby and you wouldnt believe how damn easy it is to make a worm virus ……NO NO NO I am not retarded but somewhere in the back of my mind there’s this demonic little voice that seems to have a trust me type quality I am trying to keep on a tethered leash …….all the big corporations are now the ones making the rules and laws and they protect each other —-the customer is always 100% responsible for all losses and can be deported to the offended country to face charges WELCOME TO THE WORLD WIDE WEB —– read the damn Eulas / Terms and Conditions / that shit everyone agrees to and never reads on every computerized of app, hardware, software, gaming etc etc that is in your life — your children could have you sent to prison very easily THAT IS THE STARTING NOW FUTURE WE ALL FACE as our governments also have chosen to support the corporations over the voters that were lied to endlessly and like the date sites TO DAMN BLIND AND DEAF TO SEE what was right in their face the entire time. WAKE UP PEOPLE !! I’m starting to and what I’m seeing I don’t care to be any part of because prisoners (murderers etc) get treated 10 times better than our elderly. Id actually prefer to take that worm virus and wrap it in C4 and shove it up every politicians ass, sit back and let God sort out whats left for the rodents to snack on etc etc CIRCLE OF LIFE and such.
    ……ahhhh yes that was just a thought where in the fu … would a old carcass find that much C4 anyways ……DO NOT TELL ME OK lalala lala lala lalala cant hear youuuuuuuu…..

  • F.J. Rick says:

    I would like to pose one question that is the only question need be asked that demands only one answer from one corporation ……maybe two corporations….. WHY WOULD GOOGLE KNOWINGLY CARRY APPS THAT FRAUD THEIR CUSTOMERS , STEAL FROM THEIR CUSTOMERS AND THAT SUPPORT BLATANT CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES WHICH ARE PROTECTED BY WAY OF EULAS AND TERMS AND CONDITIONS ??

  • Stephen says:

    I became aware of MyDates, 2 days ago, via Instagram. A girl friend-requested me. I looked at her page and it only contained 6, all of which had been uploaded only minutes earlier. I accepted the request and about an hour later she sent me a message with a photo and a link, saying that I wouldn’t be disappointed. I clicked on the link and it took me to the MyDates site.

    I received the first message from an apparently interested girl, literally within 2-3 seconds of registering. My second message came inside of a minute, while I was still filling in my profile information. The girl said, “I think it would be easier for everyone involved here if you just specified your relationship status so that we know if you’re already seeing someone or not”. MyDates pre-signing up info, said that the site was for girls looking to hook-up only, and to only proceed signing-up if I was ok with that. What would a girl looking for a hook-up care about my relationship status, I thought. I attempted to reply to the girl that I was in fact still in the process of completing my bio info, and had stopped doing so to read her message, which I’d just received. Again, remember that this was the second message is received, after only signing up, less than a minute earlier. It was when I attempted to send my reply that I discovered that I had to pay to send messages. I get paid tonight and fully intended to by coins to reply to a few of the 72 messages I’ve received as of this writing. It hasn’t quite been 48hrs.

    So many messages, and even more notifications that my profile has been visited, began to arouse my suspicions. Do the girls have to buy coins to chat?Where these girls even real? I quite like the girl who sent me the second message, which told me to clarify my relationship status. I really wanted to chat with her. Does she exist? I tried to find her on Facebook, even though I only have a first name. I ran her photo through Google reverse image and under the heading, “visually similar images”, I essentially got every selfie ever uploaded onto the internet. I then ran it through a site that verifies information to confirm if the person that you’ve met online is really who they say they are.

    I ran the photo twice. Yesterday it came up with 41 “possible matches”, and today it came up with 35. I have to pay to access the information but before agreeing to do so I am cautioned that

    “The results you are about to see may contain shocking information. Please be advised that your report may include links to websites that could contain nudity or vulgar content.”

    I’d fully intended to do it, when I get paid tonight, but it may well just be 41 similar-looking selfies, like the Google image reverse search result.

    I’ve previously Google-searched a photo of a girl who purportedly lived in my city and discovered the same photo in numerous different personal classifieds, all labelled with different names and bio’s. I eventually found the real name of the girl, who it turns out lived half-a-planet away, and she confirmed to me that it was a public-domain image and could be used by anyone without restriction for any purpose. Was this the case with my MyDates girl? It’s a moot point now, but I still intend to find out – out of curiosity, and just in case.

    A large number of the MyDates girls have commented that they can see that I’m new to MyDates, or that they can see that I’ve only just joined. Their profile info doesn’t say how long they’ve been on MyDates, and I can’t find any joining date in my own profile info. How do they know that I’ve only just joined, I wondered. Other girls say they’ve not seen me before and ask if I’m new. Some say they see that I’m currently online and ask if I want to chat, others ask if I’m online, and would I like to chat. The seeming contradictions further inspires my suspicion.

    Some girls say they want to chat, and some have suggested getting together might be fun. Others have said we should get together as soon as possible. A few have stated outright they wanted me and one asked “when can we get it on?” One has asked me to send her sexy photos and another has asked for my phone number. In the handful of instances that I’ve clicked “like” for some of the girls that have messaged me, they’ve responded either immediately, or within minutes, which I thought was strange as it was 2-3am. Doesn’t anyone sleep, I wondered.

    A few of the girls have now sent a second message asking why I haven’t responded to their chat request. A couple have even asked if they’d done something to upset me. The girl who asked when we could get it on, is asking why I haven’t arranged to go to her and didn’t I want to see her in the lingerie that she’d picked out for me. A couple have chastised me saying if I wasn’t interested that I should at least let them know not to waste their time.

    In some cases, I’d actually become emotionally invested and had felt bad I wasn’t able to message them. These girls have reached out to me and I didn’t even have the decency to respond. They could see that I was on line, and would think that I purposefully was ignoring them, and I wanted to let them know that I wanted to, but that I just didn’t have the money right now to buy coins. Others I wanted to reply that, yes, I was interested in hooking up as soon as possible, and again, didn’t want them thinking my no reply meant I wasn’t interested.

    So I’ve been conflicted between my suspicion that this was a pay-per-message scam, feeling bad that some girls were thinking I was ignoring them, and spewing that I can’t get money to buy coins fast enough to respond to the girls who straight up have asked I come see them immediately.

    By now I was well curious. Surely it couldn’t be this easy to hook up, I thought. This is my first online dating/hook-up experience, so I don’t know how it works. My suspicion even had me wanting to send my phone number to the girl who asked for it, just to see what would happen. Ultimately my suspicion led to the Google search enquiry that led me to this site.

    Now I’m caught between justified elation that my suspicions that this wasn’t real, and devastation that I won’t get to meet some of the beautiful ladies who have asked me to come see them immediately.

    • David says:

      Absolutely right, I got caught too, same experience almost exactly. Fortunately, only corresponded for a couple of days before getting suspicious after two identical replies came to me from completely different women. Definitely a scam site.

  • George says:

    So I really have to laugh at myself for believing there are still real good people out there. What an idiot I am. Got so caught out.

  • Oralion says:

    I am a recent “victim” of this scam. I bought $30 worth of coins and realized after $10 that this is a scam.I just don’t understand why it took some of you so long time. This scam iso amature.

  • GERMAIN says:


  • Ed.Johnson says:

    I just left my dates short while ago,leas very disappointed by this site,coins coins coins is all they wanted,doubtful if these women are for real,when I said to one (lady) I was leaving as l have had enough she got pretty upset saying please Don,t leave we need to keep chatting,coins ran out then left this site,women just wanted me to keep talking ? loading coins.They suppose to local women in Australia but I doubt it

  • bilbo baggins says:

    Interesting, it had me going for a bit but in the end if it is too good to be true then well it’s a scam. Found lots of ladies nearby a bit younger than me which was really awesome at first. Then the images that they had did not add up, looking at the backgrounds of the images, there are no houses like that were i live and there is certainly no “The Star” news paper in Sweden. Feel sorry for people who have wasted a lot of time on the app, and yes I agree with what someone said earlier regarding Apple store and Google Store actually hosting these apps for these websites. I understand that they do a lot of vetting beforehand but I am sure that only entails towards the app itself and that it is not malicious and steals your information. This app is too good for that, meaning you are willingly paying these FUC$ money to lead you on. Stay away from this app and website. I am sure that once this site is closed it will open up under a new name and new company name.

  • klaus kruhne says:

    dec. 18th. 2020 6;29 pm. i just found out, after investing $3,000.00 into buying coins and $1,000.00 into an engagement jewellery, this site is a scam. being a widower 2 times i should have known better. but hey, when looking for a soul mate at our age, we’ll do anything right. yes buyer beware. then why doesn’t the FCC people go after these sites and shut them down and blow them out the water. especially off shore companies. i had somebody look into this for me today. and after 3 months of hopes to be told i was burnt, now financially busted, no refund. MYDATES do not respond to your direct questions either. respectfully to all men and women watch out for your ——. they also use this covid-19 to lure and scam. respectfully, yours, burnt hopelessly, kk.

  • Marc says:

    I wish I had gotten to this site earlier, spent a bit off money on the site and started getting suspicious about a few things when chatting. This just confirms my suspicions. It is really heartbreaking actually that sites like this are allowed to operate under false pretences.

    I am a divorced father and just trying to get back to normal after my divorce and to be ripped off like this is not fun. All I want is to try and meet someone.

    And the damage that it does to me personally and I am sure many other guys that are not pshyco or crazy or anything is really disgusting. I have been through hell and back, not wanting yet to do the face to face thing and I read this. It is truly heartbreaking. People always ask where are all the good guys, but if this is what happens to us, where do you think we are. We disapear because of something like this happening to us. Because you take away a chances of them trusting anybody else on any dating site.

  • Not A Fool says:

    This is a 100% money fraud scam site. The only good reviews on here are from either the criminals who run the site, bot machines that also send messages on Mydates, or totally stupid gullible people.

    The kind of gullible people that if they went for a brain scan, the doctors would be left scratching their heads, because the x ray shows an empty head with no brain inside.

    I only joined so I could find out who was running this fraud site, and to get an email address to inform them that I’d reported them for spamming my inbox with unsolicited junk spam mail relentlessly.

    I wanted to see just how much of a scam the site was. So I set up my profile as an infamous serial killer, I used the same full name, info, and also his mugshot and photos. He was also in the headline news again recently because he snuffed it.

    And yes you guessed it, my inbox was inundated with messages from young beauties wanting to set up a date with him. And in 2 months of being on the site, there hasn’t been one person mention the profile is a notorious mass murderer. That’s despite the fact that many of the messages were from (supposedly) women from the area he killed in, and even the same city as he was born. That just shows what a total scam this Mydates really is.

    All the women’s profiles are fake with stolen photos. Right now there are unsuspecting women in relationships, and happily married women with their photos splashed all over dating websites supposedly looking for affairs.

    These innocent women have had their photos stolen, and are totally unaware. Do these Mydates and other scam dating sites care about the damage they could do if a partner finds out? I hope these scam dating sites get their ass sued for this big time.

    Bot chat machines then bombard men’s inboxes with generic automated messages from these fake profiles. Then scamming mydates staff take over once a gullible sucker has been hooked. The sole intention to get these guys to spend all their hard earned cash on credits for pointless chit chat that’s going nowhere.

    Buried in countless terms and conditions, the only clue you get that the site is a scam is this short sentence **Boranu uses professional animators and operators for the entertainment of the Users, who are not identified separately in the system. This Service is provided in the highest quality. Real meetings are not possible with these operators. Users can only send them messages within the portal**

    They call this scam chat ‘entertainment’ But I doubt some poor guy being duped into thinking he’s got a potential date, will find it very entertaining whilst he’s been robbed at the same time.

    These so called ‘operators’ will be on a bonus. The longer they get you to chat, and buy new credits. The more bonus they’ll get paid for duping you, and stealing your money…..Just let that sink in!

    These fraudsters should be shut down, prosecuted, and sent to jail for fraud, money theft, deception, Intellectual property theft, and cyber crime. STAY WELL CLEAR!

    Mydates is run by the ‘Boranu Online B.V’ criminal company. They run countless other scam dating sites with different names. Check at the bottom of any dating site you might feel like joining. If you see it’s run by Boranu Online B.V, then get the hell out of there quick.

  • Neilvanblerck says:

    How do we get off from mydates

  • Rodger says:

    If you look at most the profiles on this site they are allways online
    Is this even possible? Very dodgy……

  • Stephen says:

    Big scam, had a feeling when I got messages before I put a picture. Still stupid me, I bought some coins and just got stringed along until my coins were gone…

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