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  • $29.95 for a one month membership.
  • $59.95 for a three month membership.
  • $89.70 for a six month membership.


  • History: This area shows women around your location, messages, as well as updates. It also shows your matches, newest members, who viewed your profile, as well as who is online now.
  • Search: Find and search for people by country, city, state/ province, age and if they have photos and search for members who are online now.  
  • Messages: You can read the message you get from other members.
  • Live Cams: See nude women live on their cams.
  • Account: You can edit your profile, upload photos etc.
  • Help: If you have any questions then this section will help you get answers.


The first thing we noticed about is that it was connected to,,,,, and All these sites are operated by the same company using the same exact business model. In this investigation our goal is to prove without a shadow of a doubt exactly what the site is up to which is fraudulent activities. We will give you all the evidence you need to you can understand exactly why this site is a fraud and should not be trusted. You can learn all about how True Cheater really operates and what the site is truly all about. Read the full investigation below.

Screen Shot Of Our Blank Profile Page

The first piece of evidence we would like to bring forth is a screenshot of our profile page. Our profile page for this investigation is completely blank. We didn't upload any pictures, we didn't put in any personal information in the profile page. Somehow, miraculously women are emailing us, why is that? Does that make any sense to you? Normally in the real world men are the pursuers, the men chase the women. But on this dating site it's the other way around. Heck, you don't even need to upload any photographs (see evidence below), or fill in your profile page and you'll still get email after email from all types of hot looking girls. The problem unfortunately is that it's all fake! This website is involved in lots of little tricks that they used against the people who join their dating site.

The reason we're talking about this is that it makes absolutely no sense to get emails when your profile is empty! This is the first piece of evidence that proves that something is not right with this website. As you will read in this investigation we will give you more proof to show you that this is in fact a well-thought out, we'll organize fraudulent business created to enrich the owners while duping thousands of people worldwide..

(Proof of our empty profile page, no photos, no personal information.)

Faux Messages From Computer Bots NOT Real People

Below we have included a screenshot of 3 email messages that we received. These emails are not sent to us from legitimate women looking to hook up with us (even though they want us to believe that). These messages are sent via computer software bots (a software application that runs automated tasks like sending emails). These bots are built and designed solely to send automated communications such as instant messages and emails to people who register on Unfortunately computer bots can be designed to act like real people. By using artificial intelligence (computer systems able to perform tasks that normally humans do) anything is possible. And since this is all automated they can churn out thousands of phony email messages per second sending emails to everyone who registers on their site. When you try to reply back to the emails that you receive you will be asked to buy a paid membership to "communicate with other members on the site". That's the reason that these emails are sent to everyone who joins their site. These crooks want to make money off of you. Since there are very few real girls who join the site, bots to the rescue. These bots work so well that they make millions of dollars per year deceiving and scamming thousands of people.

(Screen shot of the emails sent to us from bots.)

We Explain That The Bogus Profile Use Photos Stolen From Various Sites

The site already confessed to creating fake artificial profiles that they plant throughout the site. It's not some deep dark secret if you read the terms and conditions of the site. But the big question is where exactly are these photographs from? Obviously these are real women but they're not legitimate members of Their photographs are being taken from some place and then being used to create full profile pages on this website.

We use a special software tool that helps us identify where any image on the internet is located on other sites. For instance you can do a reverse image search that will help to identify any fake profile on It will show you the corresponding links where that exact fake profile page has copied the profile pic from. We have provided numerous pieces of evidence that you can see below showing the fake profile pages and the exact link locations that show the same fake profile photographs are found on other web sites.

((Faux profile using photos stolen from other sites listed below.)


((Faux profile using photos stolen from other sites listed below.)


(Faux profile using photos stolen from other sites listed below.)


((Faux profile using photos stolen from other sites listed below.)


They Literally Pay People (Contractors) To Chat & Make Believe They Like You

Paid people (third party contractors) are employed are literally paid to lie to you, deceive you and trick you so you purchase a paid subscription on

Imagine how you would feel if you joined this site thinking you're going to hook up with a hot local girl when in reality it's a guy located halfway across the world in the Philippines. These "contractors" play head games with peoples emotions to make money. These people have no morals, all they are concerned with is money. They will say absolutely anything you to get you to purchase a membership. That's the end goal, they want you to buy a membership and continue paying a recurring subscription fee for as long as possible, that's what they're trained to do. This is verifiable fact If you read the terms and conditions section i6 where they confess that they hire third-party contractor to interact with you as part of their paid employment!

The Terms And Conditions Proves Everything We Have Said

Probably the most ludicrous part about this investigation is that the administrators of this website detailed and wrote down every single step of their scam. On their own website on the terms and conditions page they discussed everything that we have revealed to you in our investigation. They talked about using fictitious profiles called "Online Flirt". They also admit that they used computer automated bots to send people communications. And they also confessed to hiring third-party contractors who are paid to interact with you as part of their employment! You can click on this link (section i6) to read it on their website or you can read it below.

  • In order to enhance your amusement experience, to stimulate you and others to use our Services more extensively, and to generally sprinkle some sparkle and excitement into the Services of ONLYDTF.COM, we may post fictitious profiles, generate or respond to communications by means of automated programs or scripts that simulate or attempt to simulate your intercommunication with another real human being (though none really exists and any dialog is generated by programming), and we may employ or contract for the paid services of real persons who may interact with you as part of their compensated employment.
  • While these communications may seem genuine, authentic, and personal, they may be broadcast simultaneously to a large number of persons and possess none of these qualities.
  • While their contents may appear to be true, they may be quite false; while their contents may appear to sincere, they may be quite disingenuous.
  • Sometimes, we may use these techniques or others like them for other business purposes, too, including, but not limited to those cases in which we monitor and/or investigate into operations, including but not limited to allegations that you or others have violated this Agreement.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 410 Terry Ave N., Seattle, WA, 98109, USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:,,,

Contact Information:

Final Decision: is a well organized fraud that has been designed to steal from honest people. They use every trick they can think of to manipulate people into upgrading to paid monthly memberships that offer zero value! This site has been around for at least two years and in that time frame they have probably ripped off thousands and thousands of people that makes them millions of dollars. Where are government officials to protect people?  It's their duty, agencies such as the FTC any FBI cyber crime division should be investigating these type of scams.

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  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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