Is Used To Push Dating Scams Onto Unsuspecting Victims

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This investigation is focusing on And this investigation will break down and explain exactly what is and what it does. What it is not is a dating service. isn't a dating website, this is a website that is used to send people to various online dating services such as

Snap Mingles Promoting Scams?

We're done a full investigative review on and from our due diligence we have confirmed that the website for the most part is fake. Although the site is completely free to use in our opinion it seems like there's absolutely no point in joining the site.Our review concluded that they use fake emails that are sent from fictitious women on the site. We also have proof that the fabricated profiles are using photographs of amateur porn stars and other women. With those photographs they create fictitious profile pages that are then uploaded to SPDate. When you're doing a search for girls on SP Date almost all of the women on this site aren't real members.

What Is The Connection Between

Something to understand is that Snap Mingles and SP Date are owned by two separate entities but they work together for a common goal.The owners of partnered with to promote their website. When you land on SnapMingles the first thing you'll notice is that you have to go through a bunch of different questions that you need to answer. This is part of the marketing gimmick. The questionnaire is nothing but a way to entice you into joining At the end of the questionnaire you are congratulated and then you are redirected to the site.

The owners of SnapMingles most likely receive some form of monetary compensation for every new member that registers on In the end it's all about money and shady businesses working together to deceive you.

If you're under the impression that by using Snap Mingles you're going to get laid obviously that's not going to happen. Everything is working against you because of their partnerships with fake hookup sites like Joining a site like SP Date, is a complete waste of time because as soon as you register on the site you will be inundated with tons of email messages all of which are completely false. The emails are fake and 100% fully automated sent via computer bot software. You're not interacting or chatting with real women on this site. everything is a facade. It's all rigged in favor of the site's owners, not yours.

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  • Address Of Host: Zuidplein 116, Tower H, Level 14,1077 XV, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
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Final Decision:

The final decision is pretty easy to come to. Do not trust And if for any reason you don't trust our review you can always join SPDate and please leave a comment of how your experience was. Did it differ from ours? Probably not but we welcome open criticism and information. Please share this review on social media to help spread the word about Snap Mingles.

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  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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